Daily Butt Workout - RunMob


Daily Butt Workout - RunMob

Daily Butt Workout

Want to strengthen and tone your butt and legs in 5 minutes a day?Daily Butt

Workout contains two 5 to 10 minute daily butt and leg routines that step you through

twenty of the best lower body exercises. This workout is developed and demonstrated

by a certified personal trainer, and spending just minutes a day can strengthen and

tone your butt and legs. The routine's simple interface, complete with video and

timer, allows you to easily follow along and understand each exercise.FULL

VERSION features: Two workouts Random & custom workouts Landscape mode &


GreenLight LiveWallpaper

It shines to Green.The shining floor is the surroundings. A green light flies about.It is

the LiveWallpaper which shines cool. [Setting]Home > Menu > Wallpaper >

LiveWallpaper > Aurora--Setting and Update--Please try again when becoming an

error. (After setting other wallpapers. )

Ten days of war

Ten days of warSurvive ten days of war. Control advanced air defence system.

Confront and defeat attacking enemy air force.Withstand initial air strikes and make

your counter offensive possible.Be ready to combat attacking helicopters, modern

high precision weapons, cruise missiles and 5th generation stealth fighters, airborne

special forces.

Spy Kids Remote Audio Calculat

You can hear what is happening around your children's, very useful. Audio

SpyRemote Audio RecorderThe RAR is the final application to ensure family

security. Install the application on your children phone, you do not take more than 1

minute. From the website you can activate the phone recorder and record what is

happening around your child. (Record the ambient sound as if it were a microphone

that goes with your son, combers on the street, noise, etc.).The application is Simply

to install and configure. Configure it once and the application always work, so

undetectable. The application sends the audio file recordings to your email

automatically.You can hear what is happening around your children's, very useful,

make sure they do not lie and say they are where to be. No other applic...

Salsa Festival Anywhere - Pro

Learn Over 160 Salsa Combinations with our unique Step by Step video player!

Download over 160 salsa combinations: on1, on2, cuban and shines! Import and

catalogue your own salsa videos. Shine videos with back view and mirror view.Our

video player is made for Salsa! It lists the elements of the combinations (double turn,

inside turn, check, ...) and knows where the "1" is. Just tap any element start playback

from there, or play step by step to figure out when exactly stuff is happening!Learn

about the rhythms and instruments in Salsa, and play the instruments together with

the music!We offer per default high quality videos, but if your device is not powerful

enough to play them in step-by-step mode, you can choose low quality videos in the

options.It is like Salsa Festival in your...

Systerac Cache Cleaner Pro

You can get more available storage space by clearing cache files with this app.1-click

to clear all cache files and the best thing is you don't have to ROOT your phone.* NO

ROOT REQUIRED *Android 4.0 ICS and Honeycomb compatible!Characters: 1-

click to clear all cache files. 1-click clean WIDGET Your phone doesn't need root.

Show the total cache size. List apps that have cache files. Simple and easy

use.Clean:- Applications cache- Browser history- Call history- Market search- Gmail

search- Maps search- Navigation history- Messages history- ALL installed programs

cache* NO ROOT REQUIRED * Ignore list (long click menu, histories for all, apps

for root) Scheduler Size limit notifications App, task killer (long click menu) Widget

with one click clear a...

RocketDial Pro (Smart Dialer)

Best dialer and contacts management tool you can have !Ready For Android 4.0

(ICS) !!!Detailed Features: - Fast and Powerful Smart search T9, search for names,

organizations, title, phone numbers,websites, notes... and all the information contacts

have, change the search easily by long click the "#" button.- Fast search from History,

Search by name or by phone number !- Favorites support, large buttons for select,

quick and easy dialing. - Support facebook accounts , show photo from facebook.

(before 4.0) - Perfect contacts support : operate on single or multiple contacts , send

messages, write emails, delete your contacts in one click, everything is fast and

convenient. - Speed dialing numbers 1 - 99, press and hold the button to assign a

speed dial. You can also configure the...

