Feburary 2013 - Clear Lake Shores Civic Club


Feburary 2013 - Clear Lake Shores Civic Club


4500 SQ FT

Narcissus Rd.



Oak Rd.

Clear Lake Rd.

Dogwood Rd.

FISH: an animal that grows the fastest between the time it’s caught and the

time the fisherman describes it to his friends. ---author unknown

The Islander page 2 February 2013

The Prez Sez

By Allan Batchelor

Our First meeting of 2013 will be the

7th of February. Come on out and help

us plan all the fun we are going to

have in 2013. And trust me when I say we are going

to squeeze in all the fun we can.

We will start with ManCakes on the 16th. Do you

believe it's been 10 years of ManCake fun? I have a

couple of slots open if you want to join in. Drop me a

line. I promise it will be the most fun you've ever had

in February. Like ever.

A couple of things I want to toss out. First, the

Chairman of our Board of Directors is Wanda

Dowell; she has asked that we solicit one more board

member. If you would like to serve on the Board

please contact one of the officers or Wanda directly.

The term is for two years and they meet once a

quarter. The pay is crap but it's kinda fun.

In that same vein, our longest standing committee

is looking for some relief. Our Scholarship

Committee is ready to pass the torch. And righty so

as Cindy Walbe and Bettie Jamarik have been at

the helm for several years now. Come on people, it's

not hard and planning one party a year can hardly be

considered work. Time to step up. AND I'm working

on the new Chairman burgees! So if/when you chair

a sponsored event you will get a truly one of a kind

thank you award from a grateful Civic Club. Come

on you know you want to.

Then it's on the Mardi Gras! We have a Parade on

February 9th to put on so get your purple, green and

gold on because there will definitely be a prize in

there somewhere. Check elsewhere in this issue for


And that's just the beginning. We have soooo much

stuff on tap for March it ain't funny. See you at the


Holiday Lighting

Contest Winners

1st place:

Carey and Lynn DeRousse

205 Clear Lake Road,

2nd place:

Glen and Sharon Glass

611 W. Shore

3rd place:

Jason and Kristie Montegut

307 Maple

Pats and Pans

A place to sing the praises or bemoan

the flaws of your fellow islanders.

Signed non-political submissions are


Thanks to our "off Island" judges for the Holiday

Lighting Contest: Evey Leavens and Pauline

Mahoney. You may remember ex-resident Pauline

for her wonderful Island photography and yearly

Island calendars. Jan Finnerty

Pats to Carey and Lynn DeRousse for donating their

$50 Holiday Lighting Prize back to the Civic Club.

Pam House

Pats to Neeltje Burns for the many years that she has

coordinated the Easter Sunrise Service. Pam House

Pats to whoever steps up to coordinate this year‘s

Easter Sunrise Service. Pam House

Pats to the wonderful roofing company who braved

the recent high winds and driving rains to cover and

then fix my sneaky little roof leak. Recommendation

on request! Jan Finnerty

Pats to Jackie Carrasco for finishing the Houston

Marathon and to Pam Helm who trained hard for her

first marathon but was sidelined by an injury just

before the race. Helle Brown

The Islander page 3 February 2013


Civic Club Officers:

President: Allan Batchelor 281.787.3751


VP: Samantha Fisher 832.567.1677


Secretary: Jan Finnerty secretary@clscivicclub.com

Treasurer: Kimmy Johnson 281.513.3101


Islander Staff:

Editor: Pam House 281.334.1174


Assistant Editor: Helle Brown 281.334.5104


Ad Manager: Mike Pons 281.538.7413


Billing Manager: Dolly Groh billing@clscivicclub.com

Proof Reader: Arline Laughter 281.334.7487

Gardening Tips: Julie Moncur 281.334.1411


Yard of the Month: Judy Young 281.334.2078


Island People & Places Candace Mann 832.628.6266


The Market Report: Jennifer Moon-Ruocco jennifersflowers@yahoo.com

Island Cooking: Susan Perez 281.508.8592


Wining and Dining Ronnie Richards 281.797.1970


Playing in the Parks Pege Wright mspege@pink1flamingo.com

Sunfish Sailing Jimmy Mann fathommarine@gmail.com

City Services

City Hall: 281.334.2799

CLS Police: 281.334.1034

CLS Dispatch 281.538.0659 #2

Municipal Court: 281.334.0697


WCID#12: 281.334.3331

Reliant Electric: 713.207.7777

CenterPoint for gas leak: 888.876.5786

Verizon Telephone 800.837.4966

AmeriWaste, Inc: 281.331.8400

Comcast—Cable 800.266.2278

Emergency Services

Emergency only 911

Poison Control


Fire Department (Kemah) 281.538.5727


Christus St. John 281.333.5503

Clear Lake Regional Med. Center 281.332.2511


Stewart Elementary 281.284.4700

Bayside Intermediate 281.284.3000

Clear Creek High School 281.284.2300

Clear Falls High School 218.284.1100

Community Services

Helen Hall Library 281.554.1111

Galveston Mosquito Control 800.842.5622

The Islander is a non-profit, non partisan newsletter,

written and published by the CLS Civic Club to promote

cohesiveness and unity in our community.

