20-sim Newsletter February 2011 Number 37 In this issue


20-sim Newsletter February 2011 Number 37 In this issue

20-sim Newsletter

February 2011

Number 37

In this issue

1. Model Driven Development Day

2. Hightech Mechatronica 2011

3. Torsion Bar 2.0

4. Book release

6. New members of the 20-sim team

5. Distributors

Model Driven Development


The development of high tech

systems is increasing in complexity

every year. To maintain a grip on

complexity, model driven

development techniques become

more and more popular nowadays.

Controllab Products and see the

latest developments on 20-sim at

our booth on this conference.

Get a free entrance for this

conference by pre-registering at the

website. Use the following data:

Uitnodiging van:

Controllab Products



Torsion Bar 2.0

The Torsion Bar 2.0 is ready. This

setup is identical to the Torsion Bar

1.0 but equipped with an Elmo

Whistle current amplifier.

This newsletter is published by:

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publication, or from the use of the

information contained herein.

On the 29 th of April 2011 a special

day is organized to help developers

get the latest information on model

driven development.

Controllab Products is on of the

main sponsors of this event and will

organize a workshop on model

based design. If you want to find

out how to generate C-code with

20-sim and to drive real machines,

you have to participate this


You can register for this day on the

website of the event. For more

information, please visit the

website or contact Controllab


Hightech Mechatronica


On the 24 th of March 2011 the

conference Hightech Mechatronica

2011 is organized in the NH

Conference Centre Koningshof in

Veldhoven, the Netherlands.

This conference is an excellent

opportunity to meet key-engineers

in the world of Mechatronics. You

can meet the engineers of

The use of a current amplifier

allows you to run the setup in

current, velocity or position mode,

which makes the setup ideal to

demonstrate the operation of drives

in modern industrial machines.

The ability to run the setup in

current mode is ideal for

demonstrating advanced control.

With 20-sim you can design all

kinds of co-located and non colocated

controllers and run these

on the setup for measurement.

The Torsion Bar 2.0 setup will be

released in two weeks. Please take

care that delivery times can be over

8 weeks due to a severe shortage

of FET's and other components in

the industrial market.

20-sim Newsletter 1

Book release

A new book, Dynamical Systems

for Creative Technology, has been

released by Controllab Products. In

this book, written by prof. J. van

Amerongen, an introduction is

given to dynamical systems in

general with special attention for

mechanical and electrical systems.

The behavior of such systems is

demonstrated and analyzed with

the aid of simulations with 20-sim.

Therefore, the book is also a good

basis for 20-sim users, interested in

the underlying principles of these


Visit the website of Controllab

Products for more information and


New members of the 20-sim


Marcel Groothuis

My name is


Groothuis. I

have studied


Engineering at

the University of

Twente. In my


assignment, I've successfully

designed and built a distributed

Hardware In The Loop simulation

setup using 20-sim and RTAI Linux.

After my graduation in 2004, I

joined the the Control Engineering

group of the University of Twente to

start with my PhD on

multidisciplinary design of

mechatronic systems. During my

PhD research, I've used 20-sim a

lot for modeling, simulation, cosimulation

and controller code

generation for many different

targets including DSP's, PC's, ARM

CPU's, PowerPC's and FPGA's.

One of my research topics was

about model management. In 2010

Controllab offered me the

opportunity to join them for adding

addition of model management

features to 20-sim and to help

Peter Visser with 20-sim 4C and

the design and implementation of

embedded systems. I joined the

team in January 2011. I'm currently

working on the development of a

new version of the Torsion Bar

setup and on the addition of new

embedded targets to 20-sim 4C.

Nick Laarhuis

Hello. I am Nick

Laarhuis. I am



Management at

the Saxion

University in

Enschede. As

part of my

second years internship I am

working at Controllab Products for

five months. During this

assignment, I will be working on the

marketing and sales processes of

the company. I hope to gain a lot of

experience, that will help me for the

remainder of my studies.


Distributor UK

Applied Simulation Ltd.

Mr. Bill Havranek

19 Jersey Road Ferring

West Sussex BN12 5PU

United Kingdom

+44 (0)1903245701 (phone)

+44 (0)1903245701 (fax)

+44 (0)7900242564 (mobile)


Distributor India & Asia Pacific

NI Logic Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Bhupesh Purohit

25/B5, Bandal Complex,

Bhusari Colony, Paud Road,

Kothrud, Pune - 411038

Maharashtra, India.

+91 (0)20 - 2528 6948 (phone)

+91 (0)20 - 3090 4378 (fax)

+91 (0)20 - 3333 9823 (mobile)


Distributor China

Beijing Shiji Tianyan Software Co.,

Ltd. TurnTech)

Room 443, Building 6

Huihuang International Center

Shangdi 10th Avenue Haidian



+86-10-62978511 (phone)

+86-10-62981484 (fax)


Distributor Taiwan

BockyTech Inc.

Mr. Raymond Tsai

2F-3,No. 70,Yanping S. Rd.,

Taipei 10042

Taiwan R.O.C.

+886-2-2361-8050 (phone)

+886-2-2361-9803 (fax)


20-sim Newsletter 2

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