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Beyond Business/

A Younger Man

Rochelle Alers

PB $12.95

Sheldon Blackstone is the

CEO of the legendary stud

farm that bears his name.

Although he has past

regrets, his mysterious new assistant

shows her enigmatic boss that it’s time

to look beyond mistakes and think

about the future.

Holly Lane

Toni Blake

PB $14.50

Adam and Sue Ann,

explore romance and attraction.

Sue Anns daughter,

Sophie, keeps asking

for Christmas presents

that Sue Ann can’t afford. When Adam

makes Sophies’ Christmas dreams

come true, Sue Ann is deeply touched

but terrified that he’ll let her down the

way her ex did.

Future Perfect

Suzanne Brockmann

PB $14.50

Juliana Anderson runs a

cozy New England bed

and breakfast. Until Webster

Donovan arrives; tall,

rugged, and sexy beyond

belief. The author has a bad case

of writer’s block and he’s planned a

6-week stay to cure it. But this beautiful

woman is proving even more distracting

to the cause.

King’s Pleasure

Adrianne Byrd

PB $12.95

Jeremy King is a player

just like his brother’s used

to be. Then he meets

Leigh, the gorgeous,

bikini-clad party crasher

who saunters into a bachelor’s party for

one final fling with him. But then Jeremy

is stunned when he is hired to organise

Leigh’s hen party.

A Novel Seduction

Gwyn Cready

PB $14.50

Ellery Sharpe is forced to

write an ode to romance

novels. To make matters

worse, her boss hires her

sexy former party boy ex,

Axel Mackenzie, to shoot the photos. To

her dismay, Ellery finds herself secretly

falling in love with the story and with


Maybe This Time

Jennifer Crusie

PB $14.50

Andie Miller’s ex-husband,

North Archer asks one final

favor of her before she

remarries; be the guardian

of 2 orphans who have

driven out 3 nannies already. Andie’s fiancé

thinks this is all a plan by North to

get Andie back, and he may be right...

Real Men Will

Victoria Dahl

PB $14.50

It was supposed to be a

one-night stand and then

Beth Cantrell and Eric Donovan

were supposed to go

their separate ways. That’s

the only reason he lied about his name,

telling her he was really his younger

brother. But passion has its own logic.

Wicked” Women


Mary Janice Davidson

PB $12.95

Mystery writer Caro Swenson

can see that Professor

Tanten is standing there,

covered in blood. But

where’s the body or bodies? Six people

are missing from the mystery weekend,

and Caro’s on the case with a hot-butpossibly-homicidal


The Stud\T.L.C.

Barbara Delinsky

PB $14.50

Adventurer Spencer Smith

was everything Jenna

McCue required in a man;

tall, good-looking and virile.

Spence was the perfect

candidate to father Jenna’s child.Daredevil

Spence chalked it all up as another

adventure. And what red-blooded man

could say no to a willing woman?



Lori Foster

PB $14.50

Sawyer Hudson knows a

thing or two about saving

lives. But when he rescues

the beautiful Honey

Malone from a car wreck and nurses her

to health at his home, he finds himself

dreading the day she’s well enough to

leave. Because now that he’s met the

woman of his dreams, he’s not about to

let her go....

Baby It’s Cold


Addison Fox

PB $14.50

Sloan McKinley travels to

the heart of the Alaskan

wilderness to be there for

her best friend. The last

thing she expects is to be lured by the

town’s matriarchs into their annual marriage

of grandsons. But Sloan can’t deny

the appeal of the rugged local men-

Walker Montgomery in particular.

until There Was


Kristan Higgins

PB $14.50

Posey Osterhagen owns

a successful architectural

salvaging company and

she has a boyfriend, sort

of. Still, something is missing. Something

tall, brooding, and criminally goodlooking...something

like the town bad

boy, Liam Moore.

The Fall of Lucas


Kay Hooper

PB $14.50

The rebel daughter of a

powerful family, Kyle Griffon

has walked on the wild

side of everything from car

racing to hang gliding anything to fill the

emptiness left by the man who loved and

left her. Now Lucas Kendrick is back,

needing Kyle’s help to catch an art thief.



Brenda Jackson

PB $12.95

Millionaire security expert

and rancher Zeke Travers

always separates emotion

from work until a case

leads him to Sheila Hopkins and the immediate

scorching heat between them.

Suddenly, Zeke is tempted to break the


Tabitha in


Betty Neels

PB $10.50

Sister Tabitha was an

efficient nurse, but when

it came to matters of the

heart she was less sure

of herself. So when she fell in love, she

had no idea how to deal with her feelings.

Was that why the Dutch surgeon

Marius van Beek called her Cinderella?

Never the Time and

the Place

Betty Neels

PB $10.50

Josephine Dowling was

heartbroken over the end

of her engagement. Now

she has to cope with her

tears and the arrogant attitude of the brilliant

Dr. Julius van Tacx who seemed to

make a habit of finding her when he was

at his most handsome...

