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UTP Higher Education

In May 2008, University of Toronto

Press was pleased to announce

the acquisition of the

Social Science and History lists

from Broadview Press. The former

Broadview titles – approximately

260 books in print and

a further 75 works in progress –

have been integrated with UTP

as a new division: University of

Toronto Press Higher Education

Division. Many new and

forthcoming titles originating

with Broadview are announced

throughout this catalogue, indicated

by the series line UTP

Higher Education.

The acquisition of Broadview’s

social science and history lists supports

UTP’s strategy to expand its

publishing of upper level university

course books. The addition

of these titles, combined with key

members of Broadview’s editorial

and sales staff, extends UTP’s

reach into the post-secondary

marketplace with titles recognized

internationally for the quality of

their scholarship.

University of Toronto Press acknowledges the financial support for its publishing activities of the

Government of Canada through the Book Publishing Industry Development Program (BPIDP).

UTP would also like to express gratitude to the Canada Council of the Arts for its support.

Cover illustration: iStockphoto. Cover and catalogue design by John Beadle

g e n e r a l i n t e r e s t

Newfoundland and Labrador

A History

Sean T. Cadigan

Cadigan comprehensively details everything

from the first European settlements, the displacement

and extinction of the indigenous Beothuk by

European settlers, the conflicts between settlers and

imperial governance, to the Royal Newfoundland

Regiment’s near annihilation at the Battle of the

Somme, the rise of Newfoundland nationalism,

Joey Smallwood’s case for confederation, and the

modernization and economic disappointments

instigated by joining Canada. Paying particular

attention to the ways in which Newfoundland and

Labrador’s history has been shaped by its environment,

this study considers how natural resources

such as the Grand Banks, the disappearance of cod,

and off-shore oil have affected the region and its


Richly detailed, compelling, and written in an

engaging and accessible style, Newfoundland and

Labrador brings the rich and vibrant history of this

remarkably interesting region to life.

Of national significance, the 2009 sixtieth anniversary

of Newfoundland and Labrador joining Canada represents

only a small portion of the province’s past. Now,

Sean T. Cadigan has written the book that will surely

become the definitive history of one of North America’s

most distinct and beautiful regions. The site of the first

European settlement by Vikings one thousand years

ago, a former colony of England, and known at various

times as Terra Nova and Newfoundland until its

official name change to Newfoundland and Labrador

in 2001, this easternmost point of the continent has

had a fascinating history in part because of its longheld

position as the gateway between North America

and Europe. Examining the region from prehistoric

times to the present, Newfoundland and Labrador is

not only a comprehensive history of the province,

but an illuminating portrait of the Atlantic world and

European colonization of the Americas.

Sean T. Cadigan is an associate professor in the

Department of History at Memorial University of


Of related interest:

Dictionary of Newfoundland English

Second Edition with supplement

Edited by G.M. Story, W.J. Kirwin, and J.D.A.



£29.00 / $47.00 / 1998

Canadian History

Approx. 384 pp / 6½ x 9½ / February 2009

20 photos

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-4465-5 £42.00 $65.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-8020-8247-3 £20.00 $29.95 T


g e n e r a l i n t e r e s t

Canada’s 1960s

The Ironies of Identity in a Rebellious Era

Bryan D. Palmer

Concerned with how Canadians entered the

Sixties relatively secure in their national identities,

Palmer explores the forces that contributed to

the post-1970 uncertainty about what it is to be

Canadian. Tracing the significance of dissent and

upheaval among youth, trade unionists, university

students, Native peoples, and Québécois, Palmer

shows how the Sixties ended the entrenched, nineteenth-century

notions of Canada. The irony of this

rebellious era, however, was that while it promised so

much in the way of change, it failed to provide a new

understanding of Canadian national identity.

A compelling and highly accessible work of

interpretive history, Canada’s 1960s is the book of

the decade about an era many regard as the most

turbulent and significant since the years of the

Great Depression and World War II.

Bryan D. Palmer is a professor and Canada Research

Chair in the Department of Canadian Studies at

Trent University.

Rebellious youth, the Cold War, New Left radicalism,

Pierre Trudeau, Red Power, Quebéc’s call for

Revolution, Marshall McLuhan – these are just

some of the major forces and figures that come

to mind at the slightest mention of the 1960s in

Canada. Focusing on the major movements and

personalities of the time, as well as the lasting

influence of the period, Canada’s 1960s examines

the legacy of this rebellious decade’s impact on

contemporary notions of Canadian identity. Bryan

D. Palmer demonstrates how after massive postwar

immigration, new political movements, and at times

violent protest, Canada could no longer be viewed

in the old ways. National identity, long rooted in

notions of Canada as a white settler Dominion of

the North, marked profoundly by its origins as part

of the British Empire, had become unsettled.

‘Canada’s 1960s is a tour de force. Through a variety of fascinating

case studies, the author has painted a broad panorama

of a single decade with unifying themes and provocative conclusions.

The writing is very spirited, polished, and accessible.

Bryan D. Palmer has produced the comprehensive account of

Canada’s 1960s that will not be surpassed anytime soon.’

Alvin Finkel, Department of History, Athabasca University

Canadian History

Approx. 580 pp / 6 x 9 / March 2009

20 photos

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9954-9 £55.00 $85.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-8020-9659-3 £22.50 $35.00 C


g e n e r a l i n t e r e s t

The Finance Crisis and Rescue

What Went Wrong? Why? What Lessons Can Be Learned?

Rotman School of Management

Foreword by Roger Martin

rotman / utp publishing

plans, risk management, corporate governance, public

policy, and leadership.

A timely and considered response to current events,

The Finance Crisis and Rescue will be of interest to all

those following recent global financial developments.

The 2008 global financial crisis affects everyone,

but its root causes and potential cures – knowledge

necessary in order to make strong financial decisions

moving forward – are confusing to many. This

compilation of expert views from the University of

Toronto’s Rotman School of Management navigates

what went wrong, why, and the lessons that these

events can teach businesspeople, policy makers, and

interested observers alike.

The Finance Crisis and Rescue features essays from

ten leading Rotman professors and renowned journalist

Michael Hlinka as well as a foreword by Rotman

Dean Roger Martin. These intellectual leaders from

the front lines of business thinking tackle the subject

from varied perspectives, analyzing the crisis through

their diverse backgrounds in fields such as structured

finance, behavioural finance, value investing, pension


Keith Ambachtsheer, Director – International Centre

for Pension Management and Adjunct Professor of

Finance. David Beatty, Conway Director - Clarkson

Centre for Business Ethics and Board Effectiveness and

Professor of Strategic Management. Laurence Booth, CIT

Chair in Structured Finance and Professor of Finance.

Wendy Dobson, Director – Institute for International

Business and Professor of Business Economics. Peter

Dungan, Adjunct Associate Professor of Business

Economics and Director - Policy and Economic

Analysis Program. Ramy Elitzur, Edward Kernaghan

Professor of Financial Analysis and Associate Professor

of Accounting. Jim Fisher, Vice-Dean - Programs,

CCMF Chair in Entrepreneurship and Professor of

Strategic Management. Michael Hlinka, Instructor,

University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

and Business Commentator, CBC TV and CBC

Radio. John Hull, Maple Financial Group Chair in

Derivatives and Risk Management, Professor of Finance

and Co-Director - Master of Finance Program. Eric

Kirzner, John H. Watson Chair in Value Investing and

Professor of Finance. Lisa Kramer, Canadian Securities

Institute Research Foundation Term Professor and

Associate Professor of Finance. Roger Martin, Dean,

Premier’s Chair in Competitiveness and Productivity,

Professor of Integrative Thinking – Desautels Centre

for Integrative Thinking and Director, AIC Institute

for Corporate Citizenship.

business / economics

160 pp / 6 x 9 / Available

Cloth ISBN 978-1-4426-4012-2 £40.00 $60.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-1-4426-0987-7 £13.95 $24.95 T


g e n e r a l i n t e r e s t

1 Way 2 C the World

Writings 1984–2006

Marilyn Waring

1984 famine remain as contemporarily relevant

as her recent writings on the post-9/11 world.

Brimming with pieces that are essential reading for

anyone concerned with the state of the world, 1 Way

2 C the World is bound to fascinate and inspire.

Marilyn Waring is a professor in the Institute

of Public Policy at the Auckland University of


‘Over the years, I have read much of Marilyn Waring’s published

work and I am always struck by several things. First,

its lucidity – her prose is richly textured but also clean, crisp,

and uncluttered. Secondly, its content and tone – her work

is always challenging, thought-provoking, and illuminating

but also warmly human and infused with humour. Thirdly,

the immediacy of its ‘voice’ – Marilyn’s voice. Reading one

of her books feels like one is settling into a stimulating and

enjoyable conversation.’

T. Brettel Dawson, Department of Law, Carleton


Marilyn Waring is a truly absorbing figure known

as a distinguished public intellectual, a leading feminist

thinker, environmentalist, social justice activist,

and for her early political career after election

to New Zealand’s parliament at age twenty-three.

Assembling some of her most thought-provoking

writings, 1 Way 2 C the World is a compelling collection

of essays and reflections on many important

issues of our time. Written in lively, crisp, and often

humourous prose, Waring provides illuminating

commentary on topics such as gay marriage, human

rights, globalization, the environment, and international

relations and development.

In Waring’s vividly written collection, her

accounts of being in India at the time of Indira

Gandhi’s assassination and in Ethiopia during the

Also by Marilyn Waring:

Counting for Nothing

What Men Value and What Women are Worth,

Second Edition


$27.95 / 1999

North American rights only.

Political Science

Approx. 224 pp / 6 x 9 / April 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9034-8 £35.00 $55.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-8020-9375-2 £15.00 $24.95 T


g e n e r a l i n t e r e s t

The Science of Bombing

Operational Research in RAF Bomber Command

Randall T. Wakelam

Drawing on previously unexamined files that reassess

the efficacy of strategic bombing from tactical

and technical perspectives, Wakelam reveals the

important role scientific research and advice played

in operational planning and how there existed

a remarkable intellectual flexibility at Bomber

Command. A fascinating glimpse into military strategy

and decision-making, The Science of Bombing

will find a wide audience among those interested in

air power history as well as military strategists, air

force personnel, and aviation historians.

Randall T. Wakelam is the director of research and

symposia at the Canadian Forces College and an

assistant professor of Defence Studies with the

Royal Military College.

After suffering devasting losses in the early stages

of the Second World War, the United Kingdom’s

Royal Air Force established an Operational Research

Section within bomber command in order to drastically

improve the efficiency of bombing missions

targeting Germany. In The Science of Bombing,

Randall T. Wakelam explores the work of civilian

scientists who found critical solutions to the navigational

and target-finding problems and crippling

losses that initially afflicted the RAF.

Military History / british History

Approx. 384 pp / 6 x 9 / April 2009

40 photos

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9936-5 £48.00 $75.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-8020-9629-6 £19.95 $35.00 C


g e n e r a l i n t e r e s t

Warming up to the

Cold War

Canada and the United States’ Coalition of the

Willing, from Hiroshima to Korea

Robert Teigrob

When U.S. President

Harry Truman asked his

allies for military support

in the Korean War,

Canada’s government, led

by Prime Minister Louis

St-Laurent, was reluctant.

St-Laurent’s government

was forced to change its

position however, when

the Canadian populace,

conditioned to significant

degrees by the powerful influence of American media

and culture, demanded a more vigorous response.

Warming up to the Cold War shows how American

cultural influence overtook waning Canadian nationalism.

Comparing Canadian and American responses to

events such as the atomic bomb, the Gouzenko Affair,

the creation of NATO, and the Korean War, Robert

Teigrob traces the role that culture and public opinion

played in shaping responses to international affairs.

With penetrating political and cultural insight, he

examines the Cold War consensus between the two

countries to reveal the ways that Canada cited ‘homegrown’

rationales to justify its increasing subservience

to American strategy and posturing.

Full of fascinating insights, Warming up the Cold

War is essential reading for anyone interested in the

Cold War, the role of culture in politics, and the

history of U.S./Canada relations.

Robert Teigrob is an assistant professor in the

Department of History at Ryerson University.

An Independent Foreign

Policy for Canada?

Challenges and Choices for the Future

Edited by Brian Bow and Patrick Lennox

In 1968, with the

United States increasingly

involved in

Vietnam, questions were

raised in Canada about

America’s international

leadership and about

Canada’s own foreign

policy goals. Forty years

later, faced with seemingly

intractable wars in

Iraq and Afghanistan,

Canada must ask similar questions: could Canada

pursue a genuinely independent foreign policy?

Does Canada have the capacity and the political

will to chart its own course in the world?

This collection by a new generation of specialists

considers the question of Canada’s foreign policy

independence in historical and theoretical perspective,

with attention to issues including defense

and security, Arctic sovereignty, trade, culture, and

environmental policy. The accessible and insightful

contributions to An Independent Foreign Policy for

Canada? represent a provocative and long-overdue

reassessment of Canada’s foreign policy challenges

and choices in the twenty-first century.

Brian Bow is an assistant professor in the Department

of Political Science at Dalhousie University.

Patrick Lennox is a postdoctoral fellow in the Centre

for Military and Strategic Studies at the University

of Calgary.

canadian history

Approx. 312 pp / 6 x 9 / April 2009

12 halftones

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9923-5 £35.00 $55.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-8020-9615-9 £15.00 $24.95 C

political science

Approx. 240 pp / 6 x 9 / Available

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9690-6 £35.00 $55.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-8020-9634-0 £15.00 $24.95 C


g e n e r a l i n t e r e s t

Compact, Contract, Covenant

Aboriginal Treaty-Making in Canada

J.R. Miller

Columbia Treaty Process, Miller emphasizes both

Native and non-Native motivations in negotiating,

the impact of treaties on the peoples involved, and

the lessons that are relevant to Native-newcomer

relations today. Accessible and informative,

Compact, Contract, Covenant is a much-needed history

of the evolution of treaty-making and will be

required reading for decades to come.

J.R. Miller is a professor and Canada Research Chair

in the Department of History at the University of


‘Compact, Contract, Covenant is the first successful comprehensive

analysis of the treaty-making process and its rationale

in Canada. While many regionally focused works of

this nature exist, they do not possess the same transnational,

expressly historic focus as does this book. It is presented exceptionally

well and is easy to read and understand.’

Anthony Gulig, Department of History, University of


One of Canada’s longest unresolved issues is the

historical and present-day failure of the country’s

governments to recognize treaties made between

Aboriginal peoples and the Crown. Compact,

Contract, Covenant is renowned historian of Nativenewcomer

relations J.R. Miller’s exploration and

explanation of more than four centuries of treatingmaking.

The first historical account of treaty-making

in Canada, Miller untangles the complicated

threads of treaties, pacts, and arrangements with the

Hudson’s Bay Company and the Crown, as well as

modern treaties to provide a remarkably clear and

comprehensive overview of this little-understood

and vitally important relationship.

Covering everything from pre-contact Aboriginal

treaties to contemporary agreements in Nunavut

and recent treaties negotiated under the British

Also by J.R. Miller:

Reflections on Native-Newcomer Relations

Selected Essays


£20.00 / $29.95 / 2004

Skyscrapers Hide the Heavens

A History of Indian-White Relations in Canada,

Third Edition


£18.00 / $37.95 / 2000

Canadian History / Native Studies

Approx. 448 pp / 6 x 9 / June 2009

25 photos; 12 maps

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9741-5 £48.00 $85.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-8020-9515-2 £22.50 $35.00 C


g e n e r a l i n t e r e s t

Her Worship

Hazel McCallion and the Development of Mississauga

Tom Urbaniak

Mississauga is Canada’s

sixth largest city and its

largest suburban municipality.

Toronto’s upstart,

multicultural western

neighbour – population

700,000 – is a place of

scattered former farming

villages, endless subdivisions

and monotonous

industrial parks but also

of beautiful waterfront

parks, some bold architecture, wide thoroughfares, and

even wider expressways. Hazel McCallion, now 87 years

old, has been Mississauga’s mayor since 1978. A national

celebrity and a municipal icon, she has been the virtually

undisputed and often feared leader of this sprawling city.

This is the first full-length study of McCallion’s politics

and the development of Mississauga. Tom Urbaniak

has written an accessible and captivating book that

examines the mayor’s shrewd pragmatism and calculated

populism. Her Worship argues that McCallion’s skills,

personality, and persona offer an incomplete explanation

of the mayor’s dominant and pre-emptive political position.

Urbaniak points to a number of historical and geographical

factors that have led to a kind of stability, but

also civic stagnation, in a place that was once politically

tumultuous. A fascinating account of both a remarkable

political figure and of an area that is emblematic of suburban

development in North America, Her Worship

is a fresh look at municipal governance and politics

in rapidly growing communities.

Tom Urbaniak is an assistant professor in the Department

of Political Science at Cape Breton University.

urban studies

Approx. 288 pp / 6 x 9 / March 2009

8 photos; 5 maps; 1 table

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9902-0 £42.00 $60.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-8020-9602-9 £18.00 $27.95 T

Changing Toronto

Governing Urban Neoliberalism

Julie-Anne Boudreau, Roger Keil, and

Douglas Young

UTP Higher Education

Based on over ten years of

research, Changing Toronto

explores political, economic,

environmental, and

social change in a major

metropolitan centre facing

intense neoliberal and globalization


The authors have a

clear message: the city and

its surrounding areas need

new forms of regional

governance. In working through the political and territorial

conflicts of the past ten years, the authors argue

that Toronto requires new modes of regional democracy

and decision-making that are both accountable to

the rapidly changing and diversifying populations of

the area and effective in providing good government.

Changing Toronto is the first book to discuss

governance in Toronto in the context of neoliberalism,

and is a perfect primer for community groups

interested in the regional decision-making process

as well as for those interested in geography, sociology,

politics, and urban studies.

Julie-Anne Boudreau is assistant professor in the

Centre for Urbanization, Culture, and Society of

the National Institute for Scientific Research of the

Université de Québec à Montréal.

Roger Keil is a professor in the Faculty of Environmental

Studies at York University.

Douglas Young teaches urban studies and is a PhD

candidate in the Faculty of Environmental Studies

at York University.

urban studies

Approx. 225 pp / 6 x 9 / June 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-1-44260-133-8 £30.00 $60.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-1-44260-093-5 £15.99 $29.95 C


g e n e r a l i n t e r e s t

The Shape of the Suburbs

Understanding Toronto’s Sprawl

John Sewell

combines insightful and accessible commentary with

rigorous research on the debate between urban and

suburban. Concerned not only with sprawl, The Shape

of the Suburbs also demonstrates the ways in which

suburban political, economic, and cultural influences

have impacted the older, central city, culminating in

the forced Megacity amalgamation of 1998.

Rich in detail and full of useful visual illustrations,

The Shape of the Suburbs is a lively look at the

construction of the suburban era.

John Sewell is a former city councillor and mayor

of Toronto, has been a columnist for The Globe and

Mail, NOW Magazine, and Eye Weekly, and was the

founder of Citizens for Local Democracy.

Also by John Sewell:

The Shape of the City

Toronto Struggles with Modern Planning

Foreword by Jane Jacobs


£15.00 / $24.95 / 1993

It is now impossible to understand major North

American cities without considering the seemingly

never-ending and ever-growing sprawl of their surrounding

suburbs. In The Shape of the Suburbs,

activist, urban affairs columnist, and former Toronto

mayor John Sewell examines the relationship between

the development of suburbs, water and sewage systems,

highways, and the decision-making of Torontoarea

governments to show how the suburbs spread,

and how they have in turn shaped the city.

Using his wealth of knowledge of the city of

Toronto and new information gathered from municipal

archives, Sewell describes the major movements

and forces that allowed for rapid development of the

suburbs, while considering the options that were available

to planners at the time. Discussing proposals to

curb suburban sprawl from the 1960s to the recently

adopted plan for the Greater Toronto area, Sewell

Of related interest:

Toronto Sprawls

A History

Lawrence Solomon


£13.00 / $21.95 / 2007

Creeping Conformity

How Canada Became Suburban, 1900–1960

Richard Harris


£13.00 / $21.95 / 2004

Urban Studies

Approx. 208 pp / 6 x 9 / March 2009

15 photos; 42 maps

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9884-9 £35.00 $55.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-8020-9587-9 £15.00 $24.95 C


g e n e r a l i n t e r e s t

African American

Pioneers of Sociology

A Critical History

Pierre Saint-Arnaud

Translated by Peter Feldstein

In African American Pioneers of Sociology, Pierre

Saint-Arnaud examines the lasting contributions

that African Americans have made to the field of

sociology. Arguing that science is anything but a

neutral construct, he defends the radical stances

taken by early African American sociologists from

accusations of intellectual infirmity by foregrounding

the racist historical context of the time these

influential works were produced.

Examining key figures such as W.E.B. Du Bois,

Edward Franklin Frazier, Charles Spurgeon Johnson,

Horace Roscoe Cayton, J.G. St. Clair Drake, and

Oliver Cromwell Cox, Saint-Arnaud reveals the

ways in which many aspects of modern sociology

emerged from these authors’ radical views on race,

gender, religion, and class. Beautifully translated

from its original French, African American Pioneers

of Sociology is a stunning examination of the influence

of African American intellectuals and an essential

work for understanding the origins of sociology

as a modern discipline.

Pierre Saint-Arnaud is a professor in the Department

of Sociology at Université Laval.

Peter Feldstein is a Montreal-based freelance translator

who specializes in literature, politics, and the


Sociology / race studies / history

Approx. 416 pp / 6 x 9 / March 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9122-2 £50.00 $80.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-8020-9405-6 £20.00 $29.95 C

Beyond the Box

B.F. Skinner’s Technology of Behavior from

Laboratory to Life, 1950s–1970s

Alexandra Rutherford

B.F. Skinner (1904-1990)

is one of the most famous

and influential figures in

twentieth-century psychology.

A best-selling

author, inventor, and social

commentator, Skinner was

both a renowned scientist

and a public intellectual

known for his controversial

theories of human

behavior. Beyond the Box is

the first full-length study of the ways in which Skinner’s

ideas left the laboratory to become part of the post-war

public’s everyday lives, and chronicles both the enthusiasm

and caution with which this process was received.

