2011 Media infoRMation - Logistics Management


2011 Media infoRMation - Logistics Management

LM Readership Statistics

www.L ogiS ticSMg M t.coM

The Leader in LogisTics

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2011 Media i nfoRMation

Logisticsmgmt.com 2011 media information 1


Editorial Staff

Francis Quinn

Editorial Advisor

Patrick Burnson

Executive Editor

Sarah E. Petrie

Managing Editor

Jeff Berman

Group News Editor

John Kerr

Contributing Editor,

Global Logistics

Bridget McCrea

Contributing Editor,


Maida Napolitano

Contributing Editor,

Warehousing & DC

New day dawNiNg

The past two years have found logistics professionals firmly buckled

into their seats, doing their best to ride out the economic turbulence

that threw so many manufacturers and retailers off course.

The main focus for nearly every shipper during that time was survival;

and to achieve this, these hearty logistics and transportation professionals

told us that reducing costs across all areas of their operations

was not just a goal, it was imperative.

Flash-forward to the end of 2010 and we find a new day dawning.

Certainly, the continued deluge of mixed economic signals has forced

the majority of logistics professionals to stay focused on cost reductions.

However, our reporting reveals that while transportation has been a prime target for

cost cutting over the past 18 months, shippers have grown wiser from surviving the tough

conditions and are moving away from simple cost cuts masked as tactical improvements.

Today, we’re finding that logistics decision makers are taking a more strategic, measured

approach to improving operations. They’re getting closer to their carrier and 3PL partners;

they’re optimizing their supply chain software; they’re re-assessing and redesigning their

distribution networks; and they’re putting more emphasis on private fleet management and

shipment consolidation where it makes the most sense.

And Logistics Management has been there every step of the way during this fundamental

shift in operational thinking.

By absorbing our daily online news, practitioner case studies, thought-leading columns,

strategic how-to features, exclusive industry research, and our educational webcast series,

logistics professionals continue to put Logistics Management’s content to work to become

more effective in meeting today’s daunting logistics challenges.

In the following pages you’ll see our 2011 editorial program that was put together based on

over nine years of extensive reader research. This year’s plan will be executed through our

ever-dependable print product, a newly designed web presence on logisticsmgmt.com, and

our popular Print/Web events built to deliver our exclusive research—and the researchers—

directly to the logistics community.

Marketers should take note that we’ll be offering three Virtual Conferences over the course

of 2011. Much like a live event, this extremely well received platform connects marketers

and shippers in real-time without leaving the office. Over the course of 2010, Logistics

Management produced three virtual conferences attracting more than 4,000 shippers—

nearly 1,000 more attendees than CSCMP attracted to their annual event in San Diego.

As the pressure on logistics professionals continues to mount, so too does the value of the

relevant management content that the editorial staff of Logistics Management produces

on a daily basis. In this Media Kit you’ll find all of the information that you need to put

your marketing message into most dynamic advertising environment in the industry. I look

forward to working with you over the course of 2011.

John D. Schulz

Contributing Editor,


Michael a. Levans

Group Editorial Director, Supply Chain Group

Peerless Media


2 2011 media information The Leader in Logistics Information

LM Readership Statistics

deLiveriNg the Broad Logistics Market

As the subscribers to Logistics Management’s online products have grown significantly over the past few years, so has our

total market reach. We can now deliver your message to 112,833 logistics professionals!

Magazine / eNewsletter Combined Total Reach


















Common Magazine/eNewsletter



Source: Publisher’s Own Data, November 2010

Which sources do you use for information on logistics services,

equipment and technologies?

Trade publications




White Papers/Case Studies

Trade shows/Conferences/Seminars

Websites of trade publications








Video clips




Source: 2010 LM Reader Profile Study

Logisticsmgmt.com 2011 media information 3

LM Print

circuLatioN coMparisoN

Logistics Management reaches the largest number of logistics professionals in the industry. Additionally, no other industry publication

reaches nearly as many audited buying influences of logistics services, technology, and equipment.

