Summer Roadshow report - CHaOS

Summer Roadshow report - CHaOS

About The Roadshow

how does the roadshow work?

Our events are based around hands-on experiments

that all ages can try, covering all aspects of science

from physics and engineering to the biology of how

our body works. Each experiment is staffed by an experienced

and enthusiastic student volunteer. Small

groups of children are guided through each experiwhat

is ChaoS?

Cambridge Hands-On Science, more fondly known as

CHaOS, is a non-profit voluntary student group based

at the University of Cambridge that believes that science

is exciting and relevant to everyone. Our aim is to

transfer our enthusiasm to the general public through

fun hands-on experiments, hopefully showing that

science can be accessible to everyone.

New this year! Our light-mixing experiment,

shown above, joins the CHaOS roadshow along

with a new foetal skull and new medical models.

how did ChaoS and the roadshow begin?

CHaOS has been running for over a decade. Our first

events were held in Cambridge as part of the Cambridge

Science Week. In 2002, some of our members

thought that it would be fun to pack up our experiments

in a van and take them around the country for

a week – and so the roadshow was born! From these

humble beginnings, our volunteers have developed

the roadshow such that we are now on the road for a

month or more each year.

ment, with the demonstrator explaining the science

behind it at an interesting and accessible level.

In July 2012, CHaOS visited schools, town halls and

community centres around the country, bringing our

hands-on science roadshow. Over four weeks, we visited

19 different venues across five different counties

and saw over 5,000 visitors. 65 volunteers from the

University of Cambridge gave up part of their summer

to join us and share their passion for their subjects.

who pays for the roadshow?

CHaOS is committed to making science accessible

for everyone, so entry to all our public events is free.

We ask that schools make a small contribution to our

running costs, but each visit is heavily subsidised by

the generosity of our sponsors. We rely on careful

budgeting to keep the cost of our roadshow

to below £3 per person reached. We keep

our costs down by accommodating our

demonstrators in tents, filling up on delicious

school dinners and doing as much of the rest

of our cooking as possible on a camp stove. We

were very lucky this year, being able to spend much of

our free time on the beach!

how much does the roadshow cost?

Each year CHaOS spend approximately £15,000 over

the course of the roadshow, with the main cost being

transport (around £4,000, including vehicle hire and

demonstrators’ train fares), food (£2,500) and camp

site bookings (£2,000). We are therefore hugely

grateful to our sponsors for enabling the roadshow to

take place!




Venue Hire





Vehicle Hire

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