View Brochure - Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin

View Brochure - Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin



2) COMPLETE this regISTRaTION form and mail

to: PDPW, 820 N. Main, Suite D, Juneau, WI 53039

HOTEL Headquarters

Red Lion Hotel Canyon Springs

1357 Blue Lakes Blvd North • Twin Falls, ID 83301

For reservations call: 208.734.5000 or 800.RED.LION

The Red Lion Hotel Canyon Springs is offering a special

room rate of $75/single and $79/double when you book

by Sept. 1, 2013, and state that you are with PDPW. Book

early to reserve your room.

n PDPW Member: $399/person X (no. of people) = $

n Non-member*: $499/person X (no. of people) = $

Total Amount Due = $



Your Mailing Address


*To learn more about

PDPW membership, please

call 800-947-7379

Registration fee: $399/person for PDPW members

and $499/person for non-PDPW* members. Registration

fee covers tours, transportation, plus breakfast, lunch and

dinner both tour days. Transportation to and from Twin

Falls, Idaho, and hotel are registrant’s responsibility.

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, Sept. 18

PHONE (WITH aREa code)


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820 N. Main, Suite D

Juneau, WI 53039


September 25-26, 2013

September 25-26, 2013

Idaho Dairy Industry Tours. Join us! September 25-26, 2013

Transportation Information

We recommend that you fly into Boise then drive to the

hotel headquarters at Twin Falls, Idaho, which is about 120 miles

from the Boise airport.

Conference Attire

Dress for comfort as you’ll be riding a bus and touring

dairies during the day. Temperatures during late September

in Idaho are typically 65° to 78° during the day and 40° to 50°

at night. Casual to business casual is appropriate evening

meal attire.

Where to Stay

The hotel headquarters for the tour is the Red Lion

Hotel Canyon Springs, 1357 Blue Lakes Boulevard North,

Twin Falls, Idaho.

Brought to you by

professional DAIRY PRODUCers

We have secured a special room rate of $75/single

and $79/double which is applicable if you book by Sept. 1.

For reservations, call 208.734.5000 or 800-RED-LION

Additional Things to Do

If you have an extra day or two, the Boise and Twin Falls

areas have a lot to offer, including Old Idaho Penitentiary

which opened its doors in 1872 to some of the West’s more

desperate criminals; World Center for Birds of Prey which has

interactive displays, multi-media shows and live demonstrations

with hawks, falcons, eagles and owls, including live California

Condors and a Harpy Eagle; and Shoshone Falls, which is known

as the Niagara of the West.

BROugHT to you by


Tour Magic Valley

Discover Idaho’s Dairy Industry

Get a taste of Western Culture

Network with fellow Dairy Producers

Wednesday, Sept. 25

7:30 a.m. Breakfast

8:00 a.m. Welcome

8:45 a.m. Board busses

TTour with us as we travel the picturesque Southern Idaho

landscape graced with dairies and dairy processing plants. We’ll

explore Idaho’s Magic Valley, home for 70 percent of the state’s

cows, and a region that provides excellent feed availability, a

generally cool year-round climate to keep cows happy, with

good water and land availability. Our exciting tour stops include:

three state-of-the-art dairies

two innovative dairy processing plants

a 38,800-head custom-calf business

9:30 a.m. Bettencourt Dairies LLC

Wendell, Idaho

12:00 p.m. Lunch

1:00 p.m. Double A Dairy

Jerome, Idaho

3:30 p.m. Idaho Milk Products

Jerome, Idaho

5:15 p.m. Return to hotel

5:30 p.m. Dinner

BeTTencourt Dairies is a family-owned business that

started out with seven cows in 1982. Today Bettencourt Dairies

has eight milking facilities, more than 42,000 milking cows and

7,500 heifers and employs more than 350 people, including

family, partners and staff. Bettencourt Dairies is one of the three

dairies who own and provide milk to Idaho Milk Products, a

tour stop later

in the day.

Owner Luis

Bettencourt, who

was inducted

into the Southern

Idaho Livestock

Hall of Fame in

2011, is a handson

owner who

values the dairy’s workers. Here in Wendell, Idaho, we will

look over the farm’s 10,000-cow herd in an open lot and learn

about the innovations and SOPs in place at the facility’s two

milking parlors, maternity barn, short-term calf housing and

on-farm pharmacy. We’ll also learn the tactics in place that have

Bettencourt Dairies’ owners, partners and staff embracing the

farm’s motto: “If you get up every day and enjoy what you’re

doing, it’s not a job; it’s a hobby.”

Schedule at a glance

Thursday, Sept. 26

7:30 a.m. Breakfast

8:15 a.m. Board busses

9:00 a.m. Crestview Calf Ranch

Hazelton, Idaho

11:30 a.m. Bridge jumping

12:00 p.m. Lunch

1:30 p.m. Glanbia Foods

Twin Falls, Idaho

3:15 p.m. Si-Ellen Farms

Jerome, Idaho

5:30 p.m. Dinner

7:30 p.m. Return to hotel

Double A Dairy milks 13,000 Holsteins and is part of the

Aardema Group which has 30,000 milk cows and 24,000 heifers.

