Printing Labels for Materials

Printing Labels for Materials

Fact Sheet

Last updated: June 13, 2012

Printing Labels for Materials

Information located in the ES handbook:

Printing Labels:

● After a non-consumable item arrives, you need to print a label before your give the item to the parent.

● Go to View/PO’s. Click the box the right of the item under “Print Resource Labels”. Then, click the large “print

Resource Labels” button and follow the prompts from FRED:

Printing Labels from the Resource Library:

• To print labels for the newly added items go to View/PO’s. This brings you to your PO list. Select the “Get Labels from the

Resource Library” button (bottom right of the screen).

• This takes you to a list of all of your families materials. Check off all of the items you are requesting labels for and

select “print” in the upper left corner. Follow the prompts from FRED:

• Print your labels and place the labels on your items.

• For consumable items, write either OGCS/consumable or SSCS/consumable (use a Sharpie)

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