Information Pack / job description - Diocese of Gloucester

Information Pack / job description - Diocese of Gloucester

Diocese Of Gloucester

Diocesan Secretary

Application Pack

The next Diocesan Secretary

Thank you for showing

interest in this post.

I believe it to be full

of potential at a creative

moment in a diocese where

exciting things are happening.

It is creative because

• we have a new and fairly young staff team

working with the Bishop, in which lay and ordained

colleagues share the leadership of the diocese

• we have recently undergone an organisational

review, changing the way we work and

strengthening the relationship between the

Diocesan Board of Finance, the Bishops’ Office,

Cathedral and the parishes and communities

of the diocese

• we have just completed our new Strategic Plan,

‘Journeying Together’, shaping our ministry and

resources for the next three years

• we have new leadership in the Cathedral where

there is a real desire to resource the life of the


With the help of those advising me, I want

to appoint a Diocesan Secretary who will

• engage with the life of the diocese in new and

creative ways, delivering our vision to share the

transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ

• head up a team of dedicated professionals,

providing supportive and effective leadership

• work as a team player, bringing out the best

of the professional and dedicated staff team in

Church House

• bring vision and creativity to the delivery of

diocesan resources

• drive through change using our new structure

• inspire new income streams and ensure financial

stability across the diocese

• work proactively with our many and varied

partners across and beyond the diocese, to ensure

that each Christian community is empowered and

engaged in the delivery of our shared ministry

• encourage participation in accountable and

transparent governance

• make clear, professional and consistent

communication a priority in the way we work.

It follows, of course, that the next Diocesan

Secretary will need to be a committed

communicant Christian. S/he will need a strategic

mind, excitement about the Church, a capacity

for collaborative work and a love for people.

Such a person will find this post stimulating and

fruitful and will be happy in a team and a diocese

where we are wanting to play our part more

effectively in God’s mission, for the sake of the

kingdom and the gospel.


Roles and Responsibilities

of the Diocesan Secretary

The Diocesan Secretary will need a passion for the mission of the church, and a commitment to deliver the

strategic and operational sustainability of the diocese through sound organizational management and advice.

He or she will be charged with leading the organization through a period of cultural, strategic and

organizational change by promoting collaborative working between the DBF employees and senior clergy,

the Cathedral Chapter, benefices and parishes; and a sense of unity and common purpose across the diocese.

The key tasks are:

To ensure the effective and efficient

commitment of diocesan resources to secure

the strategic objectives, plans and targets for

the diocese

• strategic business planning and financial monitoring

• the mechanics for auditing, target setting, review

and support processes of sound financial and legal


To ensure that senior officers manage and lead

the delivery of work in their departments and

teams across the diocese in ways that reinforce

a commitment to participation and collaboration

• departmental reviews of objectives and targets,

• the processes for performance management

reviews and standards

• reviews and changes in business processes and

structures in order to secure greater operational


• the effective management of change.

To ensure that employees of the DBF

understand the diocesan framework, and the

broader context in which departments, roles

and responsibilities sit

• staff meetings, briefings, induction processes

officer input at regular meetings for new

incumbents and curates

• opportunities for staff to engage positively with

colleagues across the organisation.

To ensure that all legal requirements and best

practice under duty of care, health and safety

are promoted and championed

• as lead Health and Safety officer

• the management of HR practices and contractual

and other related requirements including pensions

& other related employee benefits.


Serve as an advisor to the Bishop and Senior

Clergy, contributing to the leadership and

development of the diocese

• to contribute to key strategic and operational

discussions, leading on project work as agreed;

developing close working relationships with

the Bishop of Tewkesbury and the Archdeacons

both within their senior clergy and day to day

management roles.

To ensure a culture of productive, collaborative,

accountable and positive relationships between

diocesan departments/officers and the

deaneries and parishes in ways which promote

two way commitment and understanding

• diocesan officer presence at appropriate PCC,

deanery and other meetings as appropriate

• the production of up to date, timely and effective

communications including website, directory,

and other mechanisms for building confidence,

and sharing information as accessible as possible.