Group SMS Pro

"Group SMS Pro" allows you to send personalized SMS to a group of people."I am

not just an entry of your contact book!"This is what happens when you send a bulk

sms to a group of people. They all receive the same message.This time is over! make

your SMS personalized, show to your recepients that they are important to you! How

to 1. Write your message with special keywords 2. select your recipients3. "Group

SMS Pro" will change these special keywords with the Firstname or Lastname of

your recipient => the message becomes personalized :) Features User friendly

application Unlimited recipients available Easy Contacts picking create group of

Contacts (friends, familly, team mates) The SMS are sent one after the other (the

price of th...

Camera Trigger (AdFree)

Motion Detect and Time LapseCamera Trigger is a simple motion detection

application. Device camera shutter will be triggered by objects movement on the

selected screen area where user can change the area position and size of it.Additional

functions includes:* Time Lapse mode.* Email notification function.* Dropbox auto

upload function.* When the motion is detected, the notification email (with preview

image) will be automatically sent to the user email.* Device screen orientation

supports: Portrait, Landscape, and Upside DownApplication may be useful for the

certain purposes.1. Self portrait photo taking.2. Use as self-timer function.3.

Monitoring some place continuously.4. Creating fun animated photo albums.5. And

etc.1. Camera Settings:Auto focusOutput image sizeNote: Camera setting woul...

MLG Lightspeed Widget Theme

Say hello to the Lightspeed theme! (requires Make Look Good - Widget Themes)***

This widget theme requires Make Look Good - Widget Themes ***UPDATE:

Summer Sale until end of May 2012 - buy this theme for just US$0.99!Say hello to

the Lightspeed theme!This futuristic widget theme will rock your desktop, and make

your device the envy of even the most hard-core iHeads. Lightspeed comes with a full

set of widgets:+ MLG Clock (4x2)+ MLG Small Clock (4x1)+ MLG Weather

Forecast (4x1)+ MLG Flight Mode toggle (1x1)+ MLG Wi-Fi toggle (1x1)+ MLG

Brightness toggle (1x1)+ MLG Bluetooth toggle (1x1)+ MLG GPS toggle (1x1)+

MLG Silent toggle (1x1)+ MLG Vibrate toggle (1x1)+ MLG USB tethering toggle

(1x1)+ MLG Wi-Fi Hotspot toggle (1x1)+ MLG Auto-rotate toggle (1x1)+ Matching

Lightspeed wallpaper*** Sea...

MB Notifications for Facebook

Facebook Notifications for your Android device!REALLY IMPORTANT: If you

have any issue, things don't work as you expected or whatever else, please don't

complain on the market since I have no way to help you out there.Tutorial:

http://mikebannion.altervista.org/tutorial.htmlLet's face it, when it comes to Android,

whether you like the official Facebook application or not it has one major flaw: no

notifications! And this is even more true when you don't use any app for Facebook at

all but just the browser, and yet want to keep updated. I frankly hate this: why would

you have to check for updates yourself when you could get automatically notified

whenever a notification from your Facebook account arrives, just as iPhone users do?

I decided to solve this issue for my own conven...


Enjoy FreeCell on your phone.Features: Select any game from 1 to 1000000

Landscape and portrait orientation* Unlimited Undo and Redo* Adjustable cards size

(pinch-to-zoom)* Hints Timer* Auto save on exit Animated cards motion Auto

collect Tablet support Install on SD card* Requires Android 2.3 or newer

Wings of Fury

Become the next Maverick and navigate your own Thunderbolt towards the

front.Become the next Maverick and navigate your own Thunderbolt towards the

enemy front.Your Mission: Eliminate all enemies on the islands and return unharmed

to your base.Discover your abilities and destroy anti-aircraft bases with singular

skill."Wings of Fury" is the game experience you were expecting.An unforgettable

challenge for all hobby pilots.Make sure you watch the how to play video.Based on

an old classic!!Enjoy it!!