The purpose of the newsletter is to inform CLS citizens of

island news and events, to provide a forum for positive

dialogue, and to encourage submission of unbiased letters

and articles, under the guidelines of the Civic Club bylaws

and policies. Signed articles, announcements, ideas for

publication must be submitted to the editor by the 15th of

each month by e-mail, telephone or in the Islander box at

the City Hall. The Civic Club reserves the right to edit for

style, policy and space.

City Web Site: www.clearlakeshores-tx.gov

Civic Club Website: www.clscivicclub.com

Webmaster: Brian Hanby


Civic Club Memberships:

$20.00 per family - Renewals due July 4

Business Ads: Deadline: 15th of each month. All ads must

be paid in advance. Dec/Jan is a combined issue.

Classified Ads: $5.00 for 5 lines

Ad Rates

Black & White


Business card $50 $ 90 $130

1/4 Page $80 $150 $220

1/2 Page $110 $215 $330

Full Page $200 $385 $660



Business card $60 $105 $165

1/4 Page $95 $175 $275

1/2 Page $130 $240 $380

Full Page $225 $430 $720

Inserts $50 per/issue

Payments may be mailed to:

Clear Lake Shores Civic Club, The Islander

931 Cedar St., Clear Lake Shores, Texas 77565

Or put into the Civic Club mailbox at City Hall

The Islander page 4 February 2013

February 2013


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3 4 5


City Council

6 7


Civic Club

8 9


Mardi Gras


10 11 12 13 14 15 16



17 18

City Offices




City Council

20 21 22 23

24 25 26 27 28

Civic Club Potluck & Meeting

Date: Thursday, February 7

Time: Potluck 7 pm

Meeting 7:30 pm

Place: Club House

A — K Entrees

L — R Salads or Veggies

S — Z Desserts

10th Annual Valentine’s

ManCake Breakfast

Date: Saturday, Feb. 16th

Time: 8:30 - 11 am

Place: Club House Price: $5


Bacon or Sausage

Pancakes of Many Varieties

Juice Coffee

YOGA at the Club House

Most Wednesdays at 7 pm

Most Thursdays (except Civic Club Night) at 6:30 pm

Latin Dance at the Club House

Most Wednesdays at 6:30 pm

Please contact beth.atherton@conocophillips.com,

Beth at 713.444.9312, or check CLS Yoga on Facebook

for notice of schedule changes

$5 / month donation suggested

The Islander page 5 February 2013

Sunfish Sailing

By Jimmy Mann

Well there are several things to be

excited about for this first 2013 column

of Sunfish Sailing. The big one for us is

that Candie and I now have our first grandchild! Now,

not to get too off topic, but I used to think grandparents

were a little goofy when showing pictures and talking

about their grandbabies, however I now realize that you

just can‘t help yourselves. So while it may be a little early

to start thinking about Jr. Lifeguards and youth sailing

programs, I can always start thinking about a proper boat

for the little man right? I wonder if little Jaxon Logan

would like a new WETA?

So to get back on topic, wow what a super cold and wet

couple of months we‘ve had. I haven‘t even thought about

getting out in any water craft that throws spray. There

were a couple of days where I was close, but the furthest

it went was to move the Sunfish out from under the porch

to where it now sits in the driveway collecting bamboo

leaves. Hopefully warm weather isn‘t too far away and

we can all get back on the water.

In the last installment of 2012 we finished up the great

American success story of Alex Bryan and Cortland

Heyniger‘s rise to small boat building success. The fact

that always strikes me about their story is that these two

admittedly unassuming builders found success by just

doing something they enjoyed, which is a lesson we

should all consider. From Alcort‘s inception in 1945 to

their sale of the company in 1969 they invented,

improved, and marketed what has become the most

popular fiberglass sailboat ever designed, with over a

quarter million sold worldwide, so much so that it was

inducted in the American Sailboat Hall of Fame in 1995.

In 1969 after 24 years in the boat business Bud and Al

had managed to build a fledgling hobby business into

something worth quite a bit of money. They had admitted

early on that they were not managers, and really had no

interest in the day to day operations, and had many years

before installed Carl Mienelt , (remember he was the guy

who drew the deck cutout in the saw dust) as the business

manager for the operation. Both men had often worried

that their small business could be taken away from them

by bigger companies, as at this point they had all of their

eggs in one basket, and in the current business climate the

company was a target for a hostile takeover. It was right

about that time that the American Machine and Foundry

Company approached the men and made a suitable offer

for the company. AMF had been buying big in the

sporting industry, and they liked the AMF executives and

the way they kept the current management on as

consultants. However after only a few years working with

AMF, Bud and Al decided they had had enough. As they

put it, after working for yourself your whole life it was

hard to work for someone else.

