Inside this Issue Issue 30 Winter 2012

Inside this Issue Issue 30 Winter 2012

Providing Quality Homes & Neighbourhoods

Inside this Issue

Cover Story

A Change is Coming

There will be many changes happening

within social housing over the next 12

months. Inside this issue of In Touch

we’ll tell you what they are and how

they will affect you.

A Winter Warmer

A1 Housing and E.ON have started work

on a scheme that will allow hundreds of

tenants to save money on their energy


Issue 30 Winter 2012

Welcome from David

A message from In Touch’s Tenant Editor, David Smith


WELCOME to the winter edition of ‘In Touch’

and I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year.

ourselves out of snowdrifts and skating our

way down the road.

Thankfully we haven’t seen any of the snow

that hit us all so badly this time last year and

any of it again!

However, should any blizzard conditions

return, A1 Housing is more than prepared this

this on page 16

There’s also some very important information

on the changes the Government will be

making to social housing and what it will

mean for council tenants like us.

Make sure you read the interview with

Bernard Coleman, A1 Housing’s top man, to

12 months.

lucky readers can get their hands on some

free cinema tickets when the new Savoy

Cinema opens in Worksop later this year.

Enter our completion on page 5 and you

could be one of them.

Finally, you may wonder why I’m wearing a

Hawaiian Shirt in the middle of winter. Well,

it’s in memory of my dear friend and fellow

A1 Housing tenant Terry Needham who sadly

passed away at the beginning of January. Our

thoughts are with his family and friends at this

sad time.

Enjoy our latest offering.


ANOTHER new year has begun and if

you’re anything like me I’m sure you’ll

be threatening to make a few New Year


So my tip this time is ‘Just Do It’.

If there is an inner singer, dancer,

sportsman, chef or whatever in you

THERE will be lots of changes taking

place at A1 Housing over the next 12

tenants the most will be our new

Golden Number.

In simple terms we’ll be changing our

telephone number, but there is much,

much more to it than that.

By creating a Golden Number it

means that we can deal with any

enquiry you have in one phone call,

from registering for a home with us to

paying your rent; or telling us about

any housing issues you may have, to

reporting a repair.

bursting to get out, it’s time to have a


As a sucker for TV shows like ‘X

Factor’, it has dawned on me that most

of the contestants can’t really sing; on

‘Come Dine with Me’ usually at least

one person is hopeless in the kitchen;

‘Strictly Come Dancing’ always

includes someone with two left feet

and as I write this, no-one has

beaten ‘The Cube’.

Here’s the

thing, sure

enough there is always a

winner but the reason I

enjoy watching them all is

because isn’t it the ones

who can’t sing, cook,

dance or beat The

Cube who are simply

more entertaining?

There are many

reasons why we don’t


things but by far

the biggest reason

New number will

get ‘Midas’ touch

of a call to us. We have talked to

lots of A1 Housing tenants about

changing our number and you told us

that you would like to reduce the cost

of calling us from a mobile phone.

So, we’ll be switching from an 0800

number to a low cost 0300 number.

This means that while it will no longer

be free to call us from a landline, it

from a mobile phone and you will only

pay the same cost as a local call from

a landline.

We’ll be telling you more about our

new number in the next issue of In

Touch so don’t miss it.


Involving you & Community News

Welcome from Bernard

A message from A1 Housing’s Managing Director, Bernard Coleman

TiPNew Year, new start

try to do whatever you want to do

in private until you get better. For

example, singing - I know of one A1

Housing tenant who thinks he’s Elvis

but only at home!

Adjusting your goals can also

help. If you are a budding football

manager try playing ‘Dream Team’

or something similar; if you want to

To give you a little inspiration here’s

an example from my own personal

experience. Inside me there is a

‘Hurricane Smith’ of the pool world

bursting to get out.

frankly I’m rubbish but I compensate

for this by mainly playing my buddy

Les (pictured left) who is a little

better than me but still in the rubbish


In an attempt to boost our

usually against Alan and Bren who

are annoyingly good, however

something miraculous happened the

other week and we won!

Needless to say we danced jigs of

joy and enjoyed an evening basking

in the smirkland of glory. We had a

go and we did it. And as a result Les’

the pub when it was time to leave.

We’ve lost plenty of times since,

but we’ll always have that victory

to keep us going and there will be

another day when we’ll get lucky

again. So, don’t hold back, just go

for it.

I HOPE you all had a

Merry Christmas and I

wish you a Happy New


As we enter into a new

on the past year’s

successes and failures

and make our New

Year promise, and this

year A1 Housing’s is to

continue delivering good

quality services to all

our tenants.

This next 12 months is going to be a

Government introduces its Housing Strategy,

the Localism Act and Welfare Reforms, all of

which have an impact on you the tenant.

Inside this issue of In Touch you can learn a

bit more about each of these changes and we

will let you know more about what impact they

becomes known.

One of the good things that will come out of

the changes is the ability of the Council to

look at how the Choice Based Lettings system

works and strengthen the actions against antisocial


During the next year A1 Housing will be

consulting on behalf of the Council on the

proposed changes, so I would ask that

you please respond when you receive a


We also know that times are very hard for

everyone at the moment as the impact of the

recession and government cuts take hold.

It is always a temptation to seek a quick

unfortunately all too often it can worsen your

please contact our Money Advisor who will be

able to give you some valuable advice and

put you in touch with the right places to get

information go to pages 12 and 13.

Our Call Centre is open from 8am to 5pm - to

beat the rush, call after 1pm


Issue 2930 Autumn Winter 2011 2012

TRA News

News and events from your

neck of the woods

School children dig deep to give playing field new look

CHILDREN from Carr Hill School, the Retford Lions Club and

members of Hallcroft TRA dug deep to add a touch of greenery

Retford Lions Club had kindly donated a large number of

and will add a touch of colour when the spring and summer

months arrive.

Hallcroft’s charitable streak doesn’t end there as the senior

citizens Bingo Club have also donated £500 to the Lincolnshire

Air Ambulance.

at Hallcroft Community Centre, Randall Way, with the next

meeting taking place on 30th January 2012. They also hold

month from 9.30am.

Santa pops in to Harworth

THE Harworth and Bircotes Christmas

celebrations got off to an illuminating

start that allowed Santa to make an

early visit.

Father Christmas experienced a few

the way to the event but was helped

out by Nottinghamshire Police who

gave him a lift to the Town Hall where

he was greeted by the excited children.

As well as allowing

Santa to use their

grotto, Harworth

TRA were one of the

many local traders

who had stalls at the

event and Janet Flynn, secretary of

Harworth TRA said: “It was a fantastic

day and was probably the most

popular and best yet.”