Using selected case studies, Alexandra Rutherford

provides a fascinating account of Skinner and his

acolytes’ attempts to weave their technology of

human behavior into the politically turbulent fabric

of 1950s-70s American life. To detail their innovative

methods, Rutherford uses extensive archival

materials and interviews to study the Skinnerians’

creation of human behavior laboratories, management

programs for juvenile delinquents, psychiatric

wards, and prisons, as well as their influence on the

self-help industry with popular books on how to

quit smoking, lose weight, and be more assertive.

A remarkable look at post-war revolutions in

science and technology, Beyond the Box is a rewarding

study of how behavioral theories met real-life

problems, and the ways in which Skinner and his

followers continue to influence the present.

Alexandra Rutherford is an associate professor in the

Department of Psychology at York University.

medical history

Approx. 224 pp / 6 x 9 / April 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9774-3 £35.00 $55.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-8020-9618-0 £15.00 $24.95 C


g e n e r a l i n t e r e s t

Griffith Taylor

Visionary, Environmentalist, Explorer

Carolyn Strange and Alison Bashford

As a scientific secularist, Taylor made it his

lifelong mission to enlighten the public on humankind’s

relation to the environment and was an early

environmentalist. His progressive views on interracial

marriage, as well as his criticisms of social

Darwinist doctrines, anti-Semitism, and twentiethcentury

nationalism caused him to be constantly

embroiled in controversy. Often dismissed by his

contemporary political and intellectual opponents,

many subsequent scientists and thinkers have come

to regard his life as prophetic. This timely, beautifully

produced, and copiously illustrated biography

recounts and analyses the fascinating life of a

remarkably contemporary man.

Carolyn Strange is a senior fellow in the Research

School of Humanities at the Australian National


Allison Bashford is an associate professor in the

Department of History at the University of


Thomas Griffith Taylor (1880–1963) was a geographer,

anthropologist, and world explorer. His

travels took him from Captain Scott’s final expedition

in Antarctica to every continent on earth, in a

professional life that stretched from the Boer War to

the Cold War. Taylor’s research ranged from microscopic

analysis of fossils to the ‘races of man,’ the

geographic basis of global politics, while his work as

a professor led him from his Cambridge education

to the Universities of Chicago and Sydney, as well

as Harold A. Innis’ recently-founded geography

department in the University of Toronto.


283 pp / 7 x 10 / Available

108 photos and illustrations

Paper ISBN 978-0-8020-9663-0 $29.95 C

North American rights only. Other rights held by the National Library

of Australia.


gn e nw e ri n a l pai np te er rb ea sc tk

Youth and Subculture as Creative Force

Creating New Spaces for Radical Youth Work

Hans Arthur Skott-Myhre

In Youth and Subculture as Creative Force, Hans

Arthur Skott-Myhre interviews six youths who identify

themselves as members of either punk or traditional

skinhead subcultures. He discusses the results

of these interviews and demonstrates how youth

perspectives have come to inform his understanding

of himself as a youth worker and scholar. Youth

subcultures, he argues, have considerable potential

for improving relations between youths and adults

in the postmodern capitalist world. Drawing on

Marxist, Foucauldian, and postmodernist theory,

Skott-Myhre uses the subjective formations outlined

in his study to offer recommendations for constructing

legitimate radical youth work that takes into

account for the perspectives of young people.

Hans Arthur Skott-Myhre is an associate professor

in the Department of Child and Youth Studies at

Brock University.

Radical youth work is gaining popularity as a means

of teaching adults how, in collaboration with youth,

they can challenge dominant ways of knowing. This

study uses two particular subcultures, skinheads and

punks, to explore how constructions of subcultures

in time, language, space, body practice, and identity

offer alternative ways of understanding youth-adult

relationships. In doing so, it investigates youth

work as a radical political process and suggests a

new approach to current subculture theory.

Of related interest:

Resilience in Action

Working with Youth Across Cultures and Contexts

Edited by Linda Liebenberg and Michael Ungar


£22.50 / $35.00 / 2008

social work

224 pp / 6 x 9 / January 2009

Paper ISBN 978-1-4426-0992-1 £15.00 $24.95 C

Originally published in cloth: December 2007


h e a lt h c a r e

Caring for the World

A Guidebook to Global Health Opportunities

Paul K. Drain, Stephen A. Huffman, Sara E. Pirtle, and Kevin Chan

Providing a wealth of valuable resources and

information, the authors detail how individuals can

find and prepare for global health work as well as

how to obtain education and funding from governmental

and non-governmental organizations.

Skillfully addressing important issues related to

working within other countries and cultures, they

also provide practical advice on how to understand

pandemics and the HIV/AIDS crisis in order to

effect change.

Accessible, thorough, and concise, Caring for the

World is essential reading for anyone interested in

global health work, non-governmental organizations,

and the current state of global health care.

Paul K. Drain is a resident physician at Stanford

University Hospital.

Stephen A. Huffman is the medical director of

St. Rita’s Putnam County Emergency Room in

Glandorf, Ohio.

As disparities in health care continue to widen

between wealthy and impoverished nations, an

increasing number of medical professionals are

committing themselves to the growing field of

global health. Caring for the World assembles the

stories, experience, and advice of prominent global

health practitioners in this inspired guidebook

for health care workers who are interested in – or

already are – improving the lives of people throughout

the world.

Sara E. Pirtle is the coordinator of the International

Studies & Programs at the University of Nebraska

Medical Center.

Kevin Chan is a fellow in the Munk Centre for

International Studies and Centre for International

Health at the University of Toronto.

Approx. 280 pp / 6 x 9 / Available

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9804-7 £42.00 $65.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-8020-9548-0 £16.95 $27.95 C


c u lt u r a l s t u d i e s


Introduction to the Theory of Narrative, Third Edition

Mieke Bal

Film Narratology

Peter Verstraten

Translated by Stefan van der Lecq

Since its first publication

in English in 1985,

Mieke Bal’s Narratology

has become an international

classic and the

comprehensive introduction

to the theory

of narrative texts.

Narratology is a systematic

account of narrative

techniques, methods,

their transmission, and

reception, in which Bal distills years of study of

the ways in which we understand both literary and

non-literary works.

In this third edition, Bal updates the book to

include more analysis of film narratives while also

sharpening and tightening her language to make it

the most readable and student-friendly edition to

date. Bal also introduces new sections that treat and

clarify several modernist texts that pose narratological

challenges. With changes prompted by ten years

of feedback from scholars and teachers, Narratology

remains the most important contribution to the

study of the way narratives work, are formed, and

are received.

Mieke Bal is Academy Professor of the Royal

Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Most modern studies of

narrative tend to focus

predominantly on literature

with only some

reference to film. In

Film Narratology, Peter

Verstraten makes film

narratives his primary

focus, while noting the

unexplored and essentially

different narrative effects

that film can produce

with mise-en-scène, cinematography, and editing.

Reworking the definitive theory of narration

offered by literary scholar Mieke Bal, Film

Narratology examines cinematic techniques such as

external and internal narration, visual and auditive

focalization, the narrative force of sound, and the

ambiguities caused by voice-overs and flashbacks.

Verstraten illustrates these narrative principles with

a broad range of examples drawn from avant-garde

cinema, golden age Hollywood, blockbusters, and

European art cinema. Insightful and comprehensive,

Film Narratology will surely become the

standard reference of cinematic narration for film

students and scholars.

Peter Verstraten is a lecturer in Literary Studies at

the University of Leiden.

Stefan van der Lecq is an editor at the Amsterdam

School for Cultural Analysis.

Approx. 256 pp / 6 x 9 / April 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9687-6 £40.00 $60.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-8020-9631-9 £16.95 $27.95 C

Approx. 272 pp / 6 x 9 / June 2009

34 photos

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9351-6 £40.00 $60.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-8020-9505-3 £18.00 $27.95 C


c u lt u r a l s t u d i e s

From Plato to Lumière

Narration and Monstration in Literature and Cinema

André Gaudreault

Translated by Timothy Barnard

With this lucid translation

of Du litteraire

au filmique, André

Gaudreault’s highly influential

and original study

of film narratology is now

accessible to Englishlanguage

audiences for

the first time. Building

a theory of narrative on

sources as diverse as Plato,

The Arabian Nights, and

Proust, From Plato to Lumière challenges narratological

orthodoxy by positing that all forms of narrative

are mediated by an ‘underlying narrator’ who exists

between the author and narrative text.

Offering illuminating insights, definitions, and

formal distinctions, Gaudreault examines the practices

of novelists, playwrights, and filmmakers and

applies his theory to the early cinema of Louis

Lumière and more recent films. He also enhances

our understanding of how narrative develops visually

without language – monstration – by detailing

how technological advances influenced narratives in

cinema. From Plato to Lumière includes a translation

of Paul Ricœur’s preface to the French-language edition

as well as a new preface by Tom Gunning. It is a

must-read for cinema and media students and scholars

and an essential text on the study of narrative.

Pop Culture

The Culture of Everyday Life

Shirley Fedorak

UTP Higher Education

One of the fastest growing interests in the field of

anthropology is popular culture. Regardless of the

way it is defined – as folk culture, mass culture, even

common culture – popular culture is global, and its

study is the study of everyday life and culture.

Pop Culture is a concise and affordable introduction

to pop culture from a global, cross-cultural

perspective. The author begins by defining pop

culture, outlining criticisms, and examining the

impact of globalization on pop culture. She then

explores mass media and popular culture (soap

operas, Egyptian melodramas, Afro-Cuban rap

music, and virtual communities), artistic expression

and popular culture (graffiti art and body art), and

gatherings and popular culture (fast food in Japan,

equality in sports, and wedding rituals).

This well-written and engaging book offers a

unique, cross-cultural introduction to the fascinating

subject of popular culture for students and

scholars of anthropology.

Shirley Fedorak teaches cultural anthropology and

archaeology at the University of Saskatchewan.

André Gaudreault is a professor in the Department

of Art History and Film Studies at l’Université de


Timothy Barnard is a film historian, publisher, and

translator based in Montreal.

Approx. 240 pp / 6 x 9 / March 2009

12 maps; 3 tables

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9885-6 £42.00 $65.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-8020-9586-2 £18.00 $27.95 C

Approx. 140 pp / 5 x 8 / June 2009

Paper ISBN 978-1-44260-124-6 £9.99 $19.95 X


s l av i c s t u d i e s

Ghostly Paradoxes

Modern Spiritualism and Russian Culture in the Age of Realism

Ilya Vinitsky

Foregrounding the important role that nineteenth-century

spiritualism played in the period’s

aesthetic, ideological, and epistemological debates,

Ilya Vinitisky challenges literary scholars who have

considered spiritualism to be archaic and peripheral

compared to other cultural issues of the time.

Ghostly Paradoxes is an innovative work of literary

scholarship that traces the reactions of Russia’s

major realist authors to spiritualist events and doctrines

and demonstrates that both movements can

be understood only when examined together.

Ilya Vinitsky is an assistant professor in the

Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at

the University of Pennsylvania.

Also by Ilya Vinitsky:

Madness and the Mad in Russian Culture

(edited with Angela Brintlinger)


£45.00 / $74.00 / 2007

The culture of nineteenth-century Russia is often

seen as dominated by realism in the arts, as exemplified

by the novels of Leo Tolstoy and Ivan Turgenev,

the paintings of ‘the Wanderers,’ and the historical

operas of Modest Mussorgsky. Paradoxically, nineteenth-century

Russia was also consumed with a passion

for spiritualist activities such as table-rappings,

seances of spirit communication, and materialization

of the ‘spirits.’ Ghostly Paradoxes examines the surprising

relationship between spiritualist beliefs and

practices and the positivist mind-set of the Russian

Age of Realism (1850–80) to demonstrate the ways

in which the two disparate movements influenced

each other.

Of related interest:

Letters from Heaven

Popular Religion in Russia and Ukraine

Edited by John-Paul Himka and Andriy Zayarnyuk


£40.00 / $63.00 / 2006

Approx. 320 pp / 6 x 9 / June 2009

7 photos

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9935-8 £42.00 $65.00 E


s l av i c s t u d i e s


A History, Fourth Edition

Orest Subtelny

Last Judgment

Iconography in the


John-Paul Himka

In 1988, the first edition of Orest Subtelny’s

Ukraine was published to international acclaim,

as the definitive history of what was at that time a

republic within the USSR. In the years since, the

world has seen the dismantling of the Soviet bloc

and the restoration of Ukraine’s independence – an

event celebrated by Ukrainians around the world

but which also heralded a time of tumultuous

change for those in the homeland.

While previous updates brought readers up to

the year 2000, this new fourth edition includes an

overview of Ukraine’s most recent history, focusing

on the dramatic political, socio-economic, and

cultural changes that occurred during the Kuchma

and Yushchenko presidencies. It analyzes political

developments – particularly the so-called Orange

Revolution – and the institutional growth of the

new state. Subtelny examines Ukraine’s entry into

the era of globalization, looking at social and economic

transformations, regional, ideological, and

linguistic tensions, and describes the myriad challenges

currently facing Ukrainian state and society.

Orest Subtelny is a professor in the Departments of

History and Political Science at York University.

Few subjects in Christianity have inspired artists

as much as the last judgment. Last Judgment

Iconography in the Carpathians examines images

of the last judgment from the fifteenth century to

the present in the Carpathian mountain region of

Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, and Romania, as a way

to consider history free from the traditional frameworks

and narratives of nations. Over ten years,

John-Paul Himka studied last-judgment images

throughout the Carpathians and found a distinctive

and transnational blending of Gothic, Byzantine,

and Novgorodian art in the region.

Piecing together the story of how these images

were produced and how they developed, Himka

follows them from their humble beginnings on

linden boards to their appearances on canvas and

church walls. Tracing their origins with monks, he

follows these images’ increased popularity as they

were commissioned by peasants and shepherds

whose tastes so shocked bishops that they ordered

the destruction of depictions of sexual themes and

grotesque forms of torture. A richly illustrated and

detailed account of history through a style of art,

Last Judgment Iconography in the Carpathians will

find a receptive audience with art historians, religious

scholars, and slavists.

John-Paul Himka is a professor in the Department of

History and Classics at the University of Alberta.

Approx. 888 / 6 x 9 / April 2009

84 photographs; 30 maps

Cloth ISBN 978-1-4426-4016-0 £80.00 $125.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-1-4426-0991-4 £37.95 $59.95 C

Approx. 368 pp / 6 x 9 / June 2009

175 photos; 5 maps

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9809-2 £48.00 $75.00 E


i ta l i a n s t u d i e s

Arduous Tasks

Primo Levi, Translation, and the Transmission of

Holocaust Testimony

Lina N. Insana

Toronto italian studies

One of twentieth-century Italy’s greatest thinkers,

Primo Levi (1919–1987) started reflecting on the

Holocaust almost immediately after his return

home from the year he survived in Auschwitz. Levi’s

powerful Holocaust testimonials reveal his preoccupation

with processes of translation, in the form

of both embedded and book-length renderings of

texts relevant to Holocaust survival. In Arduous

Tasks, Lina N. Insana demonstrates how tranlsation

functions as a metaphor for the transmission of

Holocaust testimony and broadens the parameters

of survivor testimony.

The first book to study Levi and translation,

Arduous Tasks overcomes the conventional views of

the separation between his own personal memoirs

and his translations by stressing the centrality of

translation in Levi’s entire corpus. Examining not

only the testimonial nature of his work, Insana

also discusses the transgressive and performative

aspects of transmission in his writings. Winner of

the Aldo and Jeanne Scaglione Publication Award

for a Manuscript in Italian Literary Studies from

the Modern Language Association, Arduous Tasks is

a superb and innovative study on the importance of

translation not only to Levi, but also to Holocaust

studies in general.

Lina N. Insana is an assistant professor in the

Department of French and Italian at the University

of Pittsburgh.

Approx. 352 pp / 6 x 9 / May 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9863-4 £48.00 $75.00 E

Recent Titles from the

Toronto Italian Studies Series

Mafia and Outlaw Stories from Italian

Life and Literature

Translations and Introduction by Robin



£15.00 / $24.95 / 2008

Italian Neorealist Cinema

An Aesthetic Approach

Christopher Wagstaff


£25.00 / $39.95 / 2007

Historicism and Fascism in Modern Italy

David D. Roberts


£22.50 / $35.00 / 2007

The Invention of Modern Italian


Strategies of Creative Imagination

Gino Tellini


£18.00 / $27.95 / 2007

Italian Film in the Shadow of Auschwitz

Millicent Marcus


£19.95 / $29.95 / 2007

Censorship and Literature in Fascist Italy

Guido Bonsaver


£22.50 / $35.00 / 2007

Italian Cultural Lineage

Jonathan White


£22.50 / $35.00 / 2007


l i t e r a r y s t u d i e s

Translating Pain

Immigrant Suffering in Literature and Culture

Madelaine Hron

Stones of Law,

Bricks of Shame

Narrating Imprisonment in the Victorian Age

Edited by Jan Alber and Frank Lauterbach

In the post-Cold War,

post-9/11 era, the immigrant

experience has

changed dramatically.

Despite the recent successes

of immigrant and

world literatures, there

has been little scholarship

on how the hardships

of immigration are

conveyed in immigrant

narratives. Translating

Pain fills this gap by examining literature from

Muslim North Africa, the Caribbean, and Eastern

Europe to reveal the representation of immigrant

suffering in fiction.

Applying immigrant psychology to literary analysis,

Madelaine Hron examines the ways in which

different forms of physical and psychological pain

are expressed in a wide variety of texts. She juxtaposes

post-colonial and post-communist concerns

about immigration, and contrasts Muslim

world views with those of Caribbean creolité and

post-Cold War ethics. Demonstrating how pain

is translated into literature, she explores the ways

in which it also shapes narrative, culture, history,

and politics. A compelling and accessible study,

Translating Pain is a groundbreaking work of literary

and postcolonial studies.

Madelaine Hron is an assistant professor in the

Department of English and Film at Wilfrid Laurier


The prison system was

one of the primary social

issues of the Victorian

era and a regular focus of

debate among the period’s

reformers, novelists,

and poets. Stones of Law,

Bricks of Shame brings

together essays from a

broad range of scholars,

who examine writings

on the Victorian prison

system that were authored not by inmates, but by

thinkers from the respectable middle class.

Studying the ways in which writings on prisons

were woven into the fabric of the period, the contributors

consider the ways in which these works affected

inmates, the prison system, and the Victorian public.

Contesting and extending Michel Foucault’s ideas

on power and surveillance in the Victorian prison

system, Stones of Law, Bricks of Shame covers texts

from Charles Dickens to Henry James. This essential

volume will refocus future scholarship on prison

writing and the Victorian era.

Jan Alber is an assistant professor in the Department

of English at the University of Freiburg.

Frank Lauterbach is a lecturer in english and cultural

studies at the University of Göttingen.

Approx. 304 pp / 6 x 9 / March 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9919-8 £40.00 $60.00 E

Approx. 336 pp / 6 x 9 / April 2009

3 photos

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9897-9 £42.00 $65.00 E


l i t e r a r y s t u d i e s

The Critical Path and

Other Writings on Critical

Theory, 1963–1975

Northrop Frye

Edited by Eva Kushner and Jean O’Grady

collected works of northrop frye, volume 27

This volume, which collects Northrop Frye’s writings

on the theory of literary criticism from the

middle period of his career, includes one of Frye’s

own favourites, The Critical Path (1971). A highly

important marker of Frye’s career, The Critical Path

openly addresses topics that he had previously been

reluctant to fully discuss, including the importance

of literature to society, the responsibilities of critics,

and the deeper rationales for studying literature.

Filled with insightful texts that indicate his transition

from literary critic to a theorist of language,

myth, and human culture, this edition helps to illuminate

many of the ideas and arguments that would

appear later in The Great Code and Words with Power.

Accompanied by the rigorous scholarship for which

the series is renowned, this is another valuable contribution

to literary criticism and theory.

Eva Kushner is a professor emeritus in the Centre

for Comparative Literature at the University of


Jean O’Grady is associate editor of the Collected

Works of Northrop Frye at the University of


Bernard Shaw and His


Edited by Michel W. Pharand

Selected Correspondence of Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw

(1856–1950) once

quipped that it is ‘up

to the author to take

care of himself.’ This

rich selection of Shaw’s

correspondence with his

US and UK publishers

proves how much the

dramatist lived up to his

own words by providing

the details of his steady

involvement in the publication of his works.

Covering nearly sixty years of a very productive

career, Bernard Shaw and His Publishers is a firsthand

account of Shaw’s efforts to control all aspects

of his works. The letters reveal Shaw’s thoughts on

issues ranging from pricing, advertising, copyright,

and royalties, to typeface, margin size, paper choice,

binding, and colour. Complete with full annotations

by Michel W. Pharand, this volume sheds new light

on Shaw and his working habits, as well as on the

history of early-twentieth-century publishing, and

will appeal to Shaw scholars and theatre researchers,

as well as book and print-culture historians.

Michel W. Pharand is the director of the Disraeli

Project at Queen’s University.

Approx. 496 pp / 6 1 /8 x 9¼ / February 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9625-8 £60.00 $95.00 E

Approx. 304 pp / 6 x 9 / June 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-8961-8 £42.00 $65.00 E


l i t e r a r y s t u d i e s

‘Strange Truths in

Undiscovered Lands’

Shelley’s Poetic Development and Romantic Geography

Nahoko Miyamoto Alvey

The great Romantic

poet Percy Bysshe

Shelley had a complicated

relationship with the

British Empire and the

culture of colonialism.

Considered politically

radical and scandalous

in Britain, Shelley lived

in self-imposed exile and

set much of his writing

in foreign places. In

‘Strange Truths in Undiscovered Lands’ Nahoko

Miyamoto Alvey examines the ways in which

Shelley developed a ‘Romantic geography’ to provide

visionary alternatives to an earth devastated

by a new type of European colonialism and global


Intertextually rich, Alvey’s work establishes the

context in which poems by Shelley and other

Romantics were written by presenting relevant histories,

travel texts, scientific writings, and archival

material, all of which are complemented by postcolonial

analysis. Unique in its emphasis on the

optimistic and positive aspects of Shelley’s poetical

works, ‘Strange Truths in Undiscovered Lands’ offers a

different perspective on Romantic Orientalism, and

a new look at how the poet imagined the relationship

between the Self and the Other.

