Surname Name Company Country Title of presentation Muneeb ...

Surname Name Company Country Title of presentation Muneeb ...

Surname Name Company Country Title of presentation

Muneeb Abid National University of Sciences and

Pakistan An effective resource constrained scheduling for

Technology (NUST)

a single-track railway timetabling problem.

Borna Abramović Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Croatia Modelling train cost in HZ Cargo d.o.o.

University of Zagreb

Elias Dahlhaus Darmstadt University of Technology and DB

Systel GmbH

Germany Sorting Freight Cars with Own Power Units on

Restricted Number and Track Lengths.

Petr Dorazil AŽD Praha, s.r.o. Czech Rep. Accuracy of ETCS trackside objects measuring.

Pamela Ercegovac Serbian Railways a.d. Serbia Effect of perceptual-motor characteristics of

executive railway staff on prediction railway


Lukáš Fiala Univerzita Pardubice Czech Rep. Analytic methods of railway station layout

capacity estimation.

Hans-Christian Graf LOGISTIKUM.Steyr Austria Store.

Fredrik Hagelin KTH Royal Institute of Technology Sweden Profitable feeder transport on rail.

Stanislav Hodas University of Zilina, Fac. of Civil Engineering Slovak Rep. Design conditions and selected operating and

environmental characteristics of high-speed


Peter Ihnát Železničná spoločnosť cargo Slovakia, a.s. Slovak Rep. The cooperation between a rail freight

undertaking and a carrier in the context of TAF


Maciej Irlik Bombardier Transportation (ZWUS) Polska Sp. Poland Is it only the ERTMS? Bombardier’s experience

z o. o.

with the ERTMS in Poland.

Slađana Janković Faculty of Traffic and Transport Engineering Serbia Cloud Databases in Railway Transport.

Ingo Kempe Scheidt und Bachmann GmbH Germany Safety and effective train detection system.

David Krásenský OLTIS Group a.s. Czech Rep. Exchanging information and cooperation of

railways in the international context.

Wolfgang Ladinig St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences Austria Support Measurements for the Design of Safety-

Related Systems for Railroad Crossings.

Aleš Lieskovský AŽD Praha s.r.o. Czech Rep. ETCS and ATO - nowadays and subsequent


Peter Márton Žilinská univerzita v Žiline Slovak Rep. Contribution to the increasing of efficiency of

freight wagon classification.

Rafal Melnik Warsaw University of Technology Faculty of


Poland Application of the rail vehicle monitoring system

in the process of suspension condition assesment.

Bernhard Rüger University of Applied Sciences St. Poelten Austria Education in Railway Systems on International

Level - A Win-Win-Win Situation for Students,

Universities and Railways.

Andreas Schoebel TU WIEN Austria Conceptual design of cross border exchange on

monitoring data.

Sebastian Schön TU Darmstadt, Fachgebiet Bahnsysteme und


Germany Additional methods to detect train-integrity

under ETCS-Level 3 and the effects on capacity,

control of movement and the operational rules.

Tatjana Simic COWI doo Belgrade Main repair (track overhaul) in railway stations -

tracks and platforms, signalling and

telecommunication devices according to the TSI

and ES.

Bogdan Sowinski Warsaw University of Technology Faculty of


Poland Influence of rail vehicle dymanic properties on

track vertical geometry irregularities.

Anselmo Stelzer FG Bahnsysteme und Bahntechnik, TU Germany Information exchange for connection dispatching.


Gordan Stojić Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of

Novi Sad

Serbia The role of the railway in the multimodal

transport in Vojvodina.

Constanze Streitzig TU Darmstadt, FG Bahnsysteme und


Germany Practical Education of Young Academics for

Railway Operation and Research.

Andrzej Surowiecki Military Academy of Land Forces Poland Polish recommendations for design, technology

and operating for railway engineering objects.

Andrzej Surowiecki Military Academy of Land Forces Poland Designing of railway track foundation according

to Eurocode 7.

Andrzej Surowiecki Military Academy of Land Forces Poland Problems of security on the railway crossings.

Peter Tauschitz Vienna University of Technology, Institute of

Transportation, Research Center for Railway

Engineering, Traffic Economics and Ropeways


The future of passenger transport - an overview

to the most innovative service and comfort

concepts of train operators worldwide.

DI Mark Volcic Vienna University of Technology Austria Kronecker algebra and its broad applications in

railway systems.

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