TEST 1 - Hoc Ky I – English 8. I. Put the correct form of the verbs in ...


TEST 1 - Hoc Ky I – English 8. I. Put the correct form of the verbs in ...

TEST 1 - Hoc Ky I – English 8.

I. Put the correct form of the verbs in the bracket

a) My grandparents [1. just visit) ____________ us . Would you like [2. meet) ____________ them?

b) I (3. read) ____________ this book at the moment. After I (4. finish) ____________ , I (5. lend) ____________

it to you.

c) Paul was born in France, and he [6. live) ____________ there for 20 years.

d) We (7. be) ____________ to HCM city several times. (8. you ever go) ____________ there?

e) I hope my sister [9. send) ____________ me a letter soon.

f) I (10. buy) ____________ a new house last year, but I (11. not sell) ____________ my old house yet, so I

(12. have) ____________ two houses.

g) He usually spends his free time (13. read) ____________ books in the afternoon.

h) I’m sure, my mother ( 14. come) ____________ back home in an hour

i) (you 15. do) ____________ your homework yet? Yes. I (16. already finish) ____________ t

II. Rewrite the following sentences by using the cues.

17. I have a brother. His name is Ba. ( whose) __________________________________________

18. Lan made her new dress yesterday. ( passive voice) ___________________________________

19. He visited me yesterday. (He has....) ______________________________________________

20. They have believed that Nam stole that bicycle. (Nam has..............)


21. We spend a lot of time doing our homework everyday. ( It takes…….)


22. Mayday is a day, workers match to show their solidarity on that day. ( when)


23. Look at the shoes on that shelf. They are made of leather. ( which)


24. I have my mother help do the housework everyday. ( passive)


25. There will be a new road. It will be built through our neighborhood. ( V p2)


III. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest

26. a. children b. chicken c. chair d. character

27. a. curly b. shy c. fly d. sky

28. a. joke b. local c. blond d. sociable

29. a. laugh b. enough c. although d. cough

30. a. fourteen b. volunteer c. seen d. free

IV. Choose and underline the best answer.

Among many of my friends, Quan is [31. a/ one/ the/ an] best one. We became good friends [32. since/

when/ and/ but] we were in primary school. Quan is thin and a [33. lot of/ lots/ bit/ a little] tall. he has a long

face and straight nose. His hair is short, black and curly. His eyes [34. is/ are/ be/ being] large and he always has

a pleasant smile. When [35. go/ to go/ went/ going] to school Quan usually wears a white shirt, black trousers

and a [36. lot/ lots/ bit/ pair] of grey sandals. But after school, he often wears a T-shirt, jeans and shoes. Quan is

sociable. He is extremely helpful and generous. Quan is very good [37. at/ for/ with/ by] natural sciences, so he

always helps me [38. in/ by/with/of] my homework. Whenever I meet a difficult exercise and ask [39. him/ he/

for him/of him] , he kindly explains it to me until I understand it completely. All the things I want to say is that I

am lucky [40. very/ so/ too/ enough] to have a friend like Quan.

V. Put the correct form of the words in brackets to complete the sentences.

41. We have two postal (deliver) ___________________ a day.

42. He left the room without (explain) ___________________

43. Playing tennis is one of his favorite (act) ______________ .

44. We started our trip on a beautiful (sun) ______________ morning.

45. They left the house in a (frighten) __________________ mess.

46. He said “ Good morning” in a most (friend) ______________ way.

47. There is no easy (solve) ______________ to this problem.

48. He always drives more (care) ________________ at night.

49. Does this (arrange) _______________ suit you?

50. He is a very (skill) _________________ carpenter.

VI. Rewrite these sentences in passive voice.

51. Why didn't you buy these books ? __________________________________________________

52. They cut my hair every month. ____________________________________________________

53. We couldn't do this difficult exercise yesterday. _______________________________________

54. They said I was very intelligent. __________________________________________________

55. People believe that Nam stole that bicycle. ___________________________________________

56. We are discussing the pollution problem. ____________________________________________

57. They made us work hard. ________________________________________________________

58. Hoa doesn't admire this actor. ____________________________________________________

59. They were selling tickets when the match started. _____________________________________

60. Mrs. Brown is watering the flowers in the garden. _____________________________________

TEST 2 - Hoc Ky I - English 8.

I. Choose and underline the best answer

1. This summer holiday we [will climbing. Go climbing, are going to climb, going climb] the mountain.

2. The lower floor of a house is called the [upstairs, downstairs, outside, inside]

3. You like the movie " The Kids in Town", [ you do, do you, you don't, don't you] ?

4. Let's [meet, meeting, to meet, to meeting] outside the theatre.

5. Alexander Graham Bell was a Scotsman [despite, in spite, although, even] he later emigrated to the USA.

II. Put the following words in the correct order to make meaningful sentences.

6. stamps / a child / Minh / since / collected / was / has / he.


7. tomorrow / can / not / we / somewhere / I / so / working / go / am.


8. back / in / months / England / going / two / are / to / They.


9. information / entertainment / but also/ TV / not only / brings .


10. a struggle / always / nature /life / is / At home on the farm / with .


III. Fill in each blank with a suitable word

Learning a language is, in some way, like (11) ………………..……… how to fly or play the piano. There (12)

……………………… important differences, but there is a very important similarity. It is this: learning how to do such

things needs lots (13) …………….….. practice. It is never simply to “know” something. You must be able to “do”

things with what (14) ……………….…… know. For example, it is not enough simply to read a book on (15)

………………….… to fly an airplane. A (16) ……………….……. can give you lots of information about how to fly, but if

only read a book and then try to (17) ……………….….. without a great deal of practice first, you will crash and kill

(18) ……………….….. . The same is true of (19) ……………... the piano. So you think it is enough simply to read about

it? Can you play the piano without having lots of (20) ……………... first?

IV. Fill a suitable article (a/ an/ the) or not in the gap

21. It's ........................bit far from my house to ...................cinema.

22. Viet likes .............comedies very much and there is ............interesting comedy on TV tonight.

23. ....................deaf are the people who can't hear.

24. It is ...................large lab, but there is only ...................assistant.

25. Trang isn't in ...............kitchen, she's ...............upstairs.

26. They are going to build (25) ……..............university in this town.

V. Change these sentences into passive voice

26. Our parents often take us to the zoo at weekends.


27. How can we keep our fields in good condition?


28. The smell of fresh paint greeted hundreds of pupils.


29. They have just seen the new teacher in the school yard.


30. Did she do her homework last night? ___________________________________________?

31. We should stop experiments on animals as soon as possible.


VI. Put the correct form of the words in brackets.

32. The museum is the (far).................................way of the two buildings.

33. We must take (act).................................before things gets worse.

34. Conan Doyle was famous for the (create)...................of the great detective, Sherlock Homes.

35. My new car is more (economy).....................than the old one I had before.

36. Working on the car made his hands (grease)..........................

VII. Rewrite these sentences. Use the cues given

37. Although his team played well, they lost.

Despite ________________________________________________________________

38. We had better get back to work

It's ____________________________________________________________________

39. "I'd take a taxi if I were you" said Peter

Peter suggested __________________________________________________________

40. In spite of the forecast, it stayed fine.

Although rain_____________________________________________________________

41. He was so tired that he fell asleep before the end of the film.

He was too_______________________________________________________________

42. I haven't seen them for over a year.

It's ______________________________________________________________________

43. She didn't say a word as she left the room.

She left the room ___________________________________________________________

44. The doctor suggested that I should rest

The doctor advised _________________________________________________________

45. The last time it rained here was a fortnight.

It has ___________________________________________________________________

46. You can try to get Tom to lend you his car but you won't succeed

There is no point__________________________________________________________

47. I'm sorry I missed Professor Baker's lecture

I'm sorry not to have_______________________________________________________

48. As I get older, I want to travel less

The older I_______________________________________________________________

49. "It certainly was not me who took your money" Said Nam

Nam denied _______________________________________________________________

50. Yogurt is supposed to be good for you

Yogurt is supposed to _______________________________________________________

TEST 3 - Hoc Ky I - English 8.

