The role of PDF and GWG in cross media publishing and production.

The role of PDF and GWG in cross media publishing and production.

The role of PDF and GWG

in cross media publishing

and production.

BArt Van Looy Chair Cross Media Subcomittee

Publishing Project Manager – Sanoma Media


• History

• Changed scope, what to expect!

PDF in cross-media environments

• Flows

• Pitfalls

• Where does the GWG fit in


“mobile devices have more

computing power than

NASA circa 1969”

1.2 Billion

Smartphones, Tablets to Be

Bought Worldwide In 2013

821 Million in 2012: 70% Of

total device sales worldwide

Source: Gartner

Mobile OS Market Share

1 Q 2012

Source: Gartner

Changed scope,

what to expect!

PDF first intention was to

eliminate PAPER

From print to multiple

output channels

• Increase amount of cross media output

for publishers and content creators

• Complex packaging for each media

output type

− Different needs

− Challenges

Liquid content

Is PDF still relevant in

cross-media workflows ?



Review / approve format on

mobile devices

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PDF is still valid but…

• For cross channel output there are

other, more valid, file formats coming


• Combination of more then one

technology, depending on the output,

will serve you better.


• As a connector

• As part of the cross media technology


• NOT per definition as a general/final

output format

• As an output format for a dedicated


− Print

− Screen

− …

Are all PDF’s readable

on mobile devices ?

PDF 1.3

PDF 1.5



PDF 1.4 PDF/X-1a PDF/X-4


PDF 1.7



PDF 1.6


Not Flattened


Green is good, Red is … not

so good




• Acrobat Reader X desktop • Acrobat Reader mobile v


• Acrobat Reader mobile v


Complex files

Missing objects


White lines (Anti aliasing)

Color Differences



• Increasingly, printers, publishers are

being asked to prepare print content

for use in eMedia applications.

• As a result a few questions keep

coming up:

− What is the best format to use?

− What is needed to ensure a successful

adaptation for use on a tablet or mobile device.

• As a result many publishers moved to

PDF files for tablet advertising and rich

editorial content.

• However without standards it became

very confusing for creation, submission

exchange and production.

Most common flows

• Repurposing PDF files prepared for

print production

• Establishing a device independent PDF

as a digital master file

• Creating dedicated PDF files for each

output channel.

Most important things to

care about

• Define the output needs before you

take any decision

• Size

• Complexity of the files

• Color management > RGB flow

Is there a solution !

and where does the GWG fits in..

Future specification(s)

The new GWG Cross Media

Specification will include the following

tablet optimization types for the ad


• In development in conjunction with


Future specification(s)

• (SFP) Straight from Print - replicated straight

from print submission

• (SFP+) Straight from Print Plus - replicated

straight from print submission allowing URLs

• (DFT) Designed for Tablets - purpose built for

tablet, matching print ad and allowing URLs &


• (EFT) Enhanced for Tablets - purpose built for

tablet ad with enhancements

Info & links

• Cross Media SC



• Stay informed about GWG



Thank You!

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