Thriller night in New Ordsall

THERE were some spooky goings on at West Hill Community Centre as New

Ordsall TRA held their Halloween Bash.

Children and adults dressed for the occasion as the normally peaceful

neighbourhood was taken over by vampires, zombies and other ghostly ghouls.

In the end it was a real Thriller of a night!

Mattersey Thorpe

IT’S been an eventful winter in Mattersey

Thorpe so far as Santa found time to drop

in to see local children who also enjoyed a

party and a small feast afterwards.

special thanks must go to Mrs Elsie Toulson

and Miss Ellie Toulson who very generously

supported both events, as well as Andy

and Kat Price who helped to organise the

Christmas party.

Carlton Gateway

AN after-school Homework club is being

held each Tuesday between 4pm and

5.30pm. This will be supervised by a

provide help and support for the children

who attend.

Children between the ages of 7-11 are

invited to the Kids Club which will be held

each Friday between 4pm and 5.30pm.


Issue 25 Autumn 2010

Involving you & Community News

WIN tickets for

new cinema

WORKSOP is just a few short

months away from welcoming

a brand-new 900 seat cinema

tickets to give away to readers

of In Touch.

The impressive six-screen

multiplex is currently being built at

the top of Bridge Street and will

feature the very latest in 3D and

digital technology. And following

a grand opening in March 2012,

it will be screening the latest

Hollywood blockbusters in time for

the Easter Half-Term Holidays.

The Savoy Cinema Group is

behind the project and James

Collington, Managing Director,

said: “Easter is one of the key

periods in the cinematic calendar

of their major releases. We’re

looking forward to being fully

operational by the Easter holidays

so residents of Bassetlaw will

no longer have to head out of

the district to watch the latest


Leader of the Council Graham

Oxby, backed the long-awaited

development of a cinema in

Worksop and said: “I am glad that

work is now well underway on the

and it will be a facility the whole

of Bassetlaw and beyond can use

and enjoy.

“It has been a long time coming

but we need to be thinking of this

as just the beginning. Bassetlaw

is back open for business and this

Council will be creative in looking

for opportunities to further develop

the area.”

For all the latest information and

to sign up to Savoy Cinema’s

exclusive offers visit You

can also keep track of the latest

releases, news and competitions

through Twitter @savoy_worksop

or on Facebook by searching for


You can also see the cinema

taking shape at

Cinema Competition

blockbusters to be screened at the new Savoy Cinema.

your choice just answer the question below:

Q: How many screens will the new Savoy Cinema


To enter, you must be a tenant of A1 Housing. Please

complete the form below and send your entries to:

A1 Housing, Customer Services, Carlton Forest House,

Hundred Acre Lane, Worksop, Notts, S81 0TS.

The closing date for all entries is 1st March, 2012 and we

will announce the winners in our spring issue of In Touch.

A1 Housing will pass your details onto the Savoy Cinema Group.

If you do not wish to be contacted by them, please tick this box:

Name:. ..................................................................

Address: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Postcode .......

Phone:. ............................................. Answer:. ........

5 Issue 2930 Autumn Winter 2011 2012

Be part of our Tenant Conference

EACH year A1 Housing gives you the chance to shape the way

we deliver our services through the annual Tenant Conference.

In a change to previous years we will be holding just one Tenant

Conference, where we will be discussing the most up-to-date

issues that affect A1 Housing and you as tenants.

This includes a review of the last 12 months and what services

we will be delivering in the coming year, plus changes to your

tenancy, the housing waiting list, the Localism Act and the

Bassetlaw Games.

The issues being discussed and the changes that will be taking

place over the next 12 months mean that this could be one of the

most important Tenant Conferences to date.

As such we would like as many tenants

as possible to attend. Places are limited

so please return your personal invitation

which has been included with this issue

of In Touch. We hope to see you there.

Where: The Well, Hospital Road, Retford

When: Wednesday 14th March, 10am to

2pm (lunch included)

Bassetlaw embraces Olympic spirit

Bassetlaw has already embraced its unique and encompassing


Pierre de Coubertin the founder of the modern Olympic Games

said: “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not

winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering

Over the coming months Bassetlaw residents will have their

chance to do just that and participate in sporting events and

activities across the District as we seek to make the most of

London 2012.

Whether it’s Clay Shooting at Hyton Castle, Fencing at North

Notts Arena or Cycling in Clumber Park, the Bassetlaw Games

gives everybody the opportunity to enjoy Olympic sports right

here in Bassetlaw. There are also educational and cultural events

taking place, including the fantastic Bassetlaw Schools Torch


The Bassetlaw Games Torch will begin its journey in Worksop

in February, travelling a 90-mile route around Bassetlaw before

The Torch will seek to visit every school in the District and will be

carried by volunteers, running from school to school.

A1 Housing is proud to be a partner of the Bassetlaw Games

and will be fully involved in helping Bassetlaw residents to be

introduced to and participate in new sporting events and activities.

If you would like to get involved and are interested in running a

leg of the Schools Torch Relay, please contact Vicky Rawson

from Focus on Young People in Bassetlaw on 01909 531504 or



Please note: To ensure we gather the

views of all tenants, our 2013 Tenant

Conference will be held in Worksop.

Visit the website

for more information and to see a calendar of events.

Warming up a winter chill

A1 HOUSING and CESP Manager Jon Kirby, added: “We’re committed to

and warmer homes thanks to a £3.8m home improvement boost.

Around 900 homes are set to be upgraded with a mixture of communities and companies getting together to help people lower

energy saving additions such as double glazing, new gas boilers, their bills and reduce our effect on the planet.

new central heating systems and external wall insulation.

“By tackling whole communities in such

The project to make improvements to homes in areas where there

a way we can really start to make

are low incomes and high energy costs is being funded by energy

a difference and build energy

company E.ON and A1 Housing as part of the Government’s nt’s

Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP).

everyday lives.”

This is in addition to the Decent Homes programme which h A1


number of homes

Housing is continuing to deliver until 2014.

with Solar Panels as

“We want to help families to reduce their energy bills and improve

part of A1 Housing

their day to day living,” said Don Spittlehouse, A1 Housing’s

and Bassetlaw

Director of Technical and Housing Services. “This is an excellent

District Council’s

continual plans

will help them to lower their carbon footprint.”

to incorporate

Selected homes in Retford, Carlton in Lindrick and Manton n will

forms of

receive the works and individual assessments will take place at


each property to determine which energy saving improvements ments

energy to

will be made.

homes in

Portfolio Holder for Housing at Bassetlaw District Council,


Councillor Alan Rhodes said: “It is important that we take

Work is due to

advantage of opportunities like this to help tenants reduce e their

start in the next

few weeks and

help those on a low income it will also improve the quality of our

individual households h will be

housing stock.”

contacted to say what work will be

Most of the project is being funded by energy company E.ON

taking place.

