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Your creativity & skill deserves the light

I See² integrates in the same sealed

and disinfectable IP50 device:

• the LOLé 2 operating lamp

with 4300K neutral white LEDs;

• the general Albedo lighting

in Northern light;

• the travelling function.

I See 2 is designed specifically

for dental treatment and surgery rooms

and is CE Medical certified (MDD93/42).

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The quality of lighting

Colour of the two-phase light

For the ″diagnosis and care″ phase, the LOLé 2 operating lamp emits a 4300K neutral white light. So

the light’s aspect is identical to that of halogen operating lamps, which have given in this respect total

satisfaction for 30 years.

Contrary to the cold (blue) white of other LEDs, which give a cyanotic aspect to gengiva, the neutral white

enables an excellent identification of red tones (soft tissue ulcerations) and yellow tones (decayed dentine,

enamel fractures and tartar). Your diagnosis is surer and dental care is made easier.

For the ″reconstruction/aesthetic″ phase : the Albedo ceiling lamp emits a Northern light with 6500K

tubes of IRC>98.

Powerful illumination to provide lighting conforming with the standards

In the 3 areas of the treatment room (EN 12464-1): 1500 lux on the patient’s face, 1000 lux in the

working area, 500 lux in the movement area.

Of the operating area (standard ISO 9680)

The LOLé 2 operating spotlight covers the entire mouth – even the largest – with a very powerful light. Your

view of the operating field is therefore clearly better and operating lamp adjustments are unnecessary as

you act. The great depth of field enables powerfully illuminating the entire depth of the mouth. The central

spotlight area - 52 mm high x 55 mm wide - attaining more than 35 000 lux is very uniformly illuminated.

The shadows are divided by 5 with respect to the maximum authorised by the standard.

It corresponds to surgical standards.

The criss-crossing of 4 light beams provides an exceptional 75mm depth of field. It guarantees maximum

lighting at the back of the mouth and facilitates using instruments without light, such as the surgical

knife or the syndesmotome.

Northern light mainly indirect lighting

…for the right distribution of luminances, a minimum dazzling effect and a reduction of conveyed shadows,

particularly with 4 hands.

The care taken in the design and distribution of the brightness gives an incomparable UGR (measure of

the total operator glare) conforming with the most stringent standards for the most delicate work:

This remarkably low glare offers much more comfortable light which helps to calm and relax patients

while they are being treated and enables the dentist to make the choice of shades in unsurpassed conditions.

Sources latest generation daylight

The tubes are controlled by electronic ballasts: instantaneous turn-on, elimination

of flicker phenomena and stroboscopic effect, extension of the life of

the tubes, optimisation of energy consumption and elimination of the undesirable

ambient temperature rise.

The LEDs are 4300K neutral white light types: optimum conditions for detecting

red and yellow variations on tissues. Thanks to their service life, no

light bulb will have to be changed throughout the device’s life.

The absence of the 470 nm wavelength in the

LEDS in the LOLé²

…removes virtually all the composite pre-curing effects. The dentist does

not have to move or to add a filter to the operating lamp during preparations.

I See 2 , an integral design for dental work

(treatment and surgery)

I See² is Impervious to IP50…

Sterile environment

Impervious to IP50.

Dustproof and insect proof, protected against spray splatters…

I See is fully sealed top and bottom so does not allow any contamination to penetrate.

Surface disinfectable like all operating room equipment by simply wiping or spraying with a surface disinfectant

(Dürr FD 333).

and surface disinfectable.

Operating lamp dismountable and

sterilisable handles.

Dismountable and sterilisable handles

Easy to remove for each new patient. Two original pairs are supplied, and 2-pair sets are available as

spare parts.

“No Touch” lighting controls

Switch on and brightness adjustment of the ceiling scialytic lamp and the LUX + function (surgery, luminotherapy)

by a simple hand movement.

For the operating lamp: the control is under the lighting head, protected from the field of operator head


For the ceiling lamp: the control is adjustable to fit the user’s height and the lamp’s suspension height:

no contact with the hand.


Certification of conformity with the European regulations on medical devices (MDD 93/42): I See 2 is

certified for specific use in a dental medical environment: the certification guarantees health protection

for the dentist and treatment safety.

Everyday comfort

Travelling for maximum ergonomics

The positioning of the operating lighting is optimised: it follows your working position, not the other

way round; its head is 3-axis orientable.

The travelling function reduces the force exerted for the translation movement of the operating lamp by

more than 50%: its movements are fluid and comfortable, particularly when welcoming and releasing the

patient. Shoulder pain and tension disappear.

LED dental lamp

No spurious noise or heat emission.

The very low electrical consumption of the LEDs (


“No Touch” lighting controls.

Luminotherapy and surgery application

thanks to LUX+ function.

LUX+ function

The LUX+ function enables the lighting to be significantly intensified.

Luminotherapy application

Exposure to bright daylight reduces the secretion of melatonin, the “sleep” hormone produced by the

epiphysis. Luminotherapy therefore helps to regulate the internal body clock. Biorhythms are reset to

their optimum levels. This generates a feeling of well-being, an increase in the level of physical activity

and improved body tone.

Surgery/implanto/endo application

Working area at 2300 lux (instead of 1500), with the dual advantage of intensifying by 800 lux over the

whole operating field without subjecting the practitioner’s eye to intense accommodation when the surgical

operating light is increased to 50,000 lux. The brightness and the UGR remain very low, and the level

of comfort is kept at its best.

Surrounding area at 1000 lux as recommended in standard EN 12464-1 for surgical operating rooms.


The miniaturisation of the appliance is the culmination of long development period aimed at lighting

excellence while conserving the planet by economising on:

- raw materials (aluminium and plastics), while retaining robustness and elegance,

- electronic components and energy consumption, while improving performance,

- tubes, by extending their life by temperature control within a sealed luminaire and by total and responsible

future recycling.

Clean modern design

Compact and lightweight, it improves the look of your practice and adapts to any treatment, dental hygiene,

orthodontic or surgery rooms.

Technical characteristics

I See 2

ceiling height

I See 2.0: 2 400 mm - 3 000 mm

I See 2.H : 3 000 mm - 3 400 mm

traitment room surface 9 - 21 m²

height under lighting 2 100 mm (cote fixe)

Indice Protection (IP) IP50

Consumption max < 500 W

colour rendering IRC > 98


I See 2.0 : 48 kg

I See 2.H : 58 kg

LUX+/sensor Function yes

LOLe 2 Rail Albédo M/S

sources 4 LEDS 1W Cree - 8 tubes T5 54 W teinte


coulour temperature 4 300 K - 6 500 K

dimensions (mm) 292 x 94 x 62 1 710 x 120 1 260 x 2 x 410 x 50

illuminance max - - 6 000 cd/m²

illumination (lux) 40000 max - 3 650 max

luminous flux max - - 27 600 lumens

UGR moyen - -- 13

Measured in our European-certified ISO 17025 EN IEC approved measuring laboratory.

Produced in Swiss ISO9001:2000

4, rue de Jarente F-75004 Paris - Tél. : +33 (0) 1 71 18 18 60 - Fax : +33 (0) 9 70 80 10 00 -

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