Publication Logistics Management inbound Logistics Supply chain Brain world trade

BPA Statement June 2010 June 2010

dropped BPA status

as of June 2009

June 2010

Total Qualified Circulation 70,029 60,000

dropped BPA status

as of June 2009


Total Subscribers with Audited

Buying Influences

100% 89.9%

dropped BPA status

as of June 2009


Motor Freight (TL/LTL) 56,380 30,016

Air Freight 39,946 22,932

Small Package Delivery Services 47,520 28,205

Third Party Contract Logistics Services 38,440 25,252

Rail Carriers 17,597 15,404

Ocean Freight 28,291 19,994

dropped BPA status

as of June 2009

dropped BPA status

as of June 2009

dropped BPA status

as of June 2009

dropped BPA status

as of June 2009

dropped BPA status

as of June 2009

dropped BPA status

as of June 2009







onLy Logistics ManageMent offeRS the

“3 x 100” ciRcuLation guaRantee

Logistics Management reaches the largest number of

logistics professionals in the industry. No other industry

publication reaches nearly as many audited buying

influencers of logistics services, technology, and equipment.





direct requested, BPa-audited circulation

multiple logistics/transportation-related job function involvement

buyer/specifying influences, no wasted circulation

June 2010 BPA Statements

4 2011 media information The Leader in Logistics Information

LM readership statistics

Logistics Management subscribers spend a great deal of time reading through issues. Your advertisement has an excellent

opportunity to be seen within the pages of our highly regarded reports and features.

How long have you been a reader

with Logistics Management?

How would you say your readership of Logistics

Management compares with 2 years ago?






About the Same




Less 12%

< 1 year

1-3 years 3-5 years 5-10 years Over 10 years

average number of years: 6

On average, about how many issues of Logistics

Management do you typically read or look into?

4 out of every

4 issues

3 out of every

4 issues

2 out of every

4 issues

2 out of every

4 issues






of our readers spend

1 to 1 1/2 hours

reading each issue

editorial calendar 2011


Ad Close: 12/22/10


Ad Close: 1/21/11


Ad Close: 2/18/11


Ad Close: 3/25/11


Ad Close: 4/22/11


Ad Close: 5/20/11

LM Exclusive

2011 Rate Outlook

(Print/Web Event)


Technology and


2011 State of


Equipment Study

27th Annual Salary

Survey (print/web


2011 Technology


(Print/Web Event)

2011 Best Practices


transportation Best


Improving LTL


Parcel Express Trends

Private Fleet


Truckload Trends Rail/Intermodal Trends Containing Air Cargo


Supply Chain

& logistics


TMS Trends Assessing GTM State of SaaS 8th Annual Software

Users Survey

State of Labor

Management (LMS)

2011 ERP

Users Survey

Global logistics

2011 Customs/

Regulations Update

Improving 3PL


Improving Cross

Border Operations

3PLs vs. 4PLS

Assessing Freight


Reaching Emerging


Warehouse & dC


Adopting Voice

New Cross Docking


Implementing RFID

Wireless in the


Optimizing WMS

Lift Truck Fleet


Special report

Lift Truck

Management Tips

Port Services Update



Market Update

Top 50 Trucking


Top 20 U.S. Ports


Transportation Market


2011 State of Air Cargo*

Top 50 3PLs*

Web Events

2011 Rate Outlook


Virtual Conference:

Supply Chain Software

& Technology

2011 News Roundup 27th Annual Salary

Survey Webcast

2011 Technology

Roundtable Webcast

Virtual Conference:

Winning in the

Global Arena*

Show distribution

/Value add Programs


Readex ad

Readership Study

ProMat 2011 WERC 2011

Transport Logistics

2011 (Munich)

TMCA & European

Supply Chain

Logistics Summit

*Joint Project with Supply Chain Management Review

6 2011 media information The Leader in Logistics Information


Ad Close: 6/17/11


Ad Close: 7/22/11


Ad Close: 8/19/11


Ad Close: 9/23/11


Ad Close: 10/21/11


Ad Close: 11/16/11

22nd Annual State

of Logistics Report/

Breakdowns by Mode

28th Annual Quest for

Quality Awards

20th Annual Study

of Logistics and

Transportation Trends

(Masters of Logistics)

(Print/Web Event)