Lift off at Abbey Grove!

BACK in December, if you lived around the

Lowtown area of Worksop you may have

noticed something happening to Abbey Grove

Sheltered Scheme.

As part of the big renovations that have taken

place there over the last couple of years, we

replaced the large old solid fuel heating system

that serviced the whole building with a series

And one of the last things to go was the large

chimney from the old boiler house, and as you

can see from the photos here, it was a big job!

It all took place just before Christmas and just to

spread a little Christmas Cheer and generosity,

we also dished out all the leftover solid fuel to

elderly A1 Housing residents who live close by.

Going, going, gone!

Renewable Energy

WE’RE very proud of the work we

do when it comes to renewable

energy and saving tenants money

on their fuel bills, while also being

kind to the environment.

At the moment we are in the

heating systems to 60 homes in

East Markham, Dunham-on-Trent

and Mattersey Thorpe that do

not have access to gas mains or

heating systems.

A1 Housing’s Director of

Technical and Housing Services,

Don Spittlehouse said: “Helping

tenants to reduce their fuel

bills and become more energy

heating is something we take

very seriously, and we hope to

continue delivering projects like

this across Bassetlaw.”

To report incidents of Anti-Social Behaviour


Issue 2930 Autumn Winter 2011 2012

‘Times Are a’Changin’

BACK in 1964, Bob Dylan sang ‘The Times

They Are a’Changin’, but this could easily

be the soundtrack of 2012 with so many things

None more so than the introduction of the

Localism Act which will see certain powers

from Central Government handed down to a

local level - in theory giving you a greater say on

how your community is run.

There are many areas to the Localism Act

2011 that deal with issues such as social

housing, planning, building more housing, giving

One of the biggest changes will see local

councils given a ‘Power of Competence’. This

means that as long as it is within current laws

and legislation, councils like Bassetlaw will have

more power to make changes and allow more

things to happen in their own area, without being told what to do

by Central Government.

But we thought it was important to focus on what the Localism Act

2011 will mean to A1 Housing Tenants directly.

To get a better idea we spoke to A1 Housing’s Managing Director

Bernard Coleman who explained what is in store for all of us in

the next 12 months.

How much of a change is the introduction of the Localism

Act 2011 going to make?

that I can remember, and after 30-odd years of doing this, it is the

biggest legislation since the 1980 and 85 Housing Acts. The 1980

those rights. It will change the lives of tenants going forward.

Why has The Government introduced this act?

When the Coalition Government came into power they came up

with ‘The Big Society’, this act will support that concept. This is

their way of saying that Central Government doesn’t have a right

to make your decisions, and you as a society should do that.

It’s about communities challenging councils, if you didn’t like

something before you had to wait until the elections and use your

vote. In the future communities will be able to challenge and bid

to run certain services and amenities which is a big shift in power.

How is this act going to directly affect our


Possibly the biggest change is The Government’s

concept that Social Housing should be used as

a stepping stone and only for those people who

need it.

This is called ‘tenure reform’ where councils will

have the right to no-longer give long-term secure

tenancies; instead new tenants will be given a

minimum tenancy of between 2 to 5-years.

It allows Councils to have greater control of the

length of time someone can be a tenant and the

better off, you should be moving into the private sector and that a

council house shouldn’t be a home for life.

It also covers the type of homes individuals and families live in,

for example; if you are a single person living in a three-bedroom

property, this could be better used to house a family and the

single person could move into a more appropriate property.

However, these new rules will only affect new tenants and all

existing tenants are protected, especially the elderly.

There are going to be a lot of other changes to the way that

housing is delivered. For example; we will be able to have our

own rules about the waiting list and the way we allocate homes.

called ‘Self-Financing’, how will this work?

At the moment the council collects the rent, gives it to the

government who take a cut and then give us the rest back to

run our services. Currently, the Government take away around

£4.5million a year from Bassetlaw District Council rents.

Under ‘Self-Financing’ every council in the country will get all of


Issue 25 Autumn 2010

Involving you & Community News

the money they collect in rent and decide how it is spent. It means

that when we make decisions about increasing rents in the future,

tenants will be able to see how much it costs to provide certain

services and if they are prepared to put extra money in to provide

extra services.

The down side to ‘Self-Financing’ is that some authorities have

been running at a loss and the debt will have to be shared

between all councils. Some councils will have their debt reduced

- one council close to us will have £540million wiped off their debt

- and some councils will have their debt increased. Bassetlaw is

going to have to take on an extra £27.5million of debt from other

However, in the long run we will be better off because what we

collect in rent is what we can spend and we will have greater

control of things.

councils who were borrowing more money than they should and it

It will also mean tenants will know exactly what they are getting

for every pound they pay in rent.

It should also see an improvement of services and hopefully allow

us to plan better. It will reduce a lot of uncertainty when it comes

to budgets as we will not have to wait and see how much the

Government decides to give us each year.

The Act also talks about communities having a greater say,

how will our tenants be able to have their say on how things

are run?

Through the Localism Act there will be a greater expectation for

tenants to have a say on how their services are run and managed

and to judge whether this is being done properly.

By setting up independent tenant panels, like our Quality Impact

Panel, that are not involved in existing tenants and residents

groups, they will be able to go into areas and conduct audits and

checks on our services and make recommendations to either the

Board or the Council on changes they think are relevant.

going to offer services above and beyond what the Government

expects. So it makes that annual discussion all the more

important and the tenants involved in those discussions have a

greater chance of shaping the way we deliver services.

For example; groups like the A1 Hundred Club, Be Heard from

Home, Quality Impact Panel, all the ways we consult with tenants

will be actively involved in helping to shape that process.

But I think there is always a need for more people to get involved

and everyone needs to be represented. Some of our groups are

under-represented in younger people and working families and

it’s important that we get their valuable feedback.

I hope that we are an organisation that is willing to accept tenants

comments and criticisms, you can’t improve unless you know

where you’ve gone wrong and the only way we know we are

going wrong is by people telling us.

Some areas of the Localism Act have started to drop into place

and some will take up to 12 months or more to happen.

When it comes to housing, Bassetlaw District Council will have to

bring in what’s called a Strategic Tenancy Policy, which is going to

lay down how they want to use each of the elements in the Act.

We are working with the council at the moment to produce an

interim policy by March 2012 and by November 2012 they will

have to have a full policy in place.

