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VIP newsletter September07.indd - VIP-Booking

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VIP-News: Do you think that this move is

another step in the undeniably growin

strength of the Scandinavian market and

a further indication of its ability to operate

under its own terms rather than remaining

secondary to the UK and US markets as an

international A&R source?

»...we have competent people

out there performing brilliant

work for our clients...«

- Petri H. Lundén

with the Agencies and Promoters that

you have established relationships with,

or would you perhaps look to planning a

new division for live?

Petri: There are no plans for some kind of

the often discussed 360 degree model or

similar, we have competent people out there

performing brilliant work for our clients and

we see no need to change a working model.

VIP-News: Is there anything else planned

that you would like to mention?

Petri: It will be an interesting challenge

to programme music entertainment on

Kentaro’s games, being football or boxing,

across the world, especially when the TV

broadcasts of such games reach hundreds

of millions across the globe and that all

these rights now are controlled in-house.

For more information:

Petri: I wish to remain slightly humble on

the subject, without the support of let’s say

Lucien Grainge at Universal it would be very

hard to build an international career for

a small band from Scandinavia. However

looking around at the opportunities it’s impossible

not to take a step forward and keep

delivering a good job for your clients and

also equally important for their fans which is

our livelihood. We also have a couple of acts

in the negotiating pipeline, which we hope

will sign with us.

VIP-News: In terms of live work for the artists

handled by this new and obviously

well resourced company will you still work

Petri H. Lundén


contact Henrik Johnsson at +46 8 643 62 30


HAGENBURG Gothenburg:

Kungsgatan 9c, 411 19 Gothenburg

tel: +46 31 339 95 90

fax: +46 31 13 95 09

HAGENBURG Stockholm:

Hantverkargatan 8, 112 21 Stockholm

tel: +46 8 643 62 30

fax: +46 8 661 13 90

Roskilde Festival’s Henrik Bondo Nielsen Receives

Honorary Degree

Allan McGowan

Henrik Bondo Nielsen has received a degree

at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University

College, near London, for his continued

work with festival health and safety issues

– and for his efforts in making the work accessible

for the public and to elevate it to a

scientific level, so that this knowledge can

be developed, evaluated and shared by festival

organisers all over the world.

The development has taken place across Europe,

for instance through the festival associations

Yourope and European Event Safety

Focus Group. It has resulted in a number of

safety seminars at various European venues.

Each year Roskilde Festival applies the

expanding international know-how on festival

health and safety when planning and

carrying through the festival.

Henrik has been a key person in this work,

and in recognition of this he received an

honorary degree at a ceremony at Buckinghamshire

Chilterns University College on

Wednesday 5 September.

The shift was implemented after the accident

at Roskilde Festival in 2000 when

nine young men died in front of the Orange

Stage. Prior to this accident, Roskilde Festival

was considered one of the safest music

festivals in the world – and yet the accident

happened. Consequently, there was a crucial

need to focus attention and to develop

the science of audience safety.

At the same time, formal education has

been established at Buckinghamshire

Chilterns University College – ‘Crowd and

Safety Management’ and ‘Close Protection’

at large events. This initiative has resulted in

projects focusing on how the audience acts

at concerts, how audience constructions in

front of stages are best built, and how people

act in critical situations.

Henrik Bondo Nielsen



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