Double A Dairy employs

about 130 people and

milks in four double-50

parallel parlors. Of the

dairy’s 13,000 cows, 9,000

are housed in free-stalls,

with the other 4,000 in

open lots. In addition to

touring the milking parlor,

we’ll also examine and

obtain information about the dairy’s free-stall barn, centralized

calving facility and its calf ranch.

The tour also includes a look-and-learn at the dairy’s feed

area and its anaerobic digester system that was completed in

December 2011. Double A’s manure-based digester system is

the largest in the United States, processing more than 500,000

gallons of manure daily. The digester produces biogas to fuel

4.5 MW of electrical generation capacity, which is sold to Idaho

Power to distribute to its customers. Separated solids are also

produced and are used for bedding and sold. Liquids are used as

an organic fertilizer for crop production.

Idaho Milk ProduCTs is the vision of three American

dairy families that has become an international milk processing

leader supplying milk protein isolate, milk protein concentrate,

milk permeate and milk cream derivatives to global food

and nutrition companies. The company is the world’s largest

dedicated milk protein concentrate and milk protein isolate

processing plant, processing 40 million pounds—18 metric tons

of IdaPro MPC and MPI per year.

From milking parlors through final product packaging,

Idaho Milk Products ingredients are produced in a closed-loop,

temperature-controlled environment. The dairies are located

within a 45-minute

drive of the high-tech

processing facility, with a

fleet of tankers delivering

3 million pounds of fresh

raw milk every day to the

plant. Because the dairies

supply the business with

raw milk, Idaho Milk

Products has control

over its cows’ dietary intake. It also controls lactation scheduling

within the combined herds so roughly the same number of cows

are calving and lactating at all times.

Crestview Calves is a family-owned calf raising company

founded by Cody Morgan in 1991 with 50 calves and a fivegallon

bucket . Morgan’s calf ranch enterprise has expanded

significantly through the

years and today has three

locations housing 38,800

calves: 26,500 head at

Crestview; 9,000 calves

at the Magicview ranch

near Jerome, Idaho; and a

3,300-head satellite ranch,

Riverview, located six miles

from Crestview.

We’ll explore the

calf ranch’s 26,500-head

Crestview facility and talk with those who make things happen.

They’ll share the latest innovations, techniques, tools and

custom feeding strategies and tactics used to keep calves

healthy and take heifer calves from day old to 450 pounds and

bull calves from day old to 350 pounds.

Perrine Bridge is the most famous bridge in Idaho and the

fourth highest arch bridge in North America. It’s also the milewide

chasm where Evil Knievel tried and failed to leap the Snake

River Canyon on his specially engineered rocket motorcycle.

The Perrine Bridge crosses 486 feet above the deep canyon

of the Snake River at Twin Falls and spans 993 feet between

springings—and is a mecca for BASE jumpers who jump from

the bridge and use a parachute to break their fall. (“BASE” is the

acronym for four categories of fixed objects from which one can

jump: buildings, antennas, spans such as bridges and earth such

as cliffs.)

From the

beautiful canyon

rim trail overlooking

the bridge and the

Snake River Canyon,

we’ll enjoy an amazing show as daredevils BASE jump. After

our two-day tour, you’re more than welcome to be a daredevil

yourself and jump from the Perrine Bridge.

Glanbia Foods, a U.S. division of Glanbia, plc, is the

world’s largest producer of American-style cheese. Glanbia

works closely with area dairy operations to receive the quality

milk needed to produce award-winning cheese. With

the help of more than 680 employees, Glanbia

Foods makes, sells and ships more than 830 million

pounds of cheese each year to more than

30 countries.

We’ll meet with

David Perry, a leader

on Glanbia Foods’

technical team who is the Director of Cheese Research and

Development, and be among the first to view the company’s

new Cheese Innovation Center. We’ll hear how the Center came

to fruition—and what’s in the product pipeline.

Si-Ellen is a family dairy owned by Mary Ellen Roth, her

five daughters and her three sons, with son Mike serving as chief

executive officer. Along with its sister operation White Clover,

Si-Ellen milks 10,500 Holsteins and 600 Jerseys, raises about

7,000 heifers and farms close to 7,000 acres of alfalfa and corn

silage that provides the majority of their forage needs. Mike and

Si-Ellen were honored as the 2013 Outstanding Dairy Producers

of the Year and, in 2002, as the Innovative Dairy Farmer of the

Year by the International Dairy Foods Association, an award that

recognizes dairy producers who show creative excellence and

forward thinking to increase farm productivity and improve milk


Zero in on the

dairy’s creative

excellence and

forward thinking

and learn about

its emphasis on

conservation and

how this emphasis

is paying off. We’ll

get an inside look

at its intense focus on herd health and proper drug treatment

– including a separate double-eight hospital milking parlor in

the main milk barn. Find out the advantages of Si-Ellen building

strong relationships with neighbors.

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