As history proved, AMF did right by the Alcort model

and it continued on to become the world‘s largest

producer of sailboats. Over the years there were many

attempts to take some of the Sunfish market, but when

something is right, and at the right time and price it just

continues to sell. The things that were right about the

Sunfish in the beginning continued to be right to the

present day. The boat literally brought sailing to the

masses, by having a boat that could be easily sailed by

young and old alike, and could also be competitively

raced or lounged upon with equal joy.

The Sunfish design was sold several times in the

following years, when AMF succumbed to a hostile take

over in 1985 the Alcort Sailboat division was sold to the

Loveless & DeGarmo Company who did business as

Alcort Sailboats Inc. for two years until the rights were

bought by Pearson Yachts in 1988. Pearson reorganized

in 1991 and spun off the small boat division and named it

Sunfish /Laser. Six years later in 1997, the Vanguard

Company was acquired by Gavel securities and Vanguard

changed the name to Laser Performance who continues to

produce and market this timeless boat.

Next month we‘ll start looking at pre-season

maintenance and repair, and start thinking of getting those

boats off the rafters, from beside the house, and all those

other areas where we tucked the boats for the winter. As

always if you need help with parts, repair information, or

anything else Sunfish related give me a shout and we‘ll

get it sorted. fathommarine@gmail.com

The Islander page 6 February 2013

The Islander page 7 February 2013

“Simple Food,

Big Flavors”

707 Bradford

Kemah, TX 77565



Does your dog need more exercise?

I walk dogs, giving them the exercise they

need to be fit, healthy, and happy.

Local, experienced, competitive rates.

Call today.

Megan LaBernz



Where is



See p. 26

The Islander page 8 February 2013

The Prez Sez More—Mardi Gras Parade

By Allan Batchelor

The Civic Club Mardi Gras Golf Cart Parade is ON!

Just heard from our Mistress of Ceremonies, Sam

Fischer, and she has declared February 9 th , a Saturday,

as Parade day. Lineup will begin at 11 am with roll out at

Noon. We‘ll hammer out the details (perhaps red beans

and rice at the Club House afterwards) and email them as

soon as I get ‗em.

Now is a perfect time to remind everyone of a few

ground rules. First and foremost NO open containers. I

shouldn‘t even have to say that but it‘s a habit. Next, only

licensed drivers can be behind the wheel. Hear me mom

and dad?

It is also the perfect time to renew your membership

dues and yes I will happily accept your dues that morning.

Why did I add this item you ask? This parade is open to

everyone who wants to come out and join in the fun. The

more the merrier. But it is a Club function and all prizes

go to Club members only. We‘ve been a tad lax on this

provision in the past but we need to get back to basics. If

you are in doubt about your status ask me, I‘ll find out for

you. Short version, The Civic Club functions off your

dues. If you‘re having fun please consider pitching in.

Order Form for

Easter Lilies for

Sunrise Service,

Sunday, March 31


Cell: 713-857-2557


Phone number__________________

In Honor of


In memory of



FEMA Open House

A FEMA ―Open House‖ is to be held in the

Ballroom of the League City Johnny Arolfo Civic

Center on February 20th from 2:00 p.m. until 8:00

p.m. This is located at 400 West Walker.

At the open house, FEMA officials will be present

to help area residents with any questions regarding

flood insurance and there should be some

information on probable changes in the flood

insurance rating system.

Also, they will be able to show individual property

owners the elevations of their property and where it

is in relationship to the BFE (base flood elevation).

Email Club at editor@clscivicclub.com


Place in Civic Club mailbox in front of the CLS city

hall. Deadline Monday, March 25.

Easter Sunrise Service

Volunteers Needed

Our annual Sunrise Service is planned for Sunday,

March 31, 6:30 am at Deep Hole Park (weather

permitting). Rain alternative is the Club House.

Those who have participated in years past know that it

is very special. However, we need new volunteers to

coordinate and help in order to continue the tradition.

Please let Allan Batchelor (president@clscivicclub.com)

know ASAP if you can help make this event continue.

The Islander page 9 February 2013

A Farewell to Paul Shelley

By Suzanne Hubbard

It only seems fitting to pay tribute to Paul Shelley,

departing Clear Lake Shores‘ City Administrator, Public

Works Director, Emergency Management Coordinator

and former Chief of Police. He has been a dedicated

employee of the city since joining the

police force full time in 1991.

Paul became Chief of the Police

Department four years later in 1995.

