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Special Thanks to Arborone tree service.

new products


The Tendril is Sterling Rope’s first arbor-specific climbing line. We developed this

new double braid with the input and feedback of field arborists. They asked for

a smooth handling, all-conditions climbing line with low elongation. We wanted

to deliver the best combination of features in a rope that meets CE and ANSI

certifications. Refreshingly, everyone got what they wanted. For more information

about the Tendril, see page 3.


The Atlas is the perfect complement to our Tendril: a tough, burly rigging line

with great knotability and the ability to tackle your biggest haul jobs. Built on our

heritage of creating superior dynamic ropes, the Atlas can absorb large shock

loads and continue to perform flawlessly. Learn more about the Atlas on page 4.


The BARC is our Chain Reactor re-imagined as an oversized Rigging Chain. Built

using 1” T9800 webbing, the BARC functions as a basal anchor, a sidekick for our

Atlas, or any number of other rigging duties. So what does BARC stand for? Turn

to page 11 to find out.

RIT multisling prusik

The Swiss Army would be proud of this simple, yet versatile innovation for

Arborists. Is it a footloop? An anchor point? A redirect? In a word: yes. To find

out more about what it can do, turn to page 9.


climbing lines



Introducing Sterling Rope’s new Tendril Climbing line. Designed from the ground up to

meet the specific needs of Arborists, the Tendril is built to perform consistently in wet and

dry conditions with low elongation and balanced handling. Constructed with a softer feel,

the 11.6mm Tendril is easy to grip with or without gloves. It’s less stiff than traditional static

ropes and runs smoothly with friction hitches or mechanical devices. Great as a work

positioning line as well as an access line, the Tendril resists flattening or glazing even under

heavy use. Spliceable, or available with a sewn eye termination. Meets EN 1891 Type A

and ANSI Z133 requirements.


Designed with rigors of tree work in mind, the Tech11 is an 11mm rope constructed with a

Technora® sheath and nylon core. This rope was rated the most durable climbing line by

our field testers and works well in DdRT and SRT systems. It has been exposed to some of

the roughest conditions by rope access, fire rescue and arboriculture professionals. Proven

to be extremely tough, it will handle the most extreme conditions, and keep working long

after other ropes would be retired.

htp 3/8”(10mm) & 7/16”(11mm)

HTP is a high tenacity polyester rope with low stretch properties and high moisture

resistance. The benefits of using HTP include superior durability, better UV resistance than

nylon and aramids, and just the right amount of stiffness for improved SRT work. The 3/8”

(10mm) and 7/16”(11mm) are great for ascension and rappeling due to its high efficiency.

3/8” (10mm)colors 7/16” (11mm)colors

safetypro 7/16” (11mm)

The workhorse of the SafetyPro series, the 11mm offers a smooth tight sheath that allows

the rope to run smoothly through gear. A technical work and rescue line, manufactured to

meet the EN 1891, Type A standard, and also passes the ANSI Z133.


igging lines



Introducing Sterling Rope’s new Atlas

Rigging line. When you are removing trunk

sections, your rigging system needs to

be able to absorb large dynamic forces.

That was the design mission behind our

Atlas Rigging line. At Sterling, we’ve been

engineering ropes to handle high kinetic

energy loads for over two decades. Our

9/16”(13.5mm) polyester sheath, nylon

core construction offers a soft hand and

easy knotability even on the burliest rigging

jobs. Designed to work seamlessly with a

Portawrap, capstan winch or rigging blocks,

the Atlas delivers unmatched compatibility

along with strength and durability. The Atlas

is not spliceable, but can be ordered with a

sewn eye termination for knotless rigging.

sewn eyes

Sterling Rope has been offering sewn

eye terminations on its ropes for over 14

years. Sterling’s computerized sewing

program makes sewn ends that are stronger

than knots and eliminates the need for

tying them. In addition, carabiners and

connecting hardware can be detached

more quickly from a sewn eye, especially

if under load. We offer optional sewn eye

terminations on all arbor climbing and

rigging lines, and they are the standard

termination on all fliplines and lanyards.