So the next 12 months is going to be a very busy period as all the

succession and the new waiting list will all have to be consulted

on and introduced, we hope that everyone will be able to have

their say.

Each year we make a ‘Local Service Offer’, this says how we are


Issue 2930 Autumn Winter 2011 2012

Foxtrots, Fortune Tellers, Flowers

OLDER people have an important role to play in our communities,

and to celebrate this A1 Housing held a number of events across

the district as part of UK Older Person’s Day.

On Friday 7th October hundreds of pensioners from across

Bassetlaw got together to show how important it is to stay active

in later life – the theme for this year’s events.

Joice Rennie, Director of Strategy and Change at A1 Housing,

said: “It was a fabulous day that was enjoyed by everyone who

came out to take part in this national day of celebration.

“It goes to show what an important part older people play in our

society and how vital it is to remain active in later life.”

Activities varied from Tea Dancing to fortune telling and coffee

events took place and what went on.

Westhill Community Centre, Retford

Pensioners put on their dancing shoes to show that you don’t

have to be on Strictly Come Dancing to enjoy a Waltz or a Foxtrot

as they held a tea dance.

Other attractions included stalls and information stands from

Bassetlaw Museum, Retford Art Club, the Emergency Services

and A1 Housing’s Adaptations team who dressed for the occasion

in a 1940s style.

Conway Gardens, Retford

Residents of the Sheltered Scheme held a coffee morning in aid

of MacMillan Cancer Care and also showed their psychic side

session took the grand total raised to over the £300 mark.




No Cold Callers!

WORKING in partnership with Nottinghamshire Police and

Nottinghamshire Trading Standards we have set up a ‘No Cold

Caller Zone’ in Ordsall, around Westhill Community Centre.

Six local residents will be looking out for any cold callers and pass

area warden. For more information, contact A1 Housing Warden

Michelle Smith on 01777 711104.

Report faulty grab-rails

THERE have been a number of recent reports of grab-rails

and hand-rails that have given way through general wear

and tear, and in some cases users have fallen.

We would ask all tenants who notice any stair, hand or grab

rails which are starting to come loose or are faulty to report

this to A1 Housing immediately through our Freephone

number 0800 590 542.

Stay safe - get your electric

blanket tested for free

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE County Council is urging older and

disabled people with electric blankets to get them tested

this winter at a free testing event on 26th January in Retford.

To book your appointment contact the Council’s trading

standards team on 01623 452005. Further details will be

given when a booking is made and if your blanket fails the

test, you will be given a voucher for 50% off a replacement.

At a similar event in Northamptonshire recently, 352 electric

blankets were tested and 236 (67%) of these were found to

be faulty.

Councillor Mick Murphy, Cabinet Member for Community

Safety at Notts County Council, said: “Electric blankets

can be a great way to stay warm if they’re used and stored

correctly. But they can be dangerous if they are not.

For information visit

10 Issue 25 Autumn 2010

and Fun at Olders Person’s Day

Westmorland House, Bircotes

Westmorland House was packed to the rafters as residents

enjoyed the company of pensioners from Balmoral, Worksop

during a fun-packed day.

Just some of the activities they enjoyed included a chance to shop

at stalls from a number of local businesses and charities before

tucking into a pie and pea lunch.

The Tickhill Lions kindly donated £100 and ran a bumper bingo

session before the afternoon was brought to a close by singer

Marty Lee.

helped to raise more than £350 for Bassetlaw Hospice, all of which

was kindly assisted by Notts County Cllr Glynn Gilfoyle.

Swallow Court, Misterton

from the Fire Service, craft stalls and a lunch together as well as a

More than £100 was raised for charity by residents and visitors

demonstration and a lunchtime buffet.


Swallow Court

Abbey Grove

Support Sessions from Bassetlaw Hospice

IF YOU care for a loved one, are someone who is coming

Hospice now run three weekly drop-in support session.

The sessions are being run in partnership with Bassetlaw

Community Health at The New Library, Worksop where

experienced nurses and a team of volunteers are on hand to

listen, offer guidance and provide helpful information.

It is also a chance for carers, cancer survivors and the

bereaved to meet others in a similar situation to themselves,

as Senior Nurse Gill Bradley explained.

“Many people act as a carer for someone with highly complex

needs due to their illness and although it can be a very

rewarding experience, for many it can be physically hard and

emotionally draining,” she said.

“We are pleased that we now can provide a much needed

service, giving personalised support and guidance and an

opportunity to meet professional care providers.”

“For those people living with a cancer diagnosis we are able

to offer support from health professionals and the opportunity

of support from others in a similar position,” added Gill.

“Coming to terms with the loss of a loved one can be very

you, but we can offer help.”

The support sessions are as follows:


to 12noon

For more information, contact Michelle Godfrey on 01777

863352. Appointments can also be made at Bassetlaw

Hospice, Retford. Contact 01777 863270 for more details.


Issue 2930 Autumn Winter 2011 2012

Stop doorstop lenders

ALL A1 Housing tenants are being urged to turn away doorstep

lenders who charge high amounts of interest with our ‘Stop

Doorstep Lending’ campaign.

all our tenants, we are asking you to think twice before taking

out loans with companies such as Provident, Shopacheck and


“Doorstep lenders prey on the most vulnerable members of

our community who can be

overcome by debt and end up

living in fear and despair,” said

Don Spittlehouse, A1 Housing’s

Director of Technical and

Housing Services.

“People often start borrowing

only small amounts of money

pay excessive amounts of interest

and owing far more money than they ever

dreamt of.”

2 Shires Credit Union can offer a much better deal when it comes

to borrowing money, while supporting its members to ultimately

become savers, not borrowers.

“We want tenants to make the right choices,” added Mr

Spittlehouse. “We want to help them maximise their income,

all, ensure that they are able to stay in their home.”

For more information on how we can help you to deal with

Doorstep Lenders please contact A1 Housing’s Money Advisor on

01909 533 744.

2 Shires Credit Union call 01909 500575.

To break your cycle of door step

borrowing call our Money Advisor on

01909 533744

Clear Rent Account

winners cash in

EVERY other month we select two lucky winners of

our Clear Rent Account Prize Draw who each win

Our latest winners are: Mr Robert Smith and Mrs

Marjorie Merrills, both from Worksop.

We also have a Super Prize Draw for March where two

lucky tenants will receive a minimum of £300 each. The

prize draw is our way of saying thank you for keeping

your rent account up to date and to be in with a chance

of winning you must:


Christmas savings

with Credit Union

HAS Christmas left a big hole in your pocket? Then why not

start saving for next year now?