I. Give the correct form of the words

1. Their children have quite ______________characters. DIFFERENCE

2. My brother bought a new______________ rod yesterday. FISH

3. Mr. Pike runs his business very ___________ SUCCESS

4. I like the city life because there are many kinds of ______________ ENTERTAIN

5. The scouts do the______________ work. VOLUNTEER

6. Is there anything______________ on TV tonight? INTEREST

7. What is the correct______________ f this word? PRONOUNCE

8. My uncle often spends his free time doing volunteer work at a local ______ ORPHAN

9. Relax for some minutes and you’ll feel more______________ COMFORT

10. She is one of the greatest______________ to appear in this theater. PERFORM

11. We must remember the_______________ precaution in the home. safe

12. Some_______________ objects are dangerous to children house

13. My uncle is an _______________engineer. electricity

14. You must put all _______________and drugs in locked cupboards. chemist

15. The bomb explosion caused terrible_______________ destroy

III. Underline and correct the mistake in each sentence at the end of the sentence.

16. I call my father's brother is my uncle. __________________

17. You haven't to finish the work this afternoon, you can leave it later.__________________

18. Her son is absent today because he is sickness. __________________

19. Let's put the table in the middle in the room. __________________

20. She wishes she is a teacher. __________________

IV. Fill a suitable preposition in each blank

21. We should put the armchair....................the table and the sofa.

22. There is a wardrobe.......................the left........................her room.

23. You shouldn't let children play .............................matches.

24. We have to put knives out ........................... children's reach.

25. Mr. Tan is ...........................the table. He's writing something

26. I'm going home late tonight because I'm going to visit Uncle Tom...........................work.

27. Don't worry...........................us. we can look...............ourselves.

28. It's very nice ....................you to give me a beautiful present ..................my birthday.

29. He never goes to school late. He is always ..................time.

30. Please don't write ..................red ink on your test paper.

V. Change these sentences into passive voice.

31. They are going to build a big building downtown ____________________________________

32. All students should study English well. ____________________________________________

33. You must give more care to your work ____________________________________________

34. I have seen that play three times. _______________________________________________

35. Who wrote "Gulliver's Travels"? _________________________________________________ ?

VI. Put the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

36. We (just receive) ……………………………..……….our uncle’s letter from Ha Noi

37. Ha is in front of the mirror. She (look at )……………………..…………….herself in it.

38. English (become)………………………………..……….a famous language recently.

39 you (ever read)……………………………………..…….this story?

40 Where you (spend)………………………………..…….your last summer holiday?

VII. Complete these sentences by filling the correct form of the words given in the gap.

41. The weather was terrible. So we had a very .....................................holiday. (please)

42. Many people in the neighborhood have good jobs by the ...................of that company. (employ)

43. His lecture was so...............................that everyone didn't pay attention to it. (bore)

44. She always listens .................................to what she is told. (attention)

45. He was .........................of the change of the date of the meeting. (information)

46. I think this article is ...........................you should have a look in it. (information)

47. This area has lots of big mountains. This is to say this area is ...............................(mountain)

48. The (arrive) ....................of the guest made my aunt .................................. (surprise)

49. We asked the police to .....................................us to the railway station. (direction)

50. Don't be so ...................................., there is a lot of time. (patient)

51. He is very good at his job so he is .....................paid by the company. (high)

52. The surgeons tried their best to save his life, but unfortunately the operation was .......(success)

53. I understand .................................................what you are saying. (perfect)

54. He has very high .................................................of his son (expect)

55. I like him because he is a very .................................person (rely)

56. It's a lovely old house. We can afford to ....................................it. (modern)

57. I'd lost my key, so I couldn’t ..............................the door when I got home. (lock)

58. Their ......................................................gave us heart to go on. (encourage)

59. Secondary education is ...........................and free in many countries. (compel)

60. Your father is a bit ................................I think he should go on a diet. (weight)

TEST 4 - Hoc Ky I - English 8.

I. Put the correct form of the verbs in the bracket.

- Trung's father [1. teach]................him how [2. ride]...................a bike when he [3. be]........ .........twelve

years old.

- Can I borrow your book? No. I'm reading it. When I (4. finish).......................it, I (5. lend)..... ............ it to you.

- We [6. go]................................to Ha Long this weekend.

- You [7. play] ........................ so much when you [8. live].....................in the countryside?

- Yesterday Hoang [9. spend].......................two hours [10. repair].................his computer set.

II. Complete the passage with the suitable words in the box

dictionary contest improve should took lower

after year pronunciation home school bookshelf

In the first year of lower secondary (11) _________I had some difficulties in learning English. My (12)

_________ of English words was really bad and my English grammar was worse. I didn’t know how to (13)

__________ them. One afternoon, (14) ________ the lesson, my teacher of English told me to wait for her outside

the classroom. She (15) ________ me to the school library and showed me cassettes of pronunciation drills kept in

a glass (16)_________ She also told me how to use an English-English (17)__________to improve my English

grammar. “Now I think you know what you (18)___________ do,” said she. I didn’t know that only one

(19)_________ later I would win the first prize in the English Speaking (20)__________held for secondary school

students in my hometown.

III. Underline and correct the mistake in each sentence at the end.

21. My grandmother used to be telling us folktales when we were small. _______________

22. You have to be back both 9 o'clock and 9.30 in the evening. _______________

23. Our grandparents didn’t used to go to school because they had to do a lot of housework. _______

24. There wasn't no electricity in our village ten years ago. _______________

25. Everyone was exciting as the prince wanted to choose his wife from the village. ___________

IV. Choose and underline the best answer

26. Who ate all the cake? Oh, I think Mai (does/ ate/ did/ was)

27. Would you like a piece of chocolate? (No, I wouldn’t like/ No, I would/ Thanks. I’m not hungry/Yes, I am)

28. You (needn’t/ don’t need/ need/ needn’t to ) come tomorrow if you have something else to do.

29. What (is playing/ is played/ are they play/ is on ) at the ABC cinema tonight?

30. Twenty dollars (are/ is/ will be/ can be) not much.

31. They asked me (to/ at/ with/ for) giving them some help, and I agreed.

V. Complete these tag questions.

32. Don’t drive your car fast, ………………….………….?

33. Learn all the new English words by heart,………………….……..?

34 That sounds like hard work,……………………….……..?

35. Let’s go and buy some cold drinks, …………………………..….?

36. This is the first time you have seen this play,……………………….…..?

37. This classroom has already been cleaned by the students,………………….……….?

38. They will have a discussion on the garbage problem tomorrow,……………………….…….?

39. We should have the meeting at 8 am tomorrow,……………………….………?

40. She used to cry a lot when she was a baby,……………………….……………?

41. Viet was very good at swimming,…………………?

VI. Rewrite these sentences using the suggested words

42. Who does these shoes belong to? [owner] _______________________________________

43. We had lots of friends when we lived in the country. [have]


44. Miss Lien rides a motorbike to work everyday. [gets]


45. July 1st is my sister's birthday. [ born] _________________________________________

VII. Complete these sentences by filling the correct form of the words given in the gap.

46. I spent all of my ......................in the countryside. (child)

47. What time do you .............start work? Oh, at seven o'clock in the morning. (use)

48. Every women nowadays seems to want to lose ..................... (heavy)

49. Are you afraid of .....................too much weight. (gain)

50. She is very................................ She attracts many men. (attract)

51. The police are interested in the sudden.....................of the valuable painting. (appear)

52. I believe you because I know you are ..............................(truth)

53. Do you have a ........................costume in your country? (nation)

54. They are going to announce the .......................of the prince. (arrive)

55. You need a lot of .......................to be a teacher. (patient)

56. Have you got any .......................................? (suggest)

57. In .....with Laos, Viet Nam grows more tea than Laos, Cambodia.(compare)

58. Many ...................people have to leave their home villages for cities . (home)

59. Those berries are........................... Don't eat them. (poison)

60. They are..................up a new theater here now. (set)

TEST 5 - Hoc Ky I - English 8


I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

1. a. honest b. hour c. honor d. humor

2. a. escape b. graze c. transit d. chase

3. a. knife b. sink c. excite d. device

4. a. magic b. generous c. magazine d. refrigerator

5. a. deaf b. beat c. lead d. teach

II. Fill a given word in the box in each blank

able chain frightened heavy lift measure quick step strength talked

Gulliver was always very [6]......at learning languages, and before long, he was [7].....to understand what the

little people said and [8].......to them. Although they were rather [9]....of him, they bought him plenty to eat and

when he promised to be careful not to [10].....on them and not to put them in his pockets, they took the [11]....off

his leg.

With his great [12].....he was able to help the little men in many ways, for example, in building. He could

[13].....great stone which seemed to them very [14]..... and they wanted him to [15].....their island for them by

walking round it and counting the steps he took.

III. Choose and underline the best answer

16. Mr. Thanh used to [smoke/ smoking/ smoked/ to smoke] when he was small.

17. The 7 o'clock train always leaves on time. If you arrive [before/after/at/on] 7 o'clock, you'll miss it

18. My uncle has worked with people who could.....hear .....speak. (either, or/ either, nor/ nor , either/ neither, nor)

19. S1: Why are you turning on the television?

S2: I [am going to watch/ will watch/ watch/ shall watch] the news.