12th Annual NASSTRAC

Shipper of the Year Award

2011 NITL Executive

of the Year

Buyers Guide

LTL Strategy Ocean Shipping Tactics Improving 3PL


Truckload Strategy

Private Fleet


WMS Trends State of Wireless Visibility/YMS Trends Optimizing TMS Improving Visibility

Understanding Cargo

Insurance & Liability

Near Shoring/Right

Shoring Strategy

Reverse Logistics Trends China Update 3PL’s Expanding Role

Improving WDC Network


Improving Labor


WDC Equipment Update

Lift Truck Technology


2011 Warehouse/DC

Benchmark Study


Ports Update

Continuing Education

Quarterly Transportation

Market Update

European Site Selection*

Top 10 Freight Forwarders

Leading Air Cargo Carriers

Top 30 Ocean Carriers

Warehouse/DC Best


Quarterly Transportation

Market Update

20th Annual Study

of Logistics and

Transportation Trends

Webcast (Masters of


Virtual Conference:

Best Practices in Supply

Chain Productivity

2011 Warehouse/DC

Benchmark Study


View from the top:

free full Page open

letter from Qualifying



readex ad

readership Study

APICS NITL free full Page Corporate

Profile ad to Qualifying


*Joint Project with Supply Chain Management Review

Logisticsmgmt.com 2011 media information 7

LM onLine

Logisticsmgmt.com offers the best and most unique opportunities to brand

your company online, drive traffic to your website, and most of all deliver

highly qualified sales leads!

Logistics professionals visit logisticsmgmt.com regularly because it is a true

industry resource.

Some of its features include:

• Editorial

• Latest industry news

• Webcasts

• Current and archived issues

• Virtual Conferences

• LM Store

• Resource Center

• Buyers Guide

• Blogs

LogisticsMgMt.coM visitor profiLe

What are the main reasons you visit logisticsmgmt.com?





Critical topics

White papers



Digital editions of the magazine






Virtual Conferences


Which of the following best describes your job title or function?

Logistics, distribution, operations management


How are you personally involved in the recommendation,

purchase or leasing of transportation, logistics and

distribution equipment/products, technologies and services

within your company, or for companies with whom you consult?

Senior supply chain management


Executive management


Suggest or determine need


Transportation/Traffic Analyst/Specialist


Recommend suppliers


Purchasing management


Evaluate suppliers


Buyer/Purchasing agent


Authorize/approve purchases




Select brand/supplier


Source: 2010 LM Reader Profile Study

8 2011 media information The Leader in Logistics Information

Lead generation

virtuaL coNfereNces

LM once again is partnering with Supply Chain Management Review to produce our

highly attended Virtual Conferences in 2011. You can sponsor a webcast, virtual booth,

or both. Sponsors receive leads from Webcasts and booth attendees. Sponsor logos

appear on all web and print promotions.

February • Supply Chain Software and Technology

This web event will focus on the new and emerging software and technology available

for logistics and supply chain professionals. A big part of the conference will emphasize

selecting the solutions that are right for your company—and then implementing them


June • Winning in the Global Arena

This virtual conference will present logistics and supply chain tactics and strategies

to help you succeed in the global arena. Key topics will include carrier evaluation and

selection, 3PL partnerships, sourcing tips, and supporting technology.

October • Best Practices in Supply Chain Productivity*

The results-oriented sessions in this Virtual Conference will present practical tips for

boosting productivity in the key supply chain activities of transportation, warehousing,

sourcing/procurement, and reverse logistics.

Features & Benefits

• Limit of six sponsors.

• Minimum Lead guarantee. All sponsors will receive all leads from the virtual event.

• Lead Reporting. Once the show starts, the real-time reporting engine provides details

of show performance and attendee activity. Reports include full demographic information

on all attendees.

• Prominent Branding. Sponsor logos appear on all web and print promotions. The Main

Lobby features sponsor logos and a direct link to their Resource Center that houses

their materials, demos, documents, and presentations.

• Resource center. A central repository of all show content—Webcasts, demos,

documents, and presentations with search and bookmark tools.

• communication center (who’s here?). See everyone currently taking part in the show at

any given time and use networking tools with the ability to send/receive messages to all


net inveStMent: $10,000 (February and June only—Please consult your sales

representative for pricing on the October event.)