In 2006 he became the first City

Administrator. Paul was the stable

force not only for the city offices but

our city in general.

Paul reflected on his years of

service in Clear Lake Shores and said

he was proud of the growth of the

police department under his

leadership. He recalled there were

only three paid officers when he

started. Now there are eight plus the

chief. Most of the growth was due to

grants Paul was able to secure. There

was only one secretary and one part

time clerk when he began. Up until

most recently, there have been four

full time employees in the office.

In 2006 Paul received the Professional Achievement

Award in Law Enforcement from Gov. Rick Perry. After

Ike, he was presented with the Outstanding Service to the

Community Award.

The speedy Ike recovery was on his list of proudest

accomplishments. Although it was out of the command

trailer, the city was up and running right after the storm.

Along with Paul, the police department, Mayor Vern

Johnson, maintenance man, Jorge Garduno and

resident, Steven Le stayed during the storm. The first

three days they slept when they could. It was 14 hour

days for three weeks after the storm. Paul recalled the

first days after Ike of driving heavy equipment while

Steve and George rode it manned with chain saws.

Paul‘s contacts were only one aspect that contributed to

him getting things done. He learned so many other ways,

too. One of which was the 1033 military program.

Through this program he was able to secure a Blazer, a

truck, two public works trucks, a Hummer, another truck,

a dump truck and a street sweeper for FREE. In time,

some of the vehicles were sold and the city recouped the


Through grants Paul was able to secure the storm

shutters for the Club House and the generators at the Club

House and the City Office.

Pete Carrothers recalled his time on Council when

Paul was being considered for the position of the city‘s

first City Administrator. Council came to the conclusion

that Paul could do the job as City Administrator as well as

continue as Chief of Police. Council also rolled the

Director of Public Works into the position and basically

reduced the City headcount and payroll as a result.

Pete said he was particularly proud of

the fact that we "promoted from within"

and Paul was a good administrator.

Sally Jenkins recounted when she

introduced herself to Paul Shelley he

commented about the home they

recently bought stating its location. Sally

said she was so impressed how he kept

track of the residents. It gave her a sense

of security and safety, validating the

wonderful things she heard about Paul

and the police dept.

Another resident told how Paul helped

the night she and her husband got into a

horrible argument. As she walked it off,

Paul appeared in a cruiser. He offered to

return to their home to talk to her

As Ike approached. husband but she declined his offer

thinking it might make things worse. She

knew he kept an eye on their home

which added great comfort to her.

―Everything I did, I did for the city and the police

department,‖ Paul stated. He will miss the staff and the


Keep up with the Civic Club

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/


Website: http://www.clscivicclub.com

If you’d like your email added to the CLS Members

List to receive Club announcements, please just send

your address to editor@clscivicclub.com

The Islander page 10 February 2013

Health & Wellness

By Rai Hanby

Of course, we know that we should,

but lets face it – not everyone actually

enjoys exercise. But what if improving

your health were as simple as cracking a smile or

taking a stroll?

Research studies have actually shown that walking

on a regular basis offers numerous health benefits:

Reduces risk of heart disease or stroke

Lowers risk of heart disease, high blood pressure,

colon cancer, & diabetes

May help protect against certain types of cancer,

such as breast cancer

Helps to control joint swelling and pain from


Helps keep your bones, muscles, and joints


Reduces anxiety and depression, boosting your


Eases stress

Increases energy

Helps to provide more restful sleep

Improves self-esteem

Provides an opportunity to socialize actively with

friends and family.

Everyone has heard the old saying, ―Laughter is

the best medicine.‖ But did you know that it‘s

actually true? Laughter is a powerful antidote to

stress, pain, and conflict. Nothing works faster or

more dependably to bring your mind and body back

into balance than a good laugh.

Relax the entire body: A good, hearty laugh

relieves physical tension and stress, leaving your

muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes after.

Boost the immune system: Laughter reduces

stress hormones and increases immune cells,

which can boost the immune system.

Endorphin Release: Laughter triggers the release

of endorphins, which promote an overall sense of

well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain.

Protect the heart: Laughter improves the function

of blood vessels and increases blood flow, which

can help protect you against a heart attack and

other cardiovascular problems.

Even in the most difficult of times, a laugh (or

even a smile) can go a long way toward making you

and those around you feel better. And laughter really

is contagious—just hearing laughter primes the brain

and readies you to smile and join in the fun.

For healthy tips, recipes and exercise advice, visit


[Rai Hanby is a former CLS resident; her husband,

Brian, still volunteers his services as our webmaster.


