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VIP newsletter September07.indd - VIP-Booking


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McGowan’s Musings:

So if this is September, it must be Berlin!

Again I am writing this before the VIP team

congregate with many of you at Popkomm.

Perhaps due to this year’s emphasis on live

some of you may be attending for the first

time, it will be good – or, as this will be online

after the event – it was good, to meet

up with you.

As the summer recedes and the Autumn

touring season kicks in, a high profile

reformation and an equally newsworthy

split occupy the top positions on the live

industry chat charts this month; A Led

Zeppelin reunion will happen when they

pay tribute to the late producer/record

mogul Ahmet Ertegun with a show which

has already had over 20 million ticket applications

will take place at the 20,000-

seat O2 in London on November 26th. If

Page, Plant, Jones and Bonham Jnr put

in all the effort to rehearse, it seems only

practical to keep up the momentum and

play more dates, and why not, heaven (or

the stairway to) forbid that they should

be the only ones not to enrich their pension

funds and put a smile on the faces

of the inheritance tax men! Harvey Goldsmith,

organiser of the O2 show stressed

that they were not about to embark on

a world tour, whilst leaving the option

open with the words, “..but if the performance

was a triumph who knows what

might happen?” AEG and Michael Cohl’s

CPI are at the forefront of the tour producer


Allan McGowan

The split referred to also involves AEG and

even more rumours that seem to heading

for confirmation; the whispers were that

Live Nation’s music director and festival

supreme, Stuart Galbraith, was orchestrating

a group defection from the Company

to the major rivals. AEG denied knowledge

of this, but following Galbraith’s been

summary dismissed, there is much talk of

him setting up a joint venture with the O2

operators. Shall we all put 2 and 2 together

and make a bunch of symbols?!

This summer has also been notable for rain,

mud, and wind – in both meteorological

terms and in the amount of interest shown

in our industry by the heavyweight financial

press! In the US The Wall Street Journal

has lavished many pages on the demise of

the recorded music industry and the rise

of live, in the UK The Financial Times has

been equally preoccupied – ticket prices,

merchandising, venue development, artist

returns, all of these and other aspects have

been pored over. One valid point they all

make though is that our business, particularly

in Europe is very bad at providing accurate

data. As the business expands this

will become more and more necessary for

forward planning. VIP can help with this,

so if you can all keep providing us with information

that we can work with others to

compile data that will be of use to us all.

Those of you who picked up the print version

of VIP-News at Popkomm will have

read some of this issue’s stories, but not all!

For some time now I have been aware that

the most crucial members of the music industry,

the artists, do not often get to have

their say. I’ve also been aware that given

the drastic changes that have taken place

in our business, aspiring artists, the future

of our business, have both the means and

the necessity to control and direct their

own careers in a much bigger way than

ever before. Sometimes the rest of us think

that it’s easier for them now they can book

their own gigs and produce, manufacture

and promote their own recordings, however

it’s still as difficult to break as ever,

and the competition is greater than ever. I

looked for someone that could document

this struggle, and report on the ups and

downs of a group of aspiring artists. So this

issue contains the first entry in the Elk Diaries,

which will keep up with the fortunes

of the young band, Absent Elk. We wish

them all success and who knows we may

see them grow to international stature!

So for now, Meine Damen und Herren,

here is the News:



VIP- News - S e p t e m b e r 2 0 0 7

Edge VCT is Britain’s Biggest Live

Events Fund

Allan McGowan


VIP-News is published by:


26 York Street

London W1U 6pZ

Managing Director:

Ronni Didriksen

General Manager:

Peter Briggs

Writer and editorial:

Allan McGowan


Manfred Tari

For advertising enquiries pls. contact

Peter Briggs

or +44 870 755 0092


Pekaye Graphics, Phuket – Thailand

On 10 September The Edge Group announced

that its Edge Performance Venture

Capital Trust, the first VCT to target investment

into the live events industry, had become

the biggest UK specialist investment

fund for the live music and events industry.

The fund has raised £19.7m after its second

offer doubled the £6.25m it raised in its first

round. That original £6.25m has now been

fully invested.

Edge has already backed events co-promoted

with leading promoters such as SJM and

AEG, featuring artists including The Good,

The Bad and The Queen, The Pogues, Katherine

Jenkins, James, Seal, Bryan Ferry, Elvis

Costello, James Morrison and Bryn Terfel.

» I am delighted that in less than 18

months from its launch Edge has the

greatest funding...«

- David Glick

Edge Group founder David Glick said the

Company will announce a series of further

investments over the next 12 months which

will establish Edge as a significant player in

the live events industry, investing alongside

both new and established promoters.

“There is nowhere in the entertainment industry

which is as buoyant and exciting as live

events,” he said. “We are very pleased with the

quality of the opportunities we are finding. As

Edge grows in scale and reputation I expect us

increasingly to become the first port of call for

entrepreneurs in the live business wanting to

take their companies to the next level.”

Glick said that the key to Edge’s success in

fundraising has been a combination of a clear

proposition for investors and a stellar investment

team. “I am delighted that in less than 18

months from its launch Edge has the greatest

funding of its type to invest in live music and

events in the UK,” he said. “I believe that this is

a vindication of our strategy to allow individual

investors to participate in the live music boom

and of the very high quality team of music industry

experts we have assembled.”

Edge Performance is unique in offering investors

a high degree of capital protection

coupled with a strong potential upside. In

essence this means that Edge first underpins

shareholders’ funds with a combination of

low risk deals and the 30% tax relief offered

under the Government’s VCT rules, and then

carefully selects other investments that offer

far greater potential upside.