Damsel in Green

Betty Neels

PB $10.50

Georgina Rodman had

been given a special nursing

assignment; she was

to look after the Van den

Berg Eyffert children, who

were recovering from an accident. Georgina

felt she could cope with just about

anything life threw at her. But that was

before she met the children’s guardian,


The Convenient


Betty Neels

PB $10.50

Faced with no home and

no family, Venetia was only

too aware that Duert ter

Laan-Luitinga’s solution

to her problems was certainly practical.

Having found a sensible solution to her

difficulties, surely she wouldn’t be so

foolish as to fall in love with him?


Tall, Dark and


Joanne Kennedy

PB $12.95

Stunned by the discovery

that her luxurious lifestyle

was funded by crime,

runaway trophy wife

Lacey Bradford is desperate to escape

from her ex’s criminal cronies and start

a new life, so she heads west to find

an old love. But rugged rancher Chase

Caldwell has changed.

Pug Hill

Alison Pace

PB $14.50

For Hope McNeill, pugs

are love, happiness,

freedom. With no time

or apartment space for a

pug of her own, Pug Hill in

Central Park is her one refuge from her

mismatched boyfriend, her hopeless

coworker crush, and the biggest crisis

of all, a speech for her parents’ 40th

wedding anniversary.

True Blue\Carrera’s


Diana Palmer

PB $12.95

San Antonio’s top detective

is Rick Marquez. He

has never met a case he

couldn’t solve or a woman

he couldn’t charm. But this smoothtalking

Texan is about to meet the one

woman who’ll lasso him; body and soul.

Affaire Royale\



Nora Roberts

PB $14.50

She’d escaped but she’d

lost her memory and

her kidnappers were still

on the loose. Now Princess Gabriella

needed a protector fast, and brash

American Reeve MacGee was the

perfect man for the job. The handsome

ex-policeman could handle absolutely

anything except falling in love with the

stunning, vulnerable woman in his care.


All Caught Up

Sophia Shaw

PB $12.95

Thanks to her elite Miami

matchmaking service,

Jasmine Croft is financially

secure and much

too busy to settle into a

relationship of her own. But when a

successful and skeptical crime author

becomes her client, Jasmine finds herself

up against the greatest challenge of

her career and maybe her life.

The Famous

Heroine/The Plumed


Mary Balogh

PB $14.50

Cora Downes has beauty,

spirit, and money, but no

breeding. Yet when she

gains renown for a daring rescue, she

finds herself thrust into high society and

compromised into a marriage to a lord.

But could piercingly blue-eyed and wellmannered

Francis Kneller turn out to be

the most unexpected love of her life?

Never Love a


Maya Banks

PB $14.50

Caelen McCabe puts his

family loyalty above all else

and steps up to marry his

older brother’s jilted bride.

While beautiful Rionna McDonald is a

fit wife for any man, Caelen trusts no

woman, especially not this sweet temptress

who torments him with white-hot


To Pleasure a Duke

Sara Bennett

PB $14.50

It has taken Eugenie Belmont

a moment to decide

whom to marry. Unfortunately,

the Duke of Somerton,

hasn’t yet offered.

Despite the handsome duke’s imposing

reputation, she can feel his heated

glances in her direction are charged with

desire and possibilities.

The Black Hawk

Joanna Bourne

PB $14.50

Someone is stalking agent

Justine DeCabrillac through

London’s gray streets.

Under cover of rain, the

assassin strikes and Justine

staggers to the door of the one man who

can save her. The man she once loved.

The man she hated. Adrian Hawkhurst.

The Virtuoso

Grace Burrowes

PB $12.95

Gifted pianist Valentine

Windham is the youngest

son of the Duke of Moreland.

Val retreats to the

country after an injury robs

him of his musical ability, only to learn

from impoverished widow Ellen Markham

that he can be loved even when his music

falls silent.


Nicola Cornick

PB $14.50

Danger threatens Tess Darent’s

stepchildren and she

is about to be unmasked as

a radical political cartoonist

and thrown into jail. To save

her herself, she must marry. Only the

man she wants has neither the desire nor

the ability to consummate their marriage.

The Valcourt


Catherine Coulter

PB $14.50

Returning home from the

king’s service, Baron Wareham

finds his castle nearly

destroyed by the elusive

Black Demon and teams up with the

illegitimate but educated daughter of a

priest to restore his home, an effort complicated

by mysteries about the woman’s

identity and the Black Demon’s agenda.

Too Wicked to Wed

Cara Elliott

PB $14.50

Lady Alexa Bingham

enjoys the heady freedom

of making all her own

decisions, even though the

challenges of overseeing

her family’s country estate are daunting.