The Islander page 11 February 2013

Dave Compeau –CLS resident



Home Appliances

Boat Air & Heat

Home Generator Sales & Installation

NEW! Factory incentives

As Low as $10,500


The Islander page 12 February 2013

Playing in the Parks: Island Style

By Pege Wright

Wow, January is almost gone, we have

had warm and cold weather…nowhere but

the Gulf Coast and aren‘t we glad we live


The long awaited water fountains are here and will be

installed by the time you read this…WOOOHOOO,

another project done…

The Children‘s Park

on Grove is the just

that! There are new

signs that say ―NO


and that is just what it

means so please don‘t

take your dogs there.

We are still

collecting names on

the petition for a DOG

PARK so if you have

not signed said

petition and feel

strongly about it,

please let a member of

the Parks Committee know and we will get you to the

right person… Many residents are in favor of such a park

and this project really needs your support. If we work

together, we can make it happen!

OK, I know, we have been talking about the first order

of bricks and saying it is about to go in so if you have

been ―meanin‘ to‖ get your order in, don‘t wait; get in

touch with Dolly Groh and order it NOW! We are really

going to finally do this at the end of February so if you

want to surprise someone for Valentine‘s Day, DO IT!

We will be working later this Spring to clean up some

of the areas in the parks and will be asking for volunteers

to help trim bushes, plant flowers and who knows what

else needs doing. If you have any ideas, please don‘t

hesitate to share them with us as we are always looking

for things that need doing.

We would really like to do a Community Garden, we

have the space and the desire, what

we need to complete this project is a

dedicated volunteer to ensure the

project getting completed. So if you

know about gardening and would

like to volunteer your time, please

get in touch with me…


I said this last month, but it is

worth repeating this month…It has

been an honor and my pleasure to

serve as the Parks Committee Chair

these last six months and I look

forward to another great year on

Clear Lake Shores. The committee is

made up of some really wonderful

people that are dedicated to making

a difference in a good way…when you see them, please

be sure to thank them for all they do… Dolly Groh, Helle

Brown, Marta Rudy, Diana Chronister, Dennis

Roberson, Suzanne Hubbard, Vern Johnson (liaison),

and me!

We have several things planned and are always open for

suggestions…let us hear from you and remember

You help make our island the great place it is…

Clear Lake Shores Engraved Brick Order Form

Purpose: The Engraved Brick Fundraising Program is designed to provide an opportunity for Clear Lake Shore residents to

donate an engraved brick, size (8" by 4" by 2¼") to be placed in one of our parks on the Island and the money generated from

the sale of these bricks will be used for the parks on the Island.

Each brick will allow 1 -3 lines of engraving with 18 -20 spaces per line. The message on the brick must be of good taste. Some

examples for brick dedication could be for organizations, clubs, in memory of (Memorials), birthdays, graduation, family names,

friends names, pet names, or special dates to name a few.

Cost: $25.00 per brick. Checks must be made out to the City of Clear Lake Shores and turned in to the City Office for

processing. This is a City of Clear Lake Shores Parks Committee project.

Engraved Message/Wording: (1 – 3 lines with no more than 18 -20 characters per line): Please print clearly – spaces count as

one character. Thank you for your donation!




The Islander page 13 February 2013



Mon-Fri 11am to 7 pm

Sat 10 am to 5 pm

Sun 11 am to 3 pm

Tamales for SAIL




620 Marina Bay Dr.

(Next to Scooterville)

Buy a Dozen and get

1/2 Dozen Regular Tamales Free!

Expires 06/30/13

Buy a Med. or Large Tamale Plate and receive

the second one 50% off

Expires 06/30/13

The Islander page 14 February 2013











Snow photos by

Suzanne Hubbard

The Islander page 15 February 2013

The Islander page 16 February 2013

Island People and Places

By Candace Mann


Comings and Goings:

Neighbors, please help me welcome

Austin, Marena and Jaxon Logan to the island!

Marena is our daughter and she brings with her a

wonderful husband and our first grandchild!!! They are

all happy to be here/back in CLS. Actually, she is the

reason the Manns live on the island! When we moved

back from Costa Rica in ‗08, we were looking for a home

so she could live with us and finish high hchool. She and

Jimmy actually picked our awesome home on Narcissus

where we live now even before I got back to the states. Of

course Marena only got to live on the island for four

months and then Ike ruined her portion of the house.

Anyway…we are so happy the family has moved back to

the area and our grandson is close by.!

Austin works in the oil industry and really enjoys his

work. He is happy to finally have a man-cave and have

room to stretch out. Marena is looking for others who

would like to walk with her or do other newborn baby

activities. She is a stay at home mom presently so has

plenty of time to get out and enjoy the area. Jaxon, who

is one month old now, seems to be settling in well to the

island. Along with a new baby, the Logan‘s have a

Chihuahua named Fitch, and two cats, Murphy and Shilo.

The Mann‘s are so happy to have them here!! Welcome!