“Historically the music industry has tended to

frighten away investors, and even for the determined

investor the fragmentation of the live

sector has traditionally made investment by

individuals very difficult.” said Glick. “Edge’s

unique structure [supported by the Government’s

VCT tax incentives] combined with the

health of the live sector mean even relatively

small investors can now participate with confidence.”

The Edge VCT team includes some of the

biggest and most experienced names in the

entertainment business, including:

David Glick, one of the entertainment industry’s

most successful dealmakers who

represents clients as diverse as DJ Fatboy

Slim, celebrity chef Giorgio Locatelli and

fashion designer Alexander McQueen;

Frank Presland, manager of Elton John and

James Blunt; Michael Eaton, manager of

Eric Clapton; Harvey Goldsmith CBE, legendary

impresario and organiser of Live

Aid and Live 8; Sir Robin Miller, former

chairman of both EMAP and HMV; Gordon

Power, private equity pioneer; Alasdair

George, former Sony-BMG business affairs

chief and Julian Paul, co-founder of Eagle

Rock Entertainment.

Said Glick, “The entertainment industry is a

people business and we are lucky enough to

boast some of the most talented and bestconnected

people in the business on our


Edge VCT



VIP- News - S e p t e m b e r 2 0 0 7

Elk Diaries

Ross Martin; Edited by Allan McGowan

My name is Ross Martin, and I make up one

fifth of temporarily unsigned band ‘Absent

Elk’ (

We are pretty much based in Brighton,

although our front man Kjetil is originally

from Norway (an emigration that gave us

our unusual name).

Ross Martin

I feel that we are currently perched somewhere

on the lower rungs of a seemingly

wobbly music-industry ladder, a ladder

that potentially leads to something that

could possibly become rewarding enough

to justify the years, sweat and tears invested...

but that certainly offers no guarantees

to those who have risked life and limb

by putting both feet on the oily rungs to

start with.

It really should be an exciting time, but it’s

surprisingly frustrating. Right now, everybody

is ‘interested’ in the project. We’ve

even had a few heavy-weight label reps

describe us as their ‘favourite new band’,

and other similarly flattering statements,

on their personal web profiles, yet they

are all pretty slow to actually do anything

pro-active about it, other than come to the

odd gig.

their emails for days on end, and nobody

suggests any firm arrangements, yet they

are all apparently convinced that they will

be the ones to make it happen for us and

(more importantly) to take a substantial

chunk of our income.

The interested parties we have spoken to

so far, have proven to be a very mixed bag.

We have been invited to meet with management

companies, labels, national radio

pluggers, lawyers, scammers, Del Boys

(reference to a dubious market trader in

UK TV comedy Only Fools and Horses) etc

etc. Whilst some have been quite forthcoming,

and given us a lot of valuable advice,

most just want our money, but often

don’t want to do any real work to earn it.

Not at this stage anyway. They think they

can just show-off their client list, then wait

for us to make it happen for ourselves, before

suddenly appearing again from the

woodwork for some cash.

Our meeting with a high profile London

music business lawyer representing a roster

of very major artists, was an interesting

example of exactly what bothers me about

the whole process. He emailed, inviting us

to his office, so we jumped on the train.

Basically, all he said was that he really liked

the music, and that we should work hard!

Groundbreaking stuff I’m sure you’ll agree.

He was mainly just selling himself, with

the aid of the hundred-odd platinum discs

strategically positioned everywhere you

looked. The most important thing though,

for him, was to ensure that we kept him ‘in

the loop’, and fired any questions his way,

rather than to somebody else. Can’t blame

him I guess, it’s just good business sense.

It’s certainly not going to make or break a

project though ...but then, I suppose that’s

not his job.

Absent Elk

feedback, then run into a wall. It’s difficult

to go from them telling you they love it, to

actually taking it further (well, promptly

anyway). They prefer to just keep an eye

on you, and see how the buzz builds. This

is bollocks as far as I’m concerned. I’m ferociously

impatient. The Brighton/London

area is way over-saturated with reasonable

bands, all employing ‘buzz building’ tactics,

gigging everywhere and anywhere every

night. I’ve seen good friends, in decent

bands, do this for years on end, and never

go anywhere... except running themselves

into the ground. I’ve seen other friends

make a band, gig three or four times (if

that!), and sign a serious deal with a major.

This suggests that times have changed (?),

and it is probably possible to go straight in

for the kill, from inside the industry... provided

the material/timing is right.

Some people even say that this is the most

exciting period ever for unsigned artists,

as there’s such a vast array of self-promotion

vehicles and tools available to help

you along, and to expose your music to

the masses. I think the complete reverse

is true. It’s precisely these factors that

are taking away opportunities from many

proper writers.

Maybe it’s just the silly summer season of

festivals and festivities. Nobody picks up

I feel like we’ve heard from loads of significant

people, generated lots of positive

In the current climate, no matter how brilliant

or commercially viable the material

The VIP-Booking European Live Entertainment Book

Advertising in the VIP Book will make you visible to 10.000 business

professionals all over Europe. You will find no better place to expose your

company to the whole European Live Entertainment Industry.




VIP- News - S e p t e m b e r 2 0 0 7

may be, I doubt it would be wise to rely

purely on the fact that it will eventually

battle its way through to the right

A&R reps on its musical merits alone.

The wheat and chaff filter is completely

clogged up with artists, all trying to do

the same thing. There’s simply too much

stuff, too many readily available avenues

of self-promotion, and every man and his

dog now has access to half-decent recording

facilities on their home computers.