But when a chance encounter with

London’s most notorious rake awakens

a secret longing for adventure, she accepts

her aunt’s invitation for a Season

in Town...

Pride & Passion

Charlotte Featherstone

PB $14.50

Lucy Ashton had long ago

given up her quest for

true love. In the society of

Victorian England, Lucy

plays the game - flirting

and dancing. If the stuffy Duke of Sussex

cannot spark the passion she craves, he

can as least give her a family, a home of

her own, and a place to belong. When

her polite marriage reveals a caring and

sensual man, Lucy begins to wonder if

she can indeed have it all.

The Highlander’s


Amanda Forester

PB $12.95

Fleeing into the wilderness

to escape an abusive

marriage, Lady Isabelle

Tynsdale cannot spend another

night with her wretched husband.

Battered by the elements, desperate to

elude a band of attackers, and defending

herself against a wild boar she is

rescued by the handsome Laird David


The Very Virile


Sandra Hill

PB $14.50

Magnus Ericsson is a

simple man. He loves the

feel of a soft woman under

him in the bed furs. But,

what he does not relish is the bothersome

brood of children he’s been

saddled with. Or the mysterious happenstance

that strands him and his long ship

full of maddening offspring in a strange

new land, where the folks think he is an




Hannah Howell

PB $14.50

Heir to the clan MacFarlane,

Ailis was a prize to be

bartered by her calculating

father, and her wedding to

a man she despised seem

inevitable until she is abducted by her

clan’s worst enemy.



Elizabeth Hoyt

PB $14.50

Widowed Silence Hollingbrook

is impoverished,

lovely, & kind and 9 months

ago she made a horrible

mistake. She went to a river pirate for

help in saving her husband and in the

process cost her, her marriage. Except

now that same river pirate is back...

To Wed a Wild Lord

Sabrina Jeffries

PB $14.50

Shrouded in darkness for

the past 7 years, the infamous

racer Lord Gabriel

Sharpe is known to accept

every challenge to race

thrown at him. When his next challenge

comes in the form of his late best friend’s

sister, Virginia Waverly, Gabe is shocked.

Yet she presents just the opportunity

Gabe needs.

Night Hawk

Beverly Jenkins

PB $14.50

Since Ian Vance’s beloved

wife was murdered years

ago, the bounty hunter

knows he’ll never feel love

again, so he’s made it his

mission to ensure others get their justice.

But when he’s charged with delivering a

sharp-eyed beauty to the law, Ian feels

he may still have something left to lose.

The Doctor’s


Debbie Kaufman

PB $10.95

A woman doctor! Missionary

William Mayweather

can’t hide his disappointment.

The Nynabo mission

in Liberia, Africa, desperately needs

help, but he’s vowed not to put another

female in jeopardy. Too bad flame-haired

Dr. Mary O’Hara refuses to turn back...

Cowboy Come


Janette Kenny

PB $12.95

Trey March was lassoed

and left for dead after he

was caught dallying with

the bosses daughter, Daisy

Barton. When Trey returns to claim

money the ranch owes him, Daisy can’t

pay, but if he takes over as foreman, she

promises he’ll get his money and a fresh


The Rancher’s


Laurie Kingery

PB $10.95

Jack Collier expected Pete

and his bride to care for

his daughters until he was

settled. Caroline grows

fond of Abby and Amelia. But could a

woman fall for a gruff rancher...before

the time comes for him to leave again?

Fortune’s Son

Emery Lee

PB $12.95

Philip Drake is forced to

liquidate his assets and go

back to his past gaming

habits in an effort to right

himself. Lady Susannah

Messingham is a woman with a past

and nearly 10 years Philip’s senior.

After watching him at the tables, she

propositions him to teach her to win at


The Pleasure of

Bedding a


Tamara Lejeune

PB $12.95

Twin 20-year-old Patience,

a tactless know-it-all, and

Prudence, a sulky, stupid

brat take on the mean-spirited London

elite to claim a questionable inheritance.

Max Purefoy, debauched heir of

the duke of Sunderland, is tempted by

both of the girls...

All about


Katy Madison

PB $14.50

Caroline Broadhurst was

forced to marry an affluent

mill owner in return for lavish

payments to her family.

After 15 years of childless marriage, her

husband commands Caroline to seduce

one of her brothers aristocratic friends

or be disinherited. Caroline is more attracted

to an ambitious mill worker, Jack


The Sinner

Margaret Mallory

PB $14.50

Sexy warrior Alex Mac-

Donald is stunned by his

sudden desire for Glynis,

his chieftains beautiful,

fiery daughter. Alex seeks

her out and soon agrees to escort her

on a dangerous journey across the

perilous Scottish terrain.

Tracker’s Sin

Sarah McCarty

PB $14.50

Tracker Ochoa has joined

the notorious Hell’s Eight

and they have a job for

him. He must rescue a

kidnapped heiress and

deliver her safely to the Hell’s Eight

compound by any means necessary.

