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The development of R&D projects based on technological innovation is

one of ITENE’s priorities. Packaging materials are continually evolving.

ITENE has identified this requirement and has focused R&D efforts on

the development of new packaging materials to increase the shelf life

of the packaged products and to provide novel functionalities. These

new materials are an alternative to those currently commercialised.


One of the main objectives of ITENE is to develop new materials with improved properties for packaging

applications. During the last years, a great effort in R&D has been devoted to the field of biodegradable polymers,

to provide an alternative to those currently used, derived from oil.

In this topic, research on new coatings for paper and carboard is being also considered. All the developed materials

are being tested in accordance to their final application, evaluating their safety according with the different

applicable legislation.


This area includes the use of conventional packaging materials

(paper, polymer and others), as well as novel materials

(biodegradable/renewable). The research actually carried out

is based in:

- Development of novel functionalities in materials through the

use of additives, blends, coatings or specific processes.

- Development of composites; nanocomposites.



Competitive differentiation thanks to the development of

tailored solutions. As example, in the case of nanocomposites:

- Increase in packaging material properties, e.g. barrier or

mechanical properties.

- Reduction in raw materials.

- Decrease of environmental impact.

Potentially applicable for both perishable and non perishable

products in major consumer sectors: cosmetics,

pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc.

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