Major and indie labels alike are completely

inundated with demos, all recorded to

a high standard, all from bands who appear

to have a serious web-presence and

a large following. In many cases, this web

presence isn’t even linked to the quality of

the music they produce. It has more to do

with the number of hours they are willing

to spend sitting at computers ‘friend-adding’,

setting up profiles on the numerous

social networking sites, and uploading

photos of their angular haircuts.

job). I’d truly love to be able to concentrate

100% on writing music to the best of our

ability, and just let word-of-mouth take

care of the rest ...but I suspect that the resulting

neglect of our day-to-day promo/

networking duties, would be equivalent

to digging our own industry grave.

»Some people seem quite sure

we have it under control, but I suspect

our tactics alone may

not be enough...«

- Ross Martin

Anyway, we have now put some serious

hours into all these distractions and yes,

this effort has certainly got in the way of

my personal creativity/musicianship.

will be interesting to see whether the positive

feedback we’ve managed to generate

along the way will be enough to prompt/

reassure any potential investor to put his

money where his mouth is. Then maybe it

will all seem worthwhile?


If you want a career, the biggest artistic

challenge is in your secretarial skills ...Isn’t

that sad.

On a brighter note however, we do firmly

believe that we have the songs (and the

secretarial skills) to get where we want to

be (somehow). It’s just a matter of choosing

the best route, and accelerating the

process. We have national Radio Pluggers

onboard (awaiting a few new mixes).

Major and Indie A&R reps are starting to

appear regularly at our shows. The right

person will soon call, or turn up to see us.

He will lay something solid on the table, or

have something significant and proactive

to say ...and my god that will be refreshing!

If you’re reading this Mr Right, feel free to

give us a shout...!

More Elk Diaries to follow:

I for one, would much rather see music

coming back to where it belongs- a state

of creativity – where the artist is free to

concentrate 100% on their songs, without

all this bullshit getting in the way. Of

course, there are only so many hours in the

day (every member of Absent Elk has a day

Some people seem quite sure we have it

under control, but I suspect our tactics

alone may not be enough to make it take

off, in style, any day soon. Maybe it’s time

to pull some elaborate stunts, and force

the ball to roll a bit faster... Which I guess

is where the creativity in new music lies?

Absent Elk

Concorde’s Last Flight

Allan McGowan

A long time fixture of the line up of talent

agencies disappears in a time of change for

the London business. Certain reports indicated

that booking agency Concorde International

Artistes would cease trading at

the end of September bringing an end to a

thirty-year history in the business. However

a call to the Company’s west London office

on Monday September 3 found only agent/

manager Debra Downes putting the finishing

touches to this sad closure.

the agency, Paul Bolton, now at Helter Skelter,

David Levy and Russel Warby both now

at William Morris, all worked at CIA at one

time or another.

Things had been tough for CIA over the last

couple of years; the death from cancer of

founder Louis Parker was of course a major

blow; when Louis’s son Solomon and Steve

Hogan left, taking their artists to join William

Morris Agency’s new London office,

the stability of the company was badly affected.

Debra Downes told VIP-News that an announcement

about the future of the Company’s

remaining agents and artists would

be made by Louise Parker very soon. VIP-

News wishes them all future success and

will feature details in our on-line edition.

Apart from The Leighton-Pope Organisation,

Concorde was the last of the family

businesses operating in the talent booking

area of the live music industry. Over the

years various agents still active at the forefront

of the business learned their trade at

Concorde International Artistes



VIP- News - S e p t e m b e r 2 0 0 7

Music & Media – The All New Version

Allan McGowan

The 2007 edition of the event that brings

together all aspects of the Finnish music

industry takes place, (as you will obviously

be aware if you are reading this whilst

at the festival!) from October 18-20, in the

city of Tampere. Musiikki & Media, as it

is in Finnish, aims to provide a local and

international focus for the country’s ever

growing recording, publishing and live

music business.

There are many new aspects to this 17th

version. As far as the organising team are

concerned the first obvious change is the

absence of Music Export Director Paulina

Ahokas, who is off on maternity leave,

dealing with an entirely more important

production! All at VIP extend their congratulations

and very best wishes to her

and partner Harri Ojala.

Assuming they survive (or have survived!)

the presentation of another Finnish

Moosic night, and the announcement

of huge plans for April 2008 (You may

now know about these!) at Popkomm,

- the new team working alongside director

Ville Kilpeläinen includes producer

Sami Häikiö and Marileea, marketing and

communications director. This new team

brings much more experience and focus

on live and touring to all the events.

Sami organised the first export tours of

Finnish music in the early 90s and has a

wide range of experience in the music

business, having worked as A&R at EMI

Finland, dj at Radio Helsinki and for various

labels such as Spinefarm and Epitaph

Europe. Plus, so Ville tells us,”He’s a great

lumberjack - seriously, he’s studied forestry

too. Talk about a renaissance man!”

Ville Kilpeläinen

The showcase element of M&M has been

totally revamped and will now be represented

within the Lost in Music festival,

which will present the pick of Finnish music

in venues around the conference venue,

Sokos Hotel Ilves. Juha Kyyrö, founder,

main owner and president of Fullsteam

Records Oy told VIP-News, “Fullsteam

Agency is the promoter for Lost in Music

Festival, the showcase festival in connection

with Music & Media trade fair. We will

have approx 12 venues and 80 bands in

total. (See list below). I believe we are the

biggest independent promoter in Finland

at the moment, at least if counted by the

number of shows.”

Ville Kilpeläinen comments “At the moment

Finland’s going from strength to

strength - there’s an ever growing amount

of international professionals interested

in the Finnish music scene. We’re basically

fighting off people that want to attend the

Music & Media conference, because the

conference’s capacity is only about 650

delegates. With the biggest Music & Media

conference so far and HIM, Nightwish and

Apocalyptica all releasing new albums, it

looks like it’s going to be a busy autumn for

Finnish music.”


