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Zionism Is Not Judaism

M any reacted to the horrors of Jonestown by recalling

the Masada suicide complex familiar to students of

current Israeli developments. Over the last several years

the world has been brought to the verge of general

nuclear war again and again by events in the Mideast,

and it is the psychotic leadership of Israel, and its backers

in the international Zionist lobby, who are responsible for

threatening not only the population of Israel but the

whole world.

For related reasons, it is urgent that American Jews

begin to disassociate themselves from the criminal and

treasonous embodiments of the Masada policy: organizations

such as the B'nai B'rith and its Anti-Defamation

League, the Jerusalem Foundation, and the overt and

covert arms of Israel's murderous intelligence agency,

the Mossad.

Notwithstanding Menachem Begins sometimes

delightful quips against the British during 1977, Ezer

Weizmann and Moshe Dayan were brought into British

secret intelligence under the patronage of one of the

"Skorzenys" of that intelligence service, Orde Wingate.

Most of the leading strata of the Israeli political parties

are nothing but British intelligence agents — despite the

lingering bitterness from the 1940s.

This is crucial to understanding Israel today. If the

world gets safely through the dangerous period immediately

before us, within a year or so popular elements

of the Israeli population will almost certainly break

through the tough crust of British agents controlling

Israel's ruling organizations. The ugly, evil tradition of

David Ben-Gurion and Orde Wingate will be reduced to

a contained senility within Israel as a whole. The

problem is getting through the present dangerous period.

The danger exists because Israel is essentially a British

puppet-state within the Middle East, and because the

British are desperate to the point of lunatic hysteria to

prevent the new world monetary system centered around

the European Monetary System from coming into being.

The Israeli military capability, a U.S.-created surrogate

arm of British foreign policy, now equipped with a thermonuclear

capability, is the chief weapon London has

deployed against the new monetary system. If used, that

Israeli-puppet capability will almost certainly trigger

thermonuclear war.

Israel is ruled from London as a zombie-nation. The

overall brainwashed state of Israel is Zionism in general.

London manipulates Zionism internally by a combination

of means. Inside Israel, Tavistockian methods are

used to split the parties and factions of that tiny nation

into the most exotic hodge-podge of special sectarian

concoctions. By playing on this Hobbesian frenzy, using

the leverage of "outside" controlling support conduited

through international Zionist organizations, London can

ordinarily set Israel onto any policy course London

desires, and can wreck any Israeli leader who tries to

adopt a policy of national interest contrary to London's


Zionism itself is not the true source of the Israeli

problem today. Zionism is the state of collective

psychosis through which London manipulates most of international

Jewry. If international Jewry were significantly

freed of the grip of the Zionist psychosis, Israel

would cease to be a puppet of London. Then the

problems of the Middle East could be resolved in the interest

of Jew and Arab alike.

Zionism is a hideous doctrine, a cult in the strictest,

most rigorously restricted usage of that characterization.

It ought to be opposed merely on the grounds that no

human being's mind should be destroyed in the way that

Zionism degrades its individual cultist. Worse, Zionist

cultism is among the most important of the levers

through which British criminality and miscalculation are

plunging the world toward a war in which both Israel

and the United States would be destroyed as nations —

all for the most worthless, most contemptible of causes.

The impassioned sophistry which the Zionist

demagogue offers to all foolish enough to be impressed

with such hoaxes is the "holocaust" thesis: that the

culmination of the persecution of the Jews in the Nazi

holocaust proves that Zionism is so essential to "Jewish

survival" that any sort of criminal activity is justified

against anti-Zionists, in memory of the "six million."

This is worse than sophistry. It is a lie. True, about a

million and a half Jews did die as a result of the Nazi

policy of labor-intensive "appropriate technology" for

the employment of "inferior races," a small fraction of

the tens of millions of others, especially Slavs, who were

murdered in the same way that Jewish refugee Felix

Rohatyn and others of his ilk propose to revive today.

The point is that Adolf Hitler was put into power largely

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