2 Shires Credit Union has a savings account that can spread

the cost of Christmas AND give you around 1.5% interest on

your money.

Save Weeks Total

£5 45 £225

£10 45 £450

£15 45 £675

You can use one of the many local collection points for cash

deposits or pay by Standing Order.

in Queen’s Buildings (Annex), Potter Street, Worksop. They are

open between 10am-2pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and


12 Issue 25 Autumn 2010

Involving you & Community News

Meet our new Money Advisor

ADAM Mills is A1 Housing’s new Money Advisor who can provide

How are you settling in at A1 Housing?

It’s going well thanks, I’ve been here since November and I’m

helping more people each week.

What did you do before you joined us?

Well, I’ve come from the Department of Work and Pensions

where I was a Customer Service Executive and gave advice on

I was also a volunteer for Derbyshire Unemployed Workers

Centre where I provided information and advice on a wide range

of subjects including debt, housing, employment, welfare and


our tenants already?

Just some of the ways I’ve been able to help people

and tax credits they didn’t know they were

entitled to.

I’ve referred people who are struggling

with debt and tenancy problems to

agencies such as 2 Shires Credit Union, Framework, Citizens

Advice and Christians Against Poverty.

I’ve also been able to help people on our housing waiting list by

I cover the whole of Bassetlaw and run a number of pre-booked

surgeries across the district and I can also visit tenants in their


Just give me a call or make an appointment to see me. I’m

not here to make any judgements, just to help people with any

Housing service.

If you have money worries and would

Adam to make an appointment. He will be

happy to visit you in your home or at any


Changes to Working Tax Credit

If you are a couple who have at least one child and claim working

tax credit, you may have to increase your working hours in order

to qualify for future payments.

From April 2012 you will now be required to work 24 hours or

more a week in order to qualify for Working Tax Credit. This has

increased from 16 hours a week.

Should you currently work less than 24 hours a week your

Working Tax Credit will stop from 6th April, 2012.

There are some exceptions to the new rules for those aged 60

or over, those receiving extra Working Tax Credit because of a

disability or if you are ill, an inpatient in hospital or in prison.

Child Tax Credit

Currently, if your annual income does not exceed £41,300 most

people are eligible for some Child Tax Credit.

From 6th April, 2012, this limit will be lowered for most people but

will depend on your own individual circumstances.


Did you know that any new claims or changes in circumstances

will now only be backdated for one month instead of the previous

period of three months.

For more advice call the Tax Credit Helpline on 0845 300 3900 or


Issue 2930 Autumn Winter 2011 2012

Buy it, Fit it, Test it

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE Fire and Rescue Service has

launched its latest campaign to make sure everyone has

The ‘Buy it, Fit it, Test it’ message is part of the latest

coincides with a change in the way the Service provides

Home Safety Checks, by prioritising those people most

at risk.

and weekly testing is quick and simple.

“But some people may need more support because they

suffer from a disability, mental health problem or other

social issue, or are elderly and have no family living

nearby to help them. These are the people who need us

the most.”

A new risk-based approach will decide which households

crews should visit, and anyone requesting a Home

Safety Check (HSC) will be asked a series of questions

and given a priority score.

Households with higher scores will be recommended for

appropriate. Those at a lower risk will be provided with,

or signposted to, home information enabling them to


Mr Buckley added: “The Buy it, Fit it, Test it campaign

encourages people who are able to take responsibility

to do so, allowing us to focus on helping those who are

most at risk and unable to protect themselves.”

For further information and advice visit

Using a mobile phone?

Dial 112 in an emergency

DID you know that if you need to make

a call to the emergency services dialling

112 instead of 999 could save you vital


That’s because if you dial 999 from a

mobile, your call goes through to central

control in Scotland, mainly to determine

whether it is a genuine call, as three

consecutive numbers can easily be

dialled by mistake on an unlocked


By dialling 112 your call will be put

straight through to your local emergency

services saving you approximately 20


You also do not need a mobile phone

signal in order to be able to make a

call to the emergency services. This is

because your mobile will use a signal

from any network provider to ensure it

gets through.

Russ Dolby, Ian Garratt (Crew Manager), Kate Smith and Paul Smith.



Police number

AS of January 2012 all 43 police forces

in England and Wales will be using the

number 101 to receive non-emergency


The new non-emergency number can

be used when you want to talk to a local

stolen property, drug use or dealing, or

information about a crime.

Calls to 101 are answered by police call

handlers local to you, which ensures

they can answer and deal with your call


Try something new

TENANT Training is just one of the many things that A1 Housing

run free of charge for all our tenants. We offer many courses, some

that can help you to improve your skills and others that allow you to

take up a new hobby.

Darren (pictured right) is an A1 Housing Tenant and took one of

our recent cookery courses, so In Touch had a chat with him to see

how it went. Here is what he had to say:

you say you’re the next Jamie Oliver now?

Not quite, but I’ve learned how to cook properly and how to make

the kitchen, to try new things and experiment with different foods.

What sort of things have you been making then?

We’ve tended to make a couple of different things at each session.

Some of the things I already knew how to do but have learned a

new recipe, like soups and some pasta dishes. But I’ve also been

My overall knowledge has really improved as well as learning how

to eat a bit healthier and what foods to buy in the supermarket.

I’m also a single Dad with two young kids so everything I do here

I go home and do it with them. Doing things like baking with them

is really good fun, we get a bit messy, but it’s a fun thing to do


Would you recommend a course like this to other tenants?

really helpful - and they’re free if you’re a tenant, which is a real


Course Dates Times Weeks

Treasurers Training 17th January, 2012 9.30am – 12noon 3

24th January, 2012 9.30am – 12noon

Intermediate IT

16th January, 2012 to 9.30am – 11.30am 4

6th February, 2012

Introduction to IT

18th January, 2012 to 9.30am – 11.30am 4

8th February, 2012

Cooking on a budget 26th January, 2012 9.30am – 11.30am 1

9th February, 2012 9.30am – 11.30am

Money Matters 15th February, 2012 9.30am – 11.30am 1

Intermediate IT

20th February 2012 to 9.30am – 11.30am 5

19th March, 2012

First Aid 21st February, 2012 9.15am – 3pm 1

Introduction to IT

22nd February, 2012 to 9.30am – 11.30am 5

21st March, 2012

AGM Training 28th February, 2012 9.30am – 11.30am 1

Running Your First Home 14th March, 2012 9.30am – 11.30am 1

21st March, 2012 9.30am – 11.30am

First Aid 20th March, 2012 9.30am – 11.30am

CIEH Level 2 Health & Safety 26th March, 2012 9.15am – 3pm 1




Tenant Training

If you would like to book yourself onto

the next series of cookery courses, or

any of the courses listed here please

contact Lindsay Bradshaw on 01909

533226. All our courses take place in

our Training Centre at Carlton Forest,

Worksop and places must be booked

in advance. In some cases transport

will be provided to and from the


JOIN us on Facebook ok

and get the latest

information on

anything to do with

A1 Housing.