Secondhand Bride

Linda Lael Miller

PB $14.50

Jeb needs to wed quickly

in order to keep the family

ranch. A quick marriage

to schoolteacher Chloe

Wakefield gets him in

the race, but when he hears that his

new bride already has a husband, he

hightails it back to the ranch instead of

sticking around to learn the truth.

Engaged in Sin

Sharon Page

PB $14.50

Anne Beddington is in

a desperate situation:

on the run for a crime

she didn’t commit. Anne

understands the wicked

games she must play to survive but has

she mastered the art of seduction to

become the mistress of the notorious

Duke of March, Devon Audley?

An Honorable


Regina Scott

PB $10.95

When the owner of Blackcliff

Hall arrives, the locals

hope that Sir Trevor Fitzwilliam

will set things right.

Gwen Allbridge, the estate manager’s

daughter has kept Blackcliff Hall going

and now must convince Trevor to stay

and make the hall prosperous again.

Open Country

Kaki Warner

PB $14.50

Molly McFarlane is forced

to flee to the frontier with

her late sister’s children.

While outrunning the

trackers, she marries a

dying man, assuming his insurance

settlement will provide for them. But the

man doesn’t die...


Lord of Wolfyn\

Twin Targets

Jessica Andersen

PB $12.95

Dayn is one of the wolfyn

who seduces women and

mated to gain strength.

But as a man, he craved

Reda Weston’s heated, sizzling touch.

Dayn had to either embrace his wolf to

save his kingdom or fight the craven

beast to save his woman.

Darkness Rising

Keri Arthur

PB $14.50

Risa will go to any lengths

to avenge her mother’s

murder. Madeline Hunter

is leader of the vampire

council, and will put her

resources behind finding the killer, but

for a price.


The Accidental


Dakota Cassidy

PB $14.50

When Mary Andrews is

bitten by a mangy mutt,

her hair darkens, the hair

on her legs starts growing

at an alarming rate, and her mood

swings jeopardize her job. Then a

drool-worthy man shows up claiming

that he accidentally bit her because

he’s a werewolf and now she is too.

Embrace the

Highland Warrior

Anita Clenney

PB $12.95

When the demon that

left Amanda Logan for

dead discovers her empty

grave, he comes seeking

retribution and the mysterious book he

believes she stole. But he isn’t the only

one after it...

Adam: The


Jacquelyn Frank

PB $14.50

Leah transports her demon

uncle Adam forward

from 400 years in the

past. Struggling to accept

the cross-race couplings, Adam soon

reconnects with Jasmine, a seductive

vampire who tempted him during the

Vampire Wars.

Bride of the Night

Heather Graham

PB $14.50

Detective Finn Dunne

thinks Tara Fox is a vampire

that could destroy a

nation . He’s convinced

she’s been sent to take

out President Lincoln. While she’s certainly

the most attractive assassin he’s

ever faced, that won’t keep him from

his duty.

The Hunter

Theresa Meyers

PB $12.95

Winchester, Remington

and Colt are brothers

trained to hunt down

supernatural beings using

the latest steam-powered

gadgetry. It’s a hard legacy to shoulder,

and it’s about to get a lot more dangerous.

Ecstasy Untamed

Pamela Palmer

PB $14.50

Shattered by recent nightmarish

events, Hawke

feels his bond with his

animal spirit weakening

and once it breaks, he’s

finished. The arrival of Faith sends

his life spinning further out of control,

for although she delights him, she’s

promised to Maxim, the newest Feral


Beauty Dates the


Jessica Sims

PB $14.50

Bathsheba Wards mission

in life is to protect her sisters

secret: Sara was bitten

by a werewolf. After Bathsheba

fills in on a date with shifter Beau

Russell, her boss threatens to out her unless

she agrees to date paranormals who

lust after her Alliance-certified virginity.

Kiss of Snow

Nalini Singh

PB $14.50

Sienna Lauren has had one

weakness, since joining the

Snow Dancer wolf pack,

Hawke. A deadly enemy is

out to destroy the pack, but

it is Sienna’s darkest secret that may yet

destroy the pack and the alpha.

Lord of the Abyss\

Desert Warrior

Nalini Singh

PB $12.95

Micah is the last heir of

Elden but only the daughter

of his enemy knows. Liliana

sees past Micah’s armor to

the prince inside. A prince whose sinful

touch she craves. But first she has to

brave his dark, dangerous lair and help

him remember.

Not Your Ordinary

Faerie Tale

Christine Warren

PB $14.50

Corrine D’Allessandro vows

no inter-species dating. But

when her editor asks her

to investigate leprechaun

sightings, the sassy New York reporter

finds herself on the trail of the hottest

story and the sexiest man alive.