Thorough and original, this book will be of

interest to Romanticists, postcolonialists, and anyone

interested in alternative responses to acts of

colonialism and empire.

Nahoko Miyamoto Alvey is an associate professor in

the Department of Area Studies at the University of

Tokyo, Komaba.

Cervantes’ Epic Novel

Empire, Religion, and the Dream Life of Heroes in


Michael Armstrong-Roche

University of Toronto Press Romance series

Previously Announced

Miguel de Cervantes conceived

his final work, The

Labours of Persiles and

Sigismunda: A Northern

Story (1617), as a great

prose epic that would

accomplish for its age

what Homer and Virgil

had done for theirs. And

yet, by the eighteenth

century Don Quixote had

eclipsed Persiles in the

favour of readers and writers alike and the later novel

is now virtually forgotten except by specialists.

This study sets out to help restore Persiles to

pride of place within Cervantes’s corpus by reading

it as the author’s summa, as a boldly new kind of

prose epic that casts an original light on the major

political, religious, social, and literary debates of

its era. At the same time it seeks to illuminate how

such a lofty and solemn ambition could coexist

with Cervantes evident urge to delight. Grounded

in the novel’s multiple contexts – literature, history

and politics, philosophy and theology – and in close

reading of the text, Michael Armstrong-Roche aims

to reshape our understanding of Persiles within the

history of prose fiction and to take part in the ongoing

conversation about the relationship between

literary and non-literary cultural forms. Ultimately

he reveals how Cervantes recast the prose epic,

expanding it in new directions to accommodate the

great epic themes – politics, love, and religion – to

the most urgent concerns of his day.

Michael Armstrong-Roche is an associate professor

in the Department of Romance Languages and

Literatures at Wesleyan University.

Approx. 272 pp / 6 x 9 / April 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-3956-9 £35.00 $55.00 E

Approx. 384 pp / 6 x 9 / May 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9085-0 £45.00 $70.00 E


gm end i er va a l l ian nt ed r er se tn a i s s a n c e s t u d i e s

The Laughter of the Saints

Parodies of Holiness in Late Medieval and

Renaissance Spain

Ryan D. Giles

Between the fourteenth

and seventeenth centuries

in Spain, a large number

of parodic works were

produced that featured

depictions of humourous,

satirical, and comical

saints. The Laughter of the

Saints examines this rich

carnivalesque tradition of

parodied holy men and

women and traces their

influence to the anti-heroes and picaresque roots of

early modern novels such as Don Quixote.

The first full-length treatment of the ways in

which Spanish writers imitated religious depictions

of saints’ lives for comic purposes, Ryan

D. Giles’ erudite study explores the inversion of

oaths, invocations, pious legends, and liturgical

devotions. Analyzing a variety of texts from Libro

de buen amor, to later works such as the Celestina,

Carajicomedia, Lozana andaluza, and Lazarillo de

Tormes, Giles not only sheds light on Golden Age

Spanish literature, but also on the origins of the

comic novel. A well-argued and convincing work,

The Laughter of the Saints reveals the uproarious

results of the collision of official and unofficial

methods of storytelling.

Ryan D. Giles is an assistant professor in the

Department of Romance Languages and Literatures

at the University of Chicago.

Romanesque Architecture and

Its Sculptural Decoration in

Christian Spain, 1000–1120

Exploring Frontiers and Defining Identities

Janice Mann

The decades following

the year 1000 marked a

watershed in the history

of the Iberian Peninsula

when the balance of

power shifted from

Muslims to Christians.

During this crucial period

of religious and political

change, Romanesque

churches were constructed

for the first time in Spain.

Romanesque Architecture and Its Sculptural Decoration in

Christian Spain, 1000–1120 examines how the financial

patronage of newly empowered local rulers allowed

Romanesque architecture and sculptural decoration

to significantly redefine the cultural identities of those

who lived in the frontier kingdoms of Christian Spain.

Proceeding chronologically, Janice Mann studies

the earliest Romanesque monuments constructed

by Sancho el Mayor (r.1004–1035) and his wife,

daughters, and granddaughters, as well as those

that were built by Sancho Ramírez, king of Aragon

(1064–1094). Mann examines groups of buildings

constructed by particular patrons against the backdrop

of changing social conditions and attitudes

that resulted from increased influence from beyond

the Pyrenees, the consolidation of royal power, and

intensified aggression against Muslims.

An in-depth study of the rise of an architectural

style, this is the first book to examine early

Romanesque architecture and sculpture of the

Iberian Peninsula as it relates to frontier culture.

Janice Mann is Samuel H. Kress Professor in the

Department of Art and Art History at Bucknell


Approx. 240 pp / 6 x 9 / June 2009

13 photos

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9952-5 £35.00 $55.00 E

Approx. 304 pp / 6 x 9 / March 2009

78 illustrations

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9324-0 £42.00 $65.00 E


m e d i e va l a n d r e n a i s s a n c e s t u d i e s

Through a Classical Eye

Transcultural and Transhistorical Visions in Medieval

English, Italian, and Latin Literature in Honour of

Winthrop Wetherbee

Edited by Andrew Galloway and R. F. Yeager

As students and scholars of Boccaccio, Chaucer,

and Dante know, late medieval writers were influenced

greatly by the work of peers that crossed

historical, national, cultural, linguistic boundaries.

Through a Classical Eye contains first-rate essays that

demonstrate a range of strategies for undertaking

transcultural and transhistorical studies of the late

medieval period, and examines medieval literature

and culture where English, Italian, and Latin materials


Written in honour of the groundbreaking contributions

that Winthrop Wetherbee made to this growing

area of study, the volume’s contributors advance

his legacy and add to the burgeoning interest in

setting medieval literary studies into wide intellectual

and historical horizons. Divided into three illuminating

sections on Medieval Latin authorship, Italy and

the world, and England and beyond, and including

a personal reminiscence of Wetherbee by the noted

novelist Robert Morgan, Through a Classical Eye is an

outstanding collection that provides key insights into

medieval literature and culture.

Andrew Galloway is a professor in the Department

of English, Director of Graduate Studies in English,

and Director of the Medieval Studies Program at

Cornell University.

R.F. Yeager is a professor and Chairman of the

Department of English and Foreign Languages at

the University of West Florida.

The Letters of Robert

Grosseteste, Bishop of


Translated with an Introduction and Annotation by

F.A.C. Mantello and Joseph Goering

Robert Grosseteste (c.1170–1253) was an English

statesman, philosopher, theologian, and bishop of

Lincoln, and also one of the most controversial

figures in his country’s episcopate. His long life

coincided with the central period of institutional,

intellectual, and religious consolidation in medieval

Europe and his letters provide important insights

into the practices and preoccupations of the English

clergy and laity in the first half of the thirteenth


This volume contains the first complete translation

of Grosseteste’s collected Latin letters and

shows that these were most likely chosen and

arranged by Grosseteste himself. Shedding light

on some of the period’s crucial debates on issues of

theology, law, pastoral care, and episcopal authority,

F.A.C. Mantello and Joseph Goering’s richly annotated

English translation makes his letters more

accessible than ever for scholars and students, and

for those interested in medieval history, religion,

and culture.

F.A.C. Mantello is a professor in the Department

of Greek and Latin at The Catholic University of


Joseph Goering is a professor in the Department of

History at the University of Toronto.

Approx. 456 pp / 6 x 9 / April 2009

1 photo; 1 figure

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9917-4 £50.00 $80.00 E

Approx. 608 pp / 6 x 9 / June 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9813-9 £85.00 $135.00 E


m e d i e va l a n d r e n a i s s a n c e s t u d i e s


Edited by James Stokes

Records of Early English Drama

In the great tradition of other volumes in the

Records of Early English Drama, Lincolnshire presents

an exhaustive collection of primary archival

materials related to drama, music, custom, and

ceremony in Lincolnshire county from 1236–1642.

Covering the City of Lincoln, its cathedral, and

numerous towns, villages, religious houses, and

private households, its extensive research reveals the

nature and development of drama in the area.

Among the topics addressed by editor

James Stokes are the nature of parish drama in

Lincolnshire; various dramatic traditions within the

region; Marian drama, ceremony, and spectacle; the

numerous contributions of women to drama and

custom; and the wide variety of venues. Including

thorough appendixes of related areas of interest,

Lincolnshire is a comprehensive account of this

region and provides remarkable insight into early

English drama.

James Stokes is a professor in the Department of

English at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens


Playing a Part in History

The York Mysteries, 1951–2006

Margaret Rogerson

Studies in Early English Drama

The York Mystery Plays

are a cycle of dramatic

works originally performed

on wagons in

the city. They date from

the fourteenth century

and form a Biblical narrative

from Creation to

Last Judgment. After

nearly four hundred

years without a performance,

a revival of the

York Mysteries began in 1951 when local amateurs

led by professional theatre practitioners staged

them during the festival of Britain. Playing a Part

in History examines the ways in which the revival

of these plays transformed them for twentieth- and

twenty-first-century audiences.

Considering such topics as the contemporary

popularity of the plays, the agendas of the revivalists,

and major production differences, Margaret

Rogerson provides a fascinating comparison of

medieval and modern English drama. Drawing

extensively on archival material, and newspaper

and academic reviews of the plays in recent years,

Playing a Part in History is not only an illuminating

account of early English drama, but also of the

ways in which theatre allows people to interact with

the past.

Margaret Rogerson is a senior lecturer in the

Department of English at the University of


Approx. 908 pp / 6 ¾ x 9 ¾ / June 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-1-4426-4000-9 $400.00 E

World rights less UK and Europe.

Other rights held by the British Library.

Approx. 328 pp / 6 x 9 / March 2009

14 photos

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9924-2 £42.00 $65.00 E


m e d i e va l a n d r e n a i s s a n c e s t u d i e s

Exploiting Erasmus

The Erasmian Legacy and Religious Change in Early

Modern England

Gregory D. Dodds

Erasmus Studies

Desiderius Erasmus’

humanist works were

influential throughout

Europe, in various areas

of thought including theology,

education, philology,

and political theory.

Exploiting Erasmus examines

the legacy of Erasmus

in England from the midsixteenth

century to the

overthrow of James II in

1688 and studies the various ways in which his

works were received, manipulated, and used in

religious controversies that threatened both church

and state.

In viewing movements and events such as the

rise of anti-Calvinism, the religious politics leading

to the English civil war, and the emergence of the

Latitudinarians during the Restoration, Gregory

D. Dodds provides a fascinating account not only

of the reception and effects of Erasmus’ works, but

also of the early history of English Protestantism.

Exploiting Erasmus offers a critical new angle for

rethinking the theology and rhetoric of the time.

It is a remarkable study of Erasmus’ influence on

issues of conformity, tolerance, war, and peace.

Gregory D. Dodds is an associate professor in the

Department of History and Philosophy at Walla

Walla University.

Paraphrases on the Epistles to the

Corinthians, Ephesians, the Epistles to the

Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians

Edited by Robert D. Sider

Translated and Annotated by Mechtilde O’Mara

and Edward Phillips

Collected Works of Erasmus, Volume 43

As part of his effort to make the Bible an effective

instrument of reform in society, church, and everyday

life, Erasmus composed the Paraphrases. In these series

of texts, the Holy Scripture provides the core of a work

that is vastly expanded to embrace the reforming ‘philosophy

of Christ’ in all of its forms. This volume contains

two sets of Paraphrases, one on the Corinthian

letters (1519), and the other on the group of letters

from the Ephesians to the Thessalonians (1520).

The first set presents an epistolary narrative

which not only enlivens the events described but

revisits them from a sixteenth-century perspective.

The second set offers an interpretation of Pauline

theology with humanistic overtones that are distinctively

Erasmian. In these Paraphrases, we see the

craft of the philologist at work in the articulation of

the doctrine of the Trinity, the humanist depicting

Christ with an unmistakably human sensibility, and

the artist discussing familiar theological virtues of

faith and love in a new way.

Apart from providing the first complete English

translations of these Paraphrases since 1549, this

volume gives excellent insight into the fundamentals

of Erasmian theology and includes annotations

which highlight the historical and linguistic implications

of Erasmus’s original texts.

Robert D. Sider is the Charles A. Dana Professor

Emeritus of Classical Languages at Dickinson

College and an adjunct professor in the Department

of History at the University of Saskatchewan.

Mechtilde O’Mara is a retired professor in the

Department of Classics at St. Michael’s College,

University of Toronto.

Edward Phillips is a professor in the Division of

Humanities at Grinnell College.

Approx. 336 pp / 5¾ x 9 / March 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9900-6 £50.00 $80.00 E

Approx. 760 pp / 6¾ x 9¾ / April 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9296-0 £115.00 $175.00 E


m e d i e va l a n d r e n a i s s a n c e s t u d i e s

Say What I Am Called

The Old English Riddles of the Exeter Book and the

Anglo-Latin Riddle Tradition

Dieter Bitterli

Toronto Anglo-Saxon Series

Perhaps the most enigmatic cultural artifacts that

survive from the Anglo-Saxon period are the Old

English riddle poems that were preserved in the

tenth century Exeter Book manuscript. Clever,

challenging, and notoriously obscure, the riddles

have fascinated readers for centuries and provided

crucial insight into the period. In Say What I Am

Called, Dieter Bitterli takes a fresh look at the

riddles by examining them in the context of earlier

Anglo-Latin riddles.

Bitterli argues that there is a vigorous common

tradition between Anglo-Latin and Old English

riddles and details how the contents of the Exeter

Book emulate and reassess their Latin predecessors

while also expanding their literary and formal

conventions. The book also considers the ways in

which convention and content relate to writing in a

vernacular language. A rich and illuminating work

that is as intriguing as the riddles themselves, Say

What I Am Called is a rewarding study of some of

the most interesting works from the Anglo-Saxon


Dieter Bitterli is an associate professor in the

Department of English at the University of


Preaching the Converted

The Style and Rhetoric of the Vercelli Book Homilies

Samantha Zacher

Toronto Anglo-Saxon Series

The Vercelli Book is one of the oldest surviving collections

of Old English homilies and poems, compiled

in England in the tenth century. Preaching

the Converted provides a sustained literary analysis

of the book’s prose homilies and demonstrates

that they employ rhetorical techniques commonly

associated with vernacular verse. The study argues

that the dazzling textual complexity of these homilies

rivals the most accomplished examples of Old

English poetry.

Highlighting the use of word play, verbal and

structural repetition, elaborate catalogues, and figurative

language, Samantha Zacher’s study of the

Vercelli Book fills a gap in the history of English

preaching by foregrounding the significance of

these prose homilies as an intermediary form. Also

analyzing the Latin and vernacular sources behind

the Vercelli texts to reveal the theological and formal

interests informing the collection as a whole,

Preaching the Converted is a rigorous examination of

Old English homiletic rhetoric and poetics.

Samantha Zacher is an assistant professor in the

Department of English at Cornell University.

Approx. 328 pp / 6 x 9 / May 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9352-3 £48.00 $75.00 E

Approx. 384 pp / 6 x 9 / May 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9158-1 £48.00 $75.00 E


m e d i e va l a n d r e n a i s s a n c e s t u d i e s

Medieval Conduct


An Anthology of Vernacular Guides to Behaviour for

Youths, with English Translations

Edited by Mark D. Johnston

Medieval Academy Books

Conduct literature is a term used to identify writings

that address how one should ‘conduct’ oneself

in social situations. In the medieval period conduct

literature was essential reading for nearly all literate

children and adolescents to educate them in the

expected social behaviours for their culture, gender,

and status. Using a comparative approach, this

anthology pairs together pieces of male-directed and

female-directed medieval conduct literature, many

being translated into English for the first time, to

present an illuminating picture of medieval gender

norms, parenting, literary style, and pedagogy.

Containing texts written in six vernacular languages,

each section is also accompanied by textual

notes, an introduction, and an English translation.

A fascinating examination of a diverse range of

regions and cultures, Medieval Conduct Literature is

a remarkable window into medieval life, customs,

behaviour, and social expectations.

Mark D. Johnston is a professor and Chair of

the Department of Modern Languages at DePaul


A Short History of the

Middle Ages

Third Edition

Barbara H. Rosenwein

UTP Higher Education

A Short History of

the Middle Ages is

an extremely popular,


introduction to

medieval history

that is famous for

its integration of

culture, politics,

art, economics,

and social issues

throughout its lively

narrative. It is also unique for its survey of European

history both on its own terms and in the context of

the Islamic world and the Byzantine, Mongol, and

Ottoman empires.

This new edition has been thoroughly revised

to take into account recent historical and archaeological

findings and interpretations. Over 60 plates

– many in colour – serve as an introduction to

the history of medieval art and architecture, and

the over forty full-colour maps offer a wordless

panorama of political developments over time.

Genealogies and lists of popes and rulers make this

book a handy reference tool.

Beautifully written and exquisitely illustrated, A

Short History of the Middle Ages is an ideal introduction

to medieval history.

Barbara H. Rosenwein is Chair of the Department

of History at Loyola University Chicago.

Approx. 360 pp / 6 x 9 / May 2009

5 photos

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9832-0 £42.00 $70.00 E

Approx. 370 pp / 7 ¾ x 9 ¼ / January 2009

Paper ISBN 978-1-44260-104-8 £22.99 $44.95 X


gm end i er va a l l ian nt ed r er se tn a i s s a n c e s t u d i e s

A Short Reader of

Medieval Saints

Edited by Mary-Ann Stouck

UTP Higher Education

Readings in Medieval Civilizations and Cultures Series

The subject of hagiography

in its day was as otherworldly

and absorbing

as science fiction is in

ours. This selection of

readings about the most

famous and memorable

saints of the Middle

Ages guides readers

though the fascinating

evolution of the genre.

A Short Reader of

Medieval Saints is based on Mary-Ann Stouck’s earlier

and longer volume, Medieval Saints: A Reader.

It is a collection of nine primary sources portraying

the lives of twelve saints, with most sources published

in their entirety. Texts range from accounts

of torture and trials to descriptions of virtues and

visions. Excerpts from the Legenda Aurea (Golden

Legend) present tales from a medieval bestseller,

while other excerpts illustrate practices such as relic


A thoughtful response to repeated requests for

a short, accessible introduction to medieval saints’

lives, A Short Reader of Medieval Saints fills a noticeable

gap in the literature.

Vengeance in Medieval


A Reader

Edited by Daniel Lord Smail and Kelly Lyn Gibson

UTP Higher Education

Readings in Medieval Civilizations and Cultures Series

How did medieval society deal with private justice,

with grudges, and with violent emotions?

Vengeance in Medieval Europe collects for the

first time a number of unpublished or difficultto-find

texts that address violence and emotion in

the Middle Ages. The sources illustrate the power

and reach of the language of vengeance in medieval

European society. They span the early, high, and

later middle ages, and capture a range of perspectives,

including legal sources, learned commentaries,

narratives, and documents of practice. Though

social elites necessarily figure prominently in all

medieval sources, sources concerning relatively lowstatus

individuals and sources pertaining to women

are included. Many of the sources are translated

here for the first time.

Vengeance in Medieval Europe is essential reading

for anyone interested in gaining insight into the history

of violence and the potential of peacemaking.

Daniel Lord Smail is a professor in the Department

of History at Harvard University.

Mary-Ann Stouck is a retired associate professor in

the Department of Humanities at Simon Fraser


Approx. 200 pp / 6 x 9 / January 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-1-44260-131-4 £25.00 $50.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-1-44260-094-2 £9.99 $19.95 X

Approx. 400 pp / 6 x 9 / June 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-1-44260-134-5 £40.00 $80.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-1-44260-126-0 £18.99 $39.95 X


m e d i e va l a c a d e m y r e p r i n t s f o r t e a c h i n g

1 The Carolingian Empire

Heinrich Fichtenau

Translated by Peter Munz

Paper 978-0-8020-6367-0

$17.95 C

2 The Story of Troilus

Edited by R.K. Gordon

Paper 978-0-8020-6368-7

$19.95 C

3 A Guide to Chaucer’s


Helge Kökeritz

Paper 978-0-8020-6370-0

$7.95 C

4 Constantine and the Conversion of


A.H.M. Jones

Paper 978-0-8020-6369-4

$16.95 C

8 Mission to Asia

Edited by Christopher Dawson

Paper 978-0-8020-6436-3

$21.95 C

North American rights only.

10 Ancient Writing and its Influence

B.L. Ullman

With an introduction by Julian


Paper 978-0-8020-6435-6

$17.95 C

13 William Marshall

Knight-Errant, Baron, and

Regent of England

Sidney Painter

Paper 978-0-8020-6498-1

$19.95 C

14 A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary

4th edition, J.R. Clark Hall

Supplement by Herbert D. Merritt

Paper 978-0-8020-6548-3

$26.95 C

15 Self and Society in Medieval


The Memoirs of Abbot Guibert

of Nogent

Edited and with an introduction

by John F. Benton

Paper 978-0-8020-6550-6

$18.95 C

16 The Art of the Byzantine Empire


Sources and Documents

Edited by Cyril Mango

Paper 978-0-8020-6627-5

$20.95 C

17 Early Medieval Art 300–1150

Sources and Documents

Edited by Caecilia Davis-Weyer

Paper 978-0-8020-6628-2 $18.95 C

18 Byzantium

The Imperial Centuries AD


Romilly Jenkins

Paper 978-0-8020-6667-1 $26.95 C

19 The Discovery of the Individual


Colin Morris

Paper 978-0-8020-6665-7

$15.95 C

20 Gothic Art 1140–c1450

Sources and Documents

Teresa G. Frisch

Paper 978-0-8020-6679-4

$15.95 C

21 The Crisis of Church and State


Brian Tierney

Paper 978-0-8020-6701-2

$18.95 C

22 Change in Medieval Society

Europe North of the Alps


Sylvia Thrupp

Paper 978-0-8020-6699-2

$16.95 C

23 The Medieval Experience

Francis Oakley

Paper 978-0-8020-6707-4

$18.95 C

25 Modern Perspectives in Western

Art History

An Anthology of 20th-Century

Writings on the Visual Arts

Edited by W. Eugene Kleinbauer

Paper 978-0-8020-6708-1

$32.00 C

28 The Medieval Book

Barbara A. Shailor

Paper 978-0-8020-6853-8

$32.95 C

30 The Origins of European Dissent

R.I. Moore

Paper 978-0-8020-7566-6

$22.95 C

32 Fables

Marie de France

Edited and translated by Harriet


Paper 978-0-8020-7636-6

$23.95 C

33 The Birth of Popular Heresy

R.I. Moore

Paper 978-0-8020-7659-5

$18.95 C

34 Feudalism

F.L. Ganshof

Translated by Philip Grierson

Paper 978-0-8020-7158-3

$16.95 C

35 Arthurian Chronicles

Wace and Layamon

Translated by Eugene Mason

Paper 978-0-8020-7176-7

$19.95 C

37 Nature, Man, and Society in the

Twelfth Century

M.-D. Chenu

Paper 978-0-8020-7175-0

$19.95 C

38 Selections from English Wycliffite


Edited by Anne Hudson

Paper 978-0-8020-8045-5

$19.95 C

40 Medieval Families

Perspectives on Marriage,

Household, and Children

Edited by Carol Neel

Paper 978-0-8020-8458-3

$32.00 C

41 A Concise Dictionary of Old


Geir T. Zoëga

Paper 978-0-8020-8659-4

$31.95 C

42 Old Norse-Icelandic Literature

A Critical Guide

Edited by Carol J. Clover and John


Paper 978-0-8020-3823-4

$37.00 C


h i s t o r y

Remembering and

Forgetting in Acadie

A Historian’s Journey through Public Memory

Ronald Rudin

Between 2004 and

2005, Acadians observed

two major anniversaries

in their history: the

400th anniversary of

the birth of Acadie and

the 250th anniversary

of their deportation at

the hands of the British.

