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2008-09 Annual Report 2008-2009 Annual Report - School of ...

2008-09 Annual Report 2008-2009 Annual Report - School of ...

Ken Windheim, a resident

Ken Windheim, a resident of Arlington, Virginia, is one of LSU SVM’s major donors and a devoted dog owner who understands the importance and depth of the human-animal bond. help and brought him into contact with LSU SVM. “Not much was being done for abandoned and distressed animals, and I thought this was the best possible way to help,” he said. Ken relates the story of how he and his Newfoundland dog, Champion Beardog Moonfleet’s Doubletalk (aka “Murray”) first connected with one Ken supports the School through unrestricted gifts, that is, donations designated for LSU SVM’s “Area of Greatest Need.” “My vision for the another. “I made a 1,400 mile round trip through severe weather to pick up my dog in Canada. When we arrived in Virginia, I told my nine-year-old son My vision for the School is what the School wants it to be . . . ~ Ken Windheim School is what the School wants it to be,” Ken said. “They are best placed to determine what their needs are and how funds should be allocated.” to close the front door and keep the dog inside while I unpacked the truck. Of course, that did not happen— the dog got out and made a sprint for the woods. I took off after him like Trindon Holliday on a kick-off return and made a diving fingertip tackle about 10 feet from the tree line. As we were both panting on the cold ground we looked at each other and established a bond that has lasted seven years.” He sums up his inspiration to remain an LSU SVM donor in the years since Katrina this way: “Animals don’t stage charity events and aren’t high profile, but this does not mean they should be overlooked.” He added, “In the same vein, most veterinarians are selfless. They work long, hard hours without the promise of great remuneration. Their efforts should be supported at every level.” ■ Like so many others, Ken’s concern for animals affected by Hurricane Katrina triggered his desire to 16

The financial support of scholarships is absolutely vital to our education, and achieving our career goals. ~ Leia Feinberg Being a student at LSU SVM is intense—it takes commitment, passion, and focus—and it is expensive. Because veterinary students are in class up to 23 hours per week, working during the school year is not feasible. And when graduation arrives, many of our new graduates are faced with a significant debt load from student loans. Fortunately, LSU SVM has 20 endowed scholarships that are awarded each year to deserving individuals. Because of generous gifts from our donors, in 2009 Dean Peter F. Haynes was able to supplement these scholarships so that each student recipient received at least a $2,000 award from LSU SVM’s Annual Fund. The scholarships are making a difference to our students. “It’s hard to put into words how important scholarships are to my classmates and me,” said Leia Feinberg (Class of 2010), who received the Peri Tümay, DVM, Memorial Fellowship and the Wildlife Hospital of Louisiana Award. “Going to veterinary school is extremely expensive,” Leia said, “and the price continues to climb each semester. Externships and internship applications are just a few more expenses that keep adding on to our mounting debt. If it wasn’t for the scholarship that I received, I may not have been able to participate in any externships. These types of experiences are so vital to helping create well rounding veterinarians. The financial support of scholarships is absolutely crucial to our education and achieving our career goals.” “It is vital that we provide educational support for these students, who will graduate and become fundamental members of the community,” adds Dean Haynes. “It is with the commitment of our alumni and private citizens who donate to higher education that we are able to support our students in this way.” With continued support from future gifts to the Annual Fund (Advance Veterinary Medicine Fund), this initiative will be maintained and the awards increased. The goal is to build up Annual Fund gifts from alumni and friends so that in the near future each endowed scholarship is supplemented with a $5,000 annual award, a reflection of the SVM’s commitment to excellence. ■ 17

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