Sewn eyes are available with optional

thimbles upon request.

htp 1/2”(12.5mm) & 5/8”(16mm)

Need a low-stretch rope with a tight sheath

for tree pulling or big haul jobs? The 1/2”

or 5/8” HTP is your rigging answer. Perfect

for all types of technical rope work, rigging

or hauling, the High Tenacity Polyester

ropes are extremely low stretch and feature

UV and moisture resistance.

1/2” colors 5/8” colors

superstatic2 (7/16” & 1/2”)

While it is hard to improve upon a good

thing, twenty years of designing and

building technical ropes taught us how to do

just that. The Superstatic2 7/16”(11.0mm)

and 1/2”(12.5mm) features an all new core

and sheath construction providing smaller,

true diameters for better knotting and gear


7/16” colors

1/2” colors


lanyards and fliplines







ultimate positioning


The UP Lanyard is designed to function as

a true work positioning system. Multiple

work and connection options allow for twoin-one

positioning, one handed operation of

tending slack, “M” system configuration or

as a single leg up off a bridge. Built around

our TriTech flipline (see page 6) TriTech

features our most durable Technora®

sheath over a unique inner Dyneema®

jacket covering a nylon core. These fibers

combine to provide a rope lanyard that

protects you against accidental nicks that

could seriously compromise any other rope

lanyard. TriTech offers the best abrasion

resistance and nonconductive properties.

The Ultimate Positioning Lanyard is

available in both 10ft and 12ft lengths.


A Sewn Eye Termination E Osprey AL



B Thimble Prusik F RIT 8 Bound Loop Prusik

C RIT 8 Eye and Eye G Falcon with Talon


ISC Micro Pulley

Scan to view the set-up

and use of the Ultimate

Positioning Lanyard


lanyards and fliplines

tritech flipline

The TriTech Flipline incorporates the

TriTech. This 11mm rope features our

unique Technora® sheath, Dyneema® inner

jacket and nylon cores. By combining the

abrasion resistant sheath over a high strength

inner jacket and pliable core, we have

created a flipline that is strong and durable,

yet still supple enough to move and position

easily. 10ft and 12ft lengths available. Shown

with optional steel Snaphook (page 13).

flipline options

All of our fliplines come standard with sewn

eye terminations. Further customize your

flipline by requesting hardware to be sewn

onto your flipline at the factory. Below is a

sample of what options are available.

tech11 flipline

Designed with rigors of tree work in mind, the

Tech11 is an 11mm rope constructed with

an Technora® sheath and nylon core. When

used as a flipline, it offers great abrasion

resistance, incredible durability and security.

It has been exposed to some of the roughest

conditions by rope access, fire rescue and

arboriculture professions. 10ft and 12ft

lengths available. Shown with optional triple

action Snaphook (page 13).

ISC Triple Action




Safetypro flipline

The SafetyPro flipline is the economical

model and is made of 100% nylon which

yields higher elongation and higher energy

absorption when compared to the Tech11

and the TriTech fliplines. The SafetyPro

has a durable sheath made to withstand low

friction and abrasion. 10ft and 12ft lengths


ISC Steel Snap

Falcon with


Fliplines are also available in custom

lengths. See page 11 for friction hitch cords




Tree pulling kit

The Tree Pulling Kit is a set of high strength components that can

be combined to create a 3:1, 4:1 or 5:1 progress-capturing haul

system. The kit contains the following components:

• 2-45kN (10,000lb) Steel Carabiners

• RIT 9mm Prusik

• 36” RIT Eye and Eye

• 2-44kN Double Prusik Minding Pulleys

• 150’ of 1/2” high strength HTP static line

• Medium Rope Bag

pocket hauler

The perfect mini mechanical advantage system can literally fit in a

pocket. When extra power is needed, this system creates a 4:1 or

5:1 increase in force, depending on orientation. For use in partner/

self rescue, adjustable directionals, piggy-backed haul systems,

tensioning lines and multiple other rigging needs. This kit includes

the following components:

• 50’ 8mm cord with sewn eye

• 2 Mini Double Pulleys

• 6mm Ratchet Prusik

• 2 Hawk autolocking carabiners

• Steel Screwlink



aztek elite System

The AZTEK elite system utilizes sewn cord products to create a

mechanical advantage system with high strength and efficient

blocks. The system contains two AZTEK Omni pulleys, 50 feet of

8mm edge restraint cord, two 6mm sewn ratchets, a 6mm travel

restraint, and three Sterling Safe-D carabiners. Once configured,

the system creates a either a 5:1 mechanical advantage or a

4:1 with a change of direction. These options make the AZTEK

exceptionally versatile, allowing it to be used for aerial rescue and

victim pick-off, cabling operations, tensioning rigging, or speed line


bucket evac kit

The Bucket Evac kit is designed as a simple safe solution for

getting to the ground in the event of a situation while working on

an aerial lift. The F3 is a smaller, lighter version of the acclaimed

Sterling F4 descent control device. This device was designed to

work with our 6.8mm TVAC Technora® cord to offer a lightweight,

compact, emergency egress system. The F3 is engineered with a

double-action lever to give a brake assist in the event of a “panic

grab”. The auto-brake feature allows for a fast and hands-free

exit. This is the perfect device for bucket truck evacuations, or

emergency rappels. Check with your bucket manufacturer for

specific deployment recommendations before use.


prusiks, rope slings

RIT Multisling prusik


Sterling’s RIT MultiSling Prusik combines our 10mm Safetypro lanyard and our RIT 500

bound loop Prusik with an aluminum ring. The RIT bound loop prusik with its heatresistant

sheath minimizes glazing and can reliably grip access lines for foot locking.

The SafetyPro lanyard offers increased energy absorption, should a slip occur during a

foot locking ascent. Our multisling can be used as a footloop in an SRT Access system,

as a redirect, or even as an ANSI-rated anchor point. Available in 54” or 58” lengths.

Customizable lengths are available upon request.

rit footlock sling


The RIT Footlock Prusik makes use of our RIT construction to create a prusik soft enough

to bite down when hitched but firm enough to advance easily while ascending during

secure footlocking. The Twaron® fibers offer abrasion resistance and durability while

minimizing glazing. The bound loop adjusts for compatibility with various rope diameters.

Available in 54” or 58” lengths. Customizable lengths are available upon request.

ar anchor

The AR Anchor is an adjustable and retrievable friction saver for working in the trees. The

Ring Sling has a large aluminum ring sewn onto one end, and a sewn eye termination on

the other. The RIT Ring Bound Loop Prusik features a smaller aluminum ring. When using

the AR Anchor as a primary anchor point, you can make quick adjustments by moving the

RIT Ring Bound Loop Prusik along the Ring Sling. Because of the offset rings, you can

retreive the entire system once back on the ground. Available in a 60” length.


The HTP Ring Sling is also available as a

standalone product.

Scan to watch the AR

Anchor in action


and friction hitch cords

rit ring bound loop prusik

Our RIT Ring Bound Loop Prusik is a versatile tool for rigging,

climbing and lanyard adjustment. Available in a 16” length.

Scan to view hitch cord


rit eye and eye

The RIT 8mm Eye to Eye split tails are made from our high performing, heat resistant RIT

500 cord. Extensively field tested by professional arborists, these cords provide even and

consistent friction, making them perfect for grabbing your climbing line and tying your

preferred hitch. RIT 8 Eye and Eye is available in a 28”, 30”, and 32” lengths and the RIT 9

Eye and Eye is offered in a 30” and 36” lengths.

rit bound loop prusik

Sterling created the bound loop prusik over 14 years ago as an innovative answer to bulky

knots. Our RIT 8mm and 9mm Bound Loop Prusiks are the latest extension of that product

and offer arborists durable, versatile tools for rigging, climbing and lanyard adjustment.