Paulina Ahokas


VIP- News - S e p t e m b e r 2 0 0 7

Summertime Blues?

Allan McGowan

As we say goodbye to the summer, (or

whatever we continue to call this meteorologically

challenged season!) VIP decided

to ask how business is for the European live

industry SME’s. We talked with two leading

members of Network Europe; Chairman

Rob Berends of Paperclip Agency in

Holland and Sabine Waltz of International

Booking Department (IBD) in Munich, Germany.

VIP-News: With the ever-increasing number

of festivals competing for the punters summer

Euros are the knock on effects for

smaller venues and clubs making life difficult?

Does there still seem to be demand

for smaller tours and events?

Sabine: Well, not really, it’s getting harder

and harder, smaller acts without a profile

are impossible to get shows for, although not

only in the summer, this is a general problem,

on the other hand I just did a successful tour

for Nebula, they are a smaller band, but with

a history and profile. Plus I signed the Turkish

band Baba Zula, they are well known in Turkish

communities and also I am getting more

and more non-Turks to their shows, so this

works out well.

So it can still work, you just need to be more

creative, also you have to forget to rely on the

record labels, personally as an agent I am doing

much more than just booking shows.

Rob: The festival season is still extending.

Clubs and smaller/mid-size venues downscale

their bookings for an increasingly longer

period of time around the summer-months..

All over Europe club- and venue-shows on

the whole sell less tickets for their shows, in

Holland partly because the number of clubs/

venues goes down. So in many countries

overall ticket sales are down, although in

Holland they are up, but this is mainly due to

festivals and arena-shows.

So yes, the overall business in general does

better, but at the expense of smaller and newer

bands. For us as a company, effects are difficult

to measure. Some of our acts can take

advantage of the extended festival-season

and since average artist-fees are higher at

festivals, the financial returns for us are possibly

not that different. We do regret that talent-development

is currently less possible, for

us and for our business. Bands need to jump

from start-up to stadium-act too quickly.

VIP-News: Do you automatically scale

down in the summer months, can the small

and mid level businesses afford to lay back

during this season or do they have to keep

turning over?

Sabine: No, absolutely not, I have too much

work on my desk, more bands than ever, so

summer 2007 is very busy for IBD, but I also

have to be more pushy in order to get shows.

Things seem to take much longer than they

did a few years ago. E-mail as a tool is not

very helpful anymore as most of the emails I

send do not even get read; they either go into

the Spam filter or, and this is a problem, lot of

people I work with don’t really know how to

deal with their email programme, they something

like have 4000 mails in their inbox and

more incoming, and of course they can’t find

anything anymore. As a result, I have to call

people again.

Rob: We would not be able to afford to have

substantially less income during the festivalseason.

But thankfully, on average this is not

the case.

VIP-News: Has this summer followed a pattern

recognisable from previous years -or

do things seem to be changing?

Rob Berends

Despite all these negative developments,

2007 is the best year for IBD; we will celebrate

our 20th anniversary on Oct 13th,07 and I

have signed more bands in 2007 than I did in

2006 and 2005 together.

Rob: See my first comments. The pattern is:

more and more festivals and a longer festivalseason.

Other elements: more festivals seem

to suffer from stiff competition amongst each

other and also with arena-shows. In several

countries, ticket prices for large events really

go through the roof and this results in poor

ticket sales.

VIP-News: How has business been for you

so far this season, and how do the upcoming

weeks look?

Sabine: Incredibly busy; I have 4 bands touring,

two shows in Munich plus I have two artist

meetings. Besides this I need to finish the

October bookings for Delirium, DOA, Gallon

Drunk and Arrival/Abba.

Sabine: It has definitely changed, there are,

I would say about 40 % more bands touring

during summer this year, it’s overkill, everyone

seems to be out, known or unknown,

so it’s harder to get shows, audiences and


Bands no longer get huge advances from their

labels, so they need to make their living from

playing more live shows. Also with Myspace,

Sonic Bids, i-Tunes etc , more and more bands

are using the internet to get attention, there

are simply many more possibilities and options

for artists and they certainly use them.

Rob: We’ve been busy enough and are very

happy to be able to finally leave some shadows

from the past behind us. We’ve had

some excellent tours in Holland for bands

that we are the Dutch booker/promoter for,

like Balkan Beat Box, Heavy Trash and Delinquent

Habits. For several other acts, we are

the European agent. In the next few weeks

we have eX-Girl from Japan on tour in Scandinavia

playing some festivals and a few

club-shows, and have several artists playing

festivals all over Europe. Our work for Network

Europe continues and things are going

well on that front.

International Booking Department (IBD)



VIP- News - S e p t e m b e r 2 0 0 7

Hagenburg Acquires Petri Lunden’s Talent Trust

Allan McGowan

Hagenburg, the Law, Media and Management

Company based in Gothenburg,

Sweden has acquired Talent Trust, founded

by Petri H. Lundén who now assumes

the role of Chairman of the Board of what

is now the largest management for artists

and TV show hosts in the Nordic regions.

The new Hagenburg will be divided into

three different departments: Management,

Media and Law and will be located

in both Gothenburg and Stockholm.

Amanda Spaner will run the Law department

from September 1. Amanda was

educated from England and Sweden and

has worked politically in the US and at

Setterwalls law firm in Stockholm. The

department is specialized in media and

copyright law and represents clients

Kentaro in Sweden and the Hultsfred Festival


Also, via Petri H. Lundén, the Company

now represent guitar brand Gibson’s artist

relations in the Nordic area, the TV

rights for the Hultsfred Festival, Swedish

Football Association s official European

and World Championship records

and also arrange the yearly Ryttargalan

equestrian event in Sweden.