Please welcome Debbie Darwin who is soooo happy to

be living in Clear Lake Shores! She is originally from the

Gulf Coast area and lived in Seabrook during Hurricane

Ike which damaged her home. Since the hurricane, she‘s

been living like a modern-day gypsy, traveling around the

country, not knowing where she wanted to re-build her

life. She even experienced living in a small travel trailer

that she pulled around the country (completely by herself)

for a year. She loves to travel and has lived overseas in

New Zealand and England for several years. She‘s a

world traveler and loves meeting new people,

experiencing other cultures, sightseeing and enjoying

different foods and wines. This year she‘s heading to

Ireland as she‘s never visited that beautiful country and

has always wanted to see it…another destination off her

bucket list!

During a visit this past October to see her family, she

decided she wanted to move back to this area. Her dream

was to find a little ―Bungalow by the Sea.‖ She was

driving around and looking at different places and

decided to look in Clear Lake Shores. As she drove up

and down the streets, she happened upon the little yellow

bungalow on Narcissus and she instantly knew she had

found her home. Her neighbors have been so warm and

welcoming and she feel s very blessed to have her dream

come true and live on our beautiful little island. She also

enjoy sailing and SUPs. She says she can‘t wait to meet

all of the CLS islanders! Welcome home Debbie!

Local Real Estate News:

Sales of homes throughout the greater Houston area

never let up in 2012, driven by a combination of strong

local jobs numbers and historically low interest rates.

December marked the 19th straight month that sales were

in the black, and it was another month in which housing

inventory shrunk and prices rose. In fact, both median and

average home prices achieved historic highs as the year

came to a close.

On our island for the past 3 months we‘ve had:

SOLD: 6 Homes

7 Rentals

2 Lots

PENDING: 2 Homes

1 Rental

ACTIVE: 7 Homes

4 Rentals

15 Lots

Woohoo, January is over! That means only one more

month of winter, right? While it‘s still cold, you might

want to knock out those last bits of interior organization,

get the golf cart all primed up ready to go and have your

heat/ac annual service.

See you out there!

The Official Blame It On Mike

Joke of the Month

Here's a little tip that we thought would be

interesting to share with you all to build up your upper

body strength. It's really easy and takes no time at all

but works great.

Begin by standing on a comfortable surface, where

you have plenty of room at each side. With a 2kg

potato bag in each hand, extend your arms straight

out from your sides and hold them there as long as

you can. Try to reach a full minute, and then relax.

Each day, you'll find that you can hold this position

for just a bit longer.

After a couple of weeks, move up to 5kg potato


Then try 10kg potato bags and then eventually try

to get to where you can lift a 20kg potato bag in each

hand and hold your arms straight for more than a full

minute. (we are very proud, we are at this level)

After you feel confident at this level, put a potato

in each of the bags.

The Islander page 17 February 2013

Island Gardening Tips

By Julie Moncur

Brrrrrrrrr a bit too chilly out in

January to garden for me, besides the

great rain (messy, but we need it).

Now is a good time to do planning for any changes you

want to make to your yard or garden. Lots of plant sales

will be coming up and you can pick up nice perennials

and veggies at our Farmer's Market. In February Tabitha

Holt and Bill Wyatt will be back with planting tips in


The Fruit tree and veggie sales are coming up.

Announcements of the Galveston and Harris County

sales are in this issue. The best time to get trees and

plant is early spring. This year the Harris County

Precinct 2 Master Gardeners will have a new sale for

tomatoes and peppers in March. See details next


A thought for St. Valentine's day, think of giving

someone you love (including yourself!) a living

potted plant that will continue to grow and be a

reminder of love all year. Go for easy to care for

plants like begonias in a colorful or nicely wrapped


Got roses? Except for climbers (which can be pruned

most any time), think of pruning around the 14th.

Take advantage and shape them like you want them

to grow in their space.

Start setting out gladiolus bulbs at 2 week intervals up

to May or early June for extended bloom season.

Time to transplant mature or established trees and

shrubs while they are dormant.

Plant bare-root roses, fruit and shade trees, pecans

and dormant shrubs. Wait until plants put on new

growth before lightly fertilizing with 15-5-10 or a

water-soluble fertilizer.

Overwatering kills houseplants. Allow soil surface to

dry between watering. Use liquid Miracle Grow

houseplant food every time you water. Plants need

nutrients just like we do!

Watch for aphids on new growth of apples pears and

other fruits. Blast ‗em off with a water hose. If you

need chemicals use malathion or Sevin sprays. Better

yet, use Neem Oil mixed with water per bottle

instructions for a more natural bug deterrent.

Lightly fertilize spring bloomers, including pansies

and snapdragons. Again with bloodmeal or 21-0-0.

