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Best solutions for


Military, Education

and Corporate

Government / Military

Enhance group communication

and expedite training

with SMART solutions.


Drive speed, clarity and collaboration

with SMART products.


Transform your classroom with

SMART education solutions and

free teaching resources.

SMART Solutions

Take collaboration to new height

Imagine a new way to bring people and ideas


Walk into a meeting room and in seconds your

team is brainstorming on a digital display. Wri-

te, save and distribute meeting notes.

SMART solutions help create an environment

where teams can share ideas, communicate

with colleagues and save time.

Collaboration solutions

With SMART solutions, conferencing becomes a

visual, interactive experience, and keeping

records of meetings is effortless.

Teamwork is a collaborative, inclusive process

that produces valuable ideas, whether your

colleagues are in the same meeting room or on

different continents.

At SMART, collaboration isn't about technology.

It's about people, ideas and the ability to bring

them together in a meaningful way - and most

of all, we make it easy.

Take collaboration to new heights ... P.1

Interactive Whiteboard systems ... P.2

Pen Displays, FlatPanel Overlays ... P.3

Extraordinary made simple ... P.4

How are we redefining the way people work?

SMART solutions let you collaborate with

remote team members in real time as if they

were sitting right next to you - whether they're

in different offices, different cities or different


It's as easy as a simple touch, fingertip to


Training solutions

SMART solutions help you get the most from

your training investment. SMART can help you

deliver efficient, interactive programs whether

your learners are on different continents or in

the same room.

When you teach and work collectively using

SMART solutions, training sessions are easy to

present and hard to forget.

After all, SMART is synonymous with education.

Over 18 million students are learning with

SMART around the world. Research proves

students learn better in active, collaborative



SMART Board interactive whiteboard

600 series

Works with your existing projector and computer.

■ SB 640 48“ (121.9 cm), 4:3-format

■ SB 660 64“ (162.6 cm), 4:3-format

■ SB 680 77“ (195.6 cm), 4:3-format

■ SB 685 87“ (221 cm), 16:10-format

■ SB 690 93“ (238.8 cm), 16:9-format

■ Mobile floor stand for SB660, SB680

SMART Board bundle with projector

SMART Board with wall mount, projector ,

ceiling mount and cable VGA 10 m.

■ SB 660-P 64“

■ SB 680-P 77“


Interactive wirelessly with your SMART Board

interactive whiteboard or Sympodium interactive

pen display from 52 feet (16 m) away.

SMART Slate WS200

SMART Document Camera

Instantly display real-time images of any static or

moving object onto an interactive whiteboard for

your entire audience to see.

SMART Document Camera

SMART Board Hub

Meetings without requiring a dedicated meeting

room PC. You can quickly write, save and distribute

meeting notes without a computer.

SMART Board Accessoires

■ Replacement Pens (Set of 4)

■ Replacement Pens (Set of 4) and Eraser

■ Audio System USB for SB600 serie

SMART USB active extension cable 5m

■ USB to Cat5 Extenter

■ GoWire SMART Software Auto-Launch cable

■ Wireless Bluetooth Connection

■ Padded Carrying Bag for SB640 and TS

■ Padded Carrying Bag for SB660

■ Padded Carrying Bag for SB680


Leading SMART Reseller 2010

■ SB685ix 87“ Bundle

SMART Board 600i

Interactive Whiteboard System

Brighter projected image and highest color quality.

Integrated short-throw projector, power-on module

and connection panel.

■ SB660i 64“ system

■ SB680i 77“ system

■ SB685i 87“ system, 16:10-format

■ Wall mount height-adjustable for SB680i

■ Replacement lamp for projector SB600i

Comming soon

■ SB885ix 87“ Bundle

SMART Board 685ix

Interactive Whiteboard System

The 685ix (87“) is one of the world's first integrated

systems to combine an ultra-short-throw projector

(UX60) and a widescreen interactive whiteboard.

It virtually eliminates shadows, glare and distracting

projector light.

SMART Board 885ix

Interactive Whiteboard System

The 885ix combines a SMART Board interactive

whiteboard powered by SMART’s DViT (Digital

Vision Touch) technology, an ultra-short-throw

projector that virtually eliminates shadows and

glare, an extended control panel that provides

centralized control over the entire system and a

multiuser Pen Tray that launches on-screen functions.