To ensure a culture of collaboration and

positive relationships with the Cathedral

• exploring opportunities for partnership working

and joint working

• identifying areas of mutual interest and support.

To secure the effective administration of the

diocesan governance structures to ensure that

it meets its legal obligations.

• in the role as Company Secretary to the DBF

• to serve as Secretary to Synod, Bishop’s Council

and the Pastoral Group

• to offer legal and technical advice on company,

charity practice and Standing Orders of committees

• to oversee the running of, and election to, boards

and committees elections;

• ensure proper financial reporting; liaise with

Registrar & Chancellor, Church Commissioners

and Archbishop's Council as appropriate.

To act as an advocate for the vision, values,

and policies of the diocese across the region

and in the church nationally.

• To be a part of regional and national networks of

Diocesan Secretaries. To contribute to national

policy making, and to share best practice and ideas

and feedback on what we can learn from others.

The post is offered at a salary of

£68,450 and a relocation package as

appropriate for the succesful candidate.

We are looking for someone willing to

live in Gloucestershire.


Person specification



Qualifications and



Knowledge, skills

and abilities

Management and


Someone who is…

Communicant member of the Church of England or of a Church in communion with it (* a Genuine Occupational Requirement under

the Equality Act 2010)

Understanding and passion for the mission of the Church

Educated to degree level

Management training, through CPD or post-graduate qualification

Some understanding of canon law and church structures

Knowledge of theology (desirable)

Significant management experience

Evidence of working through organisational change

Board level experience (desirable)

Understanding of the structure of the Church of England

Financial & Human Resource strategic and operational workforce planning

High level of literacy & numeracy and IT skills

Articulacy and negotiation skills

Project management

Team builder

Ability to grasp detail and draw back to take the strategic view

A driver with access to a car at all times

Highly motivated & energetic



A collaborative team player

Passionate to deliver


The Diocese of Gloucester

The Diocese of Gloucester covers almost the entire county

of Gloucestershire, a significant part of the Unitary Authority

of South Gloucestershire, together with some villages in

Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire.

The population is about 2/3rds of a million people.

There are two archdeaconries, Gloucester and

Cheltenham, and nine deaneries. There are 380

churches, 90% of which are listed.


There are 260 licensed clergy and lay-workers,

as well as 165 readers and many other clergy

exercising a retirement ministry. The DBF employs

35 full time and 18 part time staff to serve the

diocese. Many parishes have Local Ministry Teams.

There has been a strong emphasis on developing

the ministry of the whole people of God. There is

now a programme to renew “Effective Ministry in

Every Parish”.

The diocese is proud of its reputation for nurturing,

developing and supporting clergy. There is a

broad range of Continuing Ministerial Education

opportunities. Episcopal and ministerial review is in

place and continues to evolve. There is a consistent

approach in support for clergy and their families at

times of vulnerability, difficulty and ill health.


The Diocesan Board of Finance

The Board of Finance is a limited company

responsible for employing Diocesan staff; for

managing the finances of the Diocese; and for

providing administration and holding property on

behalf of Diocesan Synod. It acts in accordance with

the policy and directives of the Diocesan Synod.

The Central Service Departments consist of the:

• Education Department

• Mission and Ministry Department

• Finance, Giving and Property Department

• Church Buildings, Pastoral and Registry


• Human Resources and Safeguarding Department

• Communications and IT Department

The Gloucester DBF has an annual ongoing income

of around £8m and an annual expenditure of just

under £9m, creating a structural deficit of around

£800k p.a.

This is being managed through a five year plan to

raise parish share. It became apparent however early

in 2012 that this plan was not on target to achieve

the diocese’s stated aim of a balanced budget in

2015. Restructuring, completed at the end of 2012,

has reduced central expenditure by just over £300K.