Skyrim Live Wallpaper + Clock

Skyrim Live Wallpaper + ClockAll screen resolutions supported!All processors

supported!More clocks and lwp added in next update.I have 9 more clocks and I'm

adding 2 more live wallpapers. BUT I need an idea for the second one. Whichever

lwp gets the most requests ill do.

Weekly Ads & Sales Pro

Do you like finding great deals at local stores like CVS, Walgreens, Macys, Kohls,

Safeway, Aldi, BestBuy, Wal-Mart, Kmart, Albertsons, Rite-Aid and others? This

app helps you do just that! With weekly ads for 96,000+ stores for 100+ major

retailers accessible in seconds - its easy to find great deals! == Stores with deals

available through the app==- PharmaciesWalgreens, CVS, RiteAid, GNC-

GroceriesKroger, Food Lion, Publix, ALDI, Safeway, Save-A-Lot, Albertson's, Stop

and Shop, Vons, Ralphs, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, ShopRite,

Meijer, Jewel, Smart & Final, Giant Food, Shaws, Stater Brothers, ShopKo,

SMITH'S, Acme, RANDALLS, FOOD4LESS, Henry's Farmers Market, Walgreens,

Marks Savings, KING SOOPERS, FRYS, DOMINICKS, QFC, Kroger, Cub Foods,

Publix, ...

The World is Yours LWP

A must have for any Scarface fan! The ultimate Original Gangsta Live Wallpaper!

Now you can look like the Big Time Gangsta of the Miami Drug Cartel with the

World is Yours Live Wallpaper. (The 3D Globe rotates and the Neon letters Glow!)If

you want the world and everything in it, then say 'ello to our little app! A must have

for any Scarface fan!--------- PLEASE READ: INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS

--------NOT for Tablet use- a 720 HD version will be out shortly as a separate

LWP.TO INSTALL: Home -> Menu -> Wallpaper -> Live Wallpapers.Note: the

"open" Button does not apply to live wallpapers, you must go to the live wallpaper

settings to install.------------------------------------------------------Please email me if you

have any questions, suggestions, or issues with the Worl...

Schedule Deluxe Plus

Schedule Deluxe - the ultimate helper for school and study and everyone.Timetable

Deluxe - the ultimate tool for school, college and university.This app is for organized

students who want to have control of their whole school-routine, students who want

to have an overview over their courses or parents who always want to have their kids

timetable with them.In addition it is also possible to comfortably administer

homework and grades.To put the matter in a nutshell, here are the top five reasons for

getting Timetable Deluxe: 1.) Main function: Timetable Free choice of colours for

your courses.Day- and (classic) week-overview, next X courses.It's possible to create

multiple timetables.2.) very comfortable input-methods (without limitations):speech

recognition and date selection. Entries c...

Work Calendar

*** Please test out the Lite version! ***You are shiftworker or have changing

working-time or schedule?It bugs you to setup every single calendar entry according

to your work schedule?Have a look at Work Calendar!Work Calendar will help you

to enter your shifts and work schedule in a clear, easy and convenient way.All entries

are made in an existing Google- or Exchange calendar (prerequisite)!Setup categories

that will serve as templates to be easily used when entering shifts later on. You can

even combine several categories to a more complex work schedule. Different kinds of

counters will help you keeping an overview of shifts, work hours or even resulting

salary.Of course, you may also use Work Calendar for other types of recurring events

(hobby, sports, club-days, school, university...)...

