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Package from

Thermo, FIBERLite

and Corning!

Thermo, FIBERLite and Corning have teamed up to accelerate your sample

preparation process! The new Sorvall RC-6 Plus superspeed centrifuge from Thermo

works seamlessly with FIBERLite’s high-performance carbon fiber rotors and Corning’s

high-quality centrifuge tubes to bring you a total sample processing solution.

> High speeds and high RCFs on the Sorvall RC-6 Plus make quick work of your


> Advanced-technology carbon fiber rotors and adapters from FIBERLite let

you spin samples up to maximum speeds – without damaging tubes

> Disposable, pre-sterilized Corning ® centrifuge tubes are DNase- and RNase

free, reducing the risk of sample contamination

Be on the cutting edge...

Today’s researchers are turning more and more to disposable tubes to protect their samples from

external sources of contamination. Corning offers a full line of sterile, DNase / RNase-free tubes

that liberate researchers from time-consuming, non-productive tasks such as autoclaving, while

eliminating the need for commercial sterilization products. And because every run starts with a

fresh tube, there is no need to worry about tubes wearing out from repeated use and potentially

damaging valuable samples.

Free tubes with purchase! To get you started with this unique

high-productivity solution, Thermo will ship a FREE starter kit of Corning

centrifuge tubes when you purchase a Sorvall RC-6 Plus & FIBERLite rotor package!

Contact your Thermo representative for details at

1.866.984-3766 or visit

And watch your productivityS

Accelerate your sample processing wth the unmatched power and

performance of Thermo’s Sorvall RC-6 Plus superspeed centrifuge,

FIBERLite rotors, and Corning ® conical tubes.

Cut your processing time in half…

The powerful Thermo-FIBERLite-Corning product combination lets you spin samples at maximum

speeds – and cut your processing time in half!

FIBERLite Rotor Volume Typical RCF / Run Time Thermo-FIBERLite-Corning Solution


SLC-4000 500/250 mL conical 6000 RCF / 10 minutes 12,006 RCF / 5 minutes

SLC-3000 50 mL conical 9400 RCF / 10 minutes 15,500 RCF / 6 minutes

15 mL conical 7800 RCF / 10 minutes 12,000 RCF / 7 minutes

SLC-1500 50 mL conical 9400 RCF / 10 minutes 15,500 RCF / 6 minutes

15 mL conical 7800 RCF / 10 minutes 12,000 RCF / 7 minutes

F13S-14 x 50cy 50 mL conical 15,500 RCF / 10 minutes 26,727 RCF / 6 minutes

...and eliminate sample transfers

Spin sample in one tube

until it's ready to store!

01. Tube 1

For sample prep

02. Tube 2

For hard spin

03. Tube 3

For post spin steps

01 02 03

F13-14 x 50cy



A winning combination – Brought to you by the

best names in laboratory sample preparation.

Sorvall RC-6 Plus

Superspeed Centrifuge

• High Speed, High Capacity

Processing. Offering 4 liters of

capacity and processing speeds

of up to 22,000 (55,200 x g), the

RC-6 Plus enables extremely

fast processing of your samples.

• Vacuum-Free Processing.

The RC-6 Plus spins samples at

atmospheric pressure, so there

are no vacuum seals or filters

to maintain, and there is less

risk of tube or bottle leakage.

• Optimized for Safety. The

RC-6 Plus meets CE and CSA

safety standards without the

need to anchor the unit to

the floor.

• Versatile. Choose from a range

of carbon fiber rotors to meet

your RCF and sample volume



FIBERLite Rotors

• The SLC-4000 carbon fiber

rotor offers unique FIBERLite

adapters that can spin Corning

500 and 250 mL tubes up to the

maximum speed of the rotor

(12,006 x g). Adapters are also

available for Corning’s highspeed

50 mL and 15 mL

conical tubes.

• The SLC-3000 rotor

accomodates Corning 250 mL

tubes down to 15 mL conical

tubes with adapters.

• The SLC-1500 carbon fiber

rotor offers the speed

capability and adapters to

accomodate Corning’s high

speed conical tubes up to the

tube’s maximum RCF rating.

• The F13S-14x50cy can spin up

to 14 x 50 mL Corning conical

tubes at the maximum speed

for the rotor (26,727 x g) –

greatly reducing processing

time! Adapters are also

available for 15 mL Corning

conical high-speed tubes.

Corning ® Tubes

• Quality & Reliability: Corning

disposable conical centrifuge

tubes are manufactured from

high quality, ultra clear resins

to ensure the highest level of


• Corning’s 500 mL conical

tube is ideal for large volume

pelleting of cultures.

• Corning’s 250 mL conical

bottle is designed for large

volume harvesting of cell


• Corning’s 50 mL conical tube

is ideal for tissue culture,

subcellular separations, and

lysate clarification.

• Corning’s 15 mL conical tube

is ideal for tissue culture,

subcellular separations, and

lysate clarification.

Create your high-productivity sample processing solution –

with the Sorvall RC-6 Plus and the great selection

of FIBERLite rotors and Corning ® tubes below.

RC-6 Plus / FiberLite Rotor / Corning Tube Selection

Cat. No.


46910 Sorvall RC-6 Plus Superspeed Centrifuge, 200-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Rotor Name Applications Corning ® Tube Adapter RPM RCF

SLC-4000 Bacterial processing, 431123 - 500 mL Conical 010-1097 8,000 12,006

76980 subcellular organelles from 430776 - 250 mL Conical 010-1096 8,000 12,006

tissue homengenates, 430828 - 50 mL Conical 010-0180 8,000 12,006

clarification of cell lysates, 430790 - 15 mL Conical 010-1079 8,000 12,006

and debris from water studies

SLC-3000 Processing of tissue 430776 - 250 mL Conical 010-0151 5,838 6,000

78510 homogenates and other large 430828 - 50 mL Conical 010-1102 9,383 15,500

articles; clarification of lysastes, 430790 - 15 mL Conical 010-1099 8,256 12,000

batercial cell culture harvesting,

and debris from water studies

SLC-1500 Processing of lysates, ammonium 430828 - 50 mL Conical 010-0136 10,064 15,500

78500 sulfate precipitation of proteins 430790 - 15 mL Conical 010-1073 8,855 12,000

and enzymes, and separation

of tissue homogenates

F13S-14 x 50cy Pelleting of cells, bacterial or 430828 - 50 mL Conical None Needed 12,500 26,727

46922 subcellular fractionation, phase 430790 - 15 mL Conical 010-0378 8,380 12,000

separations, and binding studies

Contact Thermo for a great price

on a RC-6 Plus-FIBERLite rotor package –

and get FREE Corning tubes with

your purchase.



1000 mL to Corning

5 x 50 mL Conical to

15 mL Adaptor

1000 mL to Corning

250 mL Conical

1000 mL to Corning

500 mL Conical

Contact your Thermo representative about

special introductory package pricing

on Sorvall RC-6 Plus and FIBERLite rotors!

To learn more about Thermo’s Sorvall RC-6 Plus superspeed

centrifuge, contact Thermo at 1.866.984-3766 or visit

For more information on FIBERLite rotors, visit

Outside the United States, please call 1.408.988.1103.

For additional information regarding Corning centrifuge tubes or to make a

purchase, please visit or call

800.492.1110. Outside the United States, please call 1.978.635.2200.

Free Corning tubes subject to availability. Specifications,

terms, and pricing are subject to change. Not all products

are available in all countries. Please consult your local

representative for details.

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