Attending many of the

commemorative activities

that marked the

anniversaries, Ronald Rudin has documented these

events as an ‘embedded historian.’ Conducting

interviews and collecting the opinions of Acadians,

Anglophones, and First Nations, Remembering and

Forgetting in Acadie examines the variety of ways in

which the past is publicly presented and remembered.

A profound and accessible study of the oftenconflicting

purposes of public history, Rudin details

the contentious cultural, political, and historical

issues that were prompted by these anniversaries.

Offering an astounding collection of materials,

Remembering and Forgetting in Acadie is also accompanied

by a website (www.rememberingacadie.concordia.ca)

that provides access to films, audio clips,

and photographs assembled on Rudin’s journey

through public memory.

Framing Canadian


Edited by Dimitry Anastakis and P.E. Bryden

Framing Canadian Federalism assembles an impressive

range of scholars to consider many important

issues that relate to federalism and the history

of Canada’s legal, political, and social evolution.

Covering themes that include the Supreme Court

of Canada, changing policies towards human rights,

First Nations, and the legendary battles between

Mitchell Hepburn and W.L. Mackenzie King, this

collection illustrates the central role that federalism

continues to play in the Canadian polity.

Editors Dimitry Anastakis and P.E. Bryden

and the volume’s contributors demonstrate the

pervasive effects that federalism has on Canadian

politics, economics, culture, and history, and provide

a detailed framework in which to understand

contemporary federalism. Written in honour of

John T. Saywell’s half-century of accomplished and

influential scholarly work and teaching, Framing

Canadian Federalism is a timely and fitting tribute

to one of the discipline’s foremost thinkers.

Dimitry Anastakis is an associate professor in the

Department of History at Trent University.

P.E. Bryden is an associate professor in the Department

of History at the University of Victoria.

Ronald Rudin is a professor in the Department of

History at Concordia University.

Approx. 384 pp / 6 x 9 / May 2009

26 photos

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9950-1 £48.00 $75.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-8020-9657-9 £22.50 $35.00 C

Approx. 304 pp / 6 x 9 / April 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9193-2 £40.00 $60.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-8020-9436-0 £18.00 $27.95 C


h i s t o r y

Angels of the Workplace

Women and the Construction of Gender Relations in

the Canadian Clothing Industry, 1890–1940

Mercedes Steedman

The Canadian Social History Series

Back in Print

In this renowned 1997

study of the clothing

industry in Canada,

Mercedes Steedman

examines how the intricate

weaving together of

the meanings of class,

gender, ethnicity, family,

and the workplace

created a job ghetto

for women. Although

women comprised a significant

majority of garment workers, their roles

were limited both in the workplace and in the

trade union bureaucracy. Detailing the disparaties

between men and women in terms of wages and

representation, Angels of the Workplace is the definitive

history of discrimination against women in

Canada’s clothing industry.

Steedman shows the crucial role that women

played at the front of the picket lines during labour

strikes and reveals how they gained sympathy and

favourable media coverage for the workers’ cause.

Tracing both the new hopes for more equitable

work brought about by left-wing unionism, and

the disappointments caused by the cooperation

of labour and management in the ‘new unionism’

of the 1930s, Angels of the Workplace reveals how

workplace gender discrimination was formalized for

the rest of the century.

Mercedes Steedman is an associate professor in the

Department of Sociology at Laurentian University.

Working in Steel

The Early Years in Canada, 1883–1935

Craig Heron

The Canadian Social History Series

Back in Print

In this indispensable study

of Canadian industrialization,

Craig Heron examines

the huge steel plants

that were built at the turn

of the twentieth century in

Sydney and New Glasgow,

Nova Scotia, and Trenton,

Hamilton, and Sault Ste.

Marie, Ontario.

Presenting a stimulating

analysis of the

Canadian working class in the early twentieth century,

Working in Steel emphasizes the importance of

changes in the work world for the larger patterns of

working-class life.

Heron’s examination of impact of new technology

in Canada’s Second Industrial Revolution challenges

the popular notion that mass-production

workers lost all skill, power, and pride in the work

process. He shifts the explanation of managerial

control in these plants from machines to the blunt

authoritarianism and shrewd paternalism of corporate

management. His discussion of Canada’s first

steelworkers illuminates the uneven, unpredictable,

and conflict-ridden process of technological change

in industrial capitalist society. As engaging today

as when first published in 1988, Working in Steel

remains an essential work in Canadian history.

Craig Heron is a professor in the Department of

History at York University.

346 pp / 5 ¼ x 8 / Available

24 illustrations

Paper ISBN 978-1-4426-0982-2 £17.00 $26.95 C

234 pp / 5 ¼ x 8 / Available

16 illustrations; 4 tables

Paper ISBN 978-1-4426-0984-6 £17.00 $26.95 C


h i s t o r y

‘Union Is Strength’

W.L. Mackenzie, the Children of Peace, and the

Emergence of Joint Stock Democracy in Upper Canada

Albert Schrauwers

Nineteenth-century Canada experienced two other

revolutions apart from those of W.L. Mackenzie

and Louis Riel: the transition to capitalism, and

to responsible government. ‘Union Is Strength’

argues that these major socio-political changes happened

in Ontario without a revolutionary moment

because of the intertwined relationship of reformers

with capitalists. Examining a small, utopian

socialist group named the Children of Peace, Albert

Schrauwers traces the emergence of a vibrant

democratic culture in the province from the decade

before the Rebellions of 1837.

Schrauwers shows how the overlapping boards

of unincorporated joint stock companies managed

by both Toronto reformers and the Children of

Peace produced a culture of deliberative democracy

in competition with the ‘gentlemanly capitalism’ of

chartered corporations. Noting the ways in which

Ontario’s capitalist and democratic revolutions were

linked through cooperative joint stock operations,

he also situates these revolutions in an international

context and links them to the development

of Owenite socialism and Chartism in the United

Kingdom. ‘Union Is Strength’ is an insightful study

of both nineteenth century Canada and the ways in

which regional political cultures arise.

Albert Schrauwers is an associate professor in the

Department of Anthropology at York University.

North America

An Introduction

Michael M. Brescia and John C. Super

UTP Higher Education

Historians have traditionally


North America through

the lens of the nationstate

rather than from a

continental perspective.

While the geographic

vastness and historical

complexity of North

America provide significant

challenges to its

study, the experiences of

each country can be better understood when evaluated

as a whole rather than as unique and discrete

little units.

Employing a thematic approach, Michael M.

Brescia and John C. Super investigate the North

American past to explain the similarities and differences

in the political, diplomatic, economic, social,

and cultural experiences of Canada, Mexico, and

the United States. Specific topics include Native-

European relations, religion, trade, and immigration.

Maps are included throughout to illustrate such

phenomena as population densities, pre-Columbian

civilizations, physical features, and military conflict.

Comprehensive and balanced, North America:

An Introduction provides the first truly introductory

look at continental North American history.

Michael M. Brescia is an assistant curator of ethnohistory

in the Arizona State Museum and an

assistant professor in the Department of History at

the University of Arizona.

John C. Super is a professor emeritus in the Department

of History at West Virginia University.

Approx. 384 pp / 6 x 9 / June 2009

12 illustrations

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9927-3 £45.00 $70.00 E

247 pp / 6 x 9 / Available

Paper ISBN 978-0-80209-675-3 £14.99 $29.95 X


h i s t o r y

One Hundred Rings and


Forestry Education and Forestry in Toronto and

Canada, 1907–2007

Mark Kuhlberg

Examining Canada’s first Faculty of Forestry at the

University of Toronto from its founding in 1907

to it hundredth year anniversary, One Hundred

Rings and Counting is a detailed account one of the

country’s most successful and influential institutions.

While its start was marked by opposition

from both the university’s uncertainty of the field’s

importance and from the provincial government’s

concern about how such an institution would affect

the government’s control over forests, the faculty

has produced a disproportionate number of leaders

in world of forestry and beyond.

Demonstrating the Faculty of Forestry’s longstanding

commitment to conservation and environmental

stewardship, Mark Kuhlberg depicts

its struggles with governments and the public to

implement sustainable natural resource practices.

Using unexamined archival materials, while contextualising

the Faculty within the major educational,

social, and political changes of the last hundred

years, One Hundred Rings and Counting is a solid

institutional history that also traces the development

of conservationism in Canada.

Mark Kuhlberg is an associate professor in the

Department of History at Laurentian University.

The Fluid Envelope of

Our Planet

How the Study of Ocean Currents Became a Science

Eric L. Mills

Oceans have had a mysterious allure for centuries,

inspiring fears, myths, and poetic imaginations.

By the early twentieth century, however, scientists

began to see oceans as physical phenomena that

could be understood through mathematical geophysics.

The Fluid Envelope of Our Planet explores

the scientific developments from the early middle

ages to the twentieth century that illuminated the

once murky depths of oceanography.

Tracing the transition from descriptive to mathematical

analyses of the oceans, Eric L. Mills examines

the observations of sailors and explorers, the

influence of Scandinavian techniques on Germanspeaking

geographers, and the eventual development

of shared quantitative practices and ideas.

A detailed and beautifully written account of the

history of oceanography, The Fluid Envelope of Our

Planet is also an engaging account of the emergence

of a scientific discipline.

Eric L. Mills is a professor emeritus in the Department

of Oceanography at Dalhousie University and

former director of the History of Science and

Technology Programme at the University of King’s


Approx. 384 pp / 6 x 9 / June 2009

24 photos

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9685-2 £42.00 $65.00 E

Approx. 432 pp / 6 x 9 / May 2009

46 halftones

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h i s t o r y

Benjamin Disraeli Letters

Volume VIII, 1860–1864

Edited by M.G. Wiebe, Mary S. Millar, Ann P.

Robson, and Ellen L. Hawman

Letters of Benjamin Disraeli

Benjamin Disraeli

(1804–81) was one of

the most important figures

in nineteenth-century

Europe, spending

three decades in British

government and twice

serving as prime minister.

This volume collects

nearly a thousand

of Disraeli’s letters from

a tumultuous period in

European history – years that witnessed the Italian

revolution, the Polish revolt against Russia, and the

American Civil War.

More than four hundred previously unpublished

letters provide revealing insights into Disraeli’s

thoughts on political and social issues. This eighth

volume of the Letters of Benjamin Disraeli also

includes recently recovered letters from years covered

by previous volumes, including four to Lionel

de Rothschild that reveal a hitherto unknown collaboration

between Rothschild, Disraeli, and Lord

George Bentinck on an anonymous pamphlet that

promoted Jewish political rights. Fully annotated,

this volume is a welcome addition to the series.

M.G. Wiebe is a professor emeritus in the

Department of English at Queen’s University.

Mary S. Millar is an independent scholar living in

Kingston, Ontario.

Women, Religion, and

the Atlantic World


Edited by Daniella Kostroun and Lisa Vollendorf

UCLA Clark Memorial Library Series

Drawing on historical, literary, and anthropological

methodologies, Women, Religion, and the Atlantic

World explores the meaning of an ‘Atlantic community’

and challenges the conventional boundaries

of nation-based inquiry in the humanities. The

volume’s contributors focus on European, indigenous,

Creole, African, and mestiza women’s interactions

with shifting paradigms of Protestantism,

Catholicism, Judaism, and syncretic beliefs throughout

the Atlantic basin to highlight the unique cultural

dynamics of the Atlantic.

Mapping these themes with a diverse range of

individual, imperial, and institutional cases, the essays

include studies of a Peruvian nun’s battle against a

black demon, an African slave whose knowledge of

the Bible stunned white men, and native American

healers accused of witchcraft. Through a thoughtful

consideration of the complexity of the religious landscape

of the Atlantic basin, the collection provides

an enriching portrayal of the intriguing interplay

between religion, gender, ethnicity, and authority in

the early modern Atlantic world.

Daniella Kostroun is an assistant professor in the

Department of History at Indiana University-

Purdue University Indianapolis.

Lisa Vollendorf is a professor and chair of the

Department of Romance, German, Russian

Languages and Literatures at California State

University, Long Beach.

Ann P. Robson is a professor emeritus in the

Department of History at the University of Toronto.

Ellen L. Hawman is a research associate and co-editor

with the Disraeli Project.

Approx. 656 pp / 6 5 /8 x 10 / June 2009

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p h i l o s o p h y

Justifying Our Existence

An Essay in Applied Phenomenology

Graeme Nicholson

New Studies in phenomenology and Hermeneutics

Using remarkably accessible and concise writing,

Graeme Nicholson provides a close reading of

Heidegger’s methods to indicate how his work has a

practical application for existential concerns. Justifying

Our Existence shows how phenomenology can be used

to foreground existence, while also providing startling

insights into human behaviour, the motivation behind

many of our social systems, as well as one of the twentieth

century’s most important philosophers.

Graeme Nicholson is a professor emeritus in the

Department of Philosophy at the University of


In his magnum opus Being and Time (1927), Martin

Heidegger (1889–1976) argued that individuals

have assumed that their existence is ‘a given,’ when

in actual fact they simply have the ability to be.

Justifying Our Existence examines the ways in which

human beings attempt to calm their existential

concerns by magnifying and proving their existence

through phenomena such as self-righteousness,

careerism, nationalism, and religion.

Also from the New Studies in Phenomenology and

Hermeneutics series:

Heidegger’s Possibility

Language, Emergence—Saying Be-ing

Kenneth Maly


£28.00 / $45.00 / 2008

Heidegger and the Question of National


Disclosure and Gestalt

Bernhard Radloff


£48.00 / $75.00 / 2007

Approx. 208 pp / 6 x 9 / February 2009

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p h i l o s o p h y

The Event of the Thing

Derrida’s Post-Deconstructive Realism

Michael Marder

Reason, Truth, and Reality

Dan Goldstick

Jacques Derrida’s writings

often embed the

key themes of deconstruction

in a notion of

the thing. The Event of

the Thing is the most

complete examination to

date of Derrida’s understanding

of thinghood

and its crucial role in

psychoanalysis, ethics,

literary theory, aesthetics,

and Marxism.

Arguing that the thing, as a figure of otherness,

destabilizes the metaphysical edifice it underlies,

Michael Marder reveals the contributions it

makes to critiques of humanism and idealism.

Subsequently, the new realism that emerges from

deconstruction holds the possibility of an event that

problematizes all attempts to objectify the thing.

An illuminating analysis of Derrida and phenomenology,

The Event of the Thing is an innovative and

compelling study of a crucial aspect of one of the

twentieth century’s greatest thinkers.

Michael Marder is a post-doctoral fellow in the

Department of Philosophy at the University of


Dan Goldstick’s Reason,

Truth, and Reality

addresses two questions:

what sort of world do we

inhabit? and what moral

obligations do we have?

To answer the questions

Goldstick mounts a bold

contemporary defense of

pre-Kantian rationalism.

Basing consideration

upon a characterization

of reason in its deductive, inductive, and ethical

functioning, he asks what must hold good for reason

so characterized to be a dependable guide to truth.

The conclusions Goldstick draws are threefold.

First of all, the argument points to continuous

deterministic causality throughout space and time.

In the second place, a case is made for universal

impermanence. And thirdly, Goldstick claims to

establish a basis for the right within a version of

utilitarianism supporting the maximum long-term

promotion of people’s interests. The discussion

takes in such traditional rationalist themes as aprioricity,

conceivability, and antiscepticism, and such

analytic topics as belief-and-desire, truthvaluelessness,

and epistemic reliability.

Thorough and engaging, Reason, Truth, and

Reality is a challenging study of reason and what

reason commits us to.

Dan Goldstick is University Professor Emeritus in

the Department of Philosophy at the University of


Approx. 208 pp / 6 x 9 / February 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9892-4 £28.00 $45.00 E

Approx. 400 pp / 6 x 9 / April 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9594-7 £45.00 $70.00 E


p h i l o s o p h y

The Triune God


Bernard Lonergan

Edited by Robert M. Doran and H. Daniel Monsour

Translated by Michael G. Shields

Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan, Volume 11

Written in Latin for students at the Gregorian

University in Rome, Bernard Lonergan’s 1964 De

Deo Trino (The Triune God) examines Christian

Theology’s conception of the Trinity in two parts.

The first part, the pars dogmatic, is here translated

into English in an edition that includes the original

Latin on facing pages. The section called Prolegomena

follows the dialectical development of Trinitarian

doctrine by Christian thinkers from the time of the

New Testament to the Council of Nicea (325 AD).

The remainder of the volume consists of five theses

outlining the evolution of the principal features of

Trinitarian doctrine from the New Testament to the

Council of Nicea and on through the Patristic era.

The Triune God: Doctrines is complementary to

the previously published The Triune God: Systematics.

Together they represent the most massive treatment

of the doctrine of the Trinity in recent centuries.

This work of translation ensures that Lonergan’s

masterpiece, De Deo Trino, will at last be available

in its entirety to contemporary readers.

Robert M. Doran is the Emmett Doerr Chair

in Catholic Systematic Theology at Marquette

University, general editor of the Collected Works

of Bernard Lonergan, and director emeritus and cofounder

(with Frederick E. Crowe) of the Lonergan

Research Institute.

H. Daniel Monsour is an associate editor of the

Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan and researcher

at the Lonergan Research Institute.

Michael G. Shields is the librarian of the Lonergan

Research Institute and translator of many of

Lonergan’s Latin works.

On Preserving

Essays on Preservationism and Paraconsistent Logic

Edited by Peter Schotch, Bryson Brown, and

Raymond Jennings

Toronto Studies in Philosophy

Paraconsistent logic is a

theory of reasoning in

philosophy that studies

inconsistent data. The

discipline has several different

schools of thought,

including preservationism,

which responds to

the problems that arise

when human beings

continue to reason when

faced with inconsistent

data. On Preserving is the first complete account

of the Preservationist School, which developed in

Canada out of the early work of Raymond Jennings,

Peter Schotch, and their students.

Assembling the previously scattered works of the

Preservationist School, this collection contains all

of the most significant works on the basic theory of

the preservationist approach to paraconsistent logic.

With essays both written and rewritten specifically

for this volume, the contributors cover topics

that include the motivation for the preservationist

approach, as well as more technical results of their

research. Concise and unified, On Preserving is the

ideal introduction to a distinct philosophical field.

Peter Schotch is a professor in the Department of

Philosophy at Dalhousie University.

Bryson Brown is a professor in the Department of

Philosophy at the University of Lethbridge.

Raymond Jennings is a professor in the Department

of Philosophy at Simon Fraser University.

Approx. 832 pp / 6 1 /8 x 9¾ / May 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9967-9 £60.00 $95.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-8020-9667-8 £28.00 $45.00 C

Approx. 192 pp / 6 x 9 / June 2009

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p h i l o s o p h y

Identity and Justice

Ian Angus

In this provocative study

of the task of English-

Canadian philosophy,

Ian Angus contends

that English Canada

harbours a secret and

unofficial dream of selfrule.

Looking at the

tensions between local

dwelling and the globalized

market, Identity

and Justice shows how

contemporary society’s reactions to technological

advances and a world market economy have produced

increasingly isolated individuals and prevented

the emergence of a coherent community

based on a universalizing philosophy.

Stressing the importance of regionalism and

postcolonial understandings, Angus argues that

Canada requires a philosophy of independent parts

through a conception of universality that subordinates

rulership to a negotiation between diverse

communities. Through discussion of the work of

prominent Canadian thinkers, notably Harold

Innis, John Porter, George Grant, and Marshall

McLuhan, Angus identifies and explores key themes

that define the distinctiveness of English Canada.

A penetrating examination of some of Canada’s

national myths and the phenomenology of locality

in the twenty-first century, Identity and Justice is a

groundbreaking critique and recovery of English

Canadian social and political thought.

Collected Works of

George Grant

Volume 4, 1970–1988

Edited by Arthur Davis and Henry Roper

Collected Works of George Grant

George Grant (1918–88) has often been called

Canada’s greatest political philosopher and his

work continues to influence the country’s political,

social, and cultural discourse and institutions. The

fourth and final volume of the Collected Works of

George Grant contains his writings from the last

period of his life and includes unpublished material

such as lectures, interviews, and excerpts from his


With comprehensive annotations for his articles,

reviews, and the three books he published during this

period – Time as History, English-Speaking Justice,

and Technology and Justice – the volume also contains

his writings on Nietzsche, Heidegger, Simone

Weil, and Céline that were central to this phase of

his thought. Volume 4 reveals his engagement with

technology and the nature of technological society

that is as insightful today as during Grant’s lifetime

and is lasting proof of his legacy.

Arthur Davis is an associate professor in the School

of Social Sciences at York University.

Henry Roper is a retired professor and former director

of the King’s Foundation Year Programme at the

University of King’s College.

