Extraction and partial purification and sequencing of thaumatin-like ...


Extraction and partial purification and sequencing of thaumatin-like ...


Sindhuri Madineni.

As the TLP’s have anti fungal and bacterial activity as per previous studies reported by [1], their influence on Candida

albicans 15,17,18, Saccharomyces cerevisiae 10 , Bacillus subtilis, Escherichia coli growth was tested using nutrient agar

media and the zone of inhibition were determined after 24 hr of incubation. The TLP protein had shown maximum

antimicrobial activity against Candida albicans when compared to other microorganisms. The zone of inhibitions for

each organism was shown in Fig. 8 and Table -1. TLP has no inhibitory activity against Escherichia coli, but the

activity on Candida albicans was maximum.

Table- 1: The zone of inhibitions for each organism

Candida albicans Bacillus subtilis




TLP protein +VE +VE +VE -VE

(a) Candida albicans

(b) Bacillus

(c) S.cerevesiae


Fig.8: Inhibition zones for Inhibition

Thaumatin like proteins have been extracted, purified and characterized from soaked and unsoaked grains of Hordeum

vulgare. The amount of protein in both the extracts (soaked and unsoaked) were determined and concluded that

protein concentration is high in soaked grains. The effect of pure proteins on the growth of microorganism has been

studied. It was found that TLP’s inhibited the growth of Candida albicans, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Bacillus

subtilis. The TLP coding gene of 181bp length was amplified from the barley DNA and shown a 100% similarity with

the other TLP proteins.


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