It also comes with SMART Meeting Pro

software, which enables writing in digital ink over

the standard office software applications you use

every day.

SMART Board 685ixR Mobil System

SMART Board 685,

Fahrgestell elektrisch höhenverstellbar,

Ultra-Kurzdistanz-Projektor UX60

(Abstand zum Board nur 35 cm)

■ SB885 Mobil System

SMART Board 680 Flight Case System

SMART Board 680, FlightCase on wheels,

Ultra-short-throw projector SANYO PLC-XL50

and mounting system height adjustable by lift.

■ SB680 FlightCase System

Errors and omissions excepted.

SMART Board 6052i interactive display

The SMART Board 6052i interactive display is a

touch-enabled LCD display designed to give you

access to digital materials in your meetings and

make interacting with your notes a more intuitive

and engaging experience.

DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology.

Display resolution: Full-HD (1920 x 1080).

SMART Product Drivers and SMART software.

Delivery with 1 SMART pen. Warranty 2-years.

SMART Board TM 6052iB

Interactive Display, color black

SMART Board TM 6052iW

Interactive Display, color black

SMART Board interactive display frame

Blend interactivity with brilliant visuals by adding the

SMART Board interactive display frame to your

plasma display.

(see specification list

Delivery with 1 SMART pen. Warranty 2-years.

■ Display Frame 40“ bis 49“

■ Display Frame 50“ bis 59“

■ Display Frame 60“ bis 65“

SMART Board for flat-panel displays

Add interactive whiteboard power to LCD or

PlasmaDisplay. Compatible with a broad range of

flat-panel display sizes and brands

(see specification list

Delivery with 4 pens and eraser.

Warranty 2-years.

■ Overlay 32“

■ Overlay 40“, 42“

■ Overlay 45“ and 46“

■ Overlay 50“ and 52“

■ Overlay 57“ and 58“

■ Overlay 60“ and 65“

SMART Sync - classroom management

Take the headache out of classroom management

and enhance student achievement.

SMART Sync 1 Meeting-Raum

Bridgit - conferencing software

Bridgit software makes communicating over distance

effective and simple.

■ Bridgit Server + 5 user

Display 1 mobile floor stand

Projectors, Displays

and accessoires

for displays up to 50‘‘, height adjustable

■ Display 1 floor stand

Display 2 multimedia cabinet

for displays up to 50‘‘, height adjustable

■ Display 2 cabinet

Display 3 multimedia cabinet

on wheels, for displays up to 50‘‘, height adjustable

by electro lift

■ Display 3 cabinet

SMART Podium ínteractive pen displays

The perfect presentation tool. All you have to do is connect your

Podium to a computer and projector.

■ ID350 15“ (38.1 cm), 4:3-format

■ ID370 17“ (43.2 cm), 4:3-format

■ ID422w 22“ (56.0 cm), 16:9-format

resolution 1080p

■ DT770 17“ (43.2 cm)

Dual-Touch system

SMART Response - interactive assessment software

Includes a radio frequency (RF) remote for each person

in your room, a central receiver, Notebook whiteboarding

software and Senteo assessment software, which tallies

student responses, records attendance, posts test results

and provides individual feedback.

■ Respomse with 24 Clicker

■ Respomse with 32 Clicker

SMART Board Training

Display wall mount floor stand

■ Display wall mount 32 - 60“

■ Display wall mount 60“ and more

Display 5 floor stand

for displays up to 55“

■ Display stand 5-1 for 32 - 42“

■ Display stand 5-2 for 40 - 65“

Make the most of your interactive technology investment.

■ Trainings events (on-site or online) Contact us.


How do we seamlessly

implement a solution?

Pre Implementation

� Assess current inventory

� Identify technology needs

� Develop integration plan

� Specify room configurations

� Provide training consultation


� Create installation plan

� Deliver training programs

� Integrate existing technology

� Provide technical support

� Suggest content & resources

Post Implementation

� Provide help desk support

� Deliver ongoing training

� Analyze data & usage

� Monitor & maintain products

� Offer extended warranty


Extraordinary made simple

■ Deliver more effective training. ■ Roll out strategies more quickly.

■ Communicate mission-critical

information in real time.

■ Access resources and seamlessly

share information.

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