Ian Angus is a professor in the Department of

Humanities and Director of the Centre for Canadian

Studies at Simon Fraser University.

120 pp / 6 x 9 / Available

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9881-8 £22.50 $35.00 E

Approx. 1104 pp / 6 1 /8 x 9 ¼ / February 2009

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p o l i t i c a l s c i e n c e

Contemporary Canadian


Foundations, Traditions, Institutions

Edited by Alain-G. Gagnon

First published in French in 2006, Le fédéralisme

canadien contemporain was immediately recognised

as the most comprehensive collection of reflections

on Canadian federalism by leading Québécois

scholars. This remarkable translation of a range

of Québécois voices makes their insightful and

underrepresented perspectives available to Englishlanguage


Offering alterative views of the Canadian federal

model’s realities by covering its foundations, traditions,

and institutions, Contemporary Canadian

Federalism considers the ways in which federalism

relates to issues such as regionalism, multiculturalism,

rights and freedoms, financial distribution,

and public policy. Filled with stimulating work that

bridges the gap between distinctive traditions in

English- and French-Canadian scholarship on federalism,

this important volume is required reading

for understanding provincial–federal relations and

Canadian governance.

Alain-G. Gagnon is a professor and Canada Research

Chair in the Department of Political Science at

l’Université du Québec à Montréal.

Public Policy for Women

The State, Income Security, and Labour Market Issues

Edited by Marjorie Griffin Cohen and

Jane Pulkingham

Containing essays from

leading feminist academics,

and social activists,

Public Policy for Women

addresses important public

policy issues that fail

to address women’s needs.

The volume’s contributors

pay particular attention to

the relationship between

the welfare state and vulnerable

populations of

women, while making substantial contributions to

current public policy debates in Canada.

Focusing on discussions of controversial issues

such as single working mothers, prostitution, mandatory

retirement, guaranteed income, and work

for welfare, these essays also consider the political

and economic constraints that have been brought

about by neo-liberal policy changes. Full of relevant

policy critiques and original recommendations for

improvement, Public Policy for Women readdresses

often neglected subjects and concerns and makes

informative appeals for public policy to address

women’s needs.

Marjorie Griffin Cohen is a professor in the

Departments of Political Science and Women’s

Studies at Simon Fraser University.

Jane Pulkingham is Chair and an associate professor

in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology

at Simon Fraser University.

Approx. 500 pp / 6 x 9 / April 2009

5 figures

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9779-8 £58.50 $90.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-8020-9533-6 £23.00 $37.95 C

Approx. 384 pp / 6 x 9 / March 2009

20 figures

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9332-5 £48.00 $75.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-8020-9500-8 £22.50 $35.00 C


p o l i t i c a l s c i e n c e

The Transformation of

the Supreme Court of


An Empirical Examination

Donald R. Songer

In the last half-century,

the Supreme Court of

Canada has undergone

significant changes. The

most drastic change

occurred with the adoption

of the Charter of

Rights in 1982, which

substantially increased

the Court’s role in resolving

controversial political

and social issues. The

Transformation of the Supreme Court of Canada

examines the impact of institutional changes on the

proceedings and decisions of the Court from 1970

to 2003.

The first book on the Supreme Court to incorporate

extensive in-depth interviews with former

justices, this study provides both insiders’ accounts

of how decisions are made and an empirical analysis

of over three thousand of the Court’s decisions.

With great care and clarity, Donald R. Songer

demonstrates that the Court has remained a politically

moderate and democratic institution despite

its power. A major scholarly and methodological

achievement, The Transformation of the Supreme

Court of Canada is the most comprehensive account

to date of this central Canadian institution.

Donald R. Songer is a professor in the Department

of Political Science at the University of South


Canadian Annual Review

of Politics and Public

Affairs 2003

Edited by David Mutimer

Canada was internationally

recognized in 2003 for

eradicating deficit spending

and for the social

liberalism evident in its

support for gay marriage,

the possible decriminalization

of marijuana, and

welcoming of immigrants

from around the world.

Despite the optimism

implied by fiscal success

and liberal social policies, the direction and meaning

of Canadian political changes remained unclear.

Canada faced uncertainty rooted in war, disease,

and government restructuring: SARS, mad cow disease,

and a large scale blackout in central Canada made

2003’s challenges seem both more mundane and less

predictable. The USA was becoming mired in a complex

and violent war with Iraq, while a large contingent

of Canada’s armed forces remained in Afghanistan.

Government restructuring was implemented to meet

the threat of terrorism, while Mahar Arar’s return to

Canada with accounts of torture endured in a Syrian

jail became a symbol of public doubt about many of

the new counter-terrorism measures.

The Canadian Annual Review of Politics and

Public Affairs 2003 is the latest installment in an

acclaimed series that continues to offer informed

commentary on significant Canadian events and

to thoughtfully consider their impacts in local and

international forums.

David Mutimer is an associate professor in the

Department of Political Science and deputy director

of the Centre for International and Security

Studies at York University.

Approx. 312 pp / 6 x 9 / January 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9689-0 £45.00 $70.00 E

Approx. 304 pp / 6 1 /8 x 9 ¼ / May 2009

12 tables

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9985-3 £75.00 $ 115.00 E


p o l i t i c a l s c i e n c e

Governing the Energy


Canada and Germany in a Multilevel Regional and

Global Context

Edited by Burkard Eberlein and G. Bruce Doern

As energy prices continue

to soar, there is

an equally growing

interest in how better

to manage and regulate

energy sources and their

production. Governing

the Energy Challenge

is a comparative study

between Canada and

Germany that features

essays by leading energy

and public policy specialists from both countries. It

identifies numerous strategies to produce more efficient

and sustainable energy by revealing the ways

in which Germany, as a member of the European

Union, is more advanced in dealing with multilevel

governmental tensions and sustainability constraints

than Canada has as a member of NAFTA.

Paying particular attention to the relationship

between environmental study, climate change

issues, and economic market reforms, this volume

analyses the influence that the energy sector

and multi-level institutional arrangements have

on energy governance. The contributors provide

valuable information on the formation of energy

policy, offering insights into the growing differences

between countries who are members of NAFTA

and the European Union.

Burkard Eberlein is an assistant professor in the

Schulich School of Business at York University.

G. Bruce Doern is a professor in the School

of Public Policy and Administration at Carleton

University and the Department of Politics at the

University of Exeter.

Making Political Choices

Canada and the United States

Harold D. Clarke, Allan Kornberg, and

Thomas J. Scotto

UTP Higher Education

Recent national elections

in Canada and the

United States have been

exciting, consequential

contests. In 2006, the

Conservative Party of

Canada won a fragile

victory, replacing a scandal-ridden

Liberal government.

In the 2004

American presidential

election, George W.

Bush managed to attain a narrow popular mandate,

but only after a hard fought campaign.

In Making Political Choices, Harold Clarke, Allan

Kornberg, and Thomas Scotto employ a wealth

of new survey data to describe recent elections

and evaluate competing theories of party support

and voter turnout. They consider whether closely

contested elections in both countries are due to

changes in forces affecting voting and turnout, or

whether the factors shaping political behaviour in

both nations are stable across both time and the

49th parallel.

Making Political Choices provides a powerful

explanation of voting behaviour in Canada, the

United States, and other mature democracies.

Harold D. Clarke is the Ashbel Smith Professor of

Political Science, University of Texas at Dallas, and

adjunct professor of Government at the University

of Essex.

Allan Kornberg is the Norb F. Schaefer Professor of

Political Science at Duke University.

Thomas J. Scotto is a lecturer in the Department of

Government at the University of Essex.

Approx. 416 pp / 6 x 9 / May 2009

15 figures; 15 tables

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9305-9 £48.00 $75.00 E

Approx. 270 pp / 6 x 9 / January 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-1-44260-136-9 £40.00 $75.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-80209-674-6 £18.99 $37.95 X

40 41

p o l i t i c a l s c i e n c e

Understanding American


Stephen Brooks

UTP Higher Education

Unlike other introductions

to the topic, most

of them written by

Americans for an exclusively

American audience,

Stephen Brooks’s

Understanding American

Politics enriches reader

comprehension by

situating the study of

American politics and

government in a comparative

context. To achieve this aim, the text

weaves its analysis around the concept of American

exceptionalism – not American superiority, but

American difference – a concept that is at least as

old as Tocqueville’s monumental study of American

democracy. By enabling awareness of other cultural

and institutional possibilities that exist around the

globe, Brooks helps readers consider how the rest

of the world might view and appreciate Americans,

their political systems, and their values.

Understanding American Politics provides an

informed outsider’s perspective of the ideas and

behaviours, the structures and policies, and the vast

array of participants that help define this powerful

and fascinating nation.

Stephen Brooks is a professor in the Department of

Political Science at the University of Windsor and

adjunct professor at the University of Michigan.

Civil Wars

Internal Struggles, Global Consequences

Marie Olson Lounsbery and Frederic Pearson

UTP Higher Education

What motivates individuals

to take up arms

against their government?

What types of

states have historically

been more prone to

internal conflicts?

In Civil Wars, Marie

Olson Lounsbery and

Frederic Pearson explore

these questions and

present a comprehensive

analysis of the historical causes, consequences, and

management potential of civil wars throughout the

world. The authors examine the humanitarian and

political issues that stem from internal conflicts

and explore important legal and ethical dilemmas,

particularly the challenge to the international community

posed by the norms and laws governing

sovereignty, intervention, self defence, and human

rights. They conclude with a discussion of the international

influences that can produce or potentially

relieve unstable, civil war-prone environments.

Civil Wars provides an excellent introduction

to internal conflicts and international warfare at a

time when the link between internal political violence

and terrorism is of paramount importance.

Marie Olson Lounsbery is an assistant professor

in the Department of Political Science at East

Carolina University.

Frederic Pearson is the Director of the Center for

Peace and Conflict Studies and professor of Political

Science at Wayne State University.

Approx. 375 pp / 7 x 9 / January 2009

Paper ISBN 978-0-80209-671-5 £27.99 $52.95 X

Approx. 180 pp / 6 x 9 / January 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-1-44260-132-1 £30.00 $60.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-80209-672-2 £16.99 $29.95 X


p o l i t i c a l s c i e n c e

Global Horizons

An Introduction to International Relations

Hendrik Spruyt

UTP Higher Education

In the current era we

have the ability to wage

global war, interact economically

and culturally

with any part of the

world, and communicate

with each other in

real time. Our horizons

are now global. Time

and space have contracted.

In Global Horizons,

Hendrik Spruyt takes the change in our horizons

as a key feature of modern international relations,

examining how international politics and the relations

between nations have become global politics.

The book is organized into three sections: War and

Peace, International Political Economy, and Global

Challenges and Opportunities. Case studies are

referenced throughout in order to illustrate abstract

issues – including cases on World War I, the Cold

War, the American invasion of Iraq, the politics of

energy, and global warming.

Global Horizons is a concise introduction to

international relations, providing important coverage

of the problems that confront humanity and

that require multilateral solutions.

Hendrik Spruyt is the Norman Dwight Harris

Professor of International Relations at Northwestern


Comparing Political


Second Edition

Alan Siaroff

uTP Higher Education

There are now 193

sovereign states in the

world. Contrary to

many assumptions (or

hopes), these have hardly

all converged onto a liberal

democratic model.

Instead, there is still

great variation in national

political regimes.

In Comparing Political

Regimes, Alan Siaroff

provides a comprehensive and current assessment

of the world’s political systems. He does so by

outlining and contrasting the aspects of four different

regime types – liberal democracies, electoral

democracies, semi-liberal autocracies, and closed

autocracies – and classifying all 193 countries

within this typology. Empirical explanations answer

the question of why countries tend to be in one

regime type rather than another. The new edition

provides complete data updates as well as dozens of

changes to regime categories, levels of civil-military

relations, and types of electoral systems.

Comparing Political Regimes provides an excellent

foundation for learning about the countries of the

world and the political systems under which they


Alan Siaroff is a professor in the Department of

Political Science at the University of Lethbridge.

Approx. 280 pp / 6 x 9 / June 2009

Paper ISBN 978-1-44260-092-8 £19.99 $39.95 X

Approx. 327 pp / 7 x 9 / January 2009

Paper ISBN 978-1-44260-012-6 £22.99 $46.95 X


c r i m i n o l o g y

Intelligent Control

Developments in Public Order Policing in Canada

Willem de Lint and Alan Hall

Massive public protests have had a prominent presence

at the turn of the millennium, with many thousands

of protestors controlled by small, yet, increasingly specialized

police forces. Investigating the ways in which

police practices have evolved in relation to labour

strikes and protests, Intelligent Control examines the

means by which police forces have developed more

coercive and consent-based approaches to regulating

social unrest.

Willem de Lint and Alan Hall argue that police

forces have been gradually adapting public order

operations to match or reflect wider trends in

politics and society. The main such development

is the enfolding of neoliberalism. Police and labour

and protester adaptations have followed a fine

line between legitimacy and illegitamacy, consent

and coercion. The authors explore the development

of consent policing from its roots in labour

strike countering and the emergence of what they

call ‘intelligent control’ from expanded covert,

intelligence-gathering operations. A concise study

of how police practices changed from the 1960s to

the present day, Intelligent Control is an informative

account of a revolution in modern policing.

Willem de Lint is an associate professor and head of

the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at

the University of Windsor.

Alan Hall is an associate professor in the Department

of Sociology and Anthropology and Director of

Labour Studies at the University of Windsor.

Policing and Gendered


Examining the Possibilities

Marilyn Corsianos

UTP Higher Education

Women are extremely

underrepresented in the

arena of law enforcement,

and female officers

are more likely to

work in gender-specific

areas within their organizations.

It is clear that

gender contributes to

experiential differences

within this culture, leading

to oppression in the

workplace for female officers.

Policing and Gendered Justice provides a theoretical,

historical, and comparative analysis of women

and policing in Canada and the United States.

Offering a feminist analysis of gender and policing,

it assesses the relationship between gender and

police organizational structure, police culture, and

dominant ideologies. Case studies ground the discussion

and point toward the potential for positive


Offering the only available comparative analysis

of women in law enforcement in Canada and the

United States, Policing and Gendered Justice is ideal

for those interested in criminology and criminal

justice, women’s studies, and the inequalities that

exist in policing on both sides of the border.

Marilyn Corsianos is an associate professor in

the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and

Criminology at Eastern Michigan University.

Approx. 368 pp / 6 x 9 / April 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-3846-3 £42.00 $65.00 E

Approx. 190 pp / 6 x 9 / January 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-1-44260-135-2 £35.00 $70.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-80209-679-1 £17.99 $36.95 X


s o c i o l o g y

Making Work,

Making Trouble

The Social Regulation of Sexual Labour, Second Edition

Casino State

Legalized Gambling in Canada

Edited by James F. Cosgrave and Thomas R. Klassen

Deborah R. Brock

Making Work, Making Trouble has long been the

pre-eminent study of prostitution in Canada. This

second edition has been thoroughly updated to

include events that have occurred in the decade

since it was originally published. Detailing the

various forces that have presented prostitution as a

social problem, Deborah R. Brock examines antiprostitution

campaigns, urban development, new

policing strategies, and the responses of the media,

the courts, and governments, as well as feminist,

rights, and residents’ organizations.

Paying particular attention to rights and the

means of economic survival within global and

local realities, this edition includes new material

on recent discourse on sex trafficking, migrant sex

work, sex-worker rights organizing, and considers

the potential impact of the Robert Picton trial on

the practice of sex work. A comprehensive overview

of the crucial debates on prostitution, this edition

of Making Work, Making Trouble is a welcome

contribution to twenty-first century sociology and


Deborah R. Brock is an associate professor in the

Department of Sociology at York University.

While there has been an

unprecedented explosion

of legalized gambling in

Canada – particularly

in the form of casinos

and electronic games –

the public has become

increasingly aware of

addictions to gambling.

Casino State is a timely

collection that examines

the controversial role of

the state as a promoter of gambling activities often

against the best interest of its citizens.

Investigating the tensions that arise from the

relationships between gambling and morality, risk,

social policy, crime, and youth problem gambling,

these essays draw upon a range of disciplines to

consider the economice benefits and social costs

of legalized gambling. A contemporary study that

raises important questions about state conduct, precarious

policy issues, public health, and addictions,

Casino State provides a necessary and comprehensive

overview of the central issues related to the

legalization and expansion of gambling in Canada.

James F. Cosgrave is an assistant professor in the

Department of Sociology at Trent University.

Thomas R. Klassen is an associate professor in the

Department of Political Science at York University.

Approx. 256 pp / 6 x 9 / May 2009

2 tables

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9828-3 £32.00 $55.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-8020-9557-2 £15.00 $24.95 C

Approx. 256 pp / 6 x 9 / February 2009

4 figures, 5 tables

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9688-3 £32.00 $50.00 E


s o c i o l o g y

Diaspora by Design

Muslims Immigrants in Canada and Beyond

Haideh Moghissi, Saeed Rahnema, and Mark J.


Few groups face as many

misconceptions within

their new countries as do

Muslim immigrants. This

book challenges the common

misperceptions of

Muslim immigrants as a

homogeneous, religiously

driven group and identifies

the tensions they experience

within their host


A comparative, multi-ethnic study, based on

over two thousand interviews, Diaspora by Design

examines Muslim populations that have settled in

Canada, Britain, Iran, and Palestine. Utilizing hard

socio-economic data as well as qualitative analysis,

the authors show the remarkable diversity and divisions

between Muslim immigrant populations along

urban-rural, cultural, class, and gender lines. They

argue that integration is a two-way exchange that

requires a readiness on the part of the host society to

remove barriers that prevent the full social and economic

participation of immigrant populations.

Extensively researched and thoughtfully provocative,

Diaspora by Design is a much-needed work that

provides an accurate and dynamic depiction of the lives

of Muslim immigrants away from their homelands.

Haideh Moghissi is a professor in the Department

of Sociology at York University.

Saeed Rahnema is a professor of Political Science at

York University.

Mark J. Goodman is the undergraduate program

director of the School of Social Sciences at York


Racialized Bodies,

Disabling Worlds

Storied Lives of Immigrant Muslim Women

Parin Dossa

In Racialized Bodies,

Disabling Worlds, Parin

Dossa explores the lives

of Canadian Muslim

women who share their

stories of social marginalization

and disenfranchisement

in a disabling

world. She shows how

these women – who

are subjected to social

erasure in policy and

research – define their identities and claim their

humanity using the language of everyday life.

Based on narrative ethnography, Racialized Bodies,

Disabling Worlds makes a case for positive acknowledgement

of perceived differences of nationality,

religion, multiple-abilities, and gendered and racebased

identities. It offers a powerful argument for

bridging two disparate bodies of work: disability

studies and anti-racist feminism. Most significantly,

it shows how racialized Muslim women with disabilities

are redefining the parameters of their social

worlds and developing a distinctively pluralistic

understanding of abilities. This ground-breaking

work gives presence to the lives of people who are

otherwise rendered socially invisible.

Parin Dossa is a professor in the Department

of Sociology and Anthropology at Simon Fraser


Approx. 224 pp / 6 x 9 / February 2009

26 figures; 18 tables

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9787-3 £35.00 $60.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-8020-9543-5 £15.00 $24.95 C

Approx. 176 pp / 6 x 9 / February 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9817-7 £32.00 $55.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-8020-9551-0 £14.00 $24.95 C


g e n e r as ol ci ni ot el ro eg syt

The Portuguese in


Diasporic Challenges and Adjustment, Second Edition

Edited by Carlos Teixeira and Victor M.P. Da Rosa

Even though the Portuguese are relatively new to Canada,

they have made major contributions to the cultural

mosaic of the country. Containing many new essays, this

second edition of The Portuguese in Canada updates the

work that filled a gap in the scholarly literature of multiculturalism

in Canada.

The contributors come from a variety of disciplines

– anthropology, geography, history, literature,

linguistics, sociology, and urban planning – and are

from Portugal, Canada and the United States. Essays

examine the history of the Portuguese diaspora, the

Portuguese presence in Newfoundland and its fisheries,

language and identity, urban experiences (especially

in Montreal and Toronto), and history and

literature. This second edition of The Portuguese in

Canada conveys the multi-faceted contributions the

Portuguese have made to Canada and considers possible

future growth and development of Portuguese-

Canadian culture and heritage.

Carlos Teixeira is an associate professor in the

Department of Community, Culture and Global

Studies at the University of British Columbia,


Victor M.P. Da Rosa is a professor in the Department

of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of


Class and Race

Formation in North


James W. Russell

UTP Higher Education

In 1521, the largest and

most developed of North

America’s societies, the

Aztec empire, fell to

Spanish invaders. Along

with later European colonizers,

the Spanish built

new societies in which

they occupied the dominant

class positions and

forced Indians, imported

African slaves, and

Asians into subordinate positions. As a direct result

of the conquest, race became a dominant issue in

the class structuring of North America’s societies,

and it has been a dominant issue ever since.

In this far-reaching study, James W. Russell

offers a comparative exploration of how patterns of

class and racial inequality developed in the United

States, Mexico, and Canada from the colonial pasts

to the beginning of NAFTA and beyond.

Class and Race Formation in North America

reveals a continent of diverse historical experiences,

class systems, and ways of thinking about race.

James W. Russell is a professor in the Department

of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work and

directs the Latin American Studies Program at

Eastern Connecticut State University.

Approx. 272 pp / 6 x 9 / April 2009

17 figures, 23 tables

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9833-7 £42.00 $65.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-8020-9560-2 £20.00 $29.95 C

Approx. 280 pp / 6 x 9 / January 2009

Paper ISBN 978-0-80209-678-4 £14.99 $28.95 X


s o c i o l o g y

Dying and Death in


Second Edition

Herbert C. Northcott and Donna M. Wilson

UTP Higher Education

Death, like sexuality,

is ever present but was

rarely discussed before

the 1960s. Since then

there has been a growing

discourse in the social

sciences and helping

professions about how

to discuss the social construction

of death.

In Dying and Death

in Canada, Herbert C.

Northcott and Donna

M. Wilson begin by exploring the causes of dying

and death in Canada both historically and at present.

They then go on to examine the collective

constructions of – that is, the social and cultural

response to – dying and death in Canada. They also

discuss dying and death from the personal points of

view of the dying and the bereaved.