Available in a 16” length.

thimble prusik

This unique prusik uses our RIT 500 construction with a Twaron® sheath and nylon

core for excellent heat resistance. The steel thimble offers a clean connection point and

provides numerous options for adjustable anchors or connections. A key component of

our UP lanyard, the Thimble prusik ensures fast and reliable adjustments while on the

move. Available in a 13” length.

8mm bound loop prusik

Our 100% nylon traditional sewn cord prusiks were originally created over 14 years ago.

They eliminate bulky knots and are offered in a variety of lengths. Designed to pair well

with our Prusik minding pulleys (page 14) the bound loop prusiks feature the proper rope

grabbing characteristics that Arborists demand.

hollow block

The Hollow Block is a unique sewn prusik or klemheist made from our RIT 900 cord.

This hollow braid cord is made of 100% Twaron® fiber, giving it added strength, durability

and gripping power on ropes 7mm and larger. It is sewn with Sterling’s proprietary sewing


It is strongly recommended that individuals receive proper training and instruction in the appropriate use and application of any life-safety product.

The sewn cord products on these pages are configured for display purposes only; such configurations are not intended to be instructional.






Big Ass Rigging Chain. That’s what our field

testers dubbed it. Actually, BARC stands

for “Basal Anchor Rigging Chain,” but

who are we to argue? Try one and you’ll

be a believer. Building on the popularity

of Sterling’s versatile Chain Reactors

(see below), the BARC is made from 1”

T9800 nylon webbing sewn into individual

full-strength loops for an adjustable and

incredibly strong chain. Designed for use

as a basal anchor with your Portawrap or

other friction brake lowering device, the

BARC can also accommodate your rigging

block aloft. BARC comes in 5ft and 8.5ft

versions to accommodate trees up to 19”

and 32” in diameter, respectively. Bold

prediction: once you get a BARC, you’ll find

yourself inventing new uses for it.

8.5’ BARC

Colors: 5’ Yellow/Blue

8.5’ Red/Blue



chain reactor Standard,

Long and pro

The Chain Reactor, with its full-strength

loops is the replacement for traditional sewn

daisy chains. The Standard Chain Reactor

is 41” long and available in 4 colors: red,

neon green, blue and black. The Long with

4 additional loops is 61.5” in length and

offered in red and neon green (all have

black middle links). The Pro features a

doubled tether connection on the girth hitch

end, offering better protection at the highfriction

point in a 41” length. The Pro comes

in neon green only.

See how the Chain Reactor can

be used in an aerial rescue.

rope rod

The Rope Rod is a high strength braided Technora® tether certified for use with the

Singing Tree Rope Wrench. The Rope Rod is triple layered for stiffness and sewn with

computer numerically controlled stitching for rigidity. The 10.5” length allows for proper

hitch cord clearance.



11/16” nylon sling

These slings offer an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and can be used for a wide

variety of tasks. Ideal for ascender slings, lightweight redirect anchors, or for tool tethers.

Our slings are made with high quality webbing and sewn with computerized bar tacking

programs for consistency and high strength. Rated for life-safety applications. CE

certified to EN 566. Available in 12”, 24”, 30” and 48” lengths. 23kN (5170 MBS)

1” tubular nylon sling

Manufactured with 1” Mil Spec webbing for high strength and durability in a compact

size. These loop slings are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of rigging

applications. Rated for life-safety applications. CE certified to EN 566. Available in 12”,

24”, 30” and 48” lengths. 23kN (5170 MBS)

1” flat nylon sling

These heavy duty loop slings are great when you need a high strength and super durable

anchor. The 1” flat industrial strength webbing is sewn into a 10,000lb+ sling to give a

1000lb SWL. Great for knotless rigging, basal anchor set ups, and any hauling application

that requires a heavy duty anchor strap. Rated for life-safety applications. Available in 4ft,

6ft, 8ft, and 10ft lengths. MBS 45kN (10,117lbs)

rabbit runners

These sewn runners feature sewn eyes on each end for specialty rigging applications.

