Weston Creek Cricket Club Tour of England


Weston Creek Cricket Club Tour of England

Tour of England 1995 5


The Weston Creek Cricket Club is

only 22 years old, but is now

embarking on its fourth tour of

England. That is a sign of foresight

and commitment, and a real love for

cricket in the Club.

John Bowdler

President, WCCC

I am sure that the 1995 tourists will

acquit themselves well, on and off the

field. In fact, it's very hard to

determine which way the balance falls

between on-field and off-field skills -

there is a high level of cricketing

ability in the party, but there are

also some formidable clubhouse


The tours of England have become an important part of the

development of Weston Creek cricket. They have given many of our

members a taste of touring life, of differing cricketing conditions, and of

new opponents. The tours have seen a number of our young cricketers

gain considerably in experience and confidence, and have also contributed

in no small way to Club comradeship and spirit.

I am sure the 1995 Tour will be no exception. We look forward to

welcoming the tourists back for the 1995-96 season, where I am sure their

experiences will be heard by very eager ears, and some of these tales will

become part of the Club's folklore. Of course, we will also be expecting

more runs and wickets as they show us the benefit of their "winter away".

On behalf of the Club, I would like to thank the many hosts who have

agreed to play fixtures or otherwise look after our party. Your support

and hospitality are wonderful gestures and I hope that you too gain from

having the Weston Creek tourists at your Club. Most of all, I trust that

the cricket will be competitive and enjoyable. We would like to see you in

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