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Fruit and Vegetables - Wigan Schools Online

English As An Additional


Topic Book 3

Fruit and Vegetables – On and Under

Acknowledgement to Minority Ethnic Groups Support Service - Blackburn


Write about the pictures.

a pear and an apple


Label the pictures.

a carrot an apple a banana a cabbage

a pear an orange a potato an onion

Yes or No?

Is the banana red?


Is the pear green?


Is the apple red and green? _____

Is the potato dark brown? _____

Is the onion blue?


Is the carrot orange and green? _____

Is the cabbage green? _____

Is the orange yellow?



How many red

apples are there?

How many yellow

pears are there?

How many orange

carrots are there?

How many green

cabbages are


Complete the sentences.

Two green _____________

Three yellow _____________

Two orange _____________

Four red _____________


Find the pencils.

Colour one pencil green.

Colour the other pencil blue.

Find the apples.

Colour one apple green.

Do not colour the other apple.

Find the books.

Colour one book yellow.

Colour the other book dark green.

Find the bananas.

Colour two bananas yellow.

Colour the other banana green.

Find the cups.

Colour one cup blue.

Do not colour the other cup.


Match the words with the picture.

Copy the words.

Two keys on a table


A clock on a cupboard


An apple on a chair


A book on a table


Complete the sentences and copy them.


A cup on a table

A jug on

A radio on

A book on

A lamp on


Write about the pictures.


Draw two apples on the table.

Colour them red.

Draw a cup on the cupboard.

Colour it blue.

Draw a clock on the television.

Colour it yellow.

Draw a bottle on the cupboard.

Colour it green.

Write about the pictures.

Two red apples on a

A green bottle

A yellow clock

A blue cup


Colour the bananas yellow.

Colour the cabbages green.

Colour the apples green.

Colour the books red.

Colour the cups dark brown.

Write about the pictures.

Two red books on a desk .


Write about the pictures.

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