20. Hung is not [enough old/ old enough/ old/ enough] to ride motorbike to school.

21. Green trees [give/ are giving/ gives/ giving] oxygen for us .

22. We [must/ have/get used/used ] to putting knives out of children's reach.

23. Tom failed the exam [because/ because of/ so/ or] his laziness.

24. I [didn't/ wasn't/ won't/ can't] eat much this morning, so I am hungry now.

25. Tama has [short curly/ curly short] hair.

IV. Put a suitable preposition in the blank

26. The English course begins .................May 9th, and ends sometimes .................September.

27. In the past, our grandparents had to do a lot of hard work..............the help .........modern equipment.

28. In my room, I can see a big tree .........the window.

29. It's a bit farther .................my house to the theater than yours.

30. My friends sometimes laugh .............my jokes.

31. Our new teacher is slim ..........long black hair.

32. I used to live ...............a farm and look .............my younger brother.

V. Put the correct form of the word at the end in the gap.

33. The _______________of television made Alexander G. Bell famous all over the world [invent]

34. We're worried about ___________________________ of children [safe]

35. My brother has a new___________________________ cooker. [electricity]

36. You must put all _________________________ objects out of children's reach [danger]

37. The Prince and the poor girl had a happy _________________________ [marry]

VI. Rewrite these sentences

38. We were late for school because of the heavy rain this morning .

Because it ________________________________________________

39. The ladder is too short to reach the window.

The ladder isn't ________________________________________________

40. Is it necessary for me to clean this table?

Do I ________________________________________________

41. Riding a bicycle fast is dangerous.

It is ________________________________________________

42. When I was small, my family lived in Hai Phong.

My family used ________________________________________________

VII. Write sentences using the suggested words.

43. My brother/ usually/ have/ some rice/ dinner/ but/ this evening/ have/ instant noodles.


44. Nam/ use not play/ lot/ sports/ when/ he/ be/ child.


45. Lan/ get/ good marks/ because/ she/ work/ hard/ the final exam last year.


46. We/ go/ travel/ Ho Chi Minh City/ train/ this Sunday.


47. The flat/ not/ big/ enough/ a family of eight people/live in.


48. Please/ not make/ special preparations/ your visit.


49. As/ you know/ we/ buy/ a new house/ September


50. I/ look forward to/ meet/ you soon, my friend.


TEST 6 – English 8


I. Put the correct form of the verbs in the bracket

- They [1. work] _____________very hard when they [2. be] _____________young.

- I am doing my homework. I can't come with you now. As soon as I (3. do) ___________ all of it, I (4. go)

___________ with you.

- It always [5. rain] ___________ a lot at the weekends.

- Mrs. Hien [6. go] ___________ to the market. You [7. tell] ___________ her the news when she [8. come]

___________ back?

- By this time last year, my brother [9. spend] ___________ his summer holiday [10. do] ___________ volunteer

work in the mountainous areas.

II. Fill a word from the box in the blank.

how because but on one are field of the their

This small country is mostly farmland. The animals which can be seen most often [11] _________ cows and sheep.

Most farm has a few geese, too. There are donkeys, [12] _________ not many horses. There is a lot of wheat and

potatoes, and there are tomatoes [13] _________ the south side of the hills. In the summer the men, women and

children work together in the [14 _________ , seven days a week. The people work hard all [15] _________ lives.

The only two factories in the country are in the capital. [16] _________ makes toys and games, and the other

makes knives and forks. All [17] _________ things are for export. The East of the country is thick forests, the home

[18] _________ wild ponies, deer and wolves. Photos of cliffs along the coast show [19] _________ beautiful the

country is. But not many tourists visit it [20] _________ the airport is too small for most aircraft.

III. Underline and correct the mistake in each sentence at the end.

21. On Saturday we haven't to wear uniform when we go to school. _____________

22. What is your brother going to study in university in September? _____________

23. This bag is not enough big to carry all the shopping. _____________

24. I'll talk to the boss when he will be back. _____________

25. The children are keen of the old folktales. _____________

IV. Choose and underline the best answer

26. I [ not used/ wasn't used/ didn't use/ wasn't using] to go out when I was in the countryside.

27. I (am looking/ look/ will look/ would look) forward to hearing from you soon, Sir.

28. I hope that [you'll/ you're visiting/ you visited/ you'd visit] us when you come to Hanoi.

29. At first, she doesn’t like tea, but now she is (loves/ fastened/ addicted/ fascinated) to it.

30. It’s unwise to buy new shoes or sandals without first (taking/ putting/ trying/ wearing) them on.

V. Fill in each blank with [ a/ an/ the or X]

31. Our new teacher has ___________ oval face with ___________ wavy hair.

32. Nga is ___________ most sociable person in my class.

33. His father died of ___________ broken heart.

34. I used to work on ___________ farm. it's in___________ north of the country.

35. We mustn't let ______ children play in _______ kitchen because it's _______ dangerous place.

36. What _________beautiful weather today !

VI. Rewrite sentences using the suggested words

37. Nam couldn't lift the candy box because he was weak. (because of)


38. How about buying another armchair. (Let's)


39. The front yard is too small to play football in. (enough)


40. Can you show me the way to the railway station, please? (tell)


41. In spite of having different characters, we are close friends. (Although)


VII. Change these sentences into passive voice.

42. They said he would return that book to me next week.

He _____________________________________________________________

43. Did you give Lan an English-Vietnamese dictionary on her birthday?

Was ___________________________________________________________

44. No one likes reading that book.

That book _______________________________________________________

45. Nobody has used this bicycle for many years.

This bicycle ______________________________________________________

46. You have to give the book back.

The book ________________________________________________________

47. Mozart wrote more than 600 pieces of music.

More than _______________________________________________________

48. He is painting his house green now.

His house _______________________________________________________

49. People speak English all over the world.

English __________________________________________________________

50. We haven't met him for 3 months.

He _____________________________________________________________

51. They are going to build a new bridge over the river near my house.

A new bridge _____________________________________________________

52. They have supposed that Nam is studying hard for the coming exam.

Nam _____________________________________________________________

53. People have believed that the UFOs are not the weather balloons as someone said.

The UFOs ________________________________________________________

54. Scientists have helped farmers by giving them stronger fertilizers and hybrid seeds.


55. They have just had five persons paint their house green.

They _____________________________________________________________

TEST 7 - English 8


I. Choose and underline the best answer.

Two friends were walking through the forest (1. when/ and/ after/ suddenly) a bear attacked them. One turned

down and fled. He (2. climb/ climbing/ climbed/ to climb) up a tree and sat there while the (3. boy/ girl/ other/

student) remained on the road. There was nothing (4. of/ with/ about/ for) him to do but fall into the ground and

play dead. The bear came up to (5. he/ him/ the tree/ his) and sniffed. The boy even stopped (6.

breath/breathe/breathing/ to breathe) . The bear sniffed his face, decided he was (7. die/ dead/ death/ died) and

lumbered off. When the bear was (8. gone/ go/ to go/ going) the other boy climbed down and said with a smile, "

What did the bear whisper in your ear?" " It said that someone (9. who/ which/ whom/ that) deserts his friends in

time of danger (10. are/ is/ will be/ must be) not a good friend at all"

II. Underline and correct the mistake in each sentence at the end.

11. Lan seemed happily when she received her aunt's letter. ________________

12. My brother didn't have money enough to buy the dictionary he liked. ________________

13. The boy fell down some steps but unfortunately he didn't hurt himself. ________________

14. We should put the coffee table among the armchair and the couch. ________________

15. Minh falls asleep now because of stay up too late last night. ________________

III. Put the correct form of the word at the end in each blank

16. We were shocked at the news of his _________________ (die)

17. David Copperfield is a famous_________________ (magic)

18. I think gun toys are _______________ gifts for the children [suit)

19. The work was still at _______________ level ([experiment)

20. My brother draws cartoons for a ..........................magazine (humor)

IV. Fill in each gap with a suitable word

Yesterday afternoon Frank Hawking told me about his experience when (21) ___________ Frank is now the head

of a very large business company, but as a boy he (22) ___________ to work in a small shop. It was his job to

repair bicycles and at that time he used to work fourteen hours a (23)

___________ He saved money for years

and in 1938 he bought a small workshop of his own. During the war Frank used to make spare parts for planes. At

that time he had two helpers. By the end of the war, the small workshop became a large factory (24) ___________

employed seven hundred and twenty eight people. Frank smiled when he remembered his early years and the long

road to (25) ___________ He was smiling when the door opened and his wife came in. she wanted him to repair

their son's bicycle.