Hagenburg, the Law, Media and Management

The Management division will be run by

Henrik Johnsson and Petri H. Lundén, who

brings his existing artists; The Cardigans,

Europe, Peter LeMarc and Danish rock

band D A D to the new company which

already represents Sarah Dawn Finer, The

Poodles, Torgny Melins, Sebastian, Daniel

Lindström, Film On Four and Alcazar. Henrik

Johnsson commented, “Talent Trust and

Hagenburg have worked in different parts

of the same jungle. Together we will have a

broader field to play in which gives us larger

opportunities and more room to develop our


The new Media department run by Mathias

Andersson represents media personalities

Alice Bah, Anders Lundin, Anna

Lindmarker, Annika Lantz, Charlie Söderberg,

Claudia Galli, Elin Ek, Gry Forssell,

Henrik Johnsson, Linda Isacsson, Linda

Nyberg, Malin Baryard, Mathias Andersson,

Michael Alonzo, Nassim Al Fakir, Ola

Lindholm, Pontus Gårdinger, Richard Olsson,

Sanna Bråding, Sladjan Osmanagic

and Ulrika Eriksson.

Founded in 2003, Hagenburg is now

owned by Mathias Andersson, Henrik

Johnsson, Mark Leven, Petri H. Lundén

and the Kentaro Group.

Founder and partner Mathias Andersson

has been business manager for some of

Sweden s most well known TV show hosts

since 1997 founder and owner of book

keeping agency MA Production AB. Partner

of HUS a Scandinavian design store in

New York. He was elected Manager of the

Year 2004 by the Swedish Event Academy,

and hosted TV3 s Lyxfällan (The Luxury


Founder and partner Henrik Johnsson

has worked as producer and host for TV

and radio since 1996. Directed music videos

(Lars Win nerbäck, The Latin Kings,

Hardcore Superstar, Tomas Ledin etc.

and commercials (Fazer, Vasakronan etc),

and is a partner in HUS, ROHK (a chain of

stores that sell horse riding equipment)

and the Bomullsfabriken restaurant and

nightclub in Norrköping as well as chairman

in BRIS Children’s rights in society).

Chairman Petri H. Lundén founded booking

agency Motor, which was sold to EMA

Telstar in 1998, and booked the Hultsfred

Festival, Nalen, Storan and Gates of Metal.

As well as Talent Trust he also set up

TixDaq, (a price measuring tool for second

hand tickets on the Internet), Klick

Amanda Spaner

Track (MP3 shops) as well as other companies

within the entertainment sector. He

is also entertainment consultant for the

Swedish Football Association and guitar

brand Gibson, and remains on the board

of the IMMF (International Music Managers

Forum) and MMF Sweden.

Hagenburg has also completed an agreement

with partner Kentaro Group for the

exclusive rights to present music artists

at Kentaro s football and boxing events

which are broadcast all over the world.

In a press release Petri Lunden is quoted

as saying, “We now have enough power to

enter the global business arena and be able

to guarantee top artists for all of Kentaro s


VIP-News Speaks to Petri Lunden:

VIP-News: Is this expansion something

that you have been contemplating for

some time, or did you respond to the interest

in your organisation from Hagenburg?

Petri: Not really, the first meetings between

myself and Philippe Hüber of the Kentaro

Group took place in June and we agreed to

do a deal between us in that meeting. Simple

and lucrative, the way successful business

should be.



VIP- News - S e p t e m b e r 2 0 0 7

VIP-News: Do you think that this move is

another step in the undeniably growin

strength of the Scandinavian market and

a further indication of its ability to operate

under its own terms rather than remaining

secondary to the UK and US markets as an

international A&R source?

»...we have competent people

out there performing brilliant

work for our clients...«

- Petri H. Lundén

with the Agencies and Promoters that

you have established relationships with,

or would you perhaps look to planning a

new division for live?

Petri: There are no plans for some kind of

the often discussed 360 degree model or

similar, we have competent people out there

performing brilliant work for our clients and

we see no need to change a working model.

VIP-News: Is there anything else planned

that you would like to mention?

Petri: It will be an interesting challenge

to programme music entertainment on

Kentaro’s games, being football or boxing,

across the world, especially when the TV

broadcasts of such games reach hundreds

of millions across the globe and that all

these rights now are controlled in-house.

For more information:

Petri: I wish to remain slightly humble on

the subject, without the support of let’s say

Lucien Grainge at Universal it would be very

hard to build an international career for

a small band from Scandinavia. However

looking around at the opportunities it’s impossible

not to take a step forward and keep

delivering a good job for your clients and

also equally important for their fans which is

our livelihood. We also have a couple of acts

in the negotiating pipeline, which we hope

will sign with us.

VIP-News: In terms of live work for the artists

handled by this new and obviously

well resourced company will you still work

Petri H. Lundén


contact Henrik Johnsson at +46 8 643 62 30


HAGENBURG Gothenburg:

Kungsgatan 9c, 411 19 Gothenburg

tel: +46 31 339 95 90

fax: +46 31 13 95 09

HAGENBURG Stockholm:

Hantverkargatan 8, 112 21 Stockholm

tel: +46 8 643 62 30

fax: +46 8 661 13 90

Roskilde Festival’s Henrik Bondo Nielsen Receives

Honorary Degree

Allan McGowan

Henrik Bondo Nielsen has received a degree

at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University

College, near London, for his continued

work with festival health and safety issues

– and for his efforts in making the work accessible

for the public and to elevate it to a

scientific level, so that this knowledge can

be developed, evaluated and shared by festival

organisers all over the world.

