School of Engineering Embarks on First Hong Kong Student Exchange

School of Engineering Embarks on First Hong Kong Student Exchange

Two ong>Engineeringong> Doctoral Candidates Attend Course in Italy

Last October, CUA doctoral

candidates Patrick O’Malley

and Teresa Woods participated

in something fairly routine for

graduate students: a seminar

on their area ong>ofong> interest, in this

case, laser vibrometry.

The location ong>ofong> their two-day

classroom was less routine:

Ancona, Italy.

The pair, who are both

working toward their doctorates

in mechanical engineering,

attended two daylong courses

at the Polytecnic University ong>ofong> Patrick O’Malley and Teresa Woods.

Marche in Ancona, thanks to a

grant provided by the European Commission. The seminar that caught their

attention was on vibration measurements, a subject both students studied in

Advanced Topics in Acoustic Vibrations, a graduate class under the direction

ong>ofong> Assistant Prong>ofong>essor ong>ofong> Mechanical ong>Engineeringong> Joe Vignola.

Vignola and his colleague, Assistant Prong>ofong>essor John Judge, have been working

on detecting structural abnormalities based on vibrations that are detected

by a laser. Vignola has worked with colleagues at the Italian university for

several years, using this process to detect unseen damage to frescoes. He

suggested that Woods and O’Malley apply to the program. The CUA faculty

and their doctoral students are also exploring the use ong>ofong> this technology

to detect land mines and improvised explosive devices buried underground.

O’Malley, who graduated from CUA

in 2006 and received his master’s

degree in mechanical engineering from

the university in 2007, has been working

with Judge and Vignola for the past year

to build a research apparatus to take 3-

dimensional vibration measurements in

the ong>Schoolong> ong>ofong> ong>Engineeringong>’s Pangborn

Hall. He was co-author ong>ofong> a paper about

their work for the International Design

ong>Engineeringong> Technical Conference and

presented it in Las Vegas in September.

“These courses were extremely helpful

for us in continuing to improve our

facility,” O’Malley says, “and gave me a

deeper understanding ong>ofong> the various

vibration measurement techniques that exist.”

Woods is already planning to return to Ancona in the summer ong>ofong> 2009,

when the Italian university will host a major conference on the subject. She

and O’Malley hope to have a paper accepted based on research they’ll do in

the coming academic year.

Ancona is located on the Adriatic Sea, a few hours drive from Venice,

Florence and Rome. O’Malley, a Buffalo native who took Italian from kindergarten

through eighth grade, took the opportunity to do some translating.

“The trip gave me a good excuse to brush up on my Italian, which is,

unfortunately, something I have neglected for the last few years!”

O’Malley says.

Society ong>ofong> Women Engineers Keep Things Going

Md. President Caitlin Matyas, Vice President Deniz Bardakci and Treasurer Kyrie

Jig organized the casino-themed event with the help ong>ofong> the other executive

board members and general members. More than 150 students, faculty and

staff attended, enjoying a delicious five-course meal that was followed by

music and dancing. This annual event was again a success and will surely be

continued for years to come.

Thanks to the dedication and hard work ong>ofong> its executive board, which led to

greatly increased numbers ong>ofong> members, the CUA Student Chapter ong>ofong> the Society

ong>ofong> Women Engineers (SWE) accomplished many things this school year.

National ong>Engineeringong> Week

SWE organized the events involved with the National ong>Engineeringong> Week with

student chapters ong>ofong> ASCE, ASME, BMES, EWB and IEEE each hosting an

event throughout the week. The week concluded with the 6th Annual

ong>Engineeringong> Ball, which was held at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Friendship Heights,

Fund Raising and Networking

Two other new events were organized by SWE during the 2007–2008 school

year. Executive member Samantha Muro organized a fundraiser selling mugs,

which went very well and allowed the organization to decrease costs to

attendees at their events.

The second event was SWE Day, organized by Caitlin Matyas. This was a

networking event for SWE collegiate members in the D.C. area. Students from

the University ong>ofong> Maryland, George Mason University and Howard University

were in attendance, along with many CUA SWE members. Held Saturday, April

12, in Pangborn Hall, the day featured speaker April Jones, a member ong>ofong>

the Prong>ofong>essional Women’s Speaker Bureau who presented a talk on women

in leadership roles, and a lunch. After lunch, the students got to know each

other more while playing games and designing and printing their own business

cards. The event was deemed successful by the attendees. The 2007–2008

SWE executive board is very proud to have started this event, which we

hope will become a lasting tradition at CUA.

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