This new edition of Dying and Death in Canada

is designed for those who wish to learn about dying

and death, for practitioners who work with the

dying and the bereaved, and for the dying and the

bereaved themselves.

Herbert C. Northcott teaches in the Department of

Sociology at the University of Alberta.

Donna M. Wilson teaches in the Faculty of Nursing

at the University of Alberta.

Society, Spirituality, and

the Sacred

A Social Scientific Introduction, Second Edition

Donald S. Swenson

UTP Higher Education

In Society, Spirituality,

and the Sacred, Donald

S. Swenson draws on

both Weber’s Charisma

and Routinization of

Charisma and Thomas

O’Dea’s Dilemmas of the

Institutionalization of

Religion to reveal how

religion has both a positive

and negative effect

on people. Moving from

the individual experience

of the sacred to the more institutional religious

experience, the book explores the many manifestations

of religious life and offers a synthesis of folk

religions, new religions, the New Age Movement,

and the challenges posed by the secularization of

contemporary life.

The second edition has been thoroughly revised

and updated to integrate the latest developments in

the field and to offer a more global approach to the

study of religion. New chapters on women and religion

and new religious movements have been added

and discussions of Islam, indigenous religions, and

postmodernism have been significantly expanded.

Donald S. Swenson is a professor in the Department

of Sociology and Anthropology at Mount Royal


214 pp / 6 x 9 / Available

Paper ISBN 978-1-55111-873-4 £15.99 $28.95 X

Approx. 420 pp / 6 x 9 / January 2009

Paper ISBN 978-0-80209-680-7 £25.99 $49.95 X


s o c i o l o g y

Changing Theories

New Directions in Sociology

Roberta Garner and Black Hawk Hancock

UTP Higher Education

Influenced by Thomas

Kuhn’s theory of paradigm

shifts and its application

in the social sciences,

this original and

innovative overview of

contemporary sociological

theory identifies

all of the major, overarching

themes while

acquainting readers with

a sample of individual

theorists – the “transitional giants” who shaped contemporary

theories. The authors chart the impact of

social change on the evolution of contemporary

theory, taking into account the shaping power of

globalization, neoliberalism, expanded markets,

new media, migration, and multiculturalism. They

also explore the impact of contemporary theories

on areas and sub-fields of sociology, and trace how

the great social theories of the past are being reinterpreted

and incorporated into new theories.

Either for beginners or for those interested in

expanding their understanding of contemporary

theory, Changing Theories is a refreshing interpretation

of the important role theory plays in both

the real world and in the shaping of an academic


Roberta Garner is a professor in the Department of

Sociology at DePaul University.

Black Hawk Hancock is an assistant professor in the

Department of Sociology at DePaul University.

Capitalism and Classical

Sociological Theory

John Bratton, David Denham, and Linda Deutschmann

UTP Higher Education

Capitalism and Classical

Sociological Theory represents

an important

departure from popular

books on sociological

theory. Written specifically

for those without

an extensive background

in the area, it provides a

balanced coverage of the

sociological canon and

is selective in its choice

of expanding that canon beyond the triumvirate of

Marx, Durkheim, and Weber.

The authors provide in-depth coverage of the

most significant contributions by these theorists,

including extended passages from their texts in

order to expose readers to original nuances and historical

context. They then very strategically extend

their coverage to Georg Simmel and to the influences

of gender on the development of sociological

theory. Throughout, the authors situate sociological

theory in its historical context, but strive to make

links between classical theory and contemporary

twenty-first-century capitalism.

Short, smart, and affordable, Capitalism and

Classical Sociological Theory is the perfect introduction

to canonical classical theory.

John Bratton is a professor in the Faculty of Arts at

Thompson Rivers University.

David Denham is a professor in the School of

Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences at the

University of Wolverhampton.

Linda Deutschmann is a professor in the Faculty of

Arts at Thompson Rivers University.

Approx. 280 pp / 6 x 9 / March 2009

Paper ISBN 978-0-80209-682-1 £17.99 $34.95 X

Approx. 325 pp / 6 x 9 / March 2009

Paper ISBN 978-0-80209-681-4 £17.99 $39.95 X


e d u c at i o n / a n t h r o p o l o g y

In the Presence of Each


A Pedagogy of Storytelling

Johanna Kuyvenhoven

There can be little

doubt that pedagogical

practices have increasingly

become focused

on reading and writing

in childhood education.

In the Presence of Each

Other is a brilliant ethnography

that examines

the educational benefits

of the use of oral storytelling

in the classroom

and the ways in which non-print literacy enhances

children’s overall language and communication


Presenting a strong argument based on compelling

evidence for the incorporation of oral practices

in the classroom, Johanna Kuyvenhoven follows

a group of children in grades four and five as

they forge an inclusive learning environment that

respects linguistic, social, and ethnic diversity by

sharing stories out loud. She traces the positive

effects that oral storytelling has on children’s vocabularies,

writing skills, as well as for problem-solving

abilities and empathetic responses that are essential

to learning across the disciplines. In the Presence

of Each Other is a ground-breaking work not only

for educators but also for anyone interested in the

practice of storytelling.

Johanna Kuyvenhoven is an associate professor in

the Education Department at Calvin College.

Invaders as Ancestors

On the Intercultural Making and Unmaking of

Spanish Colonialism in the Andes

Peter Gose

Anthropological Horizons

Since pre-Incan times,

native Andean people

had worshipped their

ancestors, and the custom

continued even after the

arrival of the Spaniards

in the sixteenth century.

Ancestor-worship however,

did not exclude members

of other cultures: in

fact, the Andeans welcomed

outsiders as ancestors.

Invaders as Ancestors examines how this unique

cultural practice first facilitated Spanish colonization

and eventually undid the colonial project when the

Spanish attacked ancestor worship as idolatry and

Andeans adopted Spanish political and religious forms

to challenge indigenous rulers.

In this work, Peter Gose demonstrates the ways

in which Andeans converted conquest confrontations

into relations of kinship and obligation and

then worshipped Christianized and racially ‘white’

spirits after the Spaniards invaded, though the

conquering Spaniards prevented actual kinship

bonds with the Andeans by adhering to strict rules

of racial separation. Invaders as Ancestors explores

an alternative response to colonization beyond the

predictable resistance narrative, presenting instead a

creative form of transculturation under the agency

of the Andeans. Invaders as Ancestors is a fascinating

account of one of the most unusual transcultural

encounters in the history of colonialism.

Peter Gose is the Chair of the Department of

Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University.

Approx. 240 pp / 6 x 9 / April 2009

5 figures

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9915-0 £32.00 $50.00 E

Approx. 408 pp / 6 x 9 / January 2009

17 illustrations

Cloth ISBN 978-0-8020-9876-4 £50.00 $80.00 E

Paper ISBN 978-0-8020-9617-3 £22.50 $35.00 C


t h e b r i t i s h l i b r a r y

Alice’s Adventures

Under Ground

A Facsimile

Lewis Carroll

Many millions know

and love the captivating

tale of Alice’s Adventures

in Wonderland, but how

many know the history

behind this famous

story? Charles Lutwidge

Dodgson’s 1864 book,

entitled Alice’s Adventures

under Ground, was beautifully

bound in morocco

leather and illustrated

with 37 pictures.

In this superb facsimile of Dodgson’s manuscript

– now one of the British Library’s most treasured

possessions – modern readers can enjoy the expressive

script and vibrant illustrations of the original.

In an accompanying commentary, Sally Brown,

Curator of Modern Literary Manuscripts at the

British Library, sketches a portrayal of Dodgson,

and traces the stages through which the story passed

as it was revised, expanded, illustrated by the Punch

cartoonist John Tenniel and finally published as

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, under the celebrated

pen-name, Lewis Carroll.

Ships and Shipping in

Medieval Manuscripts

Joe Flatman

Focusing on manuscript

illuminations – drawn

mainly from the British

Library’s matchless collection

– marine archaeologist

Joe Flatman traces

the changing shape of

ships in European life

and culture from the

11th to 16th centuries.

To unravel the realities

– and equally illuminating myths – of the maritime

world, Flatman first explores its multi-layered

symbolism, then examines the extraordinary

advances in shipping and naval warfare alongside an

expanding maritime culture, graphically depicted

in myriad miniatures. Vividly brought to life with

over 150 diverse images – from mermaids to eels,

from barges to warships – Ships and Shipping paints

a vibrant picture of maritime life during an era of

unprecedented expansion.

Dr Joe Flatman is Lecturer in Archaeology at

University College, London, and County

Archaeologist for the Surrey County Council.

Approx. 92 pp / 5 x 7 / April 2009

42 colour and black and white illustrations

Cloth ISBN 978-0-7123-5042-6 $39.95 T

Approx. 144 pp / 8 ½ x 11 / May 2009

150 colour illustrations

Cloth ISBN 978-0-7123-4960-4 $60.00 T

Distribution rights for Canada only. other Rights held by the British Library.


t h e b r i t i s h l i b r a r y

Edward Lear

Facsimiles Nonsense

Songs and Stories

Facsimile of the 1888 Edition

Edward Lear

Edward Lear Facsimiles

Nonsense Botany and

Nonsense Alphabets

Facsimile of the 1889 Edition

Edward Lear

Libraries Within the


The Origins of the British Library’s

Printed Collections

Edited by Giles Mandelbrote

and Barry Taylor

Edward Lear’s poetry and prose

celebrates the joy of living, and

has influenced writers and illustrators

from Terry Gilliam to

Spike Milligan and Ricky Gervais.

Nonsense Songs and Stories contains

some of Lear’s best known

poetry as well as stories and

songs about real and imagined

creatures. Poems include ‘The

Owl and The Pussycat’, ‘The

Jumblies’, ‘Calico Pie’, and the

stories are ‘The Story of the Four

little Children who Went Round

the World’ and ‘The History of

the Seven Families of the Lake


Nonsense Botany and Nonsense

Alphabets contains illustrations

and pictorial depictions of from

Lear’s incredible imagination of

plants and creatures, with appropriate

captions and lyrics. His

strange botanical illustrations

include Manypeeplia Upsidownia,

Piggiwiggia Pyramidalis and

Pollybirdia Singularis whilst the

Nonsense Alphabets consist of

three sets of illustrated alphabets

which twist and turn around

the most bizarre imagery and


Dispersed along the shelves of

the British Library today are

many volumes that once stood

side by side in private libraries.

These essays explore some

of the most important printed

collections which were brought

together to form the British

Museum Library and cast new

light on the individuals whose

personal interests and taste they


Approx. 128 pp / 6½ x 8½ / May 2009

69 illustrations

Cloth ISBN 978-0-7123-5043-3 $29.95 T

Approx. 144 pp / 6½ x 8½ / May 2009

161 illustrations

Cloth ISBN 978-0-7123-5044-0 $29.95 T

Approx. 352 pp / 6 x 9½ / May 2009

4 page colour plate section, 50 black and

white illustrations

Cloth ISBN 978-0-7123-5035-8 $90.00 E

Distribution rights for Canada only. other Rights held by the British Library.


t h e b r i t i s h l i b r a r y

Taking Liberties

The Struggle for Britain’s

Freedom and Rights

Mike Ashley

For centuries Britain has laid

claim to the notion of liberty yet

the rights and freedoms enjoyed

by its citizens today were in fact

hard fought for and won. This

book uncovers those struggles,

their winners, losers and stalemates,

which have stretched

over 900 years, and continue

still. Drawing on the British

Library’s own unique and rich

collections – including diaries

and ephemera from those who

stood up to make social and

political change in Britain, this

readable and compelling text

helps gives voice to the nature of

Britain’s democracy and place in

the world at a time when issues

of cohesion, diversity and identity

have moved to the centre of

public debate.

Taking Stock of

Taking Liberties

Linda Colley

In Taking Stock of Taking Liberties

the eminent historian Linda

Colley offers a personal and pungent

interpretation of the British

Library’s major exhibition. She

discusses some of the extraordinary

and moving documents and

images on display, all of which

illuminate struggles over rights

and liberties in these islands,

from Magna Carta to the present.

The author traces the evolution

of the powerful cult of superior

British freedoms, and shows how

in the past this was often at

odds with actual access to the

vote, the condition of women,

disparities of experience between

different parts of the British Isles,

and modes of rule in the British

empire. Colley also demonstrates

why the languages and texts of

liberty were nonetheless significant

and valuable.

Linda Colley is Shelby M.C.

Davis 1958 Professor of History

at Princeton University, USA and

a Fellow of the British Academy.

Dictionary of



Edited by Laurel Brake and

Marysa Demoor

The Dictionary of Nineteenth-

Century Journalism is a largescale

reference work covering

the journalism industry in

nineteenth-century Britain. Its

comprehensive representation of

diverse facets of the industry

provides a snapshot of the press,

from journalist to reader. The

1700 entries, by an international

team of experts and researchers,

reflect the range of the press,

including art, children, illustration,

literature, religion, sports,

politics, local and regional titles,

satire, and trade journals. The

Dictionary includes newspapers

and periodicals in England,

Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Laurel Brake is Emeritus Professor

of Literature and Print Culture at

Birkbeck, University of London.

Marysa Demoor is Professor

of English Literature at the

University of Ghent.

Approx. 144 pp. / 9½ x 11 / January 2009

200 colour and black and white illustrations

Cloth ISBN 978-0-7123-5071-6 $50.00 e

Paper ISBN 978-0-7123-5029-7 $32.00 T

Approx. 48 pp. / 6¾ x 9½ / January 2009

12 colour illustrations

Paper ISBN 978-0-7123-5041-9 $14.95 T

Approx. 800 pp / 6 x 9½ / February 2009

Cloth ISBN 978-0-7123-5039-6 $100.00 E

Distribution rights for Canada only. other Rights held by the British Library.


e f e r e n c e

Canadian Who’s Who 2009

Volume XLIV

Edited by Elizabeth Lumley

Now in its ninety-ninth year of publication, this

standard Canadian reference source contains the

most comprehensive and authoritative biographical

information on notable living Canadians. Those

listed are carefully selected because of the positions

they hold in Canadian society, or because of the

contribution they have made to life in Canada.

The volume is updated annually to ensure

accuracy, and 600 new entries are added each year

to keep current with developing trends and issues

in Canadian society. Included are outstanding

Canadians from all walks of life: politics, media,

academia, business, sports, and the arts, from every

area of human activity.

Each entry details birth date and place, education,

family, career history, memberships, creative

works, honours and awards, and full addresses.

Indispensable to researchers, students, media, business,

government, and schools, Canadian Who’s Who

is an invaluable source of general knowledge.

‘The [Canadian] Who’s Who list of outstanding individuals

will surely inspire…I know this research tool is regularly

consulted, everywhere, by those who make it a profession to

bring the past to our…collective memory, as well as by those

who, on the spur of the moment, may suddenly need information

before meeting someone, before introducing them,

before referring someone to a research committee, before

writing an article, etc… Canadian Who’s Who…has, for

a long time, described the spirit of Canadians.’

Roch Carrier, former National Librarian

Canadian Who’s Who 2009 on CD-ROM

The complete text of Canadian Who’s Who is also

available on CD-ROM, in a comprehensively indexed

and fully searchable format. Search ‘astronaut’ or

‘entrepreneur of the year,’ ‘aboriginal achievement

award’ and ‘Order of Canada’ and discover a wealth

of information. Fast, easy, and more accessible than

ever, the Canadian Who’s Who on CD-ROM is an

essential addition to your electronic library.

Please see our website:


CD-ROM requirements:




4mb RAM

(8mb recommended)


Mac OS 7, 8, and 9

4mb RAM

(8mb recommended)


Approx. 1449 pp / 8 ½ x 11 / May 2009

Cloth 978-0-8020-4092-3

(ISSN 0068-9963)

£140.00 $225.00 NET


ISBN 978-0-8020-4093-0

(ISSN 1481-4269)

£169.00 $270.00 NET

Book and CD-ROM

ISBN 978-0-8020-9965-5

£218.00 $345.00 NET

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ISBN 978-0-8020-9966-2

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1-888-544-0339 ext. 3


8% PST applicable to Ontario residents on all formats


e f e r e n c e

Ontario Legal Directory 2009

Published annually since 1925

Edited by Lynn N. Browne

Accuracy and completeness of detail have characterised

the Ontario Legal Directory since 1925,

when the first annual edition of the Toronto Legal

Directory was published.

With over 30,000 listings of lawyers, law firms,

federal and provincial courts, and government

offices, each complete with names, addresses, telephone

and fax numbers, e-mail and web addresses,

the Ontario Legal Directory places all the information

you need right at your fingertips. The Blue

Pages put government and courts information right

up front, organized in easy-to-find categories with

thumb-tab indexing.

Book Subscription Rates

QTY 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year

1-5 copies 60.00 110.00 150.00

6-99 copies 55.00 100.00 135.00

100+ copies 50.00 90.00 120.00

Ontario Legal Directory 2009 on CD-ROM

The CD-ROM version incorporates all the features of

the book and includes, as well, an easy-to-use interface

for quick access to listings.

• Cut and paste names and addresses directly into

other documents

• Access services to the legal profession

• Bookmark frequently called numbers for quick


• Annotate listings and create custom clipping files

• Export data to standard word-processing

formats or print information directly

CD-ROM requirements:



386/25Mhz – 4mb RAM (8mb recommended)


Mac OS 7, 8, and 9

4mb RAM (8mb recommended)

To order the book, contact:

Journals Division, University of Toronto Press

Tel: (416) 667-7810

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please contact:


120 Eglinton Ave. East, Suite 1000

Toronto, Ontario M4P 1E2

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Approx. 1225 pp / 6 3 /5 x 9 3 /5 / February 2009

Paper 978-0-8020-9724-8

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e f e r e n c e

Canadian Insurance

Claims Directory 2009

77th Annual Edition

Edited by Gwen Peroni

This directory is published yearly to facilitate the

forwarding of insurance claims throughout Canada

and the United States. Its subscribers are adjusters,

firms specializing in counsel to the insurance

industry, insurance companies, and industrial and

government offices.

Listed are a total of 800 independent adjusting

offices, which offer dependable service to claims forwarders,

as well as some 100 insurance counsel, who

are experienced in insurance defence litigation.

The arrangement of listings is national, geographical,

and alphabetical: adjusters and counsel

are listed by city, within province or state, and

country. The editorial section includes a list of

provincial associations of Insurance Adjusters, the

Fire Underwriters Investigation Bureau of Canada,

Provincial Superintendents of Insurance, the Fire

Marshals of Canada, and a comprehensive listing of

Canadian insurance companies.

The listings are interspersed with informative

advertisements from all fields of the insurance industry.

Included as well are indexes to adjusters, insurance

counsel, insurance-related industries, and advertisers.

Approx. 240 pp / 6 x 9 / May 2009

Paper 978-0-8020-9673-9

(ISSN 0318-0352) $47.00 NET

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l e x i c o n s o f e a r ly gm eon de er ra n l ie nt ge rl ei s ht

Lexicons of Early Modern English (LEME) is a growing

reference database that gives scholars unprecedented

access to early books and manuscripts that document

the English language from the beginning of printing

in England to 1702. With over 150 monolingual,

bilingual, and polyglot dictionaries and glossaries (in

which either source or target language is English), as

well as linguistic treatises, and encyclopedic or topical

work LEME provides exciting research opportunities

for historians of the English language. A half-million

word-entries devised by contemporary speakers of

early modern English describe the meaning of words,

and their equivalents in languages such as French,

Italian, Spanish, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and other

tongues encountered then in Europe, America, and

Asia. LEME offers:

• searchable word-entries (simple, wildcard,

Boolean, and proximity)

• browsable page-by-page transcriptions of the lexicons,

indexed by date, author, title and subject

• a selection-list of editorially-lemmatized headwords

• lists of headwords unique to each lexical text in

the database

• bibliographies of over 800 primary lexical texts,

and secondary historical and critical literature, with

biographical information on lexicographers

• introduction, help, and information on editorial



Ian Lancashire


Marc Plamondon

Web Development

University of Toronto Library

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1 year 2 years 3 years

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950 1,200 1,700 Institutions (FTE< 10,000)

75 100 150 Individual

To subscribe to Leme contact:

Journals Division, University of Toronto Press

Tel: (416) 667-7810 / (800) 565-9523

Fax: (416) 667-7881 / (800) 221-9985


LEME gratefully acknowledges the generous

research support of the Social Sciences and

Humanities Research Council of Canada, the

Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), and the

Text Analysis Portal for Research (TAPoR), directed

by Geoffrey Rockwell at McMaster University.


e c e n t b a c k l i s t

Acculturation and Its


The Italian Jewish

Experience between

Exclusion and Inclusion

Edited by David N. Myers,

Massimo Ciavolella,

Peter H. Reill, and Geoffrey


978-0-8020-9851-1 /

£42.00 / $65.00 / 2008

The Age of Projects

Edited by Maximillian

E. Novak

978-0-8020-9873-3 /

£55.00 / $85.00 / 2008

Applied Anthropology in


Understanding Aboriginal

Issues, Second


Edward J. Hedican

978-0-8020-9541-1 /

£20.00 / $29.95 / 2008

Beckett’s Dedalus

Dialogical Engagements

with Joyce in

Beckett’s Fiction

P.J. Murphy

978-0-8020-9796-5 /

£42.00 / $65.00 / 2009

Bernard Shaw and the


L.W. Conolly

978-0-8020-8920-5 /

£24.95 / $45.00 / 2009

Between Worlds

The Rhetorical Universe

of Paradise Lost

William Pallister

978-0-8020-9835-1 /

£42.00 / $70.00 / 2008

The Bias of


Second Edition

Harold A. Innis. New

introduction by Alexander

John Watson

978-0-8020-9606-7 /

£20.00 / $29.95 / 2008

Canadian Islamic Schools

Unravelling the Politics

of Faith, Gender,

Knowledge, and Identity

Jasmin Zine

978-0-8020-9572-5 /

£22.50 / $35.00 / 2008

Cancer on the Margins

Method and Meaning

in Participatory


Jennifer Nelson, Judy

Gould, and Sue Keller-


978-0-8020-9434-6 /

£18.00 / $27.95 / 2009

Catastrophic Injuries in

Sport and Recreation

Causes and Prevention

– A Canadian Study

Edited by Charles H.