*The October event includes a print recap in LM and SCMR. Please contact your sales representative for pricing.

Logisticsmgmt.com 2011 media information 9

Lead generation


Be branded as an industry leader while generating qualified leads

Logistics Management offers single and multi-sponsored webcast opportunities. Both

provide a full marketing campaign to promote the event, maximize registration and

give unprecedented market exposure. Each event is archived on logisticsmgmt.com

for 3 months.

single sponsored custom webcasts

Guaranteed 200 qualified leads!

You select the topic for the event and have the option to speak on the panel, and/or

bring a customer to speak. We create a customized registration page to further qualify

the leads.

net coSt: $15,000

Single Sponsored webcast

Multi-sponsored events

Guaranteed 200 qualified leads!

Just looking to receive leads from a webcast without having to develop a topic or find

speakers? No problem! LM’s Multi-Sponsored Events program offers several webcasts

on significant topics in the logistics industry. Each event is presented by industry

experts in their respective field. All we require from you is your logo. We will distribute

the leads from the registrants to the sponsors (up to 5). We also ask several buyingintent

questions to further qualify the leads for you.

Multi-Sponsored webcast

Multi-Sponsored webcast Line up:







2011 Rate outlook

2011 News Roundup - Q1

27th annual Salary Survey webcast

2011 technology Roundtable

20th annual Study of Logistics and transportation trends

2011 warehouse/dc Benchmark Study

net coSt: $7,000 (one event)

$6,000 each (two events)

$5,000 each (three events)

customized Registration Page

10 2011 media information The Leader in Logistics Information

white paper prograM Prominent exposure to qualified prospects

The White Paper section of logisticsmgmt.com offers vendors and service providers

a vehicle for directing customers to your whitepapers, video, or educational product

information resulting in generating qualified leads.

3 Month Posting with Lead Guarantees:

• 200 guaranteed leads

• A dedicated email promotion featuring the sponsor’s white paper or

case study is sent to LM’s audience of over 60,000 logistics executives

• Custom registration with up to 5 buying questions

• Regular lead reports

net coSt: $7,000

forever-LiNked prograM Traffic driving

Tie your brand to specific content that highlights your company as a viable solution.

Nothing is more powerful than having your brand in front of potential customers when

they are engaged in evaluating business practices, learning about new technologies

or keeping up to date on the industry. Our Forever-Linked Program gives you the

opportunity to brand your company and generate leads on our special Feature Reports.

• You pick a specific Feature Report on Logisticsmgmt.com and we

will brand it with your logo complete with a link directly to your site

• Custom ad: the Feature Report will end with an ad about your

company with contact information and links

• All Feature Reports are hosted on Logisticsmgmt.com and available

to our extensive audience

net coSt: $4,000 for 1 article

$3,500 each for 2 to 5 articles

$3,000 each for 6 or more articles

Logisticsmgmt.com 2011 media information 11

Lead generations

criticaL topics Take contextual advertising to the next level

Own your market segment on Logisticsmgmt.com! All of our content on specific topics are

aggregated on a single landing page and surrounding with the sponsor’s banners and logos.

Just your company branded—not your competitors—in the place where your potential

customers come to keep up to date on all the industry news that really matters to them.

Subjects for critical topic Pages:

• TMS (Transportation Management System)

• Ocean Freight

• WMS (Warehouse Management System)

• 3PL (Third Party Logistics)

• Motor Freight

• Airfreight

• Rail / Intermodal

• Warehouse & DC

Standard Package:

• Banner Positions: Leaderboard and Boombox

• Content Box highlighting your White Papers, Webinars, Videos,

RSS Feeds, and Educational Information

net coSt: $7,000 for 6 months

($1,666 per month)

$12,000 for 12 months

($1,000 per month)

Banner Positions

Premium Package:

• Banner Positions: Leaderboard and Boombox

• Content Box highlighting your White Papers, Webinars, Videos,

RSS Feeds, and Educational Information

• Weekly “Jumbostitial” Welcome Ad

• Quarterly Critical Topic Newsletter with your banner ad sent

to 60,000 logistics executives

net coSt: $10,000 for 6 months

($1,666 per month)

$15,000 for 12 months

($1,250 per month)

Quarterly Critical Topic eNewsletter

weekly Jumbostital welcome ad

12 2011 media information The Leader in Logistics Information

custom Research Lead generations

custoM Lead geNeratioN research Briefs

Creating original market intelligence and generating leads

LM’s Custom Lead Generation Research Briefs are a turn-key

solution that offers a unique opportunity to provide market

intelligence and qualified leads. Research Briefs are a

custom marketing solution that is based on a market

research program developed by you and Peerless Media’s

Research Group.