The development has taken place across Europe,

for instance through the festival associations

Yourope and European Event Safety

Focus Group. It has resulted in a number of

safety seminars at various European venues.

Each year Roskilde Festival applies the

expanding international know-how on festival

health and safety when planning and

carrying through the festival.

Henrik has been a key person in this work,

and in recognition of this he received an

honorary degree at a ceremony at Buckinghamshire

Chilterns University College on

Wednesday 5 September.

The shift was implemented after the accident

at Roskilde Festival in 2000 when

nine young men died in front of the Orange

Stage. Prior to this accident, Roskilde Festival

was considered one of the safest music

festivals in the world – and yet the accident

happened. Consequently, there was a crucial

need to focus attention and to develop

the science of audience safety.

At the same time, formal education has

been established at Buckinghamshire

Chilterns University College – ‘Crowd and

Safety Management’ and ‘Close Protection’

at large events. This initiative has resulted in

projects focusing on how the audience acts

at concerts, how audience constructions in

front of stages are best built, and how people

act in critical situations.

Henrik Bondo Nielsen



VIP- News - S e p t e m b e r 2 0 0 7

CTS Eventim – Half Year Results 2007

Manfred Tari

Where have all the fantasies gone? The

CTS Eventim share used to be an investors

darling. In recent years the share price

only ever went up. But since SES Research

(as reported in the previous VIP-News issue)

released a very critical report about

CTS Eventim on July 10, the share price is

under pressure.

Even reasonable half year results haven’t

put the share price back on the road of

valorisation. In the first six months (H1-

2007) CTS Eventim gained a revenue of

about 213.6 million Euros. But as SES Research

already pointed out, the ROCE (Return

on Core Equity) is under pressure. In

the current business report the Company

reported that the EBIT (Earnings Before

Interests and Taxes) for H1-2007 is 27 million

Euros,a drop of about 10,1 percent on

the 30.1 million for the same period the

year before (H1-2006). The same goes for

the EBITDA, in H1-2006 33.4 million Euro,

compare to 30 million Euro in the current

first half year, a decrease in this category

of 10.3 percent.

Nevertheless CTS Eventim emphasized

that the current results are in line with expectations

as last years business had been

extraordinary, due to the very positive effect

of handling tickets sales for the FIFA

World Cup. The ticketing division was and

still seems to be the preferred CTS Eventim

profit centre. The adjusted results (without

the FIFA World Cup) for the Ticketing

division indicate a revenue rise of about

40.1 percent. While H1-2006 produced a

turnover of about 25.7 million Euros in this

segment, the current half year results are

36.1 million Euro. The EBIT increased about

78% from 4.8 million to 8.6 million Euro, as

EBITDA the company declared 11 million


In the s Live-Entertainment segment CTS

Eventim gained a turnover gain of about

36.7 percent. In the same period last year

the turnover was 131.9 million Euro, this

year the company reported 180.3 million

Euro. Also the profit results are in line with

this development with the EBIT at 18.4 million

Euro, the EBITDA is 19.0 million Euros.

However, these results did not lead to a

rise in the share price on the stock market.

Since the beginning of July 2007, where

the CTS share archived a 52 week high at

38.33 Euros the share price is falling. On

September 14 it was just 26.55 Euro. In

terms of the market capitalization this is

‘only’ 637.20 million Euros, compared to

919.92 million when the share reached it’s

peak. This means the market cap shrunk

within the last three months by about

282.72 million Euros.

SES Research predicted a price target of

about 19 Euro for the share. The price target

predicted by Prior Börse in May 2007

was 45 Euro. Apparently the forecast by

SES Research is a bit closer to the current

share price than the one by Prior Börse. - User generated content for

CTS Eventim goes Web 2.0. The latest

feature embedded within the online site enables concertgoers

to comment on shows and festivals they

visited. To stimulate the participation

figures CTS Eventim undertake weekly

raffles where users can win tickets. According

to a press release more than

5000 users posted a comment in the

first week when the service went online.

What is a bit strange is that the

press release was published on August

30. But looking at the top ten

of the user comment charts reveals

that first postings had already been

done on July 21 (Nokia – Night of the

Proms in the SAP Arena or on July 10

(Ärzte Statt Boeller – New Years Eve

Show 2006/2007). Also a bit surprising

is that comments for an open

air concert where the sound wasn’t

that superb were not mentioned in

the postings.

Well, let’s see where this will lead.



VIP- News - S e p t e m b e r 2 0 0 7

Live Nation – New Appointments

for the International Music


Manfred Tari

Former CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Alan Ridgeway had been upgraded to

become a CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

of the International Music division.

Based in London, Ridgeway will report

directly to company CEO Michael Rapino.

Kathy Willard, who has worked since

1998 for the company formerly known

as SFX, Clear Channel Live Entertainment

and most recently Live Nation, has

been promoted to become CFO of the

International Music division.

The International Music division currently

runs businesses in 16 different

countries. The former unit executive Carl

Pernow had been moved to become the

Nordics markets President where he will

take care of Sweden, Finland, Denmark

and Norway. Thomas Johannson will

continue to serve as Chairman of the International

Music Division.

International Music Division into what is

now our largest and most profitable music

business As CEO of this division, Alan

will provide the leadership required to

continue the expansion of our successful

international operations.”

