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Biodiversity - a strategy for Jersey report - UKOTCF

Biodiversity - a strategy for Jersey report - UKOTCF

Forward by Senator Nigel

Forward by Senator Nigel Quérée President, Planning and Environment Committee This document succeeds in bringing together all the facets of Jersey’s uniquely diverse environmental landscape. It describes the contrasting habitats which exist in this small Island and explains what should be done to preserve them, so that we can truly hand Jersey on to future generations with minimal environmental damage. It is a document which should be read by anyone who wants to know more about the different species which exist in Jersey and what should be done to protect them. I hope that it will help to foster a much greater understanding of the delicate balance that should be struck when development in the Island is considered and for that reason this is a valuable supporting tool for the Jersey Island Plan.

Index Introduction Section 1 The structure of the strategy Biodiversity 1 Biodiversity and Jersey 2 Methodology 2 Approach 3 Process 3 Key International Obligations 3 Current Legislation 5 Evaluation of Natural History Sites 5 Section 2 Sustainable use Introduction 9 General Principles 9 Scope of Concern 11 Section 3 Habitats and species Key Habitat Types in Jersey 19 Coastal Heathland and Cliff Slopes 19 Sand Dune 19 Intertidal 21 Marine 23 Other Habitats 23 Wet Meadow 23 Woodland 24 Marsh and Freshwater 24 Walls and Banques 25 People-modified Habitats 25 Species 27 Section 4 Loss of biodiversity and other issues Causes of Loss of Biodiversity 33 Conservation Issues 34 In Situ/Ex Situ Conservation 34 EIA Procedures in Jersey 36 Role of Environmental Adviser 36 International Relations 38 Contingency Planning 38 Section 5 In situ conservation Introduction 42 Habitats 42 Species 46 The Identification of Key Species 47 Limitations 48 Species Action Plans 49 Sample Action Plan 51 Habitat Statements 54 Section 6 Information and data Introduction 59 Data Requirements 59 The Jersey Environmental Database 60 Monitoring Climatic Change 61 Habitat Classification 62 Section 7 Public awareness and involvement Introduction 67 Development of a Co-ordinated Education and Awareness Strategy 67 Key Sectors in Jersey 69 Section 8 The way forward References 77 Acknowledgements 78

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