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Special Feature

Smart Decisions -

Graduates Double their Opportunities with a

Computing and Management Double Degree

IT professionals are in great demand in Hong Kong and abroad.

Whether in finance, government, retail, engineering, marketing, or

a thousand other fields, a wide world of career opportunities

awaits any young person with skills in areas such as software

development and programming, commercial system development

and applications, and computer system construction and system


The Department of Computing offers a Double Degree in

Computing and Management that provides future professionals,

managers, executives, and entrepreneurs with a well-balanced

understanding of both the core elements of computing and

essential knowledge related to management and corporate

administration. The modern worlds of management, commerce,

marketing and finance now depend on IT-enabled technologies

and approaches that every manager must understand. The

flexibility of a double degree in Computing and Management,

graduating with two degrees after four years of study, makes a

great deal of sense both now and for the future.

Rick Tong, a current student in the double degree programme,

says, “The programme covers both computing

and management. It has definitely improved

my problem-solving skills as well as

teaching me technical skills. I am sure that

the skills I have learnt in the programme

will continue to open many more doors in

my future career.”

Dr Hong-va Leung, Associate Professor and

Programme Leader of the department said, “Hong Kong

Polytechnic has a long tradition of striking the right balance

between giving students the theoretical knowledge they need to

grow as future professionals and the technical skills that are in

demand in today’s competitive workforce. And we also

understand that students need programmes that are flexible,

diversified, and up-to-date.”

“Our undergraduate programmes teach

advanced technical skills for solving

the kinds of knowledge management

and decision-making problems that

modern executives and business

people deal with every day. The

technical skills include basics like

software development or programming,

but students also study in more

advanced areas such as commercial decision support systems

and quantitative finance. The marketing and management

content of our courses mean that in the corporate world our

students can play a strategic intermediary role between

departments or as managers. Our courses include a BSc

(Hons) in Computing, BSc (Hons) in Enterprise Information

Systems and BSc (Hons) in Information Technology.”

The Department also offers undergraduate internships in local

or overseas corporations. Kenneth Lo, a student in our BSc

(Hons) in Enterprise Information Systems programme, took up

an internship at the Microsoft Development Centre in

Copenhagen Denmark and is pleased

that he chose our programme. “The

subjects are practical and real world,

and the programme also provides

great opportunities like the

internship programme that gave

me overseas experience with one of

the world’s top IT companies.”

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