Just Playlists Plus

Just Playlists Plus - Create/use M3U/PLS files to play music, podcasts, streamsSame

as free version, plus - Playlist editor- Full screen mode- Screen-always-on - Quickskip

-7s/+30sTry free first! To upgrade:- Menu->More->Export from JP, saving

settings and positions- Install JPP, Import- Uninstall JPMore


Speed and Reflexes Games PRO

This app contains a lot of games all based on the speed of your reflexes!!!This funny

app contains a lot of games all based on the speed of your reflexes and your

abilities.Have fun play against your friends in games for two players, or improve your

results in the single player mode and then sharing your records on Facebook!The best

test of reflexes on the market!Challenge your friends and show us that you have the

best reflexes!The best reflexes test / reflex test app on the market!This is the PRO

version that includes more games and no ADS banners!

UniWar HD


in HD** Over 1.7 million of games played and counting** 2011 Best Multiplayer

Game Award 2nd place** 2009 Best Multiplayer Game Award Nominee & Runner

Up** 2009 Best Strategy Game Award Nominee** Support ALL Android: tablets,

HD phones and non HD."...its impossible to pass up if youre even remotely interested

in turn based strategy games." - TouchArcarde"...Im truly in awe of everything that

has been captured and neatly packaged in UniWar..." - AppCraver - 10/10"...Its

probably the best strategy game on the iPhone right now..." - PixelatedGeekBeen

waiting for a multiplayer game for you and your friends? The wait is over! Here

comes UniWar!UniWar is the online multiplayer ...

Engelsk Large ordbog

Engelskordbog med mere end 175000 ord og ordforbindelser. 50000

udtaler.Avanceret dansk-engelsk og engelsk-dansk ordbog med oversttelser af over

175.000 ord og ordforbindelser. Derudover 50.000 udtaler af engelske ord. Det ord

du nsker at sl op kommer frem i listen efterhnden som du indtaster. Du kan ogs sge

med jokertegn.Programmet henter sit indhold under download af applicationen. Dette

sker bedst over WIFI. Lad telefonen ligge p bordet mens de hentes.Testet p

:SAMSUNG galaxy S og TAB 7Sony Ericsson X10 Experia og Mini ProHTC

desireLG Optimus m.fl.Feature: udvlg tekst i ordbogen med long tab og sl udvalget

op eller kopier detFeature: Swipe mellem detailskrm og ordlisteProgram: Erlandsen

Media Publishing AB

WP7 Notifications Plus

WP7 Notifications displays your device's notifications like a WP7 phone.With WP7

Notifications you can greatly improve the way your device displays notifications,

with a Windows Phone look.--== SUPPORT ==--For more information and a

detailled FAQ, go to http://www.productigeeky.comIf you have any question or

suggestion, please use our feedback page here :

https://getsatisfaction.com/productigeeky.You can follow us on :- Twitter :

https://twitter.com/#!/productigeeky- Facebook :

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Productigeeky/345564608829878--== THE

SERVICE ==--To work properly, WP7 Notifications requires that you activate the

accessibility service "WP7 Notifications" (accessibility services are currently the only

way to process notifications on the Android system).Status bar not...

Hexagon Unlim

This game is an unlimited version of game named "Hexagon".It does not contain

advertising.The goal of this game is to find such positions of elements on the game

field that form picture of tree with branches grown from the center. All elements

should be connected to each other by branches of the tree. That is the general rule.It

seems simple. But once you play youll find it extremely interesting. It requires you to

be smart, concentrated and patient. So this game is entertaining both for children and

grown up people.Each game level is generated randomly and has only one solution.

Complexity of the game is defined by the size of the game field.The game is similar

to games such as Pipes, Branch, Plumber, "Netwalk", "Scrambled Net", etc.

Contact Lookup Pro

Search any of your contact fields from your home screen.This is an extension to the

Android search facility that lets you search for any contact details.Whilst Android

includes a native contact search, it will only search for names, and not parts of

numbers or addresses. Contact Lookup Pro will search for any part of your contacts

that you choose.Includes powerful search modes including a true AND search that

works across categories.Pro version adds:- Improved phone number search.- Search

your contact notes- Search contact events (OS 2.0+)- Search SIP addresses (OS 2.3)-

Search Gmail custom fields (OS 2.0+)- Search group names- Palm like Initial +

Surname search, e.g. use "ol" or "ola" to find Osma Bin Laden- Sort by Surname-

Quickly show contacts in a group (OS 2.0+)-...