They are great for extending anchors and can still be used in a basket or choked

configuration. Rated for life-safety applications. Available in 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft lengths.

MBS 36kN (8000lbs)


Carabiners and descenders

sr eagle

The Eagle autolock is a large pear shaped

carabiner. Crafted from 7075-T6 aluminum,

the Eagle is strong and lightweight.

sr falcon

The Falcon autolock is a compact, pearshaped

aluminum carabiner. Available with

an optional wire gate Talon closure.

sr hawk

The Hawk autolock is an asymmetrical

D-shaped aluminum carabiner. The Hawk’s

shape provides a higher MBS strength.

SR osprey

The Osprey autolock is an oval-shaped

aluminum carabiner. The oval-shape helps

center loads correctly.


The Safe-D aluminum carabiner features a

removable captive pin and is offered with an

autolock or twistlock gate.

sr steel

The SR Steel autolock is a steel carabiner

featuring a key lock design and a wide gate

opening for stacking multiple ropes or slings.

snap hooks

ISC’s double and triple action snaphooks

require separate actions to open. It is

perfect for use on fliplines in tree work.

ATS device

The ATS device is a belay and rappel device

designed to accommodate various friction

settings. For rope sizes 7.5 to 11mm.


The F3 is a smaller version of the acclaimed

Sterling F4 descent control device. The F3

allows for a fast and hands-free exit.


sr r8

The Sterling Rope R8 is larger than a

standard figure 8, which helps the device

to dissipate heat and be easier to use with

larger diameter ropes.

pulleys and connectors

sr mdp

The SR mini double pulley is a lightweight

aluminum pulley that can accommodate two

ropes up to 11mm each.

sr msp

The SR mini single pulley is a lightweight

aluminum pulley that accommodates ropes

up to 11mm.

sr pmp and pmp2

The prusik minding pulley and double prusik

minding pulley are designed to prevent the

prusik from getting sucked up into the pulley

and accommodate ropes up to 13mm.

omni block swivel pulleys

The Omni-Block swivel pulleys, also known

as AZTEK Pulleys, are engineered from

a solid block of aluminum to maintain


SR rescue pulley

The SR Rescue Pulley is compatible with

ropes up to 13mm and works great where a

simple redirect is needed.

sr swivel

Designed to be positioned between the rope

and the load to eliminate twisting of lines.

Made with high strength 17-4 stainless steel

axles and sealed ball bearings.

Micro pulley

The ISC Micro Pulley is a lightweight

aluminum pulley that accommodates rope

up to 11mm.

ISC aluminum Rings

The ISC rings are made of high-strength

aluminum. Rated to 25kN, the small ring

has a 2” diameter opening and the large

ring has a 2.75” diameter opening.



11/16” Tubular

11/16” nylon webbing provides great strength and low weight which makes it well suited

for slings and daisy chains. The 11/16” webbing is used in our popular Chain Reactor

(page 11) products.


The standard in 1” tubular nylon webbing is

favored for its versatility and use in slings,

anchor systems, and friction savers.


Our most versatile piece of gear

now comes in convenient 30 foot

spools. Available in 1” MilSpec

or 1” Tech Tape versions, this is

ready to be used in a variety of

applications. Both types of Web

Wheels are available in red, blue,

black or yellow.


TechTape is our premium 1” nylon

webbing and features a smooth, denser

weave and a higher tensile strength than

standard webbing.

type 18 & 9800

Both the Type 18 and 9800 are high tensile, extremely durable webbing. The Type 18 has

a tensile strength of 6,000 lbs and the 9800 offers a tensile strength of 9,800 lbs. Their

construction is ideally suited for slings, high strength runners, and anchors.


accessory cord

1.5mm 2mm 2.75mm 3mm

4mm 5mm 6mm 7mm

8mm 8mm Prusik 9mm

Our smaller accessory cords are built from the same materials we use in our larger

static lines. This means superior strength-to-diameter ratios when compared to generic

accessory cords. The 8mm prusik cord features a softer hand, allowing it to grip better

when hitched onto a larger diameter rope.