V. Put the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

The first electronic computer (26. build) ___________ at the university of Pennsylvania in 1946, although the

computer looked like machines built in the 19th century. Computers were sold commercially for the first time in the

1950s, and a lot of progress (27. make) ___________since then. Computers are now much smaller and more

powerful, and they (28. can/ buy) ___________much more cheaply.

Computers (29. use) ___________in many fields - in business, science, medicine and education, for example. They

(30. can/use) ___________to forecast the weather or control robots which make cars. The computer's memory is

the place where information (31. keep) ___________and calculations (32. do) ___________

VI. Rewrite sentences using the suggested words

33. They won't be able to come this Sunday.

It will be _________________________________________________

34. We arrived too late to see the first film.

We didn't _________________________________________________

35. When is John and Mary's Wedding?

When are _________________________________________________ ?

36. He remembered, and so did she.

He didn't _________________________________________________

37. Would you mind smoking in here?

I'd rather _________________________________________________

38. They spoke that she had a bad cold.

She _________________________________________________

39. He should see a doctor to check up his health.

A doctor _________________________________________________

40. She advised me not to copy her test.

I was _________________________________________________

41. They are going to have a neighbor look after their house next Sunday.

They are going _________________________________________________

42. Lan kept telling about the lion- tamer.

A lion- tamer _________________________________________________

43. I have seen this film several times.

This film _________________________________________________

44. I haven’t met him before.

It’s the _________________________________________________

45. Let her go out with her dog.

She _________________________________________________

VII. Write the letter using the suggested words

46. Three months ago/ I/ buy/ new/ washing machine/ shop.


47. Machine/ give me/ a good service/ since/ I/ buy/ until yesterday.


48. I/ sorry/ tell you/ something/ now/ go wrong/ it.


49. There/ be/ a strange noise/ come/ machine/ and/ it/ not work.


50. You/ please/ send/ engineer/ look at/ it/ me?

__________________________________________________________________ ?

TEST 8 - English 8.


I. Choose and underline the best answer.

1. After she (cleans/ was cleaning/ have cleaned/had cleaned), she had a shower.

2. They have just painted their house (greenly/ greenness/ green/ to green)

3. Sorry to keep you (wait/ to wait/ waited/ waiting) long.

4. After two weeks at the new school, Mary got used (to study/ to studied/ to studying/ to be studying) there.

5. Remember to keep your hands (always clean/ clean always/ always cleanly/ cleanly always)

6. Do you know the reason (that/ which/ what/ why) he insisted (by/ in/ with/ on) meeting the manager?

7. We don’t like James because he is unsociable. We think he is a (bored/ boring/ bore/ too bore) person.

8. We find this (difficulty/ difficulties/ difficult) to finish in two days.

9. Be careful ! You should take care (of not falling/ falling/ not falling/ not to fall) down. The road is too bad.

10. In general, my father would rather (have/ has/ to have/ having) tea than coffee.

II. Choose and underline the best answer.

The coastal village of Breton today welcomed home Frank Davies. At the end of his two-year voyage [11.

around/ through/ on/ over] the world. Mr. Davies who is 75, was born in a village and was a [12. student/

professor/ officer/ teacher] at a school for 50 years. When he retired he [13. sells/ sale/ sold/ sell] his house to

buy a boat and see the world. Now he has returned to the village where he has [14. too/ so/ such/ very] many


When asked what he was going to do [15. then/ next/ recently/ last], Frank replied that he wanted to write

a book about [16. him/ his/ he's/ himself] travels. He had kept a diary [17. at/ for/ with/ during] the

voyage and taken over 600 photographs of the [18. exciting/ usual/ interested/ excited] places he had

visited. Frank [19. wishes/ wants/ likes/ hopes] the book will encourage people of all ages to take [20. up/

off/ in/ to] the sport of sailing.

III. Complete the dialogue.

Tourist: Good morning. Could you suggest what we should visit here? Are there any old buildings, for example?

Officer: Well, there is the Art Museum. It's very famous.

Tourist: How (21) _______________________________________________ ?

Officer: Take the number 14 bus from here, it goes straight there.

Tourist: How (22) _______________________________________________ ?

Officer: At quarter to and quarter past the hour.

Tourist: How (23) _______________________________________________ ?

Officer: Oh, it only takes about 10 minutes, so it's not far.

Tourist: When (24) _______________________________________________ ?

Officer: Everyday, including weekends. Opening hours are 10 am to 4 p.m.

Tourist: Is (25) __________________________________________________ ?

Officer: No, not very. It costs $ 2.00 for adults and $ 1.00 for children.

IV. Fill a suitable word in each blank

In the old days, England was almost purely agriculture and grew most of (26) ___________ food. but at the

beginning of the 19th (2) ___________ . The coal miners and factories created [28) ___________ the industrial

Revolution drew many farmers away (29) ___________ their land. Labor grew scarce and corn imported from (30)

___________ came to be cheaper than that (31) ___________ in England. Many farmers were then ruined, or

deserted their (32) ___________ for the factories and those (33) ___________ remained converted their fields

(34) ___________ pasture land. Although the 19th century the chief resource of England farmers (35)

___________ cattle breeding and dairy products.

V. Underline and correct ten mistakes in the passage below.

David just left school. Next year, he is going to travel around the world. He says, " I want to get any experiences

of life before I start work ". He is going to spend six months in South America and six months on Southeast Asia.

First of all, he is going to get a work in a factory in Brazil - His father has some friend there. When he goes to

Southeast Asia, he is going to try to find work teaching English, such as in Vietnam. After he's year abroad, David is

going to study engineer at London University.

1. __________ 2. __________ 3. ____________ 4. ____________ 5. _______________

6. __________ 7. __________ 8. ____________ 9. ____________ 10. _______________

VI. Rewrite these sentences using the suggested words at the end.

46. Your daughter needs to study harder. [enough]


47. It's important for you to revise this lesson carefully. [have]


48. May I borrow your camera? [mind]


49. Getting a good job doesn't interest him. [interested]


50. No one in the group is younger than Mai. [youngest]


TEST 9 - Hoc Ky I - English 8.

I. Put a suitable word in each blank. "Holiday courses in Scotland"

Our classes take place for three hours every morning (1) _________ Monday to Friday. The maximum class size

(2) _________ twenty and the average is ten. We use modern methods of (3) _________ and learning, and the

school has a language laboratory, a video camera and a recorder. You will only be successful (4) _______

improving your English. However, even English is good, you much (5) _______ speaking English much , you will

still have to take a short (6) _________ in English as soon as you arrive. In this way, we can put you in a (7)

______ at the most suitable level.

There are two classes(8) _________ the elementary level; one is for complete beginners and the(9) _________ is

for students who know a (10) _________ English. In both classes you will practice simple conversations.

II. Make questions for the underlined parts

11. My sister studied very well in grade 8. ___________________________________________?

12. We have English three times a week. ____________________________________________?

13. The class teacher gave Mr. Binh her son's school report.


14. Mrs. Nhung is talking to the math teacher. _________________________________________?

15. You should try to learn twelve new words in two days. ________________________________?

16. I am going to study English in Australia next year. ___________________________________?

17. It is fifteen kilometers from our house to the college.


18. It takes Tam 20 minutes to walk to school everyday. _________________________________?

19. They went to Ho Chi Ming City four days ago. _______________________________________?

20. We ought to read new words loudly because that's the way to have correct pronunciation.


III. Fill a correct form of the word at the end in each blank

21. You should be ____________________of your son, Mrs. Hoa. [pride]

22. You should ____________________your ways of learning new words. [various]

23. ___________is very important because it helps you practice the new words more times [revise]

24. Your English ____________________is not very good. You should work harder. [pronounce]

25. Minh's listening skill is ____________________and she really needs to improve it. [satisfy]

IV. Change these sentences into reported speech.

26. " Please show me your homework " the teacher said.

My teacher __________________________________________________________

27. " You should keep your room tidy," My mother said to me.

My mother _________________________________________________________

28. " Can you buy me some stamps?" Tom said to me.

Tom _______________________________________________________________

29. " Don't read the answer keys before you finish the task," the teacher told us.

The teacher __________________________________________________________

30. " Could you open the window for me?" My brother said.

My brother ___________________________________________________________

V. Fill a suitable preposition in each gap

31. You should learn irregular verbs ___________ heart.

32. Please wait___________ us outside the school gate.

33. Mrs. Hien's daughter should work harder __________ her English spelling.

34. Some learners make a list and put into it the meaning _____ new words _____ mother tongue.

35. Many thanks __________ your letter. I'm very pleased to hear ___________ you.

36. Please turn ___________ the lights ___________ me. it's getting very dark here.

VI. Choose and underline the best answer

37. My aunt speaks English very [ good/ well/ goodly/ best]

38. We have Math on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. It means we have Math [ once/ twice/ three times/ four

times] a week.