/ £75.00 / $150.00 /


Comrades and Critics

Women, Literature,

and the Left in 1930s


Candida Rifkind

978-0-8020-9267-0 /

£32.00 / $50.00 / 2009

David Cronenberg’s A

History of Violence

Bart Beaty

978-0-8020-9622-7 /

£10.95 / $16.95 / 2008

Deliberative Democracy

for the Future

The Case of Nuclear

Waste Management in


Genevieve Fuji Johnson

978-0-8020-9607-4 /

£15.00 / $24.95 / 2008

Denys Arcand’s Le Déclin

de l’empire américain and

Les Invasions barbares

André Loiselle

978-0-8020-9623-4 /

£10.95 / $18.95 / 2008

Does North America


Governing the Continent

after NAFTA and


Stephen Clarkson

978-0-8020-9653-1 /

£20.00 / $29.95 / 2008

Early Modern

Nationalism and Milton’s


Edited by David Loewenstein

and Paul Stevens

978-0-8020-8935-9 /

£48.00 / $80.00 / 2008

Encounters on the


Inuit Meet the


Dorothy Harley Eber

978-0-8020-9275-5 /

£27.95 / $45.00 / 2008


e c e n t b a c k l i s t

Encounters with a Radical


Erasmus’ Work as

a Source of Radical

Thought in Early Modern


Peter G. Bietenholz

978-0-8020-9905-1 /

£42.00 / $65.00 / 2008

Essays in the History of

Canadian Law

Volume X: A Tribute to

Peter N. Oliver

Edited by Jim Phillips,

R. Roy McMurtry, and

John T. Saywell

978-0-8020-9911-2 /

£50.00 / $85.00 / 2008

Experiences in Translation

Umberto Eco. Translated

by Alastair McEwen

978-0-8020-9614-2 /

£9.95 / $17.95 / 2008

The Extended Mind

The Emergence of

Language, the Human

Mind, and Culture

Robert K. Logan

978-0-8020-9643-2 /

£19.95 / $29.95 / 2008

Fixing the Future

How Canada’s Usually

Fractious Governments

Worked Together to

Rescue the Canada

Pension Plan

Bruce Little

978-0-8020-9583-1 /

£15.00 / $29.95 / 2008

Fluid Screens, Expanded


Edited by Janine

Marchessault and Susan


978-0-8020-9644-9 /

£20.95 / $32.95 / 2008

The Gargantuan Polity

On the Individual and

the Community in the

French Renaissance

Michael Randall

978-0-8020-9814-6 /

£48.00 / $75.00 / 2008

Heidegger and


The Leitmotif in the

Later Writings

Robert Mugerauer

978-0-8020-9810-8 /

£60.00 / $95.00 / 2008

Histories of Suicide

International Perspectives

on Self-Destruction

in the Modern


Edited by John Weaver

and David Wright

978-0-8020-9632-6 /

£19.95 / $29.95 / 2008

An Honourable Calling

Political Memoirs

Allan Blakeney

978-0-8020-9891-7 /

£25.00 / $39.95 / 2008

Honouring Social Justice

Edited by Margaret E.


978-0-8020-9640-1 /

£23.00 / $37.95 / 2008

In the Anteroom of


The Reformation of the

Angels from Colet to


Feisal G. Mohamed

978-0-8020-9792-7 /

£35.00 / $55.00 / 2008

In the Image of the


Narratives of Kinship

in Flavian Epic

Neil W. Bernstein

978-0-8020-9879-5 /

£42.00 / $65.00 / 2008

Internationalization and

Canadian Agriculture

Policy and Governing


Grace Skogstad

978-0-8020-9880-1 /

£42.00 / $65.00 / 2008

Kaleidoscopic Odessa

History and Place in

Contemporary Ukraine

Tanya Richardson

978-0-8020-9563-3 /

£20.00 / $29.95 / 2008

The Law of the Land

The Advent of the Torrens

System in Canada

Greg Taylor

978-0-8020-9913-6 /

£35.00 / $55.00 / 2008

Liberalism and Hegemony

Debating the Canadian

Liberal Revolution

Edited by Jean-François

Constant and Michel


978-0-8020-9589-3 /

£22.50 / $35.00 / 2008


e c e n t b a c k l i s t

Life Sentences

The Modern Ordering

of Mortality

Zohreh Bayatrizi

978-0-8020-9755-2 /

£28.00 / $45.00 / 2008

Living Masks

The Achievement of


Umberto Mariani

978-0-8020-9600-5 /

£15.00 / $24.95 / 2008

Lonergan on Philosophic


The Polymorphism of

Consciousness as the

Key to Philosophy

Gerard Walmsley

978-0-8020-9855-9 /

£48.00 / $75.00 / 2008

Love and Objectivity in

Virtue Ethics

Aristotle, Lonergan,

and Nussbaum on

Emotions and Moral


Robert J. Fitterer

978-0-8020-9788-0 /

£28.00 / $45.00 / 2008

Loyalties in Conflict

A Canadian Borderland

in War and Rebellion,


J.I. Little

978-0-8020-9525-1 /

£15.00 / $24.95 / 2008

Marco Polo and the

Encounter of East and


Edited by Suzanne

Conklin Akbari and

Amilcare Iannucci

978-0-8020-9928-0 /

£42.00 / $65.00 / 2008

The Opera of Bartolomeo

Scappi (1570)

L’arte et prudenza

d’un maestro Cuoco /

The Art and Craft of a

Master Cook

Translated with Commentary

by Terence Scully

978-0-8020-9624-1 /

£60.00 / $95.00 / 2009

The Persons Case

The Origins and

Legacy of the Fight for

Legal Personhood

Robert J. Sharpe and

Patricia I. McMahon

978-0-8020-9628-9 /

£18.00 / $27.95 / 2008

The Politics of the Past

in an Argentine Working-

Class Neighbourhood

Lindsay DuBois

978-0-8020-9635-7 /

£20.00 / $29.95 / 2008

Post-Apocalyptic Culture

Modernism, Postmodernism,

and the Twentieth-Century


Teresa Heffernan

978-0-8020-9815-3 /

£32.00 / $50.00 / 2008

Pre-Sargonic Period

(2700–2350 BC)

Douglas Frayne

978-0-8020-3586-8 /

£150.00 / $225.00 /


Professionalism and

Public Service

Essays in Honour of

Kenneth Kernaghan

Edited by David Siegel

and Ken Rasmussen

978-0-8020-9349-3 /

£48.00 / $70.00 / 2008

Public Art in Canada

Critical Perspectives

Edited by Annie Gérin

and James S. McLean

978-0-8020-9568-8 /

£22.50 / $35.00 / 2009

Recasting the Social in


Edited by Engin F. Isin

978-0-8020-9637-1 /

£22.50 / $35.00 / 2008

Rewriting the Journey

in Contemporary Italian


Figures of Subjectivity

in Progress

Cinzia Sartini Blum

978-0-8020-9789-7 /

£45.00 / $75.00 / 2008

The Scribes for Women’s

Convents in Late

Medieval Germany

Cynthia J. Cyrus

978-0-8020-9369-1 /

£48.00 / $75.00 / 2009

Searching for Leadership

Secretaries to Cabinet

in Canada

Edited by Patrice Dutil

978-0-8020-9592-3 /

£20.00 / $29.95 / 2008

Shakespeare’s Comedies

of Love

Essays in Honour of

Alexander Leggatt

Edited by Karen Bamford

and Ric Knowles

978-0-8020-3953-8 /

£42.00 / $65.00 / 2008


e c e n t b a c k l i s t

Snorri Sturluson and the


The Conversion of

Cultural Capital in

Medieval Scandinavia

Kevin J. Wanner

978-0-8020-9801-6 /

£45.00 / $70.00 / 2008

Spheres of Action

Speech and Performance

in Romantic Culture

Edited by Alexander

Dick and Angela Esterhammer

978-0-8020-9803-0 /

£42.00 / $65.00 / 2009

Staying Human during

Residency Training

How to Survive and

Thrive After Medical

School, Fourth Edition

Allan D. Peterkin

978-0-8020-9627-2 /

£15.00 / $24.95 / 2008

Terms of Use

Negotiating the Jungle

of the Intellectual


Eva Hemmungs Wirtén

978-0-8020-9378-3 /

£17.95 / $27.95 / 2008

Theorizing the Ideal


The Rise of the French

Vernacular Royal Biography

Daisy Delogu

978-0-8020-9807-8 /

£45.00 / $70.00 / 2008

Transforming Conflict

through Insight

Kenneth R. Melchin and

Cheryl A. Picard

978-0-8020-9175-8 /

£28.00 / $45.00 / 2008


Repudiation, Trauma,


Christopher A. Shelley

978-0-8020-9539-8 /

£20.00 / $29.95 / 2008

Twilight of the


The Life of Juan de


Daniel A. Crews

978-0-8020-9867-2 /

£45.00 / $70.00 / 2008

Using Knowledge and

Evidence in Health Care

Multidisciplinary Perspectives

Edited by Louise

Lemieux-Charles and

François Champagne

978-0-8020-9636-4 /

£20.00 / $29.95 / 2008

The Voice of


A Social History of the

Broadcasting Corporation

of Newfoundland,


Jeff A. Webb

978-0-8020-9553-4 /

£20.00 / $29.95 / 2008

White Civility

The Literary Project of

English Canada

Daniel Coleman

978-0-8020-9642-5 /

£20.00 / $29.95 / 2008

Women’s Health in


Critical Perspectives on

Theory and Policy

Edited by Marina Morrow,

Olena Hankivsky,

and Colleen Varcoe

978-0-8020-9638-8 /

£25.00 / $39.95 / 2008

Writing Travel

The Poetics and Politics

of the Modern Journey

Edited by John Zilcosky

978-0-8020-9806-1 /

£40.00 / $60.00 / 2008

The Wrong Door

The Complete Plays of

Natalia Ginzburg

Translated by Wendell


978-0-8020-9569-5 /

£22.50 / $35.00 / 2008

Zapatismo beyond


New Imaginations of

Political Possibility

Alex Khasnabish

978-0-8020-9633-3 /

£22.50 / $35.00 / 2008


s e l e c t e d B a c k l i s t

Aboriginal Health in Canada

Historical, Cultural, and Epidemiological

Perspectives. Second


James B. Waldram, D. Ann Herring,

T. Kue Young

978-0-8020-8579-5 / £20.00 /

$32.95 / 2006

Against Perfectionism

Defending Liberal Neutrality

Steven Lecce

978-0-8020-9447-6 / £20.00 /

$29.95 / 2008

The Age of Light, Soap, and


Moral Reform in English Canada,


Mariana Valverde

978-0-8020-9595-4 / £18.00 /

$27.95 / 2008


A Student’s Guide to Theory and


Stanley R. Barrett

978-0-8020-7833-9 / £13.95 /

$25.95 / 1996

Armies of Peace

Canada and the UNRRA Years

Susan Armstrong-Reid and David


978-0-8020-9321-9 / £42.00 /

$65.00 / 2008

Auto Pact

Creating a Borderless North

American Auto Industry,


Dimitry Anastakis

978-0-8020-3821-0 / £20.00 /

$31.95 / 2005

Backwoods Consumers and

Homespun Capitalists

The Rise of a Market Culture in

Eastern Canada

Béatrice Craig

978-0-8020-9317-2 / £42.00 /

$65.00 / 2009

‘Being Alive Well’

Health and the Politics of Cree


Naomi Adelson

978-0-8020-8326-5 / £12.00 /

$25.95 / 2000

Beyond Bodies

Rain-Making and Sense-Making

in Tanzania

Todd Sanders

978-0-8020-9582-4 / £20.00 /

$29.95 / 2007

Boccaccio’s Naked Muse

Eros, Culture, and the Mythopoeic


Tobias Foster Gittes

978-0-8020-9204-5 / £40.00 /

$65.00 / 2008

Breviary of Aesthetics

Four Lectures

Benedetto Croce. Translated by

Hiroko Fudemoto. Introduction by

Remo Bodei

978-0-8020-9771-2 / £22.50 /

$35.00 / 2007

Canada’s Jews

A People’s Journey

Gerald Tulchinsky

978-0-8020-9386-8 / £28.00 /

$45.00 / 2008

Canada’s Prime Ministers

Macdonald to Trudeau; Portraits

from the Dictionary of Canadian


Under the direction of Ramsay

Cook and Réal Bélanger

978-0-8020-9174-1 / £22.50 /

$36.00 / 2007

Canadian Annual Review

of Politics and Public Affairs


Edited by David Mutimer

978-0-8020-9819-1 / £65.00 /

$110.00 / 2008

Canadian Content

Culture and the Quest for


Ryan Edwardson

978-0-8020-9519-0 / £18.00 /

$27.95 / 2008

Canadian Studies in the New


Edited by Patrick James and Mark


978-0-8020-9468-1 / £22.50 /

$35.00 / 2007

Casting Out

The Eviction of Muslims from

Western Law and Politics

Sherene H. Razack

978-0-8020-9497-1 / £15.00 /

$24.95 / 2008

Changing Politics of Canadian

Social Policy

James J. Rice and Michael J. Prince

978-08020-8074-5 / £15.00 /

$29.95 / 2000

Chasing Dragons

Security, Identity, and Illicit

Drugs in Canada

Kyle Grayson

978-0-8020-9479-7 / £20.00 /

$29.95 / 2008

Chaucer’s Monk’s Tale and

Nun’s Priest’s Tale

An Annotated Bibliography

Edited by Peter Goodall

978-0-8020-9320-2 / £72.00 /

$110.00 / 2008

Children’s Rights

Multidisciplinary Approaches to

Participation and Protection

Edited by Tom O’Neill and Dawn


978-0-8020-9540-4 / £22.50 /

$35.00 / 2008

Christianity and Ethnicity in


Edited by Paul Bramadat and

David Seljak

978-0-8020-9584-8 / £32.00 /

$49.95 / 2008

Cinderella Army

The Canadians in Northwest

Europe, 1944–1945

Terry Copp

978-0-8020-9522-0 / £20.00 /

$29.95 / 2007

Constitutional Odyssey

Can Canadians Become a Sovereign


Third Edition

Peter H. Russell

978-0-8020-3777-0 / £18.00 /

$31.95 / 2004

Contesting Illness

Processes and Practices

Edited by Pamela Moss and Katherine


978-0-8020-9512-1 / £22.50 /

$35.00 / 2008

Contextual Subjects

Family, State, and Relational


Robert Leckey

978-0-8020-9749-1 / £42.00 /

$65.00 / 2008

Corresponding Influence

Selected Letters of Emily Carr

and Ira Dilworth

Edited by Linda Morra

978-0-8020-9575-6 / £22.00 /

$34.95 / 2008

The Court Book of Mende and

the Secular Lordship of the


Recollecting the Past in

Thirteenth-Century Gévaudan

Jan K. Bulman

978-0-8020-9337-0 / £28.00 /

$50.00 / 2008

Court Government and the

Collapse of Accountability

in Canada and the United


Donald J. Savoie

978-0-8020-9579-4 / £19.95 /

$35.00 / 2008

A Critical and Cultural Theory


Second Edition

Edited by Anthony Easthope and

Kate McGowan

978-0-8020-3800-5 / $35.95

/ 2004

North American rights only

Critical Digital Studies

A Reader

Edited by Arthur Kroker and

Marilouise Kroker

978-0-8020-9546-6 / £22.50 /

$39.95 / 2008

A Critical Edition of Robert

Barnes’s A Supplication Vnto

the Most Gracyous Prince

Kynge Henry The. VIIJ. 1534.

Edited by Douglas H. Parker

978-0-8020-9312-7 / £97.50 /

$150.00 / 2008

Critical to Care

Women’s Ancillary Work in

Health Care

Pat Armstrong, Hugh Armstrong,

and Krista Scott-Dixon

978-0-8020-9608-1 / £15.00 /

$24.95 / 2008

Culinary Landmarks

A Bibliography of Canadian

Cookbooks, 1825–1949

Edited by Elizabeth Driver

978-0-8020-4790-8 / £112.00 /

$185.00 / 2008

Digital State at the Leading


Sandford Borins, Kenneth

Kernaghan, David Brown, Nick

Bontis, Perri 6, and Fred Thompson

978-0-8020-9490-2 / £22.50 /

$36.00 / 2007

Discourses of Tolerance and

Intolerance in the European


Edited by Hans-Eric Bödeker,

Clorinda Donato, and Peter Hanns


978-0-8020-9178-9 / £35.00 /

$55.00 / 2009

The Don Camillo Stories of

Giovannino Guareschi

A Humorist Portrays the Sacred

Alan R. Perry

978-0-8020-9756-9 / £32.00 /

$55.00 / 2008


s e l e c t e d B a c k l i s t

The Donut

A Canadian History

Steve Penfold

978-0-8020-9545-9 / £15.00 /

$24.95 / 2008

Early Childhood Curricula

and the De-pathologizing of


Rachel M. Heydon and Luigi


978-0-8020-9768-2 / £32.00 /

$50.00 / 2008

Ecclesiastical London

Edited by Mary Erler

978-0-8020-9858-0 / $295.00

/ 2008

World rights less UK and Europe.

Editing the Image

Strategies in the Production and

Reception of the Visual

Edited by Mark Cheetham, Elizabeth

Legge, and Catherine Soussloff

978-0-8020-9248-9 / £32.00 /

$50.00 / 2008

The Emotions of the Ancient


Studies in Aristotle and Classical


David Konstan

978-0-8020-9558-9 / £22.95 /

$39.95 / 2007

Encyclopedic Dictionary

of Semiotics, Media, and


Edited by Marcel Danesi

978-0-8020-8329-6 / £12.00 /

$29.95 / 2000

English-Cayuga / Cayuga-

English Dictionary

Frances Froman, Alfred J. Keye,

Lottie Keye, and Carrie J. Dyck

978-0-8020-3618-6 / £100.00 /

$161.00 / 2002

Epigraphy and the Greek


Edited by Craig Cooper

978-0-8020-9069-0 / £48.00 /

$75.00 / 2008

Exalted Subjects

Studies in the Making of Race

and Nation in Canada

Sunera Thobani

978-0-8020-9454-4 / £22.50 /

$35.00 / 2007

Exploring Children’s Responses

to Contemporary Picturebooks

Sylvia Pantaleo

978-0-8020-9799-6 / £32.00 /

$55.00 / 2008

The External World and Our

Knowledge of It

Hume’s Critical Realism, an

Exposition and a Defence

Fred Wilson

978-0-8020-9764-4 / £65.00 /

$125.00 / 2008

Fair Trade Coffee

The Prospects and Pitfalls of

Market-Driven Social Justice

Gavin Fridell

978-0-8020-9590-9 / £20.00 /

$29.95 / 2007

Fairy-Tale Science

Monstrous Generation in the

Tales of Straparola and Basile

Suzanne Magnanini

978-0-8020-9754-5 / £28.00 /

$45.00 / 2008

Federalism, Citizenship, and


Debating Multinationalism

Alain-G. Gagnon and Raffaele


978-0-8020-9448-3 / £18.00 /

$29.95 / 2006

Fields of Fire

The Canadians in Normandy

Terry Copp

978-0-8020-3780-0 / £20.00 /

$32.95 / 2003

Figuring the Feminine

The Rhetoric of Female Embodiment

in Medieval Hispanic


Jill Ross

978-0-8020-9098-0 / £48.00 /

$75.00 / 2008

Flora of Alberta

Revised Edition

E.H. Moss. Revised by John G.


978-0-8020-2508-1 / £42.00 /

$79.00 / 1983

Following Sexual Abuse

A Sociological Interpretation of

Identity Re-formation in Reflexive


Marie C. Croll

978-0-8020-9772-9 / £25.00 /

$40.00 / 2008

A Generation of Excellence

A History of the Canadian Institute

for Advanced Research

Craig Brown

978-0-8020-9232-8 / £42.00 /

$65.00 / 2007

A Gentlewoman in Upper


The Journals, Letters, and Arts of

Anne Langton

Edited by Barbara Williams

978-0-8020-3549-3 / £32.00 /

$55.00 / 2008

A Globally Integrated Climate

Policy for Canada

Steven Bernstein, Jutta Brunnée,

David Duff, and Andrew Green

978-0-8020-9596-1 / £22.50 /

$35.00 / 2007

Grazia Deledda’s Dance of


Margherita Heyer-Caput

978-0-8020-9831-3 / £40.00 /

$65.00 / 2008

The Gutenberg Galaxy

The Making of Typographic Man

Marshall McLuhan

978-0-8020-6041-9 / £9.95 /

$29.95 / 1962

‘A Happy Holiday’

English-Canadians and Transatlantic

Tourism, 1870–1930

Cecilia Morgan

978-0-8020-9518-3 / £22.50 /

$37.95 / 2008

Heidegger’s Possibility

Language, Emergence — Saying

Be -ing

Kenneth Maly

978-0-8020-9829-0 / £28.00 /

$45.00 / 2008

Hidden in Plain Sight

Contributions of Aboriginal

Peoples to Canadian Identity and

Culture, Volume One

Edited by David R. Newhouse,

Cora J. Voyageur, and Daniel J.K.


978-0-8020-8581-8 / £22.50 /

$38.95 / 2005

History of Medicine

A Scandalously Short Introduction

Jacalyn Duffin

978-0-8020-7912-1 / $29.95

/ 1999

World rights less U.K. and


Hunting the 1918 Flu

One Scientist’s Search for a Killer


Kirsty E. Duncan

978-0-8020-9456-8 / £11.95 /

$21.95 / 2006

The Illustrated Old English

Hexateuch, Cotton Ms.