High tenacity cords

A special sub-catagory of

accessory cords are our high

tensile strength cords that feature

materials such as Technora® or

Twaron®. Available in different

configurations at the 6mm

diameter, many of these cords

reach MBS numbers that you

would normally see in ropes at the

8mm to 9mm range.


ags and tarps

rope bags

Sterling’s rope bags are available in three sizes and feature padded backpack straps for

easy hauling, a clear front pocket to store a rope log, and a rope cinch closure. The large

red rope bag holds up to 300 ft, the orange holds 200ft, and the yellow holds up to 100ft;

of 1/2” rope.

aztek bag

The AZTEK bag from Sterling is a low-profile hip pack that is unobtrusive when worn with

a backpack. The zippered-two pocket design allows the rigged AZTEK Pulleys to be stored

separately from the rope. A large plastic clasp buckle on the webbing belt can be easily

operated with gloved hands.

rope tarp plus

Made of rip-stop nylon, the Rope Tarp Plus features a large pocket to store your rope on

the hike in and can hold your shoes, keys, water bottle and more during your climb. It also

has a sewn webbing loop on opposite corners to tie the end of your rope.

wicked good rope wash

Prolong the life of your ropes by keeping them clean with Sterling’s Rope Wash. Specially

formulated to gently clean synthetics and remove dirt and other debris. One packet is

designed to clean one rope.


Technical specs

Page 14 Page 6 & 7

Page 5

Page 4



Diameter Diameter MBS MBS Sewn Eye Sewn Eye Weight Elong. Elong. SWL NFPA ANSI

Name (inches) (mm) lb. kN MBS lb. MBS kN (lb./100’) (10%) (300 lb.) (10:1) 1983 CE Z133.1

Tendril 7/16” 11.6 5,958 26.5 5,418 24.1 6.1 8.4% 4.1% 595 No Yes Yes

Tech11 7/16” 11.0 9,014 40.1 5,418 24.1 5.9 9.0% 4.1% 901 General No Yes

HTP 3/8” 10.0 5,979 26.6 5,328 23.7 5.3 2.2% 1.4% 598 Technical Yes Yes

HTP 7/16” 11.0 6,856 30.5 5,845 26.0 6.5 3.6% 2.4% 685 Technical Yes Yes

SafetyPro 7/16” 11.0 7,306 32.5 5,418 24.1 5.1 8.4% 3.3% 730 Technical Yes Yes


Diameter Diameter MBS MBS Sewn Eye Sewn Eye ABS ABS Weight Elong. Elong. SWL NFPA ANSI

Name (inches) (mm) lb. kN MBS lb. MBS kN lb. kN (lb./100’) (10%) (300 lb.) (10:1) 1983 CE Z133.1

Atlas 9/16” 13.5 9,577 42.6 8,318 37.0 10,381 46.2 8.4 7.0% 2.4% 957 No No Yes

HTP 1/2” 12.5 9,081 40.4 7,823 34.8 10,031 44.6 8.0 2.4% 0.9% 908 General Yes Yes

HTP 5/8” 16.0 12,993 57.8 11,240 50.0 14,361 63.9 5.3 5.2% 1.4% 1,299 General Yes Yes

SuperStatic2 7/16” 11.0 6,519 29.0 5,845 26.0 6,735 30.0 5.5 6.8% 3.9% 652 Technical No Yes

SuperStatic2 1/2” 12.5 9,284 41.3 7,913 35.2 9,487 42.2 6.8 5.9% 2.0% 928 General No Yes