Regarding Willard, Rapino says: “Kathy is

the ideal person to take on the role of Live

Nation’s Chief Financial Officer. Not only

does Kathy have an extraordinarily strong

accounting skill-set and work ethic, she

has a long history within the industry and

with this company which will serve us well

in this unique and changing music market


Ridgeway was the financial architect

who converted the former Clear Channel

division into the stand alone company

Live Nation. He also served as President

of the European Music Division.

In the press release Rapino explains

the move with Ridgeway, “From 2002

to 2005 Alan worked with me to build our

Alan Ridgeway














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???????? ?????????? ?????? ??????? ????????? ????? ???????? ????





VIP- News - S e p t e m b e r 2 0 0 7

DEAG Expands Classical Music Business

Manfred Tari

The classical music business relies on long term planning. DEAG

has now announced confirmed tours with Anna Netrebko, Elina

Garanca, Lang Lang, Rolando Villazón and Edita Gruberova for the

concert season 2008/2009.

DEAG has already declared that the company subsidiary DEAG

Classics will gain a revenue of about 10 million Euros for the current

year. Within the next two years DEAG intends to double revenue

figures in this music segment. Therefore the company intends to

undertake further acquisitions in territories such as Germany, Austria,

Switzerland and England.

In reference to these plans, DEAG informed that it signed a LOI

(Letter of Intent) to purchase a 50 percent stake of the German

company wdp Entertainment GmbH. Owned by the classical music

promoter Felix Scheuerpflug the company is, according to DEAG,

known for pioneering new sponsorship models with brands. DEAG

furthermore intends to develop its own classical live music brand

‘Galaxy of Stars’.

Anna Netrebko

Having the right tools for the job is often the key to success. Through our ongoing communication with key Live

Entertainment Industry Professionals, we have developed a range of services to meet the demands of agents, promoters,

talent buyers, venue bookers etc. It’s no coincidence that we are now considered to be the No. 1 information

provider for this thriving industry.









???????????????????????????????????????????????? is now the most widely used online

information service for the European Live Entertainment

Industry with subscribers in over 25 countries. Using the latest

technology and state of the art tools, the service provides indepth

information streamlining the day-to-day operations of

industry professionals, saving both time and money.

The VIP-Book

The ultimate print directory for the European

Entertainment Industry, packed

with contacts and easy to use. An essential

reference book for every office

providing basic contact information

and a solid overview.


Written by our highly merited journalists, Allan

McGowan and Manfred Tari, with over 50

years of experience between them in the Entertainment

Industry, VIP-News brings the latest

news and views directly to your computer

keeping you up to date at all times.




VIP- News - S e p t e m b e r 2 0 0 7

Popkomm: The 4 th Berlin Edition

Allan McGowan

As mentioned in my Musings at the start

of this Newsletter, the VIP team set up

camp in the ever-interesting city of Berlin

for Popkomm 2007: We were all busily involved

– the sales team selling, Manfred

Tari running around organising 100 different

things (aided by the fact that you

can still smoke at these events in Germany,

until January 2008), and your secondary

smoking – whether I liked it or not!

– editor, chairing panels and introducing

speakers – all with live industry themes of

course. Certainly, as with all the international

music trade events this 4th Berlin

Popkomm made great efforts to build relationships

with the live business.

Medie Lounge at Popkomm

Popkomm’s own figures, which we report

here, indicate increased success for the

event, of course people in our business

are often sceptical about an event’s own

resumé, but our own unbiased experience

was positive. VIP General Manager

Peter Briggs comment was, “This year’s

POPKOMM was our best to date; with enormous

interest in our products and services

from all sectors of the industry. More than

800 copies of VIP-Magazine were distributed

and over 1000 copies of the VIP-Book.

There seemed to be more people from the

Live Industry than ever before and it was

refreshing to see so many new faces. The

growing interest from the Record Industry

to get access to Live Industry contacts was

of particular interest- both from the majors

and the independents”.

A keynote speech on the overall state of

the music business based on 35 years of

experience of management and touring

from leading agent Carl Leighton Pope,

was as entertaining, informative and direct

as in his Talking Shop sessions at

ILMC, surprising many not used to this

style of off delivery and sending many off

into the Popkomm trade fair to tell others

that they had missed something. My own

three panels, covering the themes of Pop

and Politics, Festivals, and the changing

roles of Agents and Record Companies

definitely attracted up to 50% or more

people than last year. Either this was down

to re-siting in easier to find locations, or, as

I prefer to think, interesting panellists and

a definite feeling that there were more

aspiring individuals and companies from

all aspects of the business wanting to pick

up as much information as possible about

the live business particularly. There were

40 panels and workshops in all that were

also better attended than previously.

The exhibition sector featured a Live Entertainment

Area in the exhibition halls

for the first time allowing concert promoters,

festival organisers, ticket outlets

and other service providers in this field to

stage displays.

Dr. Ralf Kleinhenz, Katja Bittner,

Prof. Dr. Rolf Budde and Michael Bisping

Popkomm Attendance Figures:

On September 22 Popkomm indicated

increases in exhibitors, trade visitors and

festival audiences, reporting over 15,420

trade visitors from all over the world

– 886 exhibitors from 57 countries, an

eight per cent increase over the previous

year– and 82,000 at the Festival during

the first three days of the showcases and

concerts, although the figures from the

first Popkomm DJ Night were still to be

factored in at the time of going to press.

450 bands and DJs from 35 countries

showcased in and around the central Kulturbrauerei


»We are very satisfied with the

results of Popkomm 2007«

- Dr. Ralf Kleinhenz

Dr. Ralf Kleinhenz, General Manager of

Popkomm GmbH: “The halls were buzzing

with business, and there has been a

great response to the conference panels.

