High Performance Butterfly Valves - Global Supply Line


High Performance Butterfly Valves - Global Supply Line

High Performance

Butterfly Valve




• Metal seating for high pressure rating with teflon (other materials available) insert for bubble tight shut off.

• Wafer style to fit between ANSI 150# to 600# flanges is standard. (Corresponding classes will also fit table

E, F, H & J as design OD and oval lug holes allows placement between both). Lugged type also available.

• Easily actuated with air or electric actuator.

• Quarter turn operation with lever & notch plate as standard. Gear operated as standard on 250NB and over

in 150 class, 200NB and over in 300 class, 150NB and over in 600 class.

• Can also be used for flow control, linear flow characteristics between 30 Deg and 70 Deg of opening.


The standard SLHBF/SLHBFFS design is double offset (double eccentric). Triple eccentric (triple offset) style is

also available for class VI metal seated design.

The basic concept of the SLHBF/SLHBFFS is to only utilise a thin slice of a ball valve at the seat ring area.

The body is only wide enough to hold the disc, shaft and seat in place, all the remaining material is eliminated

because it serves no purpose. Ball valves have 2 seats, but floating balls only seal on the upstream seat hence

the sealing effectiveness of a HP Butterfly Valve is the same. The disc seating edge is a segment of a sphere

and creates a reliable, high - pressure seal against an uninterrupted 360 o seat sealing surface. The disc profile

is very thin and allows maximum flow with low pressure drop.

The most common use of the SLHBF/SLHBF FS is to shut-off flow inside a pipeline. Every component of the

valve is designed to contribute to this goal. The disc, shaft, bearings, packing and disc pins all work together to

ensure that the disc is accurately positioned when closed to allow the seat to energise to the disc and create a seal.

This catalogue is general in it’s nature and the design and materials can change at any time. This catalogue is to be used as a guide only.

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