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I have trained cutting horses for a living and now, I help manage

the family boarding stable, all while raising a few of our own cutting

horses. I never thought I would do anything other than this, but

little did I know what helping and supporting my wife would lead to.

It started a little over a year ago when my wife, ERVP Robin Haack,

was introduced to Arbonne’s NutriMinC ® RE 9® anti-aging skin care

line. Because Robin was seeing such great results, my daughter,

Hailey and I also started using Arbonne’s amazing products. Next,

Robin began sharing the products and doing Presentations. She

was having such success with her business that I wanted to be supportive

and help her out. Robin works full time at a textile company,

so she is very busy and does not have time to come out to the

horse stables. So, I started sharing the products and opportunity

with some of the people at the stables. If they were interested in

finding out more, I would set up a time for them to meet Robin.

After a few successful meetings, Robin said, “If you are going to

continue telling people about Arbonne we should sign you up.” So

we did just that.

Robin and I continued to work together as a team. Then, in October

of 2005, ENVP Susan Evans and NVP Laura Harry came out to

California to conduct an “Opportunity” meeting in our home. After

the meeting they stressed the importance of attending NTC 2006

St. Louis. They made it clear that it was a must for our business, not

an option.

Once April rolled around, we headed to St. Louis for the National

Training Celebration. Needless to say, the experience was beyond

mike haack

Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President

Mike Haack Region; Capistrano Beach, CA

our expectations and produced a life-changing effect on the both of

us. We came home with such an understanding of what this company,

Arbonne, is all about. The vision and integrity of this company

has to offer is there for the taking, for everyone who wants it. This

really is the chance of a lifetime.

Robin and I have been involved in other small business ventures in

our lives, but we have never experienced such self-fulfillment with a

business as we have with Arbonne. In Arbonne, you only achieve

success by helping others achieve success, and you develop lifelong

continued ...

Mike with wife, ERVP Robin Haack and daughter, Hailey.

Mike competing on his cutting horse.

Mike, Robin and Hailey with their Mercedes-Benz.

success strategy:

friendships along the way! Where else can you work with family

and friends, and on your own schedule? Where else can you

achieve great success, all while driving a white Mercedes-Benz? It

is all here with Arbonne.

I want to thank everyone on my team. If not for your belief, persistence

and commitment, none of this would be possible.

To my first EAM, Jona Howe: What a leader and teacher you are!

To AM Stacy Copp, AM Suzanne Huffman, DM Simone Carillo and

AM Diana King: What incredible teams you are building! Keep up

the good work.

To EDM Anthony Miller: Your unwavering commitment will get you

to the top. To EDM Danielle Triana: Your vision is unstoppable! To

EDM Renee Ritchie and to my first business builder, DM Erin

O’Steen: Thank you all for joining us on this journey.

To our newest Arbonne Independent Consultants, Eileen Johnson,

Debbie DePhillppi and Sherri Hogan: You are on the brink of something

so powerful, so keep building your businesses.

To the rest of my Region: I want to thank the rest of you every bit as

much as those I named above, but there are just too many of you to

name individually. Rest assured, your day will come, when we have

the privilege of honoring each and every one of you with the keys

to your Mercedes-Benzes!

To my wife, Robin and daughter, Hailey: Most of all, I want to thank

you two for being the foundation for this wonderful journey with

Arbonne. Without your love and support, it would not have been

possible to achieve this goal. Working as a team just makes us a

more loving family.

Mike with wife, ERVP Robin

Haack and crossline, AM Jayne

Justice at NTC 2006 St. Louis.

Be supportive and positive.

ENVP Susan Evans; Mike; wife, ERVP Robin Haack; daughter, Hailey and

ENVP Dana Collins at Robin’s Mercedes-Benz car presentation.

To all the men and women reading my Eye on Arbonne story, who

find themselves contemplating Arbonne as a business: I want you all

to remember you can reach the top by taking action, having a firm

belief and exercising a strong commitment to building your business,

no matter what. You have nothing to lose by accepting this

challenge. My motto is: Talk to everyone, do not hold back and

never give up!

Mike with his group in Hesperia. L-R: AM Diana King, DM Marcy Christofferson, Mike,

Erica Threadgill, EDM Sabrina Ouelett and DM Shelley Hart.

Mike with EAM Jona Howe

and EDM Anthony Miller.


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