We have a group

dedicated to our younger tenants t

and you can also chat to some of our

representatives through our weekly

online surgeries.Find us at: Facebook/



Issue 2930 Autumn Winter 2011 2012

Don’t get caught out by a cold snap

IN the last issue of In Touch we featured a handy guide to get you

prepared for any cold snaps this winter.

You can still read this on our website in the

‘In Touch’ section, but if you missed it, here are some quick tips to

keep your house running through the remainder of the winter.




Check your pipes are

lagged and insulated,

especially those outside.

Open the loft hatch as

the heat from your home

can prevent pipes from


Set your heating to come on at regular intervals or even leave

your heating on a low heat constantly, especially during extremely

cold temperatures (- 5 and below). By doing this overnight the risk

of frozen and burst pipes the following day is reduced.

If you are going away on holiday, turn your water off at the stop

tap and drain your system. Also tell your Neighbourhood Housing

Manager or Warden you will be away.

Frozen Pipes – how to handle them

Turn off the water at the main stop tap, this is usually under

the sink. Should your pipes burst while they are frozen, this

will prevent any severe leaks when they thaw out.

Burst pipes – what to do

Turn off the water at the main stop tap and then turn off any

water heaters.

Turn on all your taps to drain the system, when the water

stops running turn all the taps off.

Call A1 Housing on 0800 590542 to report your leak or for

any more advice.

Gas boilers

If your boiler should stop

working call our Freephone

number 0800 590542 and

use Option 1, which will

put you through to our Gas

engineers Liberty (GMT).


bear it!

SO far we have managed to escape the bleak

winter we experienced 12 months ago – but that

doesn’t mean we are not prepared if it happens


To make sure we are fully prepared for any

weather, A1 Housing has invested in two 4x4

snow clearing equipment that include snow

ploughs, gritters and winches. (Pictured)

Key staff have been given extra training to

use this equipment which means that we can

keep our Gas, Heating and Plumbing teams

as mobile as possible during the worst of the


Thanks to the 4x4 vehicles we will be able to

reach vulnerable tenants and estates and our

repairs operatives will also be better equipped

with grit and shovels to ensure that we can get

to tenants in need when it is safe to do so.

Even with all this new equipment, we’ll be

keeping one eye on the weather and hoping for

a much milder start to the New Year.


Issue 25 Autumn 2010

Involving you & Community News

Kids help with Christmas Operation

FATHER Christmas and his Elves paid a special early visit

to the children of Holy Family and Prospect Infants Schools

as part of this year’s Operation Christmas Child.

with toys, gifts, sweets and other presents that were sent to

underprivileged and impoverished children around the world

this Christmas.

Back in November, A1 Housing arranged for Father

Christmas and his helpers to drop in and collect all the

presents and also bumped the total number of shoe boxes

to over the 140 mark – an improvement on last year’s total.

“We have been involved with Operation Christmas Child for

a few years now,” said Sam Roberts, Customer Services

Manager for A1 Housing. “Each year we are amazed by the

generosity of the children who donate shoeboxes as well

as our staff who help out. We’d also like to thank Worksop

Lions who kindly lent Father Christmas a Sleigh for the


Shoe boxes donated from the Worksop area were sent

to countries such as Belarus, Liberia, Ukraine, Serbia or

Swaziland where children who would not normally have

received a present, got to open something on Christmas


Jenny Green from Samaritan’s Purse, the organisation

behind Operation Christmas Child added: “Thank you so

much to all the children who donated shoeboxes and A1

Housing for their help.

“This is such an exciting campaign and incredible to think

that every one of the gifts that were handed over blessed a

child somewhere and brought amazing joy to their lives.”

For information on how to get involved in next year’s

Operation Christmas Child or to donate, visit

A1 Housing staff boost local Toy Appeal

STAFF at A1 Housing helped to make sure that as many children in

Bassetlaw got a present to open this Christmas by donating 80 gifts to the

David Hawke Toy Appeal.

For more than 20 years, Val Casey has collected toys and games for

underprivileged children in Bassetlaw and thanked everyone who helped

with this year’s appeal. She said: “Christmas is for children and anything we

can do to make it special for them is worth it.

“It’s amazing that A1 Housing has now joined us with our Appeal, we would

like to say a big thank you to all who donated gifts. In the end we collected

over 1,200 presents.”

of presents at A1 Housing and said: “Christmas is such a special time

of year. It’s brilliant to know that a child who would not normally get any

presents was able to get up on Christmas Day and have something to open.”

Father Christmas visits Holy Family School, Worksop

Children from Prospect Infants School, Worksop with Santa

Nicola Perkins (right) hands over more than 80 presents

to Tracey Stout from David Hawke

Get in touch with A1 Housing by text on -


Issue 2930 Autumn Winter 2011 2012

Make yourself ‘Heard from Home’

ARE you tired of not having a say? Do you wish you could

change the way that A1 Housing provide some of their services?

Well, you can do this all from the comfort of your own home and

really make an impact on some of the decisions that are made.

You could also win yourself some Love to Shop vouchers in the

Opposite are the names of our latest winners who did just that

and congratulations go to:

October - Mr Ronald Whitehead, Tuxford

November - Miss Mary Bowskill, Harworth

December - Heather Jukes, Worksop

You can join our ‘Be Heard From Home’ group by calling


Question of

the Month

YOU took the time to answer our questions and send

the answers back… But what were the results?


are you with the services you

receive from A1 Housing? And the

results were:

39% - Ok

We also asked which services you

would like to access after 5pm?

The top three answers were: Repairs,

Decent Homes Advice and Property


COULD you be the voice of your community? Could you work

with A1 Housing to represent your fellow tenants and help to

make your community a better place to live?

If the answer to those questions is ‘Yes!’ and you live in the New

Manton area then we would like to hear from you.

The role of a Tenant Voice is simple, speak with your fellow

tenants and residents and pass on any problems or concerns


We asked you a series of

questions about reporting antisocial

behaviour (ASB). From your

answers we learned the following:

Tenant’s Handbook or ask their

information on ASB.

