Summer Roadshow report - CHaOS

Summer Roadshow report - CHaOS

I have just been in to the road

show with my eight year old

son. What a brilliant event!


On the second day older pupils

from Devonport benefited from

the student demonstrators’ expertise

in explaining the complex

science behind experiments such

as the electrolysis of water.

We moved up country to Dorset

at the end of the week, and in

Seaton the local primary school

children enjoyed meeting Boris

the skeleton outside their school

as term finished. Boris led them

to Seaton Town Hall, where they

were able to find out more about

the human body from our x-rays

and giant hand model.

Many local families were delighted

to visit us at Stowford Community

Centre, where the improvement in

weather enabled us to run some

popular messy experiments outside,

including investigating the

properties of shear-thickening fluids

by mixing cornflour and water.

The Sunday spent at Lyme Regis

Marine Parade Shelters was gloriously

sunny, allowing us to spread

our experiments along the seafront

gardens where both locals

and holiday-makers joined in with

testing how pulleys make it easier

to lift heavy loads and how to generate


Week 4

The first week of the school summer

holidays was met with continued

beautiful sunshine, meaning

that we were again able to make

the most of the outside space at

our public venues in Devon.

In Torquay Town Hall visitors were

challenged to build their own arch

bridge, and once built, try walking

over the top. The water rockets

were a big hit at Plymouth YMCA,

with many families coming back

for several attempts at launching

the highest rocket of the event.

Devon and Hampshire

23rd - 28th July

After travelling to Hampshire, a

busy day was had at the Winchester

Discovery Centre, with families

meeting our cuddly microbes,

and having a go at extracting DNA

from kiwi fruit.

In Andover Guildhall, Boris the

skeleton appeared again for a

walk about the town centre to

attract the public into the main

event. Inside, visitors were able to

look at microscopes, try building a

cathedral, and meet some more

of Boris’ bony friends!

Great Fun!


It’s EPIC!


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