39. Lan promises to [try/ make/ work/ learn] her best in learning English.

40. Learners do not only learn the meaning [too/ as well as/ also/ but also] the spelling and pronunciation of new


41. The manager asked me [wait/ waiting/ to wait/ waited] for him outside his office.

VII. Underline and correct the mistakes in these sentences.

42. The children are eager go to school. ________________

43. Nowadays it is difficult get a job. ________________

44. I felt very coldly when I went out of the room. ________________

45. He learns English as well as his sister is. ________________

46. Our parents rewarded him with his rapid progress at school. ________________

47. Does she fond of reading books? ________________

48. When I came home this morning, my children are playing chess. ________________

49. Did you finished your homework yet? No. I’m doing it. ________________

50. They just bought a new house in the village. ________________

TEST 10 - Hoc Ky I - English 8.

I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest

1. a. recycle b. sky c. why d. century

2. a. resources b. beaches c. lakes d. oranges

3. a. meal b. ahead c. reading d. please

4. a. youth b. thank c. thirsty d. cloth

5. a. favor b. glad c. bank d. happy

II. Put the correct form of the verbs in brackets

- My sister loves (6. cook) ___________ but she doesn't like (7. wash) ___________ the dishes.

- The concert (8. begin) ______________ at 7.30 tonight.

- Are we able (9. join) ______________ the Y & Y Green group?

- Nam (10. not want) ______________ (11. go) ______________ to the Water Park because she (12. visit)

____________ it yesterday.

- You (13. enjoy) ______________ (14. watch) ______________ the movie on TV last night?

- We (15. collect) ______________ garbage in Lenin park next Sunday.

III. Put a given word in each blank

afford/ baby-sister/ kitchen/ look/ middle-class/ proud/ returning/ things/ washing/ whenever

I really feel obliged in helping my mother (16) ________ what she asks me to do. We are a (17) ________ family

with parents and only two children. My father is drawing a small salary, so we can't (18) ________ to have a

servant to help in the (19) ________ and the housework. In the afternoon after (20) ________ from school, I help

my mother in her (21) ________ Sometimes she asks me to go to the shop to buy (22) ________ but most of the

time I act as a (23) ________ My brother is an eight-month old boy. Most of the time I (24) ________ after my

younger brother, so my mother can do her work. I sometimes feel (25) ________ that I can help my mother.

IV. Underline and correct the mistake in each sentence at the end.

26. Why does your father dislike to drive the car? _______________

27. I'm glad telling you that I'm going to have interesting activities. _______________

28. Is there something interesting at school this month? _______________

29. Viet's brother is very well at repairing household appliances. _______________

30. All you have to do is collect glass, paper and cans, and send it for recycling. ____________

V. Fill ( a/ an/ the/ X) in each gap.

31. Could you do me ________ favor please, Mr. Hoang?

32. Can you show me to ________ nearest bus-stop? - Go straight ahead, then take ________ second turning on

________ right

33. The scout is helping ________ old man to cross ________ street.

34. You can participate in this program to raise ________ funds for ________ poor.

35. They are having ________ environment month. They are going to clean ________ lakes' bank.

VI. Put the words in the right order to make meaningful sentences

36. playing, running, brother, especially, badminton, my, and, likes, sports.


37. form, fill, get, we, out, let, application, and, it, me, can, an.


38. marks, at school, wants, exams, very hard, high, by, Nam, have, working, in, to.


39. people, projects, we, other, small, hope, with, help, their, to.


40. homework, plays, games, after, his, usually, computer, his, Tom, doing, all.


VII. Put the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

41. At last you are here. I ( wait) ______________ for you more than an hour.

42. They ( live) __________ in the neighborhood for 10 year, and they ( just make) ____________ up their minds

to move.

43. The floor of your class ( look) ________ very clean. It ( already clean) _______ by the students.

44. I can't find where my pen is. Well, you ( ever ask) _________ anyone in your class?

45. You'll avoid (wait) _________ by ( book) _________ a table in advance.

46. It was not very kind of you ( leave) _________ here without (say) _________ goodbye.

47. I never ( watch) ______________ a more interesting football match than that.

48. I never ( eat) ______________ meals with knives and forks before.

48. He couldn't remember ( drive) _______ a long the road before the accident ( happen) ________

50. I'd rather you ( go) ______________ to work on foot to save energy.

TEST 11 - Hoc Ky I - English 8.

I. Put the correct form of the verbs in the bracket.

Barbara and John (1. be) _________ neighbors. they (2. know) _________ each other for several years. Barbara

(3. move) _________ into her house in 1995 and John (4. live) _________ next door since he (5. come)

_________ to the area in 1996. Barbara (6. be) _________ a writer. She (7. write) _________ seven novels and

(8. win) _________ several awards for her books. A few years ago she (9. win) _________ the prize for the most

promising author of the year. At the moment she (10. write) _________ a detective story.

II. Fill a suitable word in each blank

11. We have been to Hoi An __________ five days.

12. My sister's taste is different __________ mine, because she likes sugar, but I don't.

13. Mr. Long is the __________ age as my father.

14. Mia's house is as big __________ ours.

15. I haven't phoned Hoa __________ last month.

16. Since __________ have you worked for this company?

17. Surface mail is __________ cheaper than airmail

18. How__________ has your aunt lived there?

19. It started raining two hours __________

20. The play was quite different from __________ I had thought.

III. Fill the correct form of the word at the end in each blank

21. The __________________ in our neighborhood are very kind [reside].

22. Would you like to go to the English __________________ contest? [speak]

23. Dogs are very __________________ pets. [friend]

24. First of all, we have to __________________ the parcel, madam. [weight]

25. Have you seen the ____________________ " What's on tonight?" [ advertise]

IV. Rewrite these sentences. You must use the word given in your sentence.

26. I think coffee is better than tea. (prefer)


27. Learning English is necessary. (learn)


28. I started running one mile every morning 3 years ago. (for 3 years)


29. I can't swim very well. (good at)


30. I ride my bike very carefully. (careful)


31. She thinks tennis is wonderful game. (loves)


32. Mozart wrote more than 600 pieces of music. (written by)


33. He is painting his house green now. (being)


34. You have to give the book back. (given)


35. No one I know is taller than he is. (tallest)


V. Choose and underline the best answer to complete the sentence.

36. His garden isn't so large as (my/ mine/ me/ I am)

37. My dictionary is different [as/ of/ than/ from] Lien's.

38. Her mother is the [same/ similar/ different/ other] age as yours.

39. We haven't talked to your sister [during/ in/ for/ since] a long time.

40. Trung [hasn't collected/ didn't collected/collected/ have collected] stamps since Christmas.

41. It's nine months since I [drink/ was drinking/ drank/ have drunk] Lipton tea.

42. There are [much/ more/ many/ better] than eighty stalls in the mall.

43. The students were worried [of/ over/about/ for] the results of the final exam.

44. We should organize the meeting in [front/ left/ so/ order] to discuss the new pay offer.

45. She is [very/ so/ enough/ too] tired to cook the meal tonight.

VI. Rewrite these sentences using the suggested words

46. I last saw Minh six months ago.

I haven't ________________________________________________

47. The last time Tom visited his uncle was two years ago.

It's ________________________________________________

48. Hoa hasn't written to her parents for three months.

The last ________________________________________________

49. Lan is better at Math than Nga.

Nga isn't ________________________________________________

50. The last time we ate this kind of food was in January.

We haven't ________________________________________________

TEST 12 - Hoc Ky I - English 8.

I. Put the correct form of the verbs in the bracket

- Your son (1. get) ____________ taller and taller, Mrs. Mai.

- Hung (2. not visit) ___________ his grandparents since he (3. go) ___________ to University.

- You (4. be) ____________ to Phong Nha caves before? Yes, I (5. spend) ____________ my holiday last


- My sister always (6. do) ____________ the washing up, but I (7. do) ____________ it tonight because she is


- We (8. have) ____________ a very nice weekend in the country, but we (9. not want) ____________ (10. live)

____________ here permanently.

II. Fill a suitable word in each blank

I live in a small village called Vinh An. There (11) _________ about 600 people here. I love the village (12)

_________ it is very quiet and life is easy and slow. The village is always clean - people look (13) _________ it

with great care. The air is always clean, (14) _________ it is much more friendly here than in a city because

everyone knows everyone else, and (15) _________ someone has a problem, there are always people who can


There are only a (16) _________ things that I don't know about Vinh An. One thing is that we don't have (17)

_________ things to do in the evening. We don't have any cinemas or theaters. The (18) _________ thing is that

people always talk about (19) _________ others, and everyone knows what everyone is doing. But I still (20)

_________ village life to life in a big city.

III. Underline the mistake in each sentence and correct it at the end.

21. A house in the country is more cheaper than a house in the city. _______________

22. It's become more and more difficult to find a job in this town. _______________

23. The students have done the test for a quarter past eight. _______________

24. We're hearing that Kim Lien is a beautiful village. _______________

25. The weather is getting hotter and hottest in July. _______________

IV. Put the correct form of the word that is opposite to the one given at the end.

26. Life of the people in ____________ areas are changing day after day. [urban]

27. The Vila is ____________ than the apartment [small]

28. This is the ____________ bridge in my country [new]

29. Is the boat to Hai Phong ____________ at 7.30 [leave]

30. The streets are becoming ____________ dirtier]

31. It is too ____________ I can't hear any thing [quiet]

32. You look ____________ in these clothes [short]

33. It isn't ____________ to get used to city life [difficult]

34. There are still many ____________ people in the countryside [rich]

35. The air in the city is very ____________ [fresh]

V. Rewrite the following sentences using the cues at the end.

36. This is the highest building I have ever seen [I have never.................any higher...............this.]


37. Linh likes the country life more than the city life. [Linh prefers...................the city life]


38. No cars in the company is bigger than Mr. Ba's [ Mr. Ba's car...............the company]


39. It's three years since we last met Uncle Tam. [We.........................for three years.


40. Do you intend to fly to Ho Chi Minh next Monday? [...going....Ho Chi Minh City next Monday?)


VI. Write sentences using the suggested words

41. Problem/ food/ everyone/ world/ get/ worse/ and.


42. Life/ countryside/ simple/ people/ friendly/ and/ air/ clean.


43. I/ call/ tell you/ that/ we/ come/ visit/ you/ next weekend.


44. My uncle / work/ farm/ since/ he/ return/ the army.


45. Life/ countryside/ quieter/ and/ more peaceful / city life.


VII/ Combine these sentences using the words given at the end of each sentence.

46. I am very tired. I can’t go for a walk now. ( too + adj……..)


47. The room is bright. We can learn here. ( adj + enough……)


48. He turned the lights off. Then he went to bed. ( after)


49. The pupils had a parting party. Then they went on their summer vacation. (before)


50. We had dinner. Then we went to the movie. ( Ving)


TEST 13 - Hoc Ky I - English 8.

KIEM TRA HOC KI 1 - so 1

I. Put the correct form of the verbs in the bracket.

Robert Wilson (1. be) _________ a politician. He (2. go) _________ to Oxford University in 1960, and in 1976 he

(3. become) _________ a member of parliament [= an MP] . He (4. be) _________ an MP sine then. He (5. be)

_________ Minister of Education from 1980 to 1985. he (6. write) _________ many books. He (7. be) _________

married, and (8. have) _________ two children. His family lived in Oxford for 15 years, then they (9. move)

_________ to London in 1980. they now (10. live) _________ in a house in Kensington Street, London.

II. Underline and correct the mistake in each sentence at the end.

11. The football match is becoming more and more excited. ______________

12. You should do your homework myself and you can learn a lot about it. ______________

13. Ba always gets excellent grades because he studies hardly. ______________

14. My mother has cooked the meal for a quarter of an hour. ______________

15. Do you enjoy living in here or you want to move? ______________

III. Put a suitable word in each blank

I have just (16) ________ a letter from my brother, Dave. He is in Australia. He has been there (17) ________

six months. He is an engineer. He is (18) ________ for a big farm, and he has visited a great (19) ________ of

different places in Australia. He has just bought (20) ________ Australian car and he has (21) ________ to Alice

Spring, a small town to the center of Australia. He (22) ________ soon visit Darwin. From [23) ________ , he'll fly

to Perth. My brother has (24) ________ been abroad before, so he ([25) ________ this trip very exciting.

IV. Choose and underline the best answer.

One of my favorite (26. movie/ a movie/ movies/ moving) is E.T :The Extra-Terrestrial [tə'restriəl : thuộc

trái đất] - A fiction story about a friendship of a young boy and a (27. creator/ creature/ creation/ creating)

from outer space. It takes place in (28. the/ a/ year/ the year) 1980s in a small American town. (29. Before/

If/ Then/ When) E.T's spaceship leaves without him, he meets Elliot, a boy who becomes his friend. E.T likes

Elliot, but he is very homesick, so Elliot decides (30. help/ to help/ helped/ helping) him contact his friends.

This is not easy (31. because/ so/ so that/ but) some scientists are searching for E.T in order to study him.

Elliot and E.T escape from the scientists (32. in/ of/ with/ by) bicycle. They go to the woods to meet the

spaceship that (33. will bring/ will carry/ will get/ will take) E.T home.

VI. Write sentences using the suggested words

34. Nam / fond of/ go out for dinner.


35. They / keen on/ watch interesting programmes on TV.


36. Linh's parents/ proud/ him/ because/ he/ always/ get/ good marks.


37. We / very interested/ play/ soccer/ when/ live/ countryside.


38. I/ not talk/ uncle/ since/ he/ buy/ new house/ city center.


39. The Browns/ buy/ lot/ food/ because/ they/ have/ party.


40. It/ only/ a small car/ so/ there/ not/ enough room/ all/ us.


VII. Rewrite these sentences using the cues at the end of each sentence.

41. Although he is very lazy, he sometimes gets good marks. ( Despite)


42. He drives his car very carefully, so he never has any accidents. ( Because of)


43. As a pretty girl, boys are interested in her. ( Since she ………..)


44. His children are allowed to listen to music in their free time. ( He lets…)


45. I don't know the regulations of this school. ( be not used to ….)


46. What clever students ! ( How…) ____________________________________

47. You shouldn't stay up late, it's not good for your health. ( You'd better …)


48. I prefer doing my homework in the evening. ( I'd rather…..)


49. I'm the only child of my family. ( I wish….) ___________________________________

50. You are lazy to learn lessons, so you always get bad marks. ( If I …….)


TEST 14 - Hoc Ky I - English 8.

KIEM TRA HOC KI 1 - so 2

I. Put the correct form of the verbs in the bracket.

- My uncle (1. not be) ___________ out of his house since he (2. buy) __________ the color TV.

- Look ! A man (3. run) _________ after the bus. He (4. want) ________ (5. catch) _______ it.

- Our grandparents (6. live) _______ in Bac Giang. They (7. live) _______ there for over 60 years.

- Tom hopes he (8. meet) _____________ many interesting people when he (9. go) _____________ on holiday

in Hawaii next month.

- Mai and her sister (10. walk) _______________ to school now.

II. Fill in each gap with a given word in the box [2 pts]

area foreign knows living major native official population speakers those

There are about 5,000 [11) _________ languages in the world today, but about six of them are [12) _________

languages of the world. Two thirds of the world 's population speak [13) _________ languages. more than 400

million people speak English as their first or [14) _________ language. another 400 million speak it as a second

language. Nobody [15) _________ exactly how many people speak it as a [16) _________ language. Chinese is the

only language with more [17) _________ than English. This is because of the huge [18) _________ of China, more

than one billion people. English is the native or [19) _________ language on one fifth of the land [20) _________

of the world. It is spoken in North America, Great Britain and New Zealand. In South Africa and India it is one of

the official languages.

III. Put a suitable preposition in each blank

21. The house is beautiful ___________ a large garden.

22. Many people go to big cities to look ___________ work.

23. The government has provided many tools ___________ the farmers.

24. I haven't talked ___________ your brother ___________ January.

25. My handbag is different ___________ yours.

26. We've been concerned ___________ the new mall ___________ ages.

27. It's very good ___________ you to help me ___________ the housework.

IV. Underline the 10 odd words in the following passage.

People usually give each other one gifts at Christmas. Christmas is coming soon. Mr. and Mrs. Smith have been

already bought gifts for their Children. They will going give them their parcels. On these Christmas morning.

Tommy and Laura have lots presents for their parents, too. Their eldest brother, Jimmy, is must working overseas.

They have already posted him since a Christmas card. Jimmy will not be stay at home this Christmas. The

others have all bought presents for him. They have sent the Presents some weeks ago, so that he itself would have

them by Christmas.