Name MBS lbs. MBS kN

UP Lanyard 5,418 24.1

TriTech Flipline 5,418 24.1

Tech11 Flipline 5,418 24.1

SafetyPro Flipline 5,418 24.1


Major Minor Open NFPA EN

Carabiner Axis kN Axis kN Gate kN 1983 12275

Eagle AL 25 7 7 no yes

Eagle SL 25 7 7 no yes

Falcon AL 25 7 7 no yes

Falcon ALT 25 7 7 no yes

Falcon SL 25 7 7 no yes

Falcon SLT 25 7 7 no yes

Hawk AL 28 7 7 no yes

Hawk SL 28 7 7 no yes

Osprey AL 23 7 6 no yes

Osprey SL 23 7 6 no yes

SR Steel AL* 45 16 18 yes yes

SR Steel SL 45 15 18 yes no

Safe-D TL 28 11 9 yes no

Safe-D AL 28 11 9 yes no

*Meets ANSI Z359.12

Tree work, high angle operations, fire rescue and technical rope

work are hazardous activities and cannot be made safe. Any

person using Sterling equipment in any manner is personally

responsible for learning the proper techniques involved, and

assumes all risks and accepts full and complete responsibility

for any and all damages or injuries of any kind, including death,

which may result from misuse of any Sterling equipment.

Page 10 & 11


Name MBS lbs. MBS kN

MultiSling Prusik 5,418 24.1

HTP Ring Sling 5,845 26.0

RIT Footlock Sling 5,418 24.1

RIT 8 Eye and Eye 5,418 24.1*

RIT 9 Eye and Eye 5,418 24.1*

RIT Ring BLP 5,418 24.1

RIT 8 BLP 5,418 24.1

RIT 9 BLP 5,418 24.1

Thimble Prusik 5,418 24.1

8mm Prusik 5,013 22.3

Hollow Block 3,147 14.0

* When configured in a basket hitch.

Page 14 & 15



Product MBS kN NFPA CE

SR Swivel 36 yes no

SR R8 22 no no

F3 13.5 yes no

Page 12 & 13

Page 15


Name MBS lbs. MBS kN

1” Tubular Sling 5,170 23.0

1” 9800 Flat Sling 10,116 45.0

11/16” Tubular Sling 5,170 23.0

1” 9800 Rabbit 8,093 36.0

Chain Reactor 3,147 14.0

Rope Rod 6,740 30.0

BARC 6,070 27.0


End-to-End Sheave Max CE

Pulley MBS kN MBS kN Diameter(mm) NFPA EN 12278

SR MSP 17.0 8.5 11.0 no yes

SR MDP 22.0 5.5 11.0 no yes

SR PMP 36.0 18.0 13.0 yes no

SR PMP2 44.0 11.0 13.0 yes no

SR Rescue Pulley 32.0 16.0 13.0 yes no

ISC Micro 24.0 12.0 11.0 no yes

Sterling Rope is a certified ISO 9001 company and all of our certified products must pass third-party testing to the standards we

identify. Sterling also maintains a rigorous inhouse testing program. All minimum break strength (MBS) numbers listed here are

from a 3-Sigma MBS test results or are listed at the corresponding standard’s minimum requirement. A 3-sigma MBS is based on

a statistical analysis of the breaking strengths of a product and is reported at 3 standard deviations below the average breaking


Safe Working Load (SWL) is the designated maximum working load for a piece of equipment or system based off a pre-determined

safety margin and the equipment’s minimum breaking strength. Agencies and/or users should establish their own SWL guidelines for

individual components and for rigged systems.

The specifications listed here are believed to be correct at time of printing. We reserve the right to make modifications or corrections.

For the most up to date technical specifications please contact us or visit



We guarantee our ropes to be free of defects, under normal

wear and tear and proper use. Ropes, however, do not last

forever. Climbing and technical rope work exposes ropes

to abrasion, fatigue, sunlight, and constant loading. Severe

falls, lack of protection over an edge, exposure to excessive

temperatures, chemicals or improper use will shorten the life

span of any rope. These scenarios, while unusual, point to

the importance of checking and protecting your rope. Sterling

reserves the right to inspect your rope before replacing it or

refunding your money. Sterling is committed to supporting you

to enhance your overall experience with each Sterling product.

This dedication to excellence has awarded Sterling Rope the

highest rating in customer service.

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Ph. 800.788.7673 Fax 800.755.7673

photo credits: Jim Surette, Scott Barber, Sean O’Connor

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