Aurelio Herrera -

Aurelio Herrera -

than Aurelio who soon had thumped every youth of his size of

the city. In this way Aurelio worked himself into the favor of

the gamblers and sports of the town. Frank Carrillo, a six-foottwo

bit of pleasant company, admired the fighting spirit in the

young Mexican's make up, and took him under his wing.

Carrillo was the owner of a big dance hall and gambling house,

and in the cellar of this establishment he arranged a crude

gymnasium for various benefit. Mauro, too, was handy with the

mitts, and the brothers by constant practice showed much

development.” 8

The paper wrote that Herrera gained local boxing fame after

he beat a bully who'd challenged all comers. The newspaper


Aurelio then went to other towns in the vicinity and won

more battles, but tiring of the game, he returned to

Bakersfield and dealt Faro for Carrillo at five dollars a night.

Carrillo said Herrera was suited for the position because

8 Washington [DC] Times, Jan 16, 1906; BA CA, Jan 16, 1906; In 1902 Frank

Carrillo was a founding member of the Bakersfield Athletic Club. (Daily Californian,

Feb 23, 1892) A passage in Little Dramas of Old Bakersfield by Rush Maxwell

Blodget entitled “Maruro Herrera, Early 90's” implies that the Herreras came to

Bakersfield between 1889 and 1892. pg 4 of 88

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