V. Choose and underline the best answer.

38. That's young man isn't [experienced enough/ enough experienced] to do the job.

39. The windows are dirty. Yes, I know. I [will clean/ am going to clean] them later.

40. We [ought/ must] go now or we will miss the last train

41. Who helped you with your homework? - No one. I did it [myself/ mineself]

42. Mr. Thanh [wasn't used / didn't use] to smoke when he was young.

43. My brother told me he [wants/ wanted] me to turn down the TV.

44. The little boy rides the bicycle very [ fast/ fastly]

45. Hoa dislikes [ cooking/ to cook] the meals for many people.

46. They haven't seen each other [for/ since] Christmas.

47 The water [boils/ is boiling] Can you turn it off?

VI. Rewrite sentences using the suggested words

48 We started living here in 1995. We have _________________________________________

49. It's unnecessary for us to drive so fast. We don't __________________________________

50. Trung is the most intelligent student in my class. No one _____________________________

51. The coffee was too weak to keep us awake. The coffee wasn't ________________________

52. Huong last wrote to her parents two months ago. Huong hasn't _______________________

53. She is bad at Math. She wishes ________________________________________________

54. I am very tired. I can't walk I am too ___________________________________________

55. The room is bright. We can learn here The room is bright enough______________________

56. We should study harder at school We had _________________________________________

57. It's such a heavy box that I can't lift it. The box is too _______________________________

58. I've never seen that play before. It's the first ______________________________________

TEST 15 - English 8. KIEM TRA HOC KI 1 - so 3

I. Put a suitable word in the bracket.

More and more people study English [1) __________ any other languages. In many countries, the textbooks in

universities [2) __________ in English. Many universities classes are taught in English even [3) __________ the

native language is [4) __________ English.

English is the [5) __________ of international communication. It is the language [6) __________ international

business, research [7) __________ science. More than three fourths of the world's mail is written [8) __________

English. More than three fifths of the world's radio stations are[9) __________ English. More than half of the

scientific and research journals are in English, too. Most [10) __________ languages have borrowed many English

words. For example, in Vietnamese, we borrow some English words

II. Fill in each gap with the correct form of the word at the end

11. May I have your _______________ on this form. [sign]

12. The village looks quiet and _______________ [peace]

13. Thank you very much for your _______________ , Mrs. Mai [assist]

14. The stranger was very _______________ He showed me the way. [help]

15. Mrs. Ngoc's daughter wants to become an _______________ [act]

III. Put the sentences in the right order to make a dialogue (1. _____ / 2. _____/ 3. ______/….)

16. Thank God ! I was worried

19. Excuse me, I lost my schoolbag this morning .

17. Well, you are lucky. Your classmate found it.

20. Here it is. He gave it to me an hour ago.

18. Where did you lose it?

21. In the classroom, 8A. I left it in the desk.

IV. Read the dialogue then choose and underline the best answer.

On the farm of today, Machines provide all the power. Modern farmers now have mechanized " hired land" and

keep horses only for pleasure. Besides developing new machinery, scientists and engineers have helped the

farmers in many ways. For example, they have developed stronger fertilizers, more effective insecticides and

hybrid seeds which produce larger, tastier fruits and vegetables. Some farmers even have computers which help

them use their resources more efficiently. As a result, the farms of today are able to produce much more food with

the same amount of labor. This means fewer but larger farms and fewer but more prosperous farmers.

22. What do modern farmers keep horses for [meat/ please/ entertainment/ sale]

23. Who has developed new machinery? [Only scientists/ Only engineers/ Scientists and farmers/ Scientists and


24. The farmers use computers to [ play games/ make their land more efficient / type documents/ send e-mail]

25. The farms today are [fewer but larger/ fewer and smaller/ more but smaller/ more and larger]

26. The farmers today are [richer/ poorer/more/ less powerful]

V. Put the jumbled words in the right order to make meaningful sentences

27 kinds/ facilities/ there/ neighborhood/ in/ what/ of/ are/ your?


28. engineer/ years/ worked/ for/ uncle/ as/ thirty/ my/ has/ an/ over.


29 show/ nearest/ the way/ post-office/ could/ to/ me/ the/ you?


30. dictionary/ how/ new words/ should/ find out/ pronounce/ use/ to/ the/ you/ this/ to/ correctly.


31. dangerous/ children's/ have/ objects/ reach/ put/ of/ we/ all/ out/ to.


32. feel/ to go sailing/ friends/ father/ enough/ his / My/ with/ well/ doesn’t.


33. because/ was broken down/ the airport/ missed the flight/ car/ Mr. Binh/ the way to / his/ on


34 left / have not/ uncle/ Thai Nguyen in 2006/ since/ I/ for/ my/ met/ he.


35. noisier/ but more interesting/ in the countryside/ than/ Living/ is / living/ in the city.


36. enjoy/ here/ staying / Do/ you/ or/ move/ you/ going to/ are ?


VI. Underline and correct the mistake in each sentence at the end.

37. Many of the world's seas, rivers and lakes become more and more polluted. _____________

38. Viet couldn't answer all the questions because he didn't have time enough. _____________

39. Are you going fish on Thursday or Friday?. _____________

40. You ought to improve your English before you leave to the USA. _____________

41. Mr. Ba's house is bigger and comfortabler than Mr. Nam's. _____________

42. One of the student in class 8 A made a terrible mistake at school this morning. ___________

43. She wants to take a bus to London yesterday. _____________

44. They are going to send her letter in surface. _____________

45. We'd rather you go to school on time. _____________

VII. Use the suggested words to write sentences.

46. Bob Milton/ be/ most successful/ pop singer/ last ten years.


47. His first record/ be/ second US Top Ten/ 1993.


48. Since then/ he/ have/ nine US Top Ten song/ and/ make/ many/ videos.


49. Since 1995/ they/ become/ very famous/ Britain.


50. People/many countries/ world/ also/ like/ records.


TEST 16 - English 8.


I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest

1. a. worked b. played c. studied d. lived

2. a. safe b. nature c. mall d. face

3. a. proud b. resource c. scout d. sound

4. a. cheap b. match c. chore d. machine.

5. a. fund b. upset c. tutor d. rug

II. Fill in each gap with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

Paul Carrack [6. be) ________ a musician and singer. He [7. be) ________ in the business for over 20 years. He

[8. start) ________ playing professionally while he [9. be) ________ at school. He [10. travel) ________ all over

the world. He [11. have) ________ his first record in 1874. So far he

[12. make) ________ a lot of records.

Young people in America and Britain [13. know) ________ his name and they never [14. forget) ________ his

number one song " The Living Years". He [15. write) ________ this song some years ago.

III. Rewrite sentences using the suggested words

16. My brother is too young to drive a car. [old enough]


17. We last went to Hanoi three years ago. [It has………]


18. Trung took a train to Sa Pa last Sunday. [by train…]


19. I'm hoping that the weather will improve next week. [ I'm hoping that ……better]


20. You won't have to go to the meeting tomorrow. (not necessary)


IV. Read the passage. Then do the true or false exercises.

It is a custom in Britain and in most European countries to celebrate a person's birthday. Members of the family

and close friends are supposed to be present at the party. If they can't come they may send a gif by post. At the

birthday party, the person who gives birthday party opens all gifts in front of all the people present and thanks

them for the gifts.

The mother usually makes a birthday cake, or if she can't, she may order one from a cake-shop. A number of

candles are placed on the top of the cake and will be lit when the party starts. the numbers of candles is also the

age of that person. After the light out they all sing a song " Happy birthday to you..." Then they play some games

or sing or dance together.

21. Only in Britain people celebrate a person's birthday. _____________

22. Only dear friends and members of the family are present. _____________

23. Some persons can send gifts if they can't come to the party. _____________

24. They open all the gifts in front of their friends at the birthday party. _____________

25. Father always makes cakes for the party. _____________

26. You can buy a birthday cake at the shop. _____________

27. The cake is placed on the top of the candles. _____________

28. The candles will be lit at the beginning of the party. _____________

29. The numbers of the candles is also the age of that person. _____________

30. They don't sing any songs at the party. _____________

VI. Fill a suitable word in each blank.

Long and long time ago, there was a terrible war between the [31) _______ and the bird. The bat did [32)

_______ join in on either side. She wanted to see who [33) _______ gain the war. At first, the bird began to win,

[34) _______ the bat joined the bird and flew about with them, calling herself a bird. But after [35) _______, the

animal looked like winning, the bat went over to them. She showed them [3) _______ teeth, paws and assured

them she was [37) _______ animal and like other animals. In the end, the bird won, so the bat went over to them

again, [38) _______ they chased her away. She couldn't go back to the animal [39) _______, so ever since then

the bat has lived in cellars and tree trunks only at dusk and steering clear of [40) _______ animal and bird.

VII. Underline correct the mistake in each sentence at the numbered blanks.

My name is Anderson and I have been here for a little days. I am from outside of town. I have several friends in

this city and I came to visit them very often . Actually, I used to living in this city many years ago. I was born here

and my wife is born in a little town nearby. We both went to school and had much friends here. We have been in

New York since more than fifteen years. We live in the suburbs and I work in the city. I must to get up early

everyday to go to job. I work from 8 o'clock in the morning till after six hour in the evening.

