GreenStar Lightbar Brochure - John Deere

GreenStar Lightbar Brochure - John Deere

GreenStar Lightbar Brochure - John Deere


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A single box solution<br />

“On my farm, I was having problems orienting myself<br />

while in the field because I had no guidance marks.<br />

The <strong>GreenStar</strong> <strong>Lightbar</strong> really solved this for me. First of<br />

all, I was really pleased with how easy it was to set up.<br />

I was able to mount both the <strong>Lightbar</strong> and satellite<br />

receiver in a few minutes and I saw improvements even<br />

on my first day. I have been able to reduce overlaps by<br />

nearly 5% and save a lot on labour, fuel, fertiliser and<br />

chemicals. What is also great is that I can transfer them<br />

to any of my machines – from my tractor, to my mower<br />

to my fertiliser spreader. I recommend this to anyone<br />

looking for an entry level solution.”<br />

Karl Hammerschmid, Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany),<br />

Mixed farmer<br />

The <strong>GreenStar</strong> <strong>Lightbar</strong> System<br />

Easy as A-B-C<br />

The complete package contains:<br />

• <strong>GreenStar</strong> <strong>Lightbar</strong> with bracket<br />

• StarFire 300 receiver with magnetic mount<br />

• EGNOS correction signal<br />

• Connection harness<br />

• Operator manual<br />

All you need is a 12 V power source.<br />

This literature has been compiled for worldwide circulation. While general information,<br />

­pictures and descriptions are provided, some illustrations and text may include finance, credit,<br />

insurance, product options and accessories NOT AVAILABLE in all regions.<br />

PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL DEALER FOR DETAILS. <strong>John</strong> <strong>Deere</strong> reserves the right to change<br />

specification and design of products described in this literature without notice.<br />

“<strong>John</strong> <strong>Deere</strong>’s green and yellow colour scheme, the leaping deer symbol and<br />

JOHN DEERE are trademarks of <strong>Deere</strong> & Company.”<br />

www.<strong>John</strong><strong>Deere</strong>.co.uk<br />

www.<strong>John</strong><strong>Deere</strong>International.com<br />

www.<strong>John</strong><strong>Deere</strong>.co.za<br />

www.<strong>Deere</strong>.com.au<br />

YY0914814E 1/09 1/1/2

Get started with Guidance<br />

Reaping the benefits of an investment in guidance is as<br />

easy as A-B-C. With the <strong>GreenStar</strong> <strong>Lightbar</strong> package, you<br />

tip productivity scales in your favour, reduce input costs<br />

and enjoy a good view even in low-visibility situations such<br />

as fog, dust and at night. All you need to get started<br />

comes ready to use in a single box. The <strong>GreenStar</strong> <strong>Lightbar</strong><br />

teamed with the StarFire 300 receiver can be set up<br />

quickly for immediate use on all machines in your multicoloured<br />

fleet and for multiple applications. You are also<br />

flexible to grow with tomorrow’s needs as the <strong>Lightbar</strong> is<br />

compatible with further <strong>John</strong> <strong>Deere</strong> products.<br />

Easy as A-B-C<br />

Setup and use of <strong>GreenStar</strong> <strong>Lightbar</strong> is simple.<br />

Just push 3 buttons:<br />

Pushing button A and B on the <strong>Lightbar</strong> defines the line/<br />

reference track.<br />

Pushing button C determines your track width (x).<br />

<strong>GreenStar</strong> <strong>Lightbar</strong> &<br />

StarFire 300 Receiver<br />

StarFire 300<br />

• Easy to install on any machine<br />

• Magnetic mount with mounting plate<br />

• Receives the free EGNOS signal<br />

• Documentation when connected<br />

to a <strong>GreenStar</strong> display<br />

<strong>GreenStar</strong> <strong>Lightbar</strong><br />

• Straight Track<br />

• Centre Shift<br />

• Track width adjustments<br />

• Easy to see, adjustable LED lights<br />

Multi-Coloured?<br />

Regardless of what “colours”<br />

you’re running on your farm,<br />

the <strong>GreenStar</strong> <strong>Lightbar</strong> &<br />

StarFire 300 receiver will fit<br />

onto any vehicle. All it takes is<br />

a 12 V power source.

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