Zipper I Pro - MagicLocker

'Zipper I Pro - MagicLockerTheme'It's a Magic Locker Theme App.To run this theme

app, you must install Magic Locker App first.(Follow the installed theme app

indication or search 'mobi.lockscreen.magiclocker' in Google

Market)*********Author : xavierjohn22*Description : Center unlock home, phone

and sms unlocks pockets. All changeable.********Q&A:Q: How to find more Magic

Locker Themes?A: You can press 'More Themes' button in 'MagicLocker Setting-

>Themes Tab'. Or search 'mobi.lockscreen.magiclocker.theme' in Google Market

directly.Q: How to install Magic Locker Themes?A: After you install a Magic Locker

theme app, you need to run the theme app and press'Install this theme' button in the

theme dialog.Q: How to uninstall Magic Locke...

Status Brightness - Donate

Status Brightness allows you to quickly and easily change the screen brightness of the

system no matter what application you are currently in. You no longer need to exit to

the home screen to access an application to set the brightness. You simply click on

the icon in the status bar notification area and select the new screen brightness. After

making a selection you are returned right to where you were previously working. You

also have the ability to disable the screen timeout and dimming feature of

Android.*** This tool is designed to make life easier for people so please contact me

with any feedback or problems. I will be happy to work with everyone. I developed

this for my Acer Iconia so if there are problems on other devices please send me an

email and let me know.

Pool Cue 3D

Mobile pool with realistic OpenGL 3D graphics, lighting and sound effects.Highly

customizable pool (billiard) game with a wide range of features. * Realistic OpenGL

3D Graphics, lighting and sound effects* Advanced physics engine* Play with

common pool rules* Intuitive touch controls, gameplay* Billiard (Pool) full feature

support: call pocket, move ball, zoom out, zoom in, overhead* Play yourself or with

the computer or friend* Wide array of pool games: 8 ball, Straight, Rotation, 6-ball,

9-ball, 10-ball* Configurable board length: 7 foot, 8 foot, 9 foot* Modify computer

level: easy, medium, hard* Change board color: sienna, grey, green, blueIf you

enjoyed our app, we would appreciate your feedback and/or rating on the app. If you

face any issues please use the email in our app to contact...

Cherry blossom live wallpaper

It is a beautiful live wallpaper that falling cherry blossoms in the screenIt is a

beautiful live wallpaper in whitch cherry blossoms is falling in the screen.You can

feel spring has come by decorating the wallpaper with the cherry blossoms!*---*---

*---*---*---*---*---*---*---*---*There are five pattern background images. Please

choose and set the favorite one.**Background images***Romantic Pink*Romantic

Blue*Sakura Print(Pink)*Sakura Print(Blue)*Cats and Cherry Blossoms*---*---*---

*---*---*---*---*---*---*---*+The sparkling effect is put on the part

touched.------------------------The following additional point in addition to a free

version is in a full version. +There are four pattern effect motifs. Please choose and

set the favorite one.**sparkling effect***Heart1*Heart2*Twinkle*Cherry...

Flash Player - Browser

Muzzamil Bring the FULL web to your device with Flash Player- videos, games,

apps & moreAdobe Flash Player enables a complete web browsing experience by

enabling access to your favorite interactive content. Adobe Flash Player on your

device gives you: The freedom to access the same rich web content you experience

on a desktop PC from your mobile device - anywhere, anytime; Uncompromised

browsing without empty boxes on web pages.To view some examples of how Flash

Player enables you to see your favorite interactive content on your device, please visit

m.flash.com on your device browser.A list of Adobe Flash Player certified devices

can be found at: www.adobe.com/go/cd1.NOTE: Please check with your device

manufacturer or carrier to ensure you have the latest firmware update fo...

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