New Features - Partners HealthCare

New Features - Partners HealthCare


This guide is designed to provide an overview of the new features available in Outlook Web App (OWA) 2010.

1 Accessing OWA

1. Go to

2. Select Use the Light Version of Outlook Web App if one or more of the following applies if you:

Use Internet Explorer 6

Have a slow internet connection

Are blind or have low vision

3. Enter your Partners User Name and Password.

4. Click Sign in.

2 General Settings

The tools below are available on most pages within OWA.

1. Larger toolbar icons allow easier access to common functions.

2. Refresh checks for new messages (This option is not available from Calendar view).

3. Find Someone searches for users in the Global Address List (GAL).

4. Sign Out.

5. Click on your name to open another user’s or departmental mailbox (if given permission).

6. Options are located on the top-right corner of the screen, where you can Set Automatic Replies (outof-office

assistant) and create rules.

3 Inbox

1. Favorites Folders from Outlook are displayed and can be managed within navigation.

2. Advanced Filter options quickly display items that are marked important, from a specific sender, etc.

3. View by Conversation, which groups all messages with the same subject together.

4. Search for items faster, directly from the Inbox.

5. Use check boxes to perform bulk actions, such as moving or deleting messages.

6. Apply and manage Categories from Outlook.

7. Reply & Forward options display within the message in Reading Pane view.

8. Meeting request options display in Reading Pane view for responding faster and easier.

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4 Message Options


1. Auto-complete recognizes recently used names in the To, Cc, and Bcc fields.

2. Insert a Picture (HTML only).

3. Click Options to add Bcc/From fields and request delivery/read receipts.

4. Choose between HTML or Plain Text format.

5. Enhanced formatting options (HTML only).

6. Add more formatting options to the toolbar, such as undo/redo and paragraph alignment (HTML only).

5 Scheduling Assistant

When sending a message or meeting invite to someone who is out of the office, their Out of Office reply will

display as a banner. If you don’t see the banner message, click the Info button when it displays.

6 Other New Features & Tips



Incoming meeting requests include a link to view adjacent or conflicting items in your calendar.

You may add another user’s calendar to your calendar view (if you have been given access).

You may view two or more calendars side-by-side.

Personal distribution lists are now referred to as Groups.

You can see a contact’s scheduling availability when viewing a contact’s detailed information.

Out of Office Replies

You may set a separate Out of Office message for internal and external recipients.

You may now set start and end times for your Out of Office, if desired.

General Features & Tips

Outlook Web App is also compatible with Safari and Firefox.

Be sure to immediately sign out and close your browser when you finish your Outlook session.

If you are using a laptop or other mobile device to check your e-mail, PHS requires full disk encryption

to comply with federal and state regulations.

Additional Support & Training Information

Visit or contact your Help Desk.

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