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carrie macdonald

Independent Consultant, National Vice-President

Carrie MacDonald Nation; Edmond, OK

An acclaimed leadership expert said, “The only difference between those

who throw in the towel and quit, and those who use their energy to rebuild

and keep going, is found in the word ‘hope.’” I am still amazed by how different

my life is because of Arbonne, and by the hope it has brought me. My

journey began with this awesome company at the very end of February in

2002, as I was invited to a Presentation being conducted by Cristi Cole. As

I watched Cristi during the Presentation, I began to think that Arbonne might

be what I had been looking for in my life. I had a feeling that I could do

what she was doing; she made it look so simple. Most importantly, I had a

reason Why to do it.

At the time, I was a high school teacher, a profession I deeply loved. However,

my daughter, Katelin, was almost two, and I hated getting up and leaving her

every morning. I desperately wanted to stay home. Yet my husband is also a

teacher and a coach, and we knew we would not make enough combined

to pay for college, or anything else extra in between. I refused to go through

life accepting that this is the way it is; that there is nothing I can do to change

our future. I was willing to do something different. My dreams for my family

and our life are coming true now.

It was a leap of faith to join this business, but it brings me to my knees to think

of how our life would be without Arbonne. I did not know how I would get

here; I just knew I would never quit until I did! I was defi nitely on fi re for my

business from day one. There have been peaks and valleys along the way,

but the thing about it is, if you keep working and helping as many people as

possible, you will get there. Once I developed this attitude that if it’s to be,

it’s up to me, the sky was the limit. Along the way, I had to constantly remind

myself that this is up to me, but not about me. Sometimes we don’t talk to

people about this amazing business or products because we are afraid. That

fear is really about how we are going to feel, and not how someone else’s

life could be forever different. Keep sharing this gift with others your constant

goal. This made all the difