Shutdowns - Turnarounds - Outages - STO Conference

Shutdowns - Turnarounds - Outages - STO Conference




June 6-8, 2010

The Westin Galleria Houston

Houston, Texas

Produced by:

A letter from Eventure Events

It is with pleasure that we unveil the fourth annual STO conference to you. Whether you are new to

the STO community, or are a seasoned veteran, STO 2010 will provide specific strategies to help you

minimize risk and maximize results during your next shutdown, turnaround or outage (STO).

At Eventure Events, it is important to us that we design our programs to provide thought-provoking

insight and offer in-depth content to the communities we serve. STO 2010 is not just another

conference; rather, it is a community that is dedicated to sharing ideas and experiences, and

exploring real-time solutions to common STO challenges.

We invite you to join in this fourth annual event so that you may realize world-class shutdown

management efficiency and effectiveness. We hope that you will take advantage of the extraordinary

opportunity in front of you.

Warmest regards,


Crucial Conversations —

Steve Sinkoff

President & CEO

Eventure Events, LLC.

hare ideas

ake action

ptimize results

Keynote Presentations

Monday, June 7, 2010

Collaboration and an Integrated Enterprise

Fuels Progress and Measurable Return

Anthony Bosco, Senior Vice President & CIO,

Day & Zimmermann

Are you too busy working to “Move the Needle”? Would you

rather “Change the Scale” and evolve to the next level of Enterprise

Optimization? That is right, a real “Step Improvement”!

Achieve Almost Infinite ROI — this keynote will explain that

through the collaboration of stakeholders, coupled with your

enterprise-based technology, business processes and techniques

learned a decade ago, you can drive innovation, improve internal

cost metrics, and increase customer services and satisfaction.

Transform from an Enterprise View to an Integrated Enterprise,

and improve your STO performance immediately.

Read the full abstract at

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Key to Successful STO’s

Terry Wireman, C.P.M.M. & C.M.R.P.,

Senior Vice President, Vesta Partners, LLC

and Acclaimed Author

In the book “Crucial Conversations,” the authors focus on

developing relationships and then using communication

to grow and refine these relationships. This presentation

will examine six steps necessary to have “Crucial

Conversations” for STO’s. It will help technically-focused

individuals to be persuasive, not abrasive. It will

conclude with a call-to-action, challenging the

attendees to apply the information gleaned from their

conference and use it to have “Crucial Conversations”

before, during, and after their next STO.

Read the full abstract at

Media Partners



The Westin Galleria

Houston, Texas

Book now to receive the

special conference rate!

Eventure Events has arranged

a special conference hotel rate

of 169+ tax per night.

The rate is valid through

May 6, 2010, pending

availability. Attendees wishing

to come earlier or stay later

(3 days prior to June 6 and/or

3 days after June 8) may be

able to take advantage of this

special rate by booking early

(based on availability).

Two ways to book your


Call the hotel:

713-960-8100 (mention

promotional code STO 2010)

Book online:

Please access the hotel’s

dedicated STO 2010 website at





Networking Session

Jumpstart your STO 2010

experience at the Sunday night

welcome and networking

reception! Meet session

presenters and track chairs,

and have thought-provoking

conversations that will

kick-start your event!

Key event features

STO 2010 is North America’s leading conference

dedicated to the full life cycle of shutdowns,

turnarounds and outages (STO). The program was

designed to provide thought-provoking insight for

improving STO efficiency and effectiveness by using

forward-thinking solutions and innovative technology.

Real-world case studies show first-hand how

shutdown solutions have been successfully

implemented at asset-intensive organizations

Keynote presentations by world-renowned

STO experts

Extensive networking with hundreds of STO

professionals and thought leaders

In-depth track sessions with content covering the

entire end-to-end maintenance business process

Access to hundreds of STO professionals and

thought leaders

Brainstorming and open discussions

Technology partners specializing in STO best practices

Optional intensive, subject-specific workshops

Who should attend

STO 2010 targets organizations from asset-intensive

industries that plan, schedule and run shutdowns,

turnarounds, and outages (STO). These businesses span

across such industries as utilities, oil & gas, chemical, food

& beverage, automotive, healthcare, aerospace & defense,

mining, milling, pharmaceuticals, pulp & paper, and more.