These Briefs serve as a valuable information asset that is

promoted to your target audience and leveraged as a credible

co-branded resource and lead generation mechanism.

Turning your Brief into Qualified Leads:

• Your 5 to 10 page executive brief is posted on our

Resource Center as a White Paper

• Customized registration page captures qualified leads

• Dedicated marketing to our subscriber list will generate

numerous qualified leads

net coSt: $12,000

BraNd awareNess pre-post Market

sNapshot studies

Make better business decisions

These studies offer information on awareness of your

brand, measurement of your ad campaign’s effectiveness

or a snapshot of a specific aspect of your industry.

• Up to 10 survey questions

• Obtain valuable information from LM’s

leading audience

• Quick turnaround

net coSt: $2,500

custoM white paper creatioN

Provide critical business information to the industry

Peerless Research produces authoritative reports that address a business issue,

product, or competitive situation.

• Share technical knowledge and business information

• Generate publicity and attract prospects

• Written by industry experts

Please note that these white papers are created without industry research. Please see our Custom Lead-Generation

Research Briefs for research-based market intelligence.

net coSt: per project scope

Peerless Research is a rich source

of business information for the

supply chain, materials handling, and

logistics industries. By leveraging our

market leadership through our publications,

Supply Chain Management

Review, Logistics Management, and

Modern Materials Handling, we

provide independent, accurate,

comprehensive, and up to date

business intelligence. We can

give you statistics, analysis,

forecasts, and get you directly

connected to the companies that

are looking for your products and

services. In today’s demanding

business climate, there are

distinct benefits in being

equipped with information

about your customers, prospects,

competition, and environment.

Logisticsmgmt.com 2011 media information 13

online Branding and Product Promotion



Opportunities to engage prospects include contextual links, newsletter

sponsorships, and banners.



Leaderboard 728 x 90 $115

Skyscraper 160 x 600 $115

Boombox 336 x 280 $120



LM’s content driven eNewsletters allow you to engage our premium online

community with your company promotions and drive traffic to your website.


white paper showcase

Cost-effective lead generation

Post your white paper on a shared dedicated blast (up to 5 sponsors) to 55,000

LM subscribers. Your white paper will be posted on our website and will receive

a customized registration page.

net coSt: $2,500

Logistics preview eNewsletter

This eNewsletter is a monthly update that offers news, analysis, and a preview

of the features in the upcoming issue.

frequency: Monthly

Subscribers: 35,000

net coSt: Position 1: $2,500

Position 2: $2,000

Position 3: $1,500

Technology Briefing eNewsletter

This eNewsletter updates our readers on major developments in the supply chain

technology space. Presented by LM and Supply Chain Management Review, this

eNewsletter will keep you up to date on the global supply chain via reports from

companies such as Aberdeen Group, AMR Research, ARC Advisory Group, and more.

frequency: Monthly

Subscribers: 38,000

net coSt: Position 1: $2,500

Position 2: $2,000

Position 3: $1,500

this week in Logistics eNewsletter

This eNewsletter is a summary of the week in logistics, transportation, and

regulatory news.