If I Should Die

Allison Brennan

PB $14.50

FBI agent Lucy Kincaid

stumbles upon a heinous

crime and the perfectly preserved

remains of its victim.

The only thing more disturbing

than the discovery of the corpse is its

sudden disappearance.

Bounty Hunter


Diane Burke

PB $10.95

Everyone believes Amanda

Stowe killed her husband except

for a mysterious woman

who promises her evidence

will clear Amanda’s name. Amanda jumps

bail and heads for Alaska. Bounty hunter,

Chance Walker is sent to bring her

back but attacks against Amanda make

Chance reconsider.


The Bronzed Hawk

Iris Johansen

PB $14.50

Kate McKenna is a photo

journalist that lands her in

a hot air balloon with the

Nick O’Brien. She wants to

capture the real man behind

the brilliant inventor, but in doing so

she has to survive a crash landing and

the bandits who take them hostage.

The Storm That Is


Lisa Renee Jones

PB $12.95

Sterling Jeter is fearless

and wildly unpredictable.

His life-threatening mission

is to save the beautiful

astrobiologist Rebecca Burns from ruthless

villain Adam Rain. But their mutual

attraction threatens to put them in the

path of death or worse.

Against the Storm

Kat Martin

PB $14.50

Trace Rawlins, a private

investigator, digs deeper to

find the source of Maggie’s

threats. He discovers a

secret and the only puzzle

left to be solved is whether the danger

comes from an unknown stalker...or from

the woman he’s trying his hardest not to

fall for.

Private Eye


Shirlee McCoy

PB $10.95

After an accident, single

mother Rayne Sampson

loses her recent memories.

Her sweet baby girl

is front and center in her mind but so is

the terrifying image of a dangerous man.

Private investigator Chance Richardson

assures her she’s safe, all while keeping

his heart guarded.

The Spy Who Left


Gina Robinson

PB $14.50

Treflee Miller did not know

that her ex-husband Ty, a

world-class spy, would be

here in Hawaii, muscular

and sun-bronzed. But they can’t blow his

cover. Not when his longing is so strong,

her lips so tempting and his enemies so


Proof of Life

Laura Scott

PB $10.95

Shanna Dawson little

sister, Skylar, disappeared

14 yeas ago with no leads

until Skylar’s fingerprints

implicate her in a murder.

Shanna joins the handsome campus

cop, Quinn Murphy, the victim’s half

brother, on the hunt to find her and the

real killer.



If You Hear Her

Shiloh Walker

PB $14.50

The scream Lena Riddle

hears in the woods behind

her house is enough to

curdle her blood. She has

no doubt that a woman is

in real danger. Unfortunately, with no

physical evidence, the local law officers

in small-town Ash, Kentucky, dismiss

her claim. But Lena knows what she



A Winter Scandal

Candace Camp

PB $14.50

When plain and proper

Thea Bainbridge stumbles

upon a baby in the manger

of her church’s nativity,

she is understandably

shocked. Discovering a brooch bearing

the insignia of Gabriel, Lord Morecombe,

hidden among the child’s clothing,

she is certain the dissolute rake is

to blame. Incensed, Thea sets out to

reproach the arrogant lord, only to find

herself utterly swept away.

Highlander for

the Holidays

Janet Chapman

PB $14.50

After a brutal attack, Jessie

Pringle moved to the

small mountain town of

Pine Creek, Maine, to start

over. But she never expected to meet

Ian MacKeage, who had seemingly

stepped right out of the Scottish Highlands.

As drawn to Ian as he is to her,

Jessie finds it more and more difficult to

deny her own desires.

Snowflake Bride

Jillian Hart

PB $10.95

Ruby Ballard vows to help

save her family’s farm.

There’s just one problem:

the boss’s handsome

son, Lorenzo. He makes

her forget family duty, forget her lowly

place, even forget her friends who are

in love with him! But his love is a gift

that could never be hers, not even for


The Christmas


Eve Wedding

Penny Jordan

PB $12.95

“An absolutely delightful

tale with charming characters,

a heart-warming

romance and some wonderful scenes

with loads of sexual tension.”

The Perfect


Debbie Macomber

PB $14.50

Thirty-three-year-old Cassie

turns to Simon Dodson,

a professional matchmaker,

for help. Dodson assigns

her 3 tasks to complete, and despite

a number of comical mishaps, Cassie

completes them all. Her Christmas match

turns out to be a wonderful surprise.



Gift: A Family

Barbara McMahon

PB $12.95

“Outstanding storyteller

Barbara McMahon gives us

another brilliant tale packed

with a high level of passion, humor and

emotional intensity that will leave you

begging for more.”

Simply Irresistible/

The Sweetest Thing

Jill Shalvis

PB $14.50

After losing her boyfriend

and her job, Maddie leaves

L.A. to claim her inheritance;

a ramshackle inn

nestled in the little town of Lucky Harbor,

Washington. Enter Jax, a tall, handsome

contractor who knows exactly what

“Maddie” needs...