The STO 2010 conference was designed for leaders,

managers, and directors of:





Human Resources






Best Management Practices

Budgeting & Cost Management

Scope & Frequency

Planning & Scheduling

Shutdown Organization

Contractor Management

& Availability

Capital Project & Turnaround


Environmental Health & Safety

Staff Management

STO Strategy




Systems & Technology

Work Control & Analysis

Work Execution

Work Identification

Work Management Processes

— Lifecycle

Organizational Alignment

STO Strategies in a

Recessionary Market

Knowledge Transfer

Risk Management

What you’ll take away

STO is the ideal environment for maintenance professionals to

learn how to solve critical shutdown challenges. It will provide

you with practical, forward-thinking advice and solutions, as

well as tangible best practices from subject matter experts

and thought leaders in the shutdown arena.

Strategies to control scope and achieve business goals

Efficient STO planning and scheduling procedures

Best practices for contractor management

Tips on creating an effective STO communications strategy

STO solutions focused on planning cycles, strategies

and execution

Strategies to successfully manage safety

Risk management tools and techniques

Effective strategies toward forward-thinking STO best practices

Expertise from renowned STO thought leaders, subjectmatter

experts, and companies that have successfully solved

real problems with shutdowns, turnarounds and outages

Who you’ll meet

Outage and turnaround managers from hundreds of

companies across North America and beyond

Professionals from virtually every asset-intensive industry

(chemical, oil & gas, utilities, public sector, aerospace &

defense, mining, milling, auto, etc.)

Turnaround practitioners and corporate turnaround executives

Maintenance professionals and experts specializing in

planning and scheduling, reliability, quality, and inspection

Industry veterans who have significantly contributed to

turnaround processes and have demonstrated a high degree

of technical and practical knowledge through their practice


Sunday, June 6, 12:30 pm - 5:00 pm Cost: $495

Choose from these highly relevant subject-specific workshops, available to conference attendees only. All workshops are optional and

separately bookable. Space is limited, so book early!

WORKSHOP 1: Shutdown & Contractor Management

Presenter: Stanton McGroarty, Consulting Manager, SAMI

This is a nuts-and-bolts skill building workshop for Shutdown Optimization. Join this session to learn about practice tools and techniques

that you can use in your next shutdown. During this session you will also explore performance criteria for the contractor network and the

best ways to ensure the delivery of contractor performance in the areas of need. Read more at

WORKSHOP 2: Integrating Work Management and STO Processes

Presenter: Terry Wireman, C.P.M.M. & C.M.R.P., Senior Vice President, Vesta Partners, LLC and Acclaimed Author

This workshop focuses on developing optimal maintenance work management processes and how to integrate them with the STO

work management process. The work management topics covered will include, but are not limited to: maintenance/reliability strategy,

developing organizational support, work management processes, developing STO information requirements, Key Performance Indicators,

and the eight common reasons for failure.

Conference Schedule

Sunday, June 6— Arrival Day

12:30pm - 5:00pm

6:00pm - 8:00pm

Workshops — Choose from two in-depth subject specific workshops (optional and separately bookable)

Registration, Welcome Reception & Exhibition

Monday, June 7 — Conference Day 1

7:30 - 8:30 Breakfast

8:30 - 8:35

8:35 - 9:25

Welcome: Steve Sinkoff, President & CEO, Eventure Events

Keynote: Anthony Bosco, Senior Vice President & CIO, Day & Zimmermann

Collaboration and an Integrated Enterprise Fuels Progress and Measurable Return

9:25 - 10:25 Morning Break and Exhibition

Making the Best of a Bad Economy

Art Pismeny, Kerneos Inc.