41. ____________ 42. ____________ 43. ____________ 44. ____________ 45. ____________

46. ____________ 47. ____________ 48. ____________ 49. ____________ 50. ____________

TEST 17 - English 8.


I. Fill each gap with a word from the box.

something made later on it sausage sandwiches phoned left on

One morning last Summer Jane [1) _____ some sandwiches for her husband's lunch. They were sausage

sandwiches. There was one small sausage [2) _____ over, so Jane gave [3) _____ to Curly, her little dog. Curly ate

it up. Half an hour [4) ______, the dog got ill. He kept [5) ______ shaking his head, and rubbing it [6) _______

his foot. Jane thought " He's ill. He must have eaten [7) _________ that didn't agree with him. Maybe that

[8]..........was bad." Then she remembered her husband's [9) ________ She ran to the telephone and [10)

_______ Jim at his office in town.

II. Choose the best answer.

11. As he is so [satisfy/ satisfying/ unsatisfactory/ satisfied] with his present job that he has decided to give it up.

12. The police are interested in the sudden [appear/ appearance/ appeared/ disappearance] of the valuable


13. She is one of the great [perform/ performing/ performer/ performers] to appear in this theater.

14. [Advertising/ Advertisements/ Advertisement/ Advertiser] is such a competitive profession

15. I wrote [end/ ending/an end/ endless] letters of application, but got no reply.

III. Use the suggested words to write a complete letter

16. It/ be/ a month/ since/ write/ you.


17. And we/ not meet/ or see/ each other/ three months.


18. Now/ here/ I/ be/ very happy/ make / suggestion.


19. You / come/ stay/ here/ me/ next week?


20. I / have/ lot/ news/ give you/ and many questions/ ask.


IV. If the sentence is true, put √ , if it has an odd word, underline and write the odd word in each number.

I have several good friends, but I suppose that my best friend she is Hoa [ she]. We have been best friends with

each other since we were young [√] . because of she used to live next door to me [21. ……....] . We have always

been in the same class at school, although she has always been much cleverer than me. I don't mind though,

because she often helps me with my homework [22……...] ! Anyway, I've always been better at sports than to her.

[23……….....]. I always beat her at tennis and she no doesn't like that [24…….....]. . In fact, she hates losing at

anything and gets herself very annoyed if she does.[25...........] That's the only thing that I don't like about her

[26..........] . Otherwise, she has a great sense of humor and she is always making me to laugh [27...........] . We

get on very well together [28..........] . Although occasionally, we've had arguments- usually are about silly little

things [29.........] . Hoa and with her family moved to another district last year but I still see her a lot [30..........]

V. Complete the dialogue with correct questions.

A: Vietnamese Airline Service. Can I help you?

B: Yes. I'd like to go to HCM city as soon as possible. When will [31) __________________ tomorrow?

A: There will be a flight tomorrow at 7 a.m.

B: Are [32) _____________________________________________ ?

A: Yes. Sir. The flight is not fully booked yet.

B: What is [33) _____________________________________________ ?

A: A first- class single ticket is 1,200,000 dong.

B: Can [34) _____________________________________________ ?

A: Certainly Sir. Two first-class tickets for flight VN 747.

B: When [35) _____________________________________________ ?

A: If you come to my office at 5 pm today, I'll have them ready for you.

B: Thank you.

VI. Rewrite these sentence. use 'so that'

36. We are trying to learning English to pass the exam easily.


37. He saved a lot of money. he wanted to buy a new house.


38. Farmers keep grass in the pasture. they have enough food for their cattle.


39. The pupils read many books. they had to report them in their class.


40. I'm going to the market to buy some fish for dinner tonight.


VII. Choose and underline the best answer.

41. She hasn't written to me [already/ yet/ never/ any longer]

42. Would you be [ kind enough/ too kind/ as kind/ so kind] to hold the door open?

43. Take the number 7 bus from here and get [up/ down/ outside/ off] at Forest Road.

44. They have never come [off/ along/ at/ across] such a beautiful village before.

45. Surely David's not going to drive , [does/ isn't/ is/ will] he?

VIII. Rewrite sentences using the suggested words

46. How long is it since he bought the computer. when _______________________________ ?

47 I've never talked to the head master before. It's _________________________________

48. "Don't make such a mess in your room," said Mrs. Quyen to her son.

Mrs. Quyen told ________________________________________________

49. The last time we went to London was two years ago.

We haven't ____________________________________________________

50. Viet does not play badminton as well as he used to

Viet used to ____________________________________________________

TEST 18 - English 8.


I . Choose and underline the best answer.

A new restaurant with a difference has opened in the High Street, next door to the Royal Theater in Bristol. It is

called " Starters" and is [1. got/ held/ run/ taken] by Carol and Philip Wells who opened a [2. similar/ same/

several/ like] restaurant a London last year.

Instead of a traditional three-course [3. tea/ meal / food/ plate], Customers can choose whatever [4. you/ he/

they/ we] want from the list of [5. only/ up/ more/ over] a hundred starters or first courses. The list also includes

recipes from all over the world and customers are recommended to [6. read/ choose/ look/ want]at least 3 starters

to [7. make/ be/ want/ need] a satisfying meal.

Prices vary depending on what you have, [8. so/ then/ unless/ if ] it is possible to eat quite cheaply if you [9. do/

can/ don't/ will] want to spend a lot of money. The new restaurant is becoming very popular and it's [10. well/

best/ great/ fine] to book a table to avoid waiting.

II. Underline and correct ten mistakes in the passage.

Last year, we had a nice holiday. My friend and me went to the seaside for a month. I have been to the seaside

several times before, but this is the first time for my friend. Naturally, it was a great event for him. Final, the day

came. It was a fine morning. We got up very earlily because we wanted to leave home after breakfast. We made

the journey on car. We reached the seaside at noon. We spent much hours on the beach. We enjoyed making

castles and channels in the sand. We are said spend at least a little weeks at the seaside.

11. ___________ 12. ___________ 13. ___________ 14. ___________ 15. ___________

16. ___________ 17. ___________ 18. ___________ 19. ___________ 20. ___________

III. Put the correct form of the verbs in brackets [2 pts]

- They [21. try) ________________ to mend the broken window for half an hour, but they [22. not succeed)

________________ yet.

- I don't think I [23. go) _______________ out tonight. I [24. be) _______________ too tired.

- John [25. wash) _______________his hands. He [26. just repair) ______________ the TV set.

- Tell him [27. bring) _________________ his bike inside. If he [28. leave) _____________ it there, someone

[29. steal) ________________________ it.

- Where you [30. spend) ________________________your summer holiday last year?

IV. Fill in each gap with a suitable word. [ 2 pts]

Now you are in grade 8 and you already [31) _________ some English. You have learnt English [32) _________

three years. If you go to Britain people there will understand [33) _________ you say and you will understand

them [34) _________ they speak about things you know. All the people who live in Britain can [35) _________

English, but not all the people [36) _________ English in that country. Great Britain is not a large country. It is

much [37) _________ than France. It has four [38) _________ England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

England is the [39) _________ part of the country and has always been the strongest, English is the national [40)

_________ in all parts of Britain.

V. Fill in the gap with the correct form of the given words.

There is considerable public concern in Sharon, following the discovery on Tuesday evening of a metal [41.

contain) _____________ filled with [42. poison) _____________ liquid. the object was found by a local [43. reside)

_____________ walking with his dog in a field behind a newly-built chemical factory. As yet (= so far) , the factory

has been [44. ability) _____________ to provide any [45. explain) _____________ as to how the object came to

be in the field. A spokesperson stated that a full [46. investigate) _____________ was taking place and that [47.

secure) _____________ procedures were being reviewed. People living in the [48. neighbor) _____________ are

angry, as a year ago, they had withdrawn their objections to the [49. decide) _____________ to build the factory

here after the company stated that no [50. danger) _____________ chemical would be produced on this site.

VI. Put these verbs into the correct form.

51. You'll avoid (wait) by (book) _________________ a table in advance.

52. It was not very kind of you (leave) here without (say) _________________ goodbye.

53. I never (watch) _________________ a more interesting football match than that before.

54. I never (eat) _________________ meals with knives and forks in Viet Nam.

55. He couldn't remember (drive) _________ a long the road before the accident ( happen)______

56. I'd rather you (go) _________________ to work on foot to save energy.

57. I (sing) _________________ this song if I knew the words.

58. I (wake) up last night when I (hear) _________________ a strange noise.

59. These are toys (make) _________________ in Japan.

60. How many historical places (you be) _________________ to?