Christmas Haven

Hope White

PB $10.95

Her hometown was the only

safe place Julie could turn

to after witnessing a kidnapping.

She didn’t expect

to run into Morgan, or to

feel that old love rekindle. Morgan wants

to help her, and she wants to let him but

now everyone’s at risk....


Forbidden Embers

Tessa Adams

PB $17.95

Desperate to save his clan

from deadly biological

warfare, Dragonstar sentry

Logan Kelly infiltrates the

dangerous Wyvermoon

clan by posing as a rogue dragon. But

his plan is compromised when he falls for

Cecily, the Wyvermoon queen...

Plain Fear


Leanna Ellis

PB $22.99

Hannah pines for Jacob.

Levi’s love for Hannah

burns just as strong. But

he knows how much Hannah

loved his brother Jacob. So when

a stranger named Akiva comes to their

community, he carries with him 2 secrets

that will change their lives forever.

Bad Boys of


Foster/McCarthy/et al.

PB $12.95

Bethany Churchill just

dumped her lousy boyfriend,

and moved into a

new apartment. She’s not

looking for love, but her hot new landlord,

SWAT officer Lucius Ryder, aka

Luscious, is determined to change her

mind. Before long, Bethany is tempted to

find out if he’s really as delicious as his


The Guardian

Sherrilyn Kenyon

PB $19.99

As a Dream-Hunter, Lydia

must descend into the

Nether Realm and find the

missing god of dreams before

he betrays secrets that

could kill all of them. What she never

expects is to be taken prisoner by the

Realm’s most vicious guardian and meet


A Taste of Crimson

Marjorie M. Liu

PB $12.99

Keeli Maddox needs to find

the answers to a series

of unexplained murders

that threatens to shatter

an uneasy peace among

humans, vampires, and werewolves.

And now, if she and her kin are to

survive, she must trust a man as different

from her as night is from day.

In the midst of gravest peril, their lives

are about to change, as together they

rediscover the unparalleled pleasure of

skin on skin, and the sweet, forbidden

ecstasy found in a taste of crimson.

Raw Desire

Kate Pearce

PB $16.95

Ally Kendal knows returning

to her hometown to sell

her mother’s house isn’t

going to be easy. She left

in disgrace years ago and

hasn’t been back since. But she’s never

forgotten the one man who awakened

in her a secret yearning for wildly erotic

sexual pleasure...

Mr. Darcy’s Bite

Mary Simonsen

PB $22.99

Mr. Darcy is the leader of a

secret world of werewolves

threatened with extinction.

Elizabeth comes to realize

that she loves him in both

his incarnations, and all his servants

protect his secret. But then Elizabeth

must confront a shocking danger to her

beloved when he turns into a wolf with

every full moon, Darcy is alone and

exposed to those who hate wolves.