frequency: Monthly

Subscribers: 50,000

net coSt: Position 1: $2,500

Position 2: $2,000

Position 3: $1,500

White Paper Showcase

this week in Logistics

14 2011 media information The Leader in Logistics Information


2011 BLack aNd white rates (gross)

ad Size 1x 3x 6x 12x 18x 24x 36x 48x

full Page $12,500 $11,950 $11,580 $11,200 $10,960 $10,670 $10,170 $9,780

2/3 Page 9,800 9,700 9,530 9,025 8,820 4,830 8,040 7,750

1/2 Page island 8,100 8,000 7,760 7,500 7,300 6,960 6,630 6,380

1/2 Page horizontal 7,290 7,200 7,000 6,700 6,550 6,270 5,980 5,700

1/3 Page Square or horizontal 4,920 4,880 4,800 4,525 4,425 4,240 4,040 3,900

1/4 Page 3,700 3,625 3,530 3,370 3,300 3,160 3,000 2,900

2011 coLor rates (gross) Preferred file format: PDFx1a version 1.3

color Single Page Spread

2-color (Standard) $825 $1,455

2-color PMS 930 1,640

3-color 2,215 3,805

4-color 2,300 3,955

MechaNicaL requireMeNts

Publication trim size: 7 7 ⁄8" × 10 1 ⁄2"

Essential material must be kept at least 1 ⁄4" from trim

ad Size non-Bleed Bleed

2 Page Spread 15" × 10" 16" × 10 3 ⁄4"

full Page 7" × 10" 8 1 ⁄8" × 10 3 ⁄4"

2/3 Page vertical 4 1 ⁄2" × 10" 5 1 ⁄8" × 10 3 ⁄4"

1/2 Page




1/3 Page



3 3 ⁄8" × 10"

7" × 4 5 ⁄8"

4 1 ⁄2" × 7 1 ⁄2"

2 1 ⁄4" × 10"

4 1 ⁄2" × 4 5 ⁄8"

4" × 10 3 ⁄4"

8 1 ⁄8" × 5 1 ⁄4"

2 7 ⁄8" × 10 3 ⁄4"

1/4 Page 3 3 ⁄8" × 4 5 ⁄8" —

1/6 Page 2 1 ⁄8" × 4 5 ⁄8" —

Preferred method submission:

All images must be hi-res 300dpi, CMYK or Grayscale

and meet SWOP standards.

Save in TIFF or EPS format Without Embedded

ICC profiles.

Embed all fonts. Use only Adobe fonts.

Files should be 100% of print size.

Standard trim, bleed, and crop marks should appear

1/4” outside trim.

PDFs should be created from Acrobat distiller.

For more information and uploading instructions

please contact:

Kelly Jones

Production Manager

508-663-1500 x319


Logisticsmgmt.com 2011 media information 15

111 Speen Street, Suite 200

Framingham, MA 01701

Sales offices



vice President

and group Publisher

Brian Ceraolo


281 Route 79

Morganville, NJ 07751

Tel: 732-970-1070

Fax: 877-330-6649

office Manager

Laurel Peddie


111 Speen Street

Suite 200

Framingham, MA 01701

Tel: 508-663-1500 x234

Fax: 877-330-7427


Sales Manager

east coast

Paul Kenny


308 Addison Place

West Chester, PA 19382

Tel: 610-680-6562

Fax: 877-330-6570

Sales Manager

Midwest & Eastern Canada

Jeff Giersch


W169 N10776 Redwood Lane

Germantown, WI 53022

Tel: 262-251-7395

Fax: 262-251-7398

Sales Manager

West Coast & Western Canada

Mike Tangney


10330 Lions Path

Littleton, CO 80124

Tel: 720-328-6251

Fax: 877-339-1051

Sales Manager

United Kingdom & Europe

Hamilton Pearman


32 rue de la 8 mai 1945

94510 La Queue en Brie


Tel: 33-1-45-93-08-58

Mobile: 33-6-08-31-05-75

Fax: 33-1-45-93-08-99

Sales director


Quentin Chan


Leading Media Ltd

Room 1604

Hart Avenue Plaza

5-9 Hart Avenue

Tsimshatsui, Kowloon

Hong Kong

Tel: 852-2366-1106

Mobile: 852 9438 9577

Fax: 852-2366-1107

onlinE salEs

online Sales director

Paul Zampitella


111 Speen Street

Suite 200

Framingham, MA 01701

Tel: 508-663-1500 x307

Fax: 877-330-7436

director of web operations

Clive Purchase


111 Speen Street

Suite 200

Framingham, MA 01701

Tel: 508-663-1500 x315

web Manager

George Kokoris


111 Speen Street

Suite 200

Framingham, MA 01701

Tel: 508-663-1500 x326

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