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Working with the community to build for the future Hangars West Hangers West consists of an irregularlyshaped area of flat grassland and hard standing containing a number of hangars, located within the strategic gap at the edge of the built up area of Stubbington. The site provides an opportunity for aviation led development that respects the character of the landscape, with some General aviation Gliding small scale residential development Aerial view of Hangars West adjacent to existing housing. Proposed land use Access and connections Employment-led Main route Proposed uses could include: • Aviation led employment uses • Small scale residential development • Landscape areas and open space. Development Principles • A green space should be created to provide an attractive edge to the airfield • The principal access should be from Gosport Road. Additional connections could be made where appropriate • Any residential development should link to existing neighbourhoods in Stubbington • Layout and planting should aim to maintain the privacy of existing and new residential properties • New buildings should be proportionate to existing ones in terms of scale and height and arranged to maintain an open character • Development should meet the highest standards of sustainable construction and design. Mixed use Housing led Aviation (employment led) Countryside and open space Potential marina location Local network Connection to village centre Access for aircraft Satellite sites SEEDA also owns three other sites in the area: Land at Manor Way – currently disused grassland, surrounded by the backs of houses, with access to Manor Way. There is potential to develop the site as a small community park, introducing some residential development to front the open space to ensure it feels safe and secure. Sea Lane/Stubbington Lane – both sites are adjacent to existing housing and front onto Stubbington Lane. They are currently used to graze horses. Both sites have potential for residential development, to complement the surrounding area. Sketch of Hangars West Aerial view of Manor Way Aerial view of Stubbington Lane Aerial view of Sea Lane

Working with the community to build for the future Transport, access and movement Context Daedalus occupies a strategically significant position on the Gosport peninsula, situated between Lee-on-the-Solent, Stubbington and Hill Head. The problems of access on the Gosport peninsula are well known and daily traffic congestion on the local road network is a major inconvenience to those moving around the area. The main pressures result from significant out-migration of people during peak hours caused by lack of job availability within the peninsula. An employment-led scheme, such as that proposed at Daedalus, will create significant new employment opportunities within the peninsula and will potentially lead to a reduction in outcommuting and give Gosport residents greater opportunities to work locally. Overall strategy In collaboration with the highway authority (Hampshire County Council), SEEDA has been developing a transport and access strategy which seeks to present a comprehensive and deliverable response to the transport challenges. The strategy comprises three key elements: • reducing the need to make a journey, particularly off the Gosport peninsula • making greater use of sustainable modes of transport, particularly improving public transport • managing accessibility on the local and strategic transport network Emerging movement and access strategy Daedalus has a number of existing access points that have been in use at various times during the site’s history. It is proposed that a number of these accesses are opened up to create a permeable and accessible network. To a large extent, movement within Daedalus itself will make use of the existing grid network and complement the emerging master plan. Locally, Daedalus presents enormous opportunity to build new connections with local communities at Lee-on-the-Solent and Stubbington. We believe that the current residential communities should enjoy the best possible linkage with, and access to the facilities that a regenerated Daedalus has to offer. Delivered successfully, the benefits are considerable and we believe will result in a more sustainable place that offers social, economic and environmental benefits. 6 5 Gosport Road 6 B3385 1 Context Main Access from Broom Way - This makes use of the existing signal junction at Cherque Farm Way and creates a fourth arm to the junction. There is sufficient space within SEEDA land ownership Daedalus to create a junction that will operate satisfactorily for all modes. This will provide access to Waterfront and Hangars East. Airfield Stubbington Lane General aviation Gliding 1 4 Context SEEDA land ownership Airfield B3334 MCA search and rescue Driving Standards Agency test centre Potential marina location 2 3 4 Secondary access from MCA Stubbington search & rescue Lane - The precise location of the access point is to be determined, but the preferred approach is for it to pass adjacent to Ross House on land controlled by SEEDA. This junction will allow greater Driving standards agency test centre connectivity between Daedalus and Stubbington. Freight access to this junction to be discouraged through design measures and signage enhancement. Drake Road is also being considered as an additional access point. Potential Marina location Additional Waterfront access – a third access point is proposed that will make use of Brambles Lane. This will provide direct access Access into the mixed & connections use area, and could be combined with a marina access if that option is taken forward. Existing strategic highway Access to Hangars East – the primary access to Hangars East is likely to be through the main Broom Way access. Options exist for use of a Main secondary route access using the existing gates further north along Broom Way. 2 Marine Parade West 3 Broom Way Access and connections Existing strategic highway Main route Local network Access/pedestrian route Gateway point 5 6 Local network Access to Hangars West – an existing access point is available from Gosport Road. Access/pedestrian Potential options route may exist to create new access from the adjacent residential area. These issues will need further detailed consideration should development at Hangars Gateway West be point taken forward. Off site pressures – the Connection traffic impact to village of the centre development will also be taken into account on the local road network, particularly through Stubbington and at Peel Common/ Access for aircraft Newgate Lane Connection to village centre Access for aircraft Strategic links Transport plan Nov 2008 Terence O’Rou

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