The quality of the showcases at the festival

clubs attracted a great deal of praise. We

are very satisfied with the results of Popkomm


More international exhibitors and trade

visitors than ever before attended Popkomm

2007 ,with Turkey and Iceland being

represented for the first time. Eastern

European Attendance from countries

such as the Ukraine, Poland and Romania

was also apparently higher than in previous


Activity on the VIP stand at Popkomm

The 20th Popkomm, the fifth in Berlin,

will take place from 17 to 19 September

in. 2008, again organised by Popkomm

GmbH, Berlin. It could be interesting!



VIP- News - S e p t e m b e r 2 0 0 7


Ronni Didriksen

Things that make you laugh





Territory: Europe

Period: November - December

Agency: William Morris Agency

Agent: Steve Hogan

Phone: +44 207 534 6943



Is it just me or do I have a big

pimple here

Next time I will negotiate the

rider terms!

Okay which of you chicks pinched

my bum?

They said that KISS would be around

Slaves to Gravity

Territory: UK based. Touring all territories

Period: NOW: 21st Century

Agency: ITB

Agent: Steve Zapp

Phone: +44 207 637 6979


Gwen Stefani

Territory: Europe

Period: Septemer/October

Agency: Primary Talent International

Agent: Dave Chumbley

Phone: +44 20 7400 4500




Territory: Europe

Period: October - November

Agency: William Morris Agency

Agent: Steve Hogan

Phone: +44 207 534 6943




Territory: Europe

Period: From March 2008 till December 2008

Agency: Artist Agency

Agent: Bart Quintens

Phone: 00 32 38 77 70



John Watts

Territory: UK

Period: Nov 07, Jan & Feb 08

Agency: Paperclip Agency

Agent: Hilde Spille

Phone: +31 24 323 9322




Where is the famous VIP-Book






VIP- News - A u- gSu se t p2 0t 0e 5m b e r 2 0 0 7


Another new service in the improved and redesigned VIP-News is the Notice-board, which is available for all readers.

Reader’s messages will be posted on the Notice-board as a free service, passing on announcements, job postings, buying

and selling notices, inquiries or alike. Announcements should be emailed to

Talent Wanted at MIDEM, The World’s Music Market

MIDEM is offering new talent a chance to play on the world stage.

MIDEM Talent Only is the brand new global event focused on discovering and developing artists in today’s new music business

environment with a dedicated venue for talent showcases, a conference track and networking events.

Submissions close on October 31st, so submit your entry now:

VIP-Booking ApS cannot be held responsible for loss or damages

incurred as a result of transactions with individuals or companies

through the notice board. We recommend all to make the necessary

enquiries before entering into any agreements.

VIP-Booking ApS may not, for reason of space, be able to post all

announcements received. Announcements should be emailed to, including name and email address.

Please shorten your message to the extent possible, to make room for

as many notices as possible.



VIP- News - S e p t e m b e r 2 0 0 7


In this section we offer members of some space to present their company to VIP-News readers.

If you would also like to present your company please contact Peter Briggs at

Copenhagen JazzHouse

Copenhagen JazzHouse is a nice and cosy

Jazz Club situated in Center of town. The

club opened in October 1991.

Copenhagen JazzHouse presents all kinds

of Jazz Music og today, modern-style improvised

music and world music (mostly

Brasil and Cuban). We present only highquality

music, and our programme is a

blend of the very best local artists and international

acts. Our capasity is 240.

Through the years we have presented: Milton

Nascimento, Richard Galliano, Gianluigi

Trovesi, Andy Sheppard, Django Bates,

Bill Frisell, Jack DeJohnette, Joe Zawinul,

Herbie Hancock, Steve Coleman, Joe

Henderson, Bugge Wesseltoft, Ray Brown,

Bill Evans, John Abercrombie, Marilyn

Crisspell, Marc Johnson, The Yellowjackets,

Dianne Reeves, Michel Camilo, Kenny Barron,

Toots Thielemans, Michel Petrucciani,

Elvin Jones, Krøyt, Henry Threadgill, Joe

Lovano, Egberto Gismonti, Tom Harrell,

Jon Balke, Enrico Pierranunzi, Pat Metheny,

Jim Hall, Abbey Lincoln and many many

more. And from Denmark: Niels Henning

Ørsted Petersen, Palle Mikkelborg, Pierre

Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra, Cæcilie

Norby, Marilyn Mazur, Lars Møller, Thomas

Clausen, Alex Riel, Josefine Cronholm, Anders

Christensen, Jørgen Emborg, Jakob

Dinesen, The Danish Radio Orchestra and

the list could go on.

Covercharge is somewhere between 70

DKK to 160 DKK (10-20 euro). You find

the Club 30 meters from the walkingstreet

‘Ströget’ just behind the church. At

ground level we have a nice café and in the

basement we have the concert room and a

large bar. After the concerts on Thursday,

Friday and Saturday we turn the whole

place into a hot Night Club from 1 a.m. to

5 a.m. We play the best music such as soul,

funk, world beat, jazzy hiphop and salsa.

Welcome to Copenhagen JazzHouse.

About Our Company

VIP-Booking’s core product is the Internet’s oldest and largest database

for the European Live Entertainment Industry

developed as a tool for industry professionals. Since it’s

launch in the year 2000, we have consistently offered our subscribers

the very best in database services and now boast subscribers in

over 30 countries.

Today VIP-Booking offers a range of tools for the industry – including

VIP-News, VIP-Booking, VIP-Book and VIP-Contract.

Please visit for further information.

Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated.




VIP-BOOKING.COM | 26 York Street | UK - London W1U 6pZ | Phone +44 870 755 0092 | Fax +44 870 622 1953 | e-mail:


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