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Harlequin American Romance

#1377 A Texas Ranger’s Christmas 9780373753819 Rebecca Winters $10.50

#1378 Holiday in a Stetson 9780373753826 Marie Ferrarella $10.50

#1379 My Christmas Cowboy 9780373753833 Shelley Galloway $10.50

#1380 The Christmas Secret 9780373753840 Lee McKenzie $10.50

Harlequin Blaze

#651 Merry Christmas, Baby 9780373796557 Vicki Lewis Thompson $10.50

#652 Red-Hot Santa 9780373796564 Tori Carrington $10.50

#653 The Mighty Quinns 9780373796571 Kate Hoffmann $10.50

#654 It Happened One Christmas 9780373796588 Leslie Kelly $10.50

#655 Sexy Silent Nights 9780373796595 Cara Summers $10.50

#656 Sex, Lies and Mistletoe 9780373796601 Tawny Weber $10.50

Harlequin Historical

#1067 The Marshall & Mrs Merritt 9780373296675 Debra Cowan $11.95

#1068 Coming Home For Christmas 9780373296682 Karla Kelly $11.95

#1069 Unmasking The Dukes Mistress 9780373296699 Margaret McPhee $11.95

#1070 The Lady Forfeits 9780373296705 Carole Mortimer $11.95

Harlequin Intrigue

#1311 Camouflage Cowboy 9780373695782 Jan Hambright $10.50

#1312 Secret Protector 9780373695799 Ann Voss Peterson $10.50

#1313 Decoded 9780373695805 Debra Webb $10.50

#1314 Grayson 9780373695812 Delores Fossen $10.50

#1315 Westin Family Ties 9780373695829 Alice Sharpe $10.50

#1316 Winter Hawk’s Legend 9780373695836 Aimee Thurlo $10.50

Harlequin Presents

#3029 The Power of Vasilii 9780373130290 Penny Jordan $9.95

#3030 The Trophy Wife 9780373130306 Janette Kenny $9.95

#3031 The Man Every Woman Wants 9780373130313 Miranda Lee $9.95

#3032 The Real Rio D’Aquila 9780373130320 Sandra Marton $9.95

#3033 Craving the Forbidden 9780373130337 India Grey $9.95

#3034 Once Touched, Never Forgotten 9780373130344 Natasha Tate $9.95

Harlequin Presents Extra


The Night That Changed

Everything 9780373528370 Anne McAllister $9.95

#4275 Firefighter Under the Mistletoe 9780373177653 Melissa McClone $9.95

#4276 Blind Date Rivals 9780373177660 Nina Harrington $9.95

#4277 The Princess Next Door 9780373177677 Jackie Braun $9.95

#4278 Rodeo Daddy 9780373177684 Soraya Lane $9.95

Harlequin super romance

#1740 Christmas in Montana 9780373717408 Kay Stockham $10.50

#1741 Temporary Rancher 9780373717415 Ann Evans $10.50

#1742 All They Need 9780373717422 Sarah Mayberry $10.50

#1743 These Ties That Bind 9780373717439 Mary Sullivan $10.50

#1744 The Son He Never Knew 9780373717446 Kristi Gold $10.50

#1745 The Christmas Gift 9780373717453 Darlene Gardner $10.50

Silhouette Desire

#2119 Wanted by Her Lost Love 9780373731329 Maya Banks $9.95

#2120 Temptation 9780373731336 Brenda Jackson $9.95

#2121 Nothing Short of Perfect 9780373731343 Day LeClaire $9.95

#2122 Reclaiming His Pregnant Widow 9780373731350 Tessa Radley $9.95

#2123 Improperly Wed 9780373731367 Anna DePalo $9.95

#2124 The Price of Honor 9780373731374 Emilie Rose $9.95

Silhouette Nocturne

#125 Lord of The Abyss 9780373618729 Nalini Singh $10.50

#126 Soul Whisperer 9780373618736 Jenna Kernan $10.50

Silhouette Romantic Suspense

#1683 A Cavanaugh Christmas 9780373277537 Marie Ferrarella $10.50

#1684 Captain’s Call of Duty 9780373277544 Cindy Dees $10.50

#1685 Copper Lake Secrets 9780373277551 Marilyn Pappano $10.50

#1686 Millionaire’s Last Stand 9780373277568 Elle Kennedy $10.50

Silhouette Special Edition

#2155 True Blue 9780373656370 Diana Palmer $10.50

#2156 Her Montana Christmas Groom 9780373656387 Teresa Southwick $10.50

#2157 Almost a Christmas Bride 9780373656394 Susan Crosby $10.50

#2158 A Baby Under the Tree 9780373656400 Judy Duarte $10.50

#2159 Christmas with the Mustang Man 9780373656417 Stella Bagwell $10.50

#2160 Royal Holiday Bride 9780373656424 Brenda Harlen $10.50

#174 The Savakis Merger 9780373528387 Annie West $9.95

#175 Nice Girls Finish Last 9780373528394 Natalie Anderson $9.95

#176 A Moment on the Lips 9780373528400 Kate Hardy $9.95

Harlequin Romance

#4273 Snowbound with Her Hero 9780373177639 Rebecca Winters $9.95

#4274 The Playboy’s Gift 9780373177646 Teresa Carpenter $9.95

Hoo are you


Serial Romances are printed in limited numbers.To avoid disappointment please complete and place

your order as soon as possible.


9780373229994 Beyond Business\A Younger Man Rochelle Alers $12.95

9780062024602 Holly Lane: A Destiny Novel Toni Blake $14.50

9780345528940 Future Perfect Suzanne Brockmann $14.50

9780373534494 King’s Pleasure Adrianne Byrd $12.95

9781451612646 A Novel Seduction Gwyn Cready $14.50

9780312987862 Maybe This Time Jennifer Crusie $14.50

9780373776092 Real Men Will Victoria Dahl $14.50

9780758210272 Wicked” Women Whodunit” MaryJanice Davidson $12.95

9780373776184 The Stud\T.L.C. Barbara Delinsky $14.50

9780373776122 Buckhorn Beginnings Lori Foster $14.50

9780451235213 Baby It’s Cold Outside Addison Fox $14.50

9780373776115 Until There Was You Kristan Higgins $14.50

9780553590623 The Fall of Lucas Kendrick Kay Hooper $14.50

9780373837700 Temptation\Spontaneous Brenda Jackson $12.95

9781402251443 Tall, Dark and Cowboy Joanne Kennedy $12.95

9780373199914 Never the Time and the Place Betty Neels $10.50

9780373199907 Damsel in Green Betty Neels $10.50

9780373199921 The Convenient Wife Betty Neels $10.50

9780425242711 The Accidental Werewolf Dakota Cassidy $14.50

9781402251269 Embrace the Highland Warrior Anita Clenney $12.95

9781420109863 Adam: The Nightwalkers Jacquelyn Frank $14.50

9780373776153 Bride of the Night Heather Graham $14.50

9781420121247 The Hunter Theresa Meyers $12.95

9780061794735 Ecstasy Untamed Pamela Palmer $14.50

9781439188231 Beauty Dates the Beast Jessica Sims $14.50

9780425244890 Kiss of Snow Nalini Singh $14.50

9780373837755 Lord of the Abyss and Desert Warrior Nalini Singh $12.95

9780312357221 Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale Christine Warren $14.50