10:25 - 11:15

Bryan Dodge, Kerneos Inc.


11:30 - 12:20

Job Plans — Expend the RIGHT Amount

of Effort

Kevin Cadieux, Alberta Envirofuels Inc.


12:20 - 1:45 Lunch and Exhibition

1:45 - 2:35

2:50 - 3:40

STO Work Planning

& Scheduling

Using Maintenance Tactics to Reduce

Scope and Resources

Cliff Williams, ERCO Worldwide


Intelligent Resource Scheduling for

Reduced Turnaround Durations

Rob Richards, Ph.D., Stottler Henke


3:40 - 4:10 Afternoon Break and Exhibition

Stewardship — Safety

& Environmental

The Incogneteaux Jeaux Subversive

Safety Show

Joe Jackson, Dyno Nobel


So What’s This Safety Culture Everyone

is Talking About?

Diana Miles, Dow Chemical


Managing Safety — Engaging Contractor


Ron Kooy, Valero Energy


Safety Related Maintenance Practices

Mike Moore, Shermco Industries Inc


STO Work Management Process

Managing Turnaround Work Scope

and Growth Work

Tim Kister, Life Cycle Engineering


Road to Success

Roy Myers, Firestone Building Products


The Value of Accurate Progress

Dake Stagner, Zachry Industrial Inc.


Shutdown Management Process From

Cradle to Grave Pays Off

Guy Roberts, Rio Tinto Kennecott

Utah Copper


4:10 - 5:30


Planning to Avoid Pitfalls Before

They Happen


Safety, Safety, Safety?


Scope Management & Control

5:30 - 7:30 Cocktail Reception and Exhibition

Tuesday, June 8— Conference Day 2

7:30 - 8:30 Breakfast

8:30 - 8:35

8:35 - 9:45

Opening Address

Keynote: Terry Wireman, C.P.M.M. & C.M.R.P., Senior Vice President, Vesta Partners, LLC and Acclaimed Author

Crucial Conversations — The Key to Successful STO’s

9:45 - 10:30 Morning Break and Exhibition

Cost Management — From Budget

Request to Final Documentation

10:30 - 11:20

Steve Busick, ConocoPhillips


11:35 - 12:25

Continuous Improvement Programs

Fuel Innovation

Anthony Bosco, Day & Zimmermann

Kristopher J. Cravey, Day & Zimmermann


12:25 - 1:30 Lunch and Exhibition

1:30 - 2:20

2:35 - 3:25

Doing What’s Important

Kevin Bourgeois, British Gas —

Trinidad & Tobago


Innovations in Project Cost Management

in the Energy Industries

Neely Hemassi, Ecosys


3:25 - 4:10 Afternoon Break and Exhibition

4:10 - 5:30

Cost Control STO Strategy/Tactics Performance Management


Cost Control or Cost Reporting?

Aligning Outage Performance to

Business Plan Objectives

Tim Schlimpert, MCR Group


The Planning and Scheduling of

Contractors — The Key to Successful STOs

Terry Wireman, Vesta Partners, LLC


New Design Tests Flange Welds Both

Radially and Longitudinally

Justin Foulke, EST Group, a Business Unit

of Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Company


Dry Ice Blasting’s Totally Unique Features

Change STO’s Forever

Ron Wallace, Simplot Phosphate

Tom Costello, IceTech America

Bill Phillips, Hot Shot Power Blasting LLC



STO Strategy/Tactics

Carrots, Whips and Measuring Sticks

Kevin Duffy, Kepner Tregoe


TA Performance Improvement through

Training & Peer Reviews

Jody David Parker, ConocoPhillips


Working and Playing Well With Others

Jim Ingram, INEOS Oligomers


STO Fundamentals

Clare Brown,

Maintenance Consulting Services



Performance Management


MSS are Enterprise

Resource Planning

and Asset


specialists providing

resources and services to industrial sectors in 7 key

business areas: planning and scheduling, training

and development, SAP Implementation and

Support, CMMS improvement, Asset Management,

Project Management, Logistics and Warehousing.

