The “Frenemy” Within – Employee A5tudes on

The9 of Intellectual Property

Robert Hamilton

Director, Product Marke0ng – Symantec Corpora0on

Meet Erica

She has a

“backup plan”


Meet Jess

He’s a “proud



Meet Joe

He’s a “shiAy”

sales guy…


Symantec Study Shows Employees Steal

Corporate Data and Don’t Think It’s Wrong

Partnership with the Ponemon Institute



regularly take IP outside

the company and never

clean it up


One-third move work

files to file sharing apps

without permission


2 out of 5 download work

files to personally owned

tablet or smartphone


Most employees

think it’s okay to use

competitive data

taken from a

previous employer


Half of employees who left/lost their

jobs kept confidential information

40% plan to use it in their new job

Future employers become

unwitting recipients of stolen IP

56% of employees do not

believe it is a crime to use a

competitor’s trade secrets

Employees think

they own the IP


44% believe a developer

who creates source code

for a company has some

ownership of his work


42% do not think it’s a

crime to reuse this code

for other companies


Employees don’t think

their organizations care


68% say their company

does not take steps to

ensure employees do not

use competitive info


Half say no action is taken

when employees take sensitive

information against policy



A multi-pronged approach – Education, Enforcement

and Engineering

1. Employee education:

Let your employees know that taking confidential information is wrong. Make IP

theft awareness integral to security awareness training.

2. Enforce NDAs:

Make employees aware that policy violations will be enforced and theft of company

information will have negative consequences to them and their future employer.

3. Monitoring technology

Learn where IP is going and how it’s leaving your network. Deploy Data Loss

Prevention technology to notify managers and employees in real-time when

sensitive information is inappropriately sent, copied or otherwise wrongly exposed.


“Data loss prevention software from Symantec, Websense Inc., EMC

Corp.’s RSA division and others can help companies keep track of

sensitive information. The software inspects data content, and

based on policies the company creates, blocks certain information

from leaving the company.”

“Fortune 100 companies use commercially available programs to

track employees' computer use, ranging from an IBM program that

monitors databases to a Symantec program that tracks the

movement and use of confidential data.”

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