Prune all hybrid tea, floribunda and grandiflora roses

on the 15th or by end of the month. Do not prune

those climbers until after their bloom cycle is


Plant seeds for an old fashion perennial bed:

nasturtium, ageratum, portulaca, sunflower, torenia,

and zinnia.

To attract butterflies, plant ageratum, phlox, buddleia,

salvia, rudbeckia, bee balm and lantana.

Divide crowded canna tubers for tall vigorous plants

with more blooms.

Plant late spring and summer blooming annual seed

and perennial plants.

Look for bagworms on juniper, cypress and other

trees and shrubs. Handpick now to reduce spring

population levels.

Empty your used tea bags around the base of azaleas

and camellias. They will benefit from the acid in the

tea leaves.

Pot plumerias near end of the month; move outside on

pretty days. For larger plumerias, sink the pot in the

ground; helps them stay upright.

Loosen the compacted soils around early spring

annuals to insure aeration.





Saturday, February 2, 2012 -

9:00 a.m. ‘til 1:00 p.m.

Plant preview 8:00 a.m.

Wayne Johnson Community Center

in Carbide Park, La Marque


February 16, 2013- FRUIT TREE SALE,

Citrus, Tropicals, Berries and grapes,

8:00 a.m. Plant Overview,

Sale 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m Campbell Hall Pasadena

Fairgrounds 7600 Red Bluff Rd

The Islander page 18 February 2013


Shop online at www. Royal-Indulgence.com

Elegance and the wow factor describe the new

business now open in Clear Lake Shores. Royal

Indulgence Boutique‘s Owner, Myna Mungle and Sales

and Marketing Director, Era Lee Caldwell have created

a showroom filled with a beautiful selection of china,

crystal, stemware, bar accessories, and much more

luxurious décor for your yacht and home.

Open 10 to 6, Tuesday through Saturday.

Moon Caye #113

Includes boat slip


1993 Christmas Golf Cart Parade Photos by Britton Laughter

The Islander page 19 February 2013








Free BBQ

Every Saturday




3003 HWY 146

Bacliff, TX

The Islander page 20 February 2013

A Welcome to George Jones

From an interview by Katherine McIntyre

George Jones was hired as the new City Administrator

and started work on January 2nd. He comes with a

wealth of experience — 32 years of municipal

employment in positions from finance director to


He grew up in East Texas in the small community of

Wells where his father ran a gas and grocery store. He is

the fourth of five children in his family. After graduating

from high school, he went to Texas A&M and graduated

with a degree in business management. Not to date him,

but when he was a student there, a semester at A&M cost


George‘s first job was working for Montgomery Ward

in Bartlesville, OK. He worked there a couple years and

then decided that there was not much opportunity for

advancement, so he decided to change jobs. His next

location was Lufkin. After a couple years there, he

moved back to Bartlesville and worked for the city as

purchasing agent. He was promoted to finance director

and city clerk. He took early retirement in 2005 after

working for Bartlesville for 25 years.

Finding that he wasn‘t really ready for retirement, he

worked as city administrator in Woodville, TX and then

as city manager in Drumright, Oklahoma. But he felt the

pull of Texas urging him back, so he started researching

openings in Texas city governments. Out of 51

applications received by the City of Clear Lake Shores for

the position of City Administrator, he was the top


George said the one thing he would like us to know

about him is that he has a strong work ethic. He has been

working since he was 12 years old. He said he has found

out that Clear Lake Shores is a beautiful place to work

and live.

We‘ve already spotted him, accompanied by his lovely

wife, at community events. We‘re looking forward to

getting to know him better.

Welcome to our little slice of paradise, George.


Trevor Remak, Age 15, 281.334.2186


Anna Willits, Age 14, 832.425.8420


Form for Teen Classified

Free of Charge

Please circle the appropriate box (es)

BS– Babysitter

PS-Pet Sitter


LC-Lawn Care

PT-Plant Tending

HS-House Sitting

RCS-*Red Cross Certified


Age_________ Birth date m/y____________


Put in Civic Club Post Box at City Hall

by the 16th of each month,

or email editor@clscivicclub.com

The Islander page 21 February 2013

The Islander page 22 February 2013

Island Wining & Dining

By Ronnie Richards

Most of the time we drive right by this

restaurant without even noticing it, but

lately I find myself pulling in for a great

meal that is really value priced and always fresh. IHOP

formerly known as the International House of Pancakes is

best known for its breakfast and late night or after hours

dining "experience." And I mean experience because

there's no telling who or what you will run into there late

at night.

From crepes to chicken

fried steak there's not

much they don't have on

the menu - and you can

order any menu item any

time of day! My guess is

they have the largest

breakfast menu selection of any restaurant. I mean they

have twelve omelet selections plus "Create Your Own

Omelets" with every ingredient except the kitchen sink

available. Then there's the French toast, waffles,

pancakes, and savory crepes to choose from. Can you

believe they offer New York Cheese Cake pancakes and

red velvet pancakes?