Housing either over the phone or


like to be updated on a weekly

basis and expect it to be resolved

within 30 days.

like to see from a Neighbourhood

with ASB complaints are: Being

responsive, being helpful and being



We asked: Have you visited the

A1 Housing website in the last

six months?

and that you would use our

online services to do things

like; Report a repair and view

your repairs statement; Contact

Customer Services; Pay

your rent and view your rent

account; Report a complaint.

are available on our website, so why

not take a look?

like us to provide workshops in

your community to show you

how to use our online services?

47% of you said yes and this is

something we are looking into.

Could you be our new Tenant Voice in Manton?

they have to us at regular meetings.

We are currently looking for a Tenant Voice to represent New

Manton and join those who currently represent Old Manton,

Mid-Manton, Manton Villas and Priory Mews.

If you would like to know more about being a Tenant Voice

please contact Jim Fieldhouse on 01909 533242 or email

18 Issue 25 Autumn 2010

Involving you & Community News

How are we doing?

EACH year the A1 Housing Board, which is made up of A1

tenants, Bassetlaw residents and representatives of Bassetlaw

District Council set targets for us to work towards.

These are spread across all areas of A1 Housing, such as

Housing Management, Customer Services and Repairs and make

sure that we are giving you a good level of service and continue

to meet high standards.

There are more than 120 targets that we have to work towards,

and so that you can see how we are doing, we have shown just a

few of these in the table below.

The information tells you how we performed in a selection

of areas between April 2010 and March 2011, July 2011 and

September 2011, and our targets for 2011/12.

The colour coded faces tell you whether we are on target, slightly

below or doing better than we expected.



Area What we measure How we

performed in


Average Time Taken to respond to complaints

(Working days)

Our performance

between July

2011 and Sept


6 5 5.00

Our target

for 2011/12

How are

we doing?



% of Telephone calls answered in 10 seconds 95.35 No data from





Average time taken to relet properties 23.85 21.90 21.00





% ASB closed cases in the current reporting

period which have been resolved

Estate Inspections - % done and report sent

out in 10 working days

94.83 71.02 96.00

95.00 97.00 100.00





Current Rent Arrears (£’s) 299,045 363,841 290,000

Proportion of rent collected exc b/f arrears 99.57 98.97 100.04

Repairs % emergency repairs completed in timescale 99.95 99.90 99.90


Non emergency repairs - % of appointments

made that are kept

99.75 99.63 99.80

Repairs % repairs completed “Right First Time” 99.58 99.85 99.85






Average time taken to complete Adaptations

for all works (calendar days)

Overall Customer Satisfaction with Decent

Homes works

Response rate to warden intercom calls

received at the A1 Contact Centre - % in 30


93.63 48.79 90.00

93.38 86.10 95.00

98.13 99.00 98.50


Above / On


Just Below




If you do not understand any of the information or would like to

know more about the information we have provided, please call our

Customer Services team on 01909 534 520.

For gardening and handyperson services, call


Issue 2930 Autumn Winter 2011 2012

Estate Inspections

Estate Inspection Programme

January 2012 to March 2012

All start at 10am

Lowtown, Clinton Street, Ely Close, Lincoln View Tuesday 10th Jan, 2012

Manton – Featherston Avenue, Hardwick Road,

Rushey Close, etc

Thursday 19th Jan, 2012

Prospect Thursday 26th Jan, 2012

Meeting Point

Car park outside block 1-6 of

Parking area outside 25 Rushey


Way Worksop

Rhodesia Thursday 2nd Feb, 2012 Community House, Tylden Road

Manton – Foxglove Close, Howard Street,

Talbot Road, Tenby Grove, St Pauls Road,

Lincoln Street, Furnival Street

Langold – Chestnut Road, Laburnum Drive,

Dyscarr Close, Goldthorpe Close, Doncaster Rd

Tuesday 14th Feb, 2012

Kilton North Tuesday 28th Feb, 2012

Valley Road and Gateford Thursday 8th Mar, 2012

Howard Street - adjacent to the car

park off Lanchester Gardens.

Laburnum Road Community

Thursday 23rd Feb, 2012


Osberton View car park, off

Browning Close

Balmoral Community Centre,

Princess Anne Road

Priory Estate and The Mews Thursday 15th Mar, 2012 Bushmead Mews

Retford & Harworth Areas

Harworth East – Wimpey Estate and

Thoresby Close

Retford - North Road, Mattersey,

Mattersey Thorpe, Sutton, Lound

Retford Central – Spital Hill, Moorgate,

Eagle Place, Armstrong Road

All start at 10am

Thursday 12th Jan, 2012

Tuesday 24th Jan, 2012

Tuesday 31st Jan, 2012

Ordsall Thursday 9th Feb, 2012

Elkesley, Gamston, Bothamsall,

West Drayton, Thrumpton and Ranby



Retford Central – St Saviours Estate

Tuesday 21st Feb, 2012


13th March, 2012


22nd March, 2012


29th March, 2012

Meeting Point

Bottom of Dorchester Road/

Grosvenor Road

Outside main entrance of Conway

Gardens, off Galway Crescent

Bottom of Wellington Street

Westhill Community Centre,

Cheyne Walk

Holly Bush Close, Elkesley

The Beeches Community Centre,

Birch Court

Hallcroft Community Centre, off

Randall Way

Junction of Lidget Lane and Hirst



Debbie Savage

01909 534467

Michelle Hoggard

01909 533718

Donna Bell

01909 533284

Gary Plumpton

01909 533715

Debbie Savage

01909 534467

Paula Owen

01909 535516

June Pocklington

01909 533178

Donna Bell

01909 533284

Michelle Hoggard

01909 533718


Adele Hewison

01777 713209

Caroline Hurt

01777 713867

Jason Green

01777 713204

Christine Eyre

01777 713866

Christine Eyre

01777 713866

Christine Eyre

01777 713866

Caroline Hurt

01777 713867

Jason Green

01777 713204



Let A1 Housing

take the strain

A1 HOUSING has its own collection

service to help tenants get rid of bulky


If you have large items such as sofas,

dining chairs and tables, washing

machines and fridges that are no longer

of use, A1 Housing caretakers can now

remove these for a small charge of

£5.20 per bulky item.


To use this service, please call our

freephone number 0800 590 542, or you

can arrange for a collection to be made

directly with your local caretaker.

All payments can be made by cash

or cheque and must be given to the

caretaker on the collection date, who will

then issue you with a receipt.

Involving you & Community News

Improving your estates

OVER the coming years’ we will be working hard to improve

and maintain your estates through a planned maintenance


includes the following work:

consultation and local councillors (such as footpaths, etc)

areas and car parks and other Disability Discrimination Act

(DDA) issues

social behaviour

The programme opposite tells you when we will be in each area

and we will consult with residents before we start any work.

