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Driving standard test centre Countryside/op landscape struc Potential Marina Working with the community to build for the future The Vision SEEDA’s vision for Daedalus is to create a sustainable, high quality mixed-use development, which respects the site’s exciting heritage, whilst releasing its potential to contribute to the economic growth of the region. The vision has been guided by the following six key principles: 1. Mix of uses - we want to create a vibrant place, somewhere to work, live and play- • Work - generating employment, focussing on aviation and marine industries as well as opportunities for education and training. • Live - potential for residential development including affordable housing and community uses. • Play - opportunities for leisure uses including a hotel, recreation space and a marina. 2. Economic Growth - we want to release Daedalus’ potential as a key strategic site to create a significant number of employment opportunities and support the development of skills - particularly in relation to the marine and aviation sectors. 3. Links and connections - our aim is to ensure that any development links with and benefits from the neighbouring communities of Lee-onthe-Solent, Stubbington, Peel Common and Hill Head, whilst maintaining the identity of these areas. 4. Green space - we want there to be areas of open space with public access. We want buildings to be designed sensitively to respect the landscape. 5. Sustainable Development - we want to reduce the need to travel, re-use existing buildings, use sustainable construction technologies where possible and enhance ecology and biodiversity across the site. 6. Heritage - we want to retain key historic buildings and any development will be carefully designed to respect and enhance their setting. The emerging visionary framework plan shows the variety of uses that could be accommodated at Daedalus, Context the main access points and the key routes. SEEDA's site ow boundary Context SEEDA’s site ownership boundary MCA ownership boundary Airfield MCA search and rescue Existing strategic highway Control tower Driving Standards Agency MCA ownership Airfield MCA search & re Proposed land use Access and connections General aviation Gliding Employment-led Mixed use Housing led Aviation (employment led) Main route Proposed land use Local network Connection to village centre Access for aircraft Employment-led Mixed use Countryside and open space Housing led Potential marina location Aviation (emplo The emerging visionary framework plan

Working with the community to build for the future General aviation Gliding The Waterfront The Waterfront has a strong character and a variety of historic landmark buildings and spaces. This area will become a vibrant place with a mix of uses that is integrated into Lee-onthe-Solent and which complements and supports the regeneration of the existing centre. This part of the site will seek to benefit from its direct links to the water via the slipway. Proposed uses could include: • a wide variety of employment, particularly marine related, aimed at creating jobs for the local population; • visitor attractions and recreational uses close to the seafront e.g. hotel, watersports activities; • community uses, education and skills uses; • residential development including affordable housing; and • access to the Solent via the slipway, and potential for a marina Proposed land use Access and connections Employment-led Main route 1 2 New landscaped east-west road providing link between Broom Way and Marine Parade Residential uses adjacent to existing residential neighbourhoods 5 6 Hardsurface public space creating a setting for WW1 hangars Barrack Square retained fronting the Cookhouse and Dining Rooms Mixed use Housing led Aviation (employment led) Local network Connection to village centre Access for aircraft 3 4 Access to the waterfront via the slipway maintained for marine industries, recreational uses and a potential marina Employment uses retained to the north of the area and close to the slipway 7 8 Potential leisure and community uses in key buildings Green landscaped space retained as the setting for the Wardroom and Westcliffe House Countryside and open space Potential marina location 1 4 4 4 2 1 4 2 2 2 6 4 5 2 3 7 7 8 Emerging waterfront masterplan

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