Summer Roadshow report - CHaOS

Summer Roadshow report - CHaOS

Hertfordshire and Hampshire

9th - 15th July

We continued with our school visits in Hertfordshire,

kicking off the week at the Sele School, where pupils

(and their headteacher!) got a chance to try building

a range of bridges, including arch, cantilever and cathedral

styles. We then moved onto The Thomas Alleyne

School in Stevenage, where our range of rocks

and fossils, including a sample of fossilised shark poo,

went down a treat!

Week 2

Hopping down to Hampshire for the second weekend,

we visited Greyfriars Community Centre in Ringwood.

This was the second time we have visited this venue,

and we were pleased to see lots of the same faces

again, as well as many newcomers! Lots of people

stayed all afternoon to try out all our experiments,

with one popular stop being our collection of creepy


Finally, we visited Goffs School in Cheshunt, where

the teachers were nearly as excited about the experiments

as the pupils, with everyone having a particularly

good time learning about the physics behind


Fantastic one on one demonstrations, my children

were really engaged and involved.


Week 3

We started our week in Plymouth at Lipson Community

College where years eight to ten enjoyed learning

about the physics of light from both traditional

favourite CHaOS experiments such as our ultra-violet

light box as well as our brand-new light colour mixing


Devon and Dorset

16th - 22nd July

We then spent two days at Devonport High School

for Boys, on the first of which we ran an extended session

for a small group of children from nearby Prince

Rock Primary School. The pupils enjoyed listening to

their hearts using stethoscopes and investigating what

happens to the heart rate after jumping up and down!

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