Claudius B. iv

The Frontier of Seeing and Reading

in Anglo-Saxon England

Benjamin C. Withers

978-0-8020-9104-8 / $85.00

/ 2007

World rights less U.K. and


Imagining Joyce and Derrida

Between Finnegans Wake and Glas

Peter Mahon

978-0-8020-9249-6 / £40.00 /

$65.00 / 2007

The Impact of 9/11 on

Canada-U.S. Trade

Steven Globerman and Paul Storer

978-0-8020-9786-6 / £25.00 /

$40.00 / 2008

Essays in Honour of Michael


Figuring the Social

Edited by E.A. Heaman, Alison Li,

and Shelley McKellar

978-0-8020-9097-3 / £42.00 /

$75.00 / 2008

Essays on Northeastern North

America, Seventeenth and

Eighteenth Centuries

John G. Reid

978-0-8020-9416-2 / £21.50 /

$32.95 / 2008

Finding the Right Words

Isidore’s Synonyma in Anglo-

Saxon England

Claudia Di Sciacca

978-0-8020-9129-1 / £48.00 /

$85.00 / 2008

The First Voyage around the

World (1519–1522)

An Account of Magellan’s


Antonio Pigafetta. Edited by

Theodore J. Cachey Jr

978-0-8020-9370-7 / £28.00 /

$45.00 / 2008

Health Systems in Transition


Gregory P. Marchildon

978-0-8020-9400-1 / $26.00

/ 2006

North American rights only

Health Transitions in Arctic


T. Kue Young and Peter Bjerregaard

978-0-8020-9401-8 / £25.00 /

$37.95 / 2008


Troubling the Person in Law and


Sheryl N. Hamilton

978-0-8020-9846-7 / £35.00 /

$55.00 / 2008

Interviews with Northrop Frye

Edited by Jean O’Grady

978-0-8020-9742-2 / £85.00 /

$185.00 / 2008


s e l e c t e d B a c k l i s t

Introduction to Psychology

and Law

Canadian Perspectives

Edited by Regina A. Schuller and

James R.P. Ogloff

978-0-8020-4275-0 / £30.00 /

$61.95 / 2001

Inventing ‘Easter Island’

Beverley Haun

978-0-8020-9353-0 / £22.50 /

$35.00 / 2008

Italian Neorealist Cinema

An Aesthetic Approach

Christopher Wagstaff

978-0-8020-9520-6 / £22.95 /

$39.95 / 2007

Ivory Tower Blues

A University System in Crisis

James E. Côté and Anton L.


978-0-8020-9182-6 / £18.00 /

$28.95 / 2007

Klaeber’s Beowulf

Fourth Edition

Edited by R.D. Fulk, Robert E.

Bjork, and John D. Niles

978-0-8020-9567-1 / £22.95 /

$39.95 / 2008

The Labyrinth of Technology

A Preventive Technology and Economic

Strategy as a Way Out

Willem H. Vanderburg

978-0-8020-8385-2 / £16.00 /

$30.95 / 2000

Law and Morality

Readings in Legal Philosophy,

Third Edition

Edited by David Dyzenhaus,

Sophia Reibetanz Moreau, and

Arthur Ripstein

978-0-8020-9489-6 / £35.00 /

$55.00 / 2007

Law, Mystery, and the


Collected Essays

Edited by Logan Atkinson and

Diana Majury

978-0-8020-9001-0 / £42.00 /

$65.00 / 2008

Mafia and Outlaw Stories from

Italian Life and Literature

Translations and Introduction by

Robin Pickering-Iazzi

978-0-8020-9561-9 / £15.00 /

$24.95 / 2008

The Making of the Mosaic

A History of Canadian Immigration


Ninette Kelley and Michael


978-0-8020-8146-9 / £20.00 /

$35.95 / 1998

Making Sense of Adult


Second Edition

Dorothy MacKeracher

978-0-8020-3778-7 / £21.50 /

$35.95 / 2004

Making the Voyageur World

Travelers and Traders in the North

American Fur Trade

Carolyn Podruchny

978-0-8020-9428-5 / $31.95

/ 2006

Canadian rights only

Meaning and Authenticity

Bernard Lonergan and Charles

Taylor on the Drama of Authentic

Human Existence

Brian J. Braman

978-0-8020-9802-3 / £25.00 /

$40.00 / 2008

Method in Metaphysics

Andrew Beards

978-0-8020-9752-1 / £48.00 /

$75.00 / 2008

Method in Theology

Second Edition

Bernard Lonergan

978-0-8020-6809-5 / £13.50 /

$31.95 / 1990

Military Workfare

The Soldier and Social Citizenship

in Canada

Deborah Cowen

978-0-8020-9233-5 / £32.00 /

$55.00 / 2008

Modernist Goods

Primitivism, the Market, and

the Gift

Glenn Willmott

978-0-8020-9769-9 / £42.00 /

$65.00 / 2008

Moral Taste

Aesthetics, Subjectivity, and Social

Power in the Nineteenth-Century


Marjorie Garson

978-0-8020-9138-3 / £48.00 /

$75.00 / 2007

A Multitude of Women

The Challenges of the Contemporary

Italian Novel

Stefania Lucamante

978-0-8020-9794-1 / £40.00 /

$70.00 / 2008

Multiversities, Ideas, and


George Fallis

978-0-8020-9240-3 / £42.00 /

$65.00 / 2007

My Life in Crime and other

Academic Adventures

Martin L. Friedland

978-0-8020-9790-3 / £35.00 /

$45.00 / 2007

A Nation of Immigrants

Readings in Canadian History,


Edited by Franca Iacovetta with

Paula Draper and Robert Ventresca

978-0-8020-7482-9 / £15.00 /

$34.95 / 1998

The New Bibliopolis

French Book-Collectors and the

Culture of Print, 1880–1914

Willa Z. Silverman

978-0-8020-9211-3 / £48.00 /

$75.00 / 2008

The Oil and Gas Lease in


Fourth Edition

John Bishop Ballem

978-0-8020-9350-9 / £80.00 /

$125.00 / 2008

On the Edge of Empire

Gender, Race, and the Making of

British Columbia, 1849–1871

Adele Perry

978-0-8020-8336-4 / £16.00 /

$29.95 / 2001

Paraphrase on Matthew

Edited by Robert Sider. Translated

and Annotated by Dean Simpson

978-0-8020-9299-1 / £65.00 /

$125.00 / 2008

Pensions at Work

Socially Responsible Investment

of Union-Based Pension Funds

Edited by Jack Quarter, Isla Carmichael,

and Sherida Ryan

978-0-8020-9310-3 / £48.00 /

$75.00 / 2008

The People of New France

Allan Greer

978-0-8020-7816-2 / £10.00 /

$19.95 / 1997

The People’s House of


Theories of Democracy in


David E. Smith

978-0-8020-9465-0 / £15.00 /

$25.95 / 2007

Political Tourism and Its Texts

Maureen Moynagh

978-0-8020-9845-0 / £35.00 /

$55.00 / 2008

The Politics of Public Money

Spenders, Guardians, Priority

Setters, and Financial Watchdogs

inside the Canadian Government

David A. Good

978-0-8020-9503-9 / £21.50 /

$32.95 / 2007

The Promise of Schooling

Education in Canada, 1800–1914

Paul Axelrod

978-0-8020-7815-5 / £8.50 /

$19.95 / 1997

Public Science in Liberal


Edited by Jene M. Porter and

Peter W.B. Phillips

978-0-8020-9359-2 / £42.00 /

$65.00 / 2007

Queer Inclusions, Continental


Public Recognition of Sexual

Diversity in Canada and the

United States

David Rayside

978-0-8020-8629-7 / £22.50 /

$35.00 / 2008

The Quest for Meaning

A Guide to Semiotic Theory and


Marcel Danesi

978-0-8020-9514-5 / £12.95 /

$19.95 / 2007

Razing Africville

A Geography of Racism

Jennifer J. Nelson

978-0-8020-9252-6 / £25.00 /

$39.95 / 2008

Reading Culture and Writing

Practices in Nineteenth-Century


Martyn Lyons

978-0-8020-9357-8 / £32.00 /

$55.00 / 2008

Reclaiming the Nation

Muslim Women and the Law

in India

Vrinda Narain

978-0-8020-9278-6 / £28.00 /

$50.00 / 2008

Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

in Bed

Modernism’s Fairy Tales

Ann Martin

978-0-8020-9571-8 / £18.00 /

$27.95 / 2007

Resilience in Action

Working with Youth Across

Cultures and Contexts

Edited by Linda Liebenberg and

Michael Ungar

978-0-8020-9471-1 / £22.50 /

$35.00 / 2008


s e l e c t e d B a c k l i s t

Responding to Youth Crime in


Anthony Doob and Carla Cesaroni

978-0-8020-8624-2 / £20.00 /

$32.95 / 2004


Frank Parker Day

978-0-8020-6723-4 / £14.00 /

$24.95 / 1973

Roman Dress and the Fabrics

of Roman Culture

Edited by Jonathan Edmondson

and Alison Keith

978-0-8020-9319-6 / £55.00 /

$85.00 / 2008

Rulers and Ruled

An Introduction to Classical

Political Theory

Irving M. Zeitlin

978-0-8020-7877-3 / £13.00 /

$21.95 / 1996

Rural Nostalgias and

Transnational Dreams

Identity and Modernity among

Jat Sikhs

Nicola Mooney

978-0-8020-9257-1 / £40.00 /

$60.00 / 2009

Science in the Kitchen and the

Art of Eating Well

Pelegrino Artusi

978-0-8020-8657-0 / £18.99 /

$45.00 / 2003

Shoestring Soldiers

The 1 st Canadian Division at

War, 1914–1915

Andrew Iarocci

978-0-8020-9822-1 / £32.00 /

$50.00 / 2008

Silent Reading and the Birth of

the Narrator

Elspeth Jajdelska

978-0-8020-9364-6 / £35.00 /

$60.00 / 2008

Skyscrapers Hide the Heavens

A History of Indian-White Relations

in Canada, Third Edition

J.R. Miller

978-0-8020-8153-7 / £18.00 /

$37.95 / 2000

Socrates on Trial

A play based on Aristophanes’

Clouds and Plato’s Apology, Crito,

and Phaedo adapted for modern


Andrew D. Irvine

978-0-8020-9538-1 / £10.95 /

$17.95 / 2007

Someone to Teach Them

York and the Great University

Explosion, 1960–1973

John T. Saywell

978-0-8020-9827-6 / £28.00 /

$45.00 / 2008

Strangers in Our Midst

Sex, Psychiatry, and Law at Mid-


Elise Chenier

978-0-8020-9453-7 / £22.50 /

$35.00 / 2008

Striving with Grace

Views of Free Will in Anglo-

Saxon England

Aaron J. Kleist

978-0-8020-9163-5 / £55.00 /

$85.00 / 2008

The Struggle for Canadian Sport

Bruce Kidd

978-0-8020-7664-9 / £14.00 /

$26.95 / 1996

‘Surfacing’ the Politics of


Literature, Feminism, and Myth

Rajeshwari S. Vallury

978-0-8020-9038-6 / £42.00 /

$65.00 / 2008

The Thesis and the Book

A Guide for First-Time Academic

Authors, Second Edition

Edited by Eleanor Harman, Ian

Montagnes, Siobhan McMenemy,

and Chris Bucci

978-0-8020-8588-7 / £11.00 /

$18.95 / 2003

Thinking Historically

Educating Students for the 21 st


Stéphane Lévesque

978-0-8020-9259-5 / £35.00 /

$55.00 / 2008

Thinking Impossibilities

The Intellectual Legacy of Amos


Edited by Robert S. Westman and

David Biale

978-0-8020-9795-8 / £42.00 /

$65.00 / 2008

This Is Not a Peace Pipe

Towards a Critical Indigenous


Dale Turner

978-0-8020-3792-3 / £15.00 /

$27.95 / 2006

A Thoroughly Canadian


A Biography of General H.D.G.


Paul Douglas Dickson

978-0-8020-0802-2 / £35.00 /

$55.00 / 2007

Three Treatises from Bec on the

Nature of Monastic Life

Edited with introduction and notes

by Giles Constable

Translated by Bernard S. Smith

978-0-8020-9260-1 / £32.00 /

$50.00 / 2008

Tracing the Connected


Arctic Exploration in British Print

Culture, 1818–1860

Janice Cavell

978-0-8020-9280-9 / £40.00 /

$60.00 / 2008

For more information on these and other University

of Toronto Press titles, please visit our website at



An Illustrated History

Paul Robert Magocsi

978-0-8020-8701-0 / $75.00

/ 2007

Canadian rights only

Ukraine and Russia

Representations of the Past

Serhii Plokhy

978-0-8020-9327-1 / £48.00 /

$75.00 / 2008

Uncle Sam and Us

Globalization, Neoconservatism,

and the Canadian State

Stephen Clarkson

978-0-8020-8539-9 £22.50 /

$41.95 / 2002

Verse and Virtuosity

The Adaptation of Latin Rhetoric

in Old English Poetry

Janie Steen

978-0-8020-9157-4 / £45.00 /

$70.00 / 2008

The View from the Murney


Salem Bland, the Late-Victorian

Controversies, and the Search for

a New Christianity, Volume 1

Richard Allen

978-0-8020-9748-4 / £48.00 /

$80.00 / 2008

Visiting Grandchildren

Economic Development in the


Donald J. Savoie

978-0-8020-9382-0 / £22.50 /

$36.00 / 2006

Wagner and the Wonder

of Art

An Introduction to Die Meistersinger

M. Owen Lee

978-0-8020-9573-2 / £10.95 /

$18.95 / 2007

The West beyond the West

A History of British Columbia,

Third Edition

Jean Barman

978-0-8020-9495-7 / £25.00 /

$39.95 / 2007

Williams’ Hebrew Syntax

Third Edition

Ronald J. Williams. Revised and

expanded by John C. Beckman

978-0-8020-9429-2 / £15.00 /

$24.95 / 2007

The Woman’s Page

Journalism and Rhetoric in Early


Janice Fiamengo

978-0-8020-9537-4 / £16.00 /

$25.95 / 2008

Women Novelists before Jane


The Canon and the History of

the Novel

Brian Corman

978-0-8020-9770-5 / £40.00 /

$65.00 / 2008

Words with Power

Being a Second Study of ‘The

Bible and Literature’

Northrop Frye. Edited by Michael


978-0-8020-9293-9 / £60.00 /

$95.00 / 2008

A World Made Sexy

Freud to Madonna

Paul Rutherford

978-0-8020-9466-7 / £17.95 /

$27.95 / 2007

World Writing

Poetics, Ethics, and Globalization

Edited by Mary Gallagher

978-0-8020-9516-9 / £15.00 /

$27.95 / 2008

Writing at Russia’s Border

Katya Hokanson

978-0-8020-9306-6 / £40.00 /

$65.00 / 2008


i n d e x

1 Way 2 C the World...4


African American Pioneers

of Sociology...10

Alber, Jan.................19

Alice’s Adventures Under


Alvey, Nahoko


An Independent

Foreign Policy for


Anastakis, Dimitry...30

Angels of the


Angus, Ian...............38

Arduous Tasks...........18



Ashley, Mike............52


Bal, Mieke...............14

Barnard, Timothy....15

Bashford, Alison.......11

Benjamin Disraeli


Bernard Shaw and his


Beyond the Box.........10

Bitterli, Dieter.........26

Boudreau, Julie-Anne.8

Bow, Brian.................6

Brake, Laurel............53

Bratton, John...........49

Brescia, Michael M..32

Brock, Deborah R....45

Brooks, Stephen.......42

Brown, Bryson.........37

Brown, Lynn N........55

Bryden, P.E..............30


Cadigan, Sean T.........1

Canada’s 1960s...........2

Canadian Annual

Review of Politics and

Public Affairs........40

Canadian Insurance

Clamis Directory...56

Canadian Who’s Who


Capitalism and

Classical Sociological


Caring for the World..13

Carroll, Lewis..........51

Casino State..............45

Cervantes’ Epic Novel.21

Chan, Kevin............13

Changing Theories.....49

Changing Toronto.......8

Civil Wars.................42

Clarke, Harold D.....41

Class and Race

Formation in North


Cohen, Marjorie


Collected Works of George

Grant, Volume 4...38

Colley, Linda...........53

Compact, Contract,


Comparing Political


Contemporary Canadian


Corsianos, Marilyn..44

Cosgrave, James F.....45

The Critical Path and

Other Writings......20


Da Rosa, Victor M.P..47

Davis, Arthur...........38

de Lint, Willem.......44

Demoor, Marysa......53

Denham, David.......49

Deutschmann, Linda.49

Diaspora by Design...46

Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century


Dodds, Gregory D...25

Doern, G. Bruce......41

Doran, Robert M.....37

Dossa, Parin.............46

Drain, Paul K...........13

Dying and Death in



Eberlein, Burkard.....41


The Event of the


Exploiting Erasmus....25


Fedorak, Shirley.......15

Feldstein, Peter.........10

Film Narratology......14

The Finance Crisis and


Flatman, Joe.............51

The Fluid Envelope of

Our Planet...........33

Framing Canadian


From Plato to

Lumière................. 15

Frye, Northrop........20


Gagnon, Alain G.....39

Galloway, Andrew....23

Garner, Roberta.......49

Gaudreault, André...15

Ghostly Paradoxes......16

Gibson, Kelly Lyn....28

Giles, Ryan D..........22

Global Horizons........43

Goering, Joseph.......23

Goldstick, Dan........36

Goodman, Mark J....46

Gose, Peter...............50

Governing the Energy


Griffith Taylor...........11


Hall, Alan................44

Hancock, Black


Hawman, Ellen L.....34

Her Worship................8

Heron, Craig...........31

Himka, John-Paul....17

Hron, Madelaine.....19


Stephen A............13


Identity and


In the Presence of Each


Insana, Lina N.........18

Intelligent Control.....44

Invaders as





Johnston, Mark D....27

Justifying Our



Keil, Roger.................8

Klassen, Thomas R..45

Kornberg, Allan.......41

Kostroun, Daniella...34

Kuhlberg, Mark.......33

Kushner, Eva............20




Last Judgement

Iconography in the


The Laughter of the


Lauterbach, Frank....19

Lear, Edward............52

Lennox, Patrick..........6

The Letters of Robert


Lexicons of Early Modern


Libraries Within the



i n d e x


Lonergan, Bernard...37


Marie Olson........42

Lumley, Elizabeth....54



Making Political


Making Work, Making


Mandelbrote, Giles..53

Mann, Janice...........22

Mantello, F.A.C.......23

Marder, Michael......36

Medieval Conduct


Millar, Mary S.........34

Miller, J.R..................7

Mills, Eric L.............33

Moghissi, Haideh.....46


H. Daniel............37

Mutimer, David.......40



Newfoundland and




Nonsense Botany and



Nonsense Songs and


North America..........32


Herbert C............48


O’Grady, Jean..........20

O’Mara, Mechtilde..25

On Preserving...........37

One Hundred Rings and


Ontario Legal Directory



Palmer, Bryan D........2

Paraphrase on the

Epistles to the


Pearson, Frederic......42

Peroni, Gwen...........56


Michel W.............20

Phillips, Edward.......25

Pirtle, Sara E............13

Playing a Part in


Policing and Gendered


Pop Culture..............15

The Portuguese in


Preaching the


Public Policy for


Pulkingham, Jane.....39


Racialized Bodies,

Disabling Worlds...46

Rahnema, Saeed.......46

Reason, Truth, and


Remembering and

Forgetting in


Robson, Ann P.........34



Romanesque Architecture

and its Sculptural

Decoration in

Christian Spain....22

Roper, Henry...........38


Barbara H............27

Rotman School of


Rudin, Ronald.........30

Russell, James W......47






Say What I Am


Schotch, Peter..........37

Schrauwers, Albert...32

The Science of


Scotto, Thomas J.....41

Sewell, John...............9

The Shape of the


Shields, Michael G...37

Ships and Shipping in



A Short History of the

Middle Ages..........27

A Short Reader of

Medieval Saints....28

Siaroff, Alan.............43

Sider, Robert D........25

Skott-Myhre, Hans


Smail, Daniel Lord...28

Society, Spirituality, and

the Sacred.............48

Songer, Donald R....40

Spruyt, Hendrik.......43



Stokes, James...........24

Stones of Law, Bricks of


Stouck, Mary-Ann...28

‘Strange Truths in



Strange, Carolyn......11

Subtelny, Orest........17

Super, John C..........32

Swenson, Donald S..48


Taking Liberties........53

Taking Stock of Taking


Teigrob, Robert..........6

Teixeira, Carlos........47

Through a Classical


The Transformation of

the Supreme Court of


Translating Pain........19

The Triune God........37



Understanding American


‘Union Is Strength’.....32

Urbaniak, Tom...........8


Vallendorf, Lisa........34

van der Lecq,


Vengance in Medieval


Verstraten, Peter.......14

Vinitsky, Ilya............16


Wakelam, Randall T...5

Waring, Marilyn........4

Warming up to the Cold


Wiebe, M.G............34

Wilson, Donna M...48

Women, Religion,

and the Atlantic


Working in Steel........31


Yeager, R.F...............23

Young, Douglas..........8

Youth and Subculture as

Creative Force.......12


Zacher, Samantha....26


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Trim Associates

2404 Payne Street

Evanston IL 60201

Tel/Fax: (773) 871-1249


Roger Sauls, Book Traveler

1289 Fordham Blvd.

Box 193

Chapel Hill NC 27514

Tel: (919) 490-5656

Fax: (919) 490-0927

Email: roger_165@msn.com



Ben Schrager

735 Pelham Parkway N.

Bronx NY 10467

Tel/Fax: (718) 654-1968

Ak, AR, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, LA,



Collins/Terry Associates

19216 S.E. 46th Pl.

Issaquah WA 98027

Tel: (425) 747-3411

Fax: (425) 747-0366


pakistan and the caribbean

Ethan Atkin

Cranbury International LLC

7 Clarendon Ave. Suite 2

Montpelier VT 05602

Tel: (802) 223-6565

Fax: (802) 223-6824


Singapore, malaysia,

indonesia, thailand, korea

& vietnam

APac Cassidy Publishers Services

8 Lorong Bakur Batu


Singapore 348743

Tel: (65) 6844-7333

Fax: (65) 6747-8916


Segment Book Distributors

22, Prakash Deep,

DMA Road

Darayaganj, New

Delhi-110002 India

Tel: 91-11-644-3013,


Fax: 01-11-647-0472

Email: segment@de12.




United Publishers Service

1-32-5 Higashi-shinagawa


Tokyo 140-0002, Japan

Tel: 81-3-5479-7251

Fax: 81-3-5479-7307

middle east, turkey & North


Claire de Gruchy & Bill Kennedy

Avicenna Partnerships Ltd.

PO Box 484

Oxford OX2 9WQ


Tel: +44 7771 887843

Fax: +44 1387 247375

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