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us imagine exactly that, a place with a beading heart, where memories and

human experiences make the city alive.

If you‟re born here, or if you come here from some distant place, or if

you see the city rising over fields and forests from a house not far away,

then you know. Rich or poor, you know that the heart of the city was

set to beating when the first axe rang out against the first tree to be

felled. And it has never ceased, for the city is a living thing far greater

than just its smoke and light and stone. (Helprin, 2008:520)

Map My London is not only a map of good memories. It is a map of real ones

– sad or happy, scary or soothing. It is a map exploring the genuine human

experience and its nature in the city. How often we pass by a place and we

remember an old friend, lost love or a special moment that we experienced

there? By some means Map My London reveals memories concealed behind

the fast moving pace of the city. The streets are not only a collection of roads

and buildings and the real city map is not simply made up from lines and


The idea behind this work seems to be revealing itself in the fact that the

participants have to stop and take a minute to share their thoughts and

memories. They are, in a way, forced to look at the surrounding space

through a different angle and to transform it into a place with a meaning. To

quote from of Yi-Fu Tuan‟s book, The Perspective of Experience, “…if we

think of a space as that which allows movement, then place is pause, each

pause in movement makes it possible for location to be transformed into

place.” (Tuan, 2001:6)

Map My London creates a feeling of closeness and connection with the other,

strengthens the value of place and responds to the basic human need for

community. Although the project does not have a physical representation, as

it can only be viewed online, it is a good example of how technology can be

used to help us connect with and relive the memories of a city.


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