The kids menu for 12 and under is really great and

everything on there is 600 calories or less. Speaking of

that, they have a number of healthy combinations for

adults they call ―Simple and Fit.‖ I always order the

Simple and Fit grilled balsamic-glazed chicken. It‘s only

$8.99 and consists of a grilled boneless chicken breast

topped with sautéed mushrooms, onions, diced tomatoes

and a balsamic glaze. It's served with a side salad (a really

nice sized one) and steamed broccoli. They have French

onion pot roast, steak, fried shrimp and chicken, salads,

soups, burgers and a super sandwich selection.

For us mature diners over 55 there is an incredible

bargain menu with every meal at $5.99 or less. They

always ask me for my photo ID when I order off this

menu because they can't believe I'm a senior. I guess it's

all the fresh air and clean living on the island that keeps

me looking young.


By Beth Atherton

Curious about yoga? Why don‘t you join us at the Club

House. We always have fun and feel great when we leave

and sleep better that night. My yoga style might be

considered a little irreverent. No ohming or chanting, no

mantras or meditation. But you will have fun!

All you need is comfortable clothes that can stretch. It‘s

one of the few exercises you do barefoot. We‘ve even got

a mat you can borrow your first time. We meet most

Wednesdays at 7 and Thursdays at 6:30. You can give me

a call or check our Facebook site – CLS Yoga.

Class size is normally small, 4 to 6. We start the class

with a few poses that warm your body up, add in a few

stretches that feel good. Next we move into some strength

and stretching poses called Warriors. If your knees aren‘t

up for it, you can even do these in a chair. Next we move

on to balancing poses. The classic one is tree pose, but we

do several. Then we move to the floor for some additional

strength and stretching poses. My favorite is pigeon pose

which opens up the hips and often reduces back pain. A

few more stretches and then we finish with shavasana –

final relaxation.

I received most of my yoga training from YogaFit®.

YogaFit is designed to improve the health, performance,

and mental acuity of athletes or individuals interested in

improving their level of fitness. Based on the ancient

fitness science of hatha yoga, it blends balance, strength,

flexibility and power in a fitness format. YogaFit

overcomes the mystery of

yoga by delivering a

practical, user-friendly

style, which is accessible,

understandable, and doable

by individuals at any level

of fitness. The YogaFit style

reduces the risk of injury

and augments recovery for

ailments including stress,

lower back pain and tension.

I am registered RYT200

with YogaAlliance®.

Classified Ads


Home or Business WiFi or Wired Networks, Cable

TV or Sat TV Wiring, Camera Wiring, Laptops for

sale. Low rates for Island folks! Contact:

281.813.0941 or sidcwifi@yahoo.com

The Islander page 23 February 2013



Answers to puzzle on p

The Islander page 24 February 2013

Yellow and Black Mud Dauber Maze

By Erik Klusendorf



Answer to puzzle on p26

Actual size

Feeding on Spider

Placing spider with eggs

and sealing entrance


The Islander page 25 February 2013

Answers to puzzle on p 25

Did You Know Where This Was?

Oak Rd at South Shore Dr.

Looking north

The Islander page 26 February 2013

Island Cooking

By Susan Perez

I had this dish at Bettie Jamaric’s

house during the holidays and I thought it

was so delicious. I asked her to share the

recipe with me for The Islander. I think you will enjoy


Chicken Cacciatore

3 large chicken breasts, boneless and skinless

1 12oz. jar artichokes, chopped

1 large onion, chopped

3 garlic cloves, minced

8 oz. fresh mushrooms, sliced

1 teaspoon oregano

1 teaspoon basil

1 teaspoon salt and pepper

1 teaspoon rosemary

1 14 oz. chopped tomatoes with juice

1 15 oz. can tomato sauce

½ cup sliced black olives

½ cup red wine

8 oz. Mozzerella cheese

1. Cut raw chicken breast into strips.

2. Brown chicken in fry pan. Add onions, garlic,

mushrooms and artichokes. Saute for a few minutes.

3. Add rest of the ingredients and stir.

4. Place in a 9x13 pan and bake at 350 45 minutes


5. Uncover and add the cheese. Bake for about 5

minutes uncovered in the oven. (until cheese is


6. Serve with rice.

The howls from the other

pet residents of the island

have been heard and we are


Next month the feline

contingent will be heard

from — the next issue of

The Islander will


March Meow Madness

We’re looking for photos and

stories about cats and

kittens (pro or con).

Please submit your stories to

Pam House at


Please submit your photos to

Helle Brown at


Submissions from dogs and

birds are welcome (but we

reserve the right to edit out

foul language).

The Islander page 27 February 2013

The Islander page 28 February 2013

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