9780345520418 If I Should Die Allison Brennan $14.50

9780373444670 Bounty Hunter Guardian Diane Burke $10.95

9780345531131 The Bronzed Hawk Iris Johansen $14.50

9781402251597 The Storm That Is Sterling Lisa Renee Jones $12.95

9780778312925 Against the Storm Kat Martin $14.50

9780373444649 Private Eye Protector Shirlee McCoy $10.95

9780312542399 The Spy Who Left Me Gina Robinson $14.50

9780373444656 Proof of Life Laura Scott $10.95

9780373199938 Tabitha in Moonlight Betty Neels $10.50

9780425245057 Pug Hill Alison Pace $14.50

9780373837717 True Blue\Carrera’s Bride Diana Palmer $12.95

9780373281541 Gabriella & Alexander Nora Roberts $14.50

9780758265272 All Caught Up Sophia Shaw $12.95


9780440245438 The Famous Heroine/The Plumed Bonnet Mary Balogh $14.50

9780345519511 Never Love a Highlander Maya Banks $14.50

9780061339189 To Pleasure a Duke Sara Bennett $14.50


9780345517531 If You Hear Her Shiloh Walker $14.50

9781451639506 A Winter Scandal Candace Camp $14.50

9780515150087 Highlander for the Holidays Janet Chapman $14.50

9780373828913 Snowflake Bride Jillian Hart $10.95

9780373688395 The Christmas Bride\Christmas Eve Wedding Penny Jordan $12.95

9780778312734 The Perfect Christmas Debbie Macomber $14.50

9780373688401 Snowbound Reunion\Christmas Gift Barbara McMahon $12.95

9781455502523 Simply Irresistible/The Sweetest Thing Jill Shalvis $14.50

9780425244531 The Black Hawk Joanna Bourne $14.50

9781402245701 The Virtuoso Grace Burrowes $12.95

9780373775903 Desired Nicola Cornick $14.50

9780515150063 The Valcourt Heiress Catherine Coulter $14.50

9780446584579 Too Wicked to Wed Cara Elliott $14.50

9780373776177 Pride & Passion Charlotte Featherstone $14.50

9781402253041 The Highlander’s Heart Amanda Forester $12.95

9780062019202 The Very Virile Viking Sandra Hill $14.50

9781420122343 Reckless Hannah Howell $14.50

9780446558938 Scandalous Desires Elizabeth Hoyt $14.50

9781451642407 To Wed a Wild Lord Sabrina Jeffries $14.50

9780062032645 Night Hawk Beverly Jenkins $14.50

9780373828944 The Doctor’s Mission Debbie Kaufman $10.95

9781420106602 Cowboy Come Home Janette Kenny $12.95

9780373828920 The Rancher’s Courtship Laurie Kingery $10.95

9781402256448 Fortune’s Son Emery Lee $12.95

9781420108743 The Pleasure of Bedding a Baroness Tamara Lejeune $12.95

9780062017352 All about Seduction Katy Madison $14.50

9780446583107 The Sinner Margaret Mallory $14.50

9780373776535 Tracker’s Sin Sarah McCarty $14.50

9780743422758 Secondhand Bride Linda Lael Miller $14.50

9780440244912 Engaged in Sin Sharon Page $14.50

9780373828937 An Honorable Gentleman Regina Scott $10.95

9780425244555 Open Country Kaki Warner $14.50


9780373837748 Lord of the Wolfyn and Twin Targets Jessica Andersen $12.95

9780440245735 Darkness Rising Keri Arthur $14.50


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9780373444663 Christmas Haven Hope White $10.95

9780451234704’ Forbidden Embers Tessa Adams $17.95

9781402255403’ Plain Fear Forsaken Leanna Ellis $22.99

9780758209658’ Bad Boys of Summer Foster/McCarthy/Garvey $12.95

9780749942557’ The Guardian Sherrilyn Kenyon $19.99

9780062019844’ A Taste of Crimson Marjorie M. Liu $12.99

9780758241405’ Raw Desire Kate Pearce $16.95

9781402267628’ Mr. Darcy’s Bite Mary Simonsen $22.99

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