Please be aware, not all areas are guaranteed to receive work

due to budgetary limitations. If you have any questions please


East Manton, Priory, West Manton, The Mews, Sandy Lane,

Westgate, St Johns Court, Garside Street.


Harworth, Blyth, Styrrup, Scrooby, Misson, Everton, Ranskill,

Oldcotes, Langold, Costhorpe, Carlton-in-Lindrick.

Central Retford, South Leverton, North Leverton, Habblesthorpe,

Cottam, Treswell, Headon, Rampton, Stokeham, East Markham,

Askham, Laneham, Dunham on Trent, Ragnall, Darlton,

Normanton-on-Trent, Sturton le Steeple, Clayworth, Clarborough,

Hayton, North Wheatley, Bole, Torworth, Mattersey, Mattersey

Thorpe, Sutton, Lound, Beckingham, Walkeringham, Gringley,

West Stockwith, Misterton.

Thievesdale, Prospect, Keswick Road, Valley Road, Gateford,

Larwood, Sunnybank, Bracebridge, Kilton.


Ordsall, Thrumpton, Ranby, Elkesley, Gamston, Bothamsall, West

Drayton, Tuxford, Hallcroft, North Road.

Community Surgeries

Advice and information from your

Neighbourhood Housing Officer


Kilton - Rayton Spur Community Centre,

Rayton Spur, Worksop

Sandy Lane - 1 Sandhill House, Worksop

91 Lancastrian Way, Worksop

Carlton - 24-28 Sycamore Road

- Community House,

3 Cunningham Close

Tuxford - Mine of Information, 2 Market Place

Misterton - The Misterton Centre, High Street




Issue 2930 Autumn Winter 2011 2012

Board Update

Below is a summary of the key decisions the Board

This sets out the role of a Board Member, the conditions that

our Board has to abide by and acts as general rule book for

their conduct.

Board Champions have delegated to them, this is reviewed


Statutory Financial Accounts for the Year Ended 31st March,


Vice Chair.


Action Plan – A1 Housing has a number of monitoring groups

called a ‘Champions Group’, each of these look at different



Leaseholders - are you gas safe?

Gas Safety

EACH year up to 50 people in this country

lose their lives to Carbon Monoxide


Carbon Monoxide is a colourless,

odourless, tasteless gas and deadly

amounts can build up in your home if your

gas appliances are faulty or if a room is

not ventilated properly.

The early symptoms of poisoning such

as headaches, nausea, dizziness and

tiredness can easily be mistaken for

something is wrong until it’s too late.

As leaseholders you have a responsibility

to yourself and to the other people living

in your home to make sure your gas

appliances are safe and are regularly

serviced by a “Gas Safe” registered


A1 Housing can offer this service through

our main contractors Liberty Gas Group.

times a year to discuss and review everything that happens within the organisation.

Day Date Venue Time

Tuesday 31st January, 2012 Worksop Town Hall, Ceres Suite 6.30 - 9.30pm

Tuesday 28th February, 2012 Retford Town Hall, Council Chamber 6.30 - 9.30pm

Tuesday 27th March, 2012 Worksop Town Hall, Ceres Suite 6.30 - 9.30pm

We have negotiated a discounted rate for

leaseholders and they can be contacted

direct on Freephone 0800 542 7200 or

0114 294 2040.

Electric Safety

We also think it is important to be extra

safe when it comes to electricity and have

the following tips for leaseholders:

ignore warning signs like burning

smells, sounds of arcing (buzzing or

crackling), or fuses blowing.

service areas of the organisation. Each year they conduct a

self-assessment to ensure proper monitoring is taking place

and the terms of reference for each group are being met. Any

items; Future structure of the Warden Service, Ombudsman

Annual Report, Annual Equality and Diversity Report and the


The Board was presented with the following items at their

November meeting:

of non-urgent repairs


recommendations following their inspection in 2010

your home is maintained and used

properly in accordance with the

manufacturer’s instructions.

known as an Electrical Installation

periodic inspection report, to be carried

out every 10 years or when there is a

change of tenancy.

An electrical inspection can be carried out

by A1 Housing, please contact 0800 590

542 (extension 3) for details.

Notice Board

Event will take place on Wednesday

29th February, 2012 in the Venetian

Room at Queens Building, Worksop

between 2pm and 4pm.

early November, if you would like to

see the minutes from the meeting these

can be found on

Leaseholders page.

22 Issue 25 Autumn 2010

competition winners

Where’s Alfie?

A1 Housing Customer Services Team

Carlton Forest House,

Hundred Acre Lane,

Worksop, S81 0TS

Congratulations to

Ragen Patterson

Page 6 of the Autumn issue.

I’m hiding again somewhere in this issue and

just like the one below.

When you have found me, write down the

page number together with your name,

address and a contact telephone number and

send it to;



Every issue we have £15 worth of High Street

And the winner


Mr Douglas Kay from Worksop

who entered our Autumn

person to be drawn out of the hat.





Each coloured block needs to make 45



Cut out your completed Sudoku puzzle and entry form

and send it to: A1 Housing, Customer Services, Carlton

Forest House, Hundred Acre Lane, Worksop, Notts

S81 0TS.

The deadline for all entries is

correct entry drawn will

receive £15 worth of

High Street shopping


4 9

6 7 4

4 5

6 5 8

8 4 5

1 8 6

7 2

9 8 1 7

1 7

Sudoku - Competition Entry Form

Name ..........................................................

Address .......................................................

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Postcode ....................

Telephone. ....................................................

Email ..........................................................

For the latest information on A1 Housing visit


Issue 2930 Autumn Winter 2011 2012

How to contact us

There are a number of ways you can contact us

Service and Contact


0800 590542

By writing to us

A1 Housing Bassetlaw Limited

Carlton Forest House, Hundred Acre

Lane, Worksop, Notts S81 0TS



Foreign language versions

If you need any help communicating with us or understanding

any of our documents, please contact us on



Visit our website at

Email us at

Text message TxT 07725 768444


By visiting us

If you want to talk directly to a member of staff, you

arrange to visit you at your home or meet you at

one of the council’s community houses if you prefer.

an appointment. However, you may need to make

an appointment if you want to see a particular

member of staff.

Carlton Forest House, Hundred Acre Lane,

Worksop, Notts S81 0TS

17B The Square, Retford, Notts DN22 6DB

Queens Buildings, Potter Street, Worksop,

Notts S80 2AH



We can arrange for a copy of this document in large print,

audiotape, Braille or for a Language Line interpreter or

translator to help you.

Our contact details:

01909 534520


Issue 30 Winter 2012

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