A balanced budget in 2015 will need a combination

of some possible further reductions in central

expenditure, an increase in parish share income

and if that is not successful a reduction in the

numbers of parochial clergy. The Diocesan Synod

recommitted itself to achieving a balanced budget

in 2015 at its summer 2012 meeting.

Deaneries are responsible for managing their

own parish share targets with support from the

Archdeacons and from DBF officers. Strengthening

a culture of mutual support, accountability and

trust remains essential to the successful completion

of this task. The Diocesan Secretary will be a key

player in achieving this,

The DBF has a strong balance sheet with a book

value of £70m (mostly in clergy housing) and a

significant premium to that at market value. Glebe

land particularly represents a significant long term

value to the DBF.

The DBF has a particularly well received giving

strategy which seeks to offer a wide range of

support to parishes to assist their giving and has

been successful in helping parishes significantly

raise their own income.

For more information please visit


Looking to the future

We have just completed our new strategic vision 'Journeying Together'.

Our mission is to share the transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ with

people in and around Gloucestershire. Our vision is to be a diocese

that Worships Together, Shares Our Faith & Values, Has a Visible Presence

In Every Community and Serves the Wider World. For more information



The Bishop’s Staff Team

The Bishop of Gloucester

The Rt Revd Michael Perham

Suffragan Bishop

of Tewkesbury

About to be vacant

Archdeacon of Gloucester

The Venerable Jackie Searle

Diocesan Secretary

Giving Officer

Mrs Helen Richardson

Dean of Women Clergy

The Revd Canon Robbin Clark

Director of Finance,

Property & Giving

Mr Benjamin Preece-Smith

Director of Mission & Ministry

The Revd Canon Andrew Braddock

Archdeacon of Cheltenham

The Venerable Robert Springett

The Dean of Gloucester

The Very Revd Stephen Lake

Bishop’s Chaplain

The Revd John Paul Hoskins

Communications Officer

Mrs Lucy Taylor

Director of Education

Canon Helena Arnold

Human Resources Manager

Mrs Judith Knight


Central Services Structure

Diocesan Synod

Bishop of Gloucester

Bishop's Council

Bishop of Tewkesbury

Dean of women clergy Diocesan Secretary Archdeacon Dean



of Finance,

Giving and


Dept of



and DAC


group of


and IT


Safe guarding

Chaired by


Department for Minstry and Mission

Supporting the vocational

development of all people, including

children & young people.

Reporting to Council of Reference

Chaired by Bp of Tewkesbury


Supporting schools and

delivering education

Archdeacon sits on DBE

Oversight responsibility

Legal employment responsibility


Gloucester Cathedral

Since the appointment of Stephen Lake as Dean in June

2011 a renewed sense of mission and ministry become

a reality. The draft statement of the Diocesan Vision

states that 'the Cathedral, as a centre of worship and

mission, seeks to be a focus for the Bishop’s ministry and

a resource at the heart of the Diocese’. This is true, for

there is a high sense of ownership and participation in

the work of the Cathedral by the parishes, and the new

Diocesan Secretary will have a key role in deepening

this relationship.

The Cathedral is a happy place and welcomes over

300,000 visitors a year. It is well known for its wonderful

architecture, fine choral tradition and schools’ education

programme. There is a committed staff team and

hundreds of volunteers. The Chapter is effective in its

leadership and is currently engaged in refreshing its Vision and Strategic Plan, rooted around the summary

phrase of Gloucester Cathedral being ‘in tune with heaven and in touch with daily life.’ Running such

an organisation calls for prudence and wisdom both financially and practically, but the Chapter remains

convinced that it should not charge for entry. The Cathedral is also committed to new possibilities in terms

of mission and looks to share the Gospel through innovative and imaginative ways.

The Cathedral Chapter consists of the Dean, five canons residentiary and three lay members. Of the

canons, two are engaged full time in cathedral ministry (as Precentor and Pastor), the other three hold their

canonries as part of their ministry beyond the Cathedral, one as City Centre Rector, one as Director of the

Department of Discipleship and Ministry, one as Archdeacon.


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