Carver PA Corporation

is a multi-disciplinary

company which

provides Planned

Maintenance Training

Services, Maintenance Consulting Services and

Contract Staffing & Recruitment Services on a

global scale.

Shermco Industries is the

leader in electrical power

system maintenance,

repair, testing and training.

Since 1974, Shermco has

kept our customers operating more efficiently

and safely.

Zachry planned

and executed

100+ turnarounds and outages in 2009. Our

Staffing and Execution Strategies lower cost and

ensure that Milestones and Schedule are met.

KAP is a Project

Controls Consulting firm

serving the petroleum,

chemical, power, and gas

industries. We specialize in tailoring our services

around our client’s turnaround needs.

EST Group is a manufacturer

and designer of tools that

simplify the maintenance of

shell and tube heat exchangers

and the inspection of piping

systems and pressure vessels.

EcoSys provides

Enterprise Project

Cost Management

software used by government agencies, owners

and contractors to manage funding, budgets,

forecasts, commitments and Earned Value.

Pipeline Software, provides packaged

integration software that integrates SAP EAM with

third party applications such as Primavera P6 and

ESRI GIS improving STO processes.

Kepner Tregoe has served

the Shutdown community

for five decades providing

methods, process

improvement tools,

skill development and

measurement techniques to optimize shutdown

execution effectiveness.

Sami Ascend to new

heights with SAMI’s

unique Model, Process,

and Tool that embeds

the behavioral change necessary to guarantee

sustainable success, thereby improving

your company’s bottom line and assuring

the Performance Culture conversion.

HSE Integrated is

Canada’s largest

industrial safety

services company, providing expert services,

specialized equipment and highly trained

personnel to protect workers, assets and the


More Sponsors

ITC With the

ever growing

need for qualified

controls people

experienced in shutdowns, turnarounds and capital

projects. We are a company of project controls

specialists for the sole purpose of supporting

client needs in the field of controls.

Hard Dollar’s comprehensive

software manages capital

construction projects for

owners and contractors

by maximizing profits,

controlling costs, and gaining project visibility.

IceTech is a full service dry ice

blasting manufacturer and

distributor supplying STO’s

worldwide with unique

and timely cleaning

solutions and redefining

your cleaning possibilities.

Chesterton Depend on the experts at Chesterton

to provide high performance maintenance

solutions that meet the needs of your facility. Our

knowledgeable and experienced specialists and

application engineers can help you meet your asset

management objectives.

InterPlan Systems With thirty-three years of

experience in the petrochemical field, InterPlan

Systems develops highly sophisticated, effective

and user-friendly management systems, proven in

hundreds of turnarounds, worldwide.

Service Radio


Blind Solutions is an

authorized Motorola

dealer, supplying

two-way radios to the petrochemical industry for

more than 10 years. We are also your single

source for a variety of blinds, with more than 500

tons of inventory.

United Valve is

a valve service


located in Houston,Texas, providing valve repair,

modification and testing services to the PVF


United Shutdown

Safety For nearly 25

years, the United

Shutdown Safety

leadership team has been supplying industryleading

safety solutions for all types of major

industrial shutdown, outage and turnaround

activities. Our expertise and proprietary solutions

are delivered to a wide range of beneficiaries,

including upgrading, refining, petrochemical and

power generation projects. Through our uniquelyeffective

continuous improvement process, we

offer the most innovative and specialized safety

equipment/manpower solutions possible.

Web Teks is a

national web

solutions firm with

over 10 years experience, providing full-cycle webenabled

enterprise solutions, web application and

portal development.

CEDA International

Corporation is one of the

largest providers of industrial

maintenance, turnaround and

construction services in North

America. CEDA is comprised of several subsidiary

companies and has 30 offices throughout North


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