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Dust Extractors - Norton Construction Products

The CLIPPER Solutions



CV101 - CV401 - CV324

1,6 > 2,4kW

200 >


11,5 > 34kg





Removable filter

The CV324 has a

removable dust bin

Paper filter bag

(CV101 and CV401 accessory)

TEFLON filter bag

(CV324 accessory)

The CV324 fits all Clipper

grinding machines

Our range of multi-purpose dust extractors covers most of the professional‘s need on the

jobsite (inside or outside worksites). They can be used for extracting dust and water, but also for vacuum-cleaning

after work.

- CV101 is a light-weight dust extractor, ideal for use with our SC181 wall-chaser and handheld drill motors.

- CV401 is best fitted for use with our new TR250H DF tile saw, as well as for all dry- and wet- drilling applications.

- CV324 is an industrial dust extractor best fitted for use with the Clipper floor grinding machines.

MODELS CV101 CV401 CV324

Item No 3103 89030 3103 78778 3103 25226

EAN 13 Code 5450248 471837 5450248 463436 5450248 372295

Application Wall-chasing and dry-drilling TR250H DF and drilling Floor grinding


Supply Voltage 230V 1~ 230V 1~ 230V 1~

Power kW 1,6kW 2,4kW (2 motors) 1,6kW (2 motors)

Fuse / Generator 16A / 4kVA 16A / 8kVA 16A / 4kVA

Filter 3µ 3µ Teflon (incomparable comfort of the operator)

Cleaning Paper bag Paper bag Manual with shaker

Airflow 200 m 3 /h 400 m 3 /h 324 m 3 /h

Vacuum suction 300mbar 320mbar 300mbar

Tank material / Tank capacity PP PP PP

Tank capacity 30 L 60 L 40 L

Noise level 77 db(A) 78 db(A) 78 db(A)

Dimensions (LxWxH) 400 x 400 x 700mm 600 x 540 x 950mm 580 x 650 x 1000mm

Weight 11,5kg 27kg 34kg

Filter bags Paper (5pcs) - 3103 89031 Paper (5pcs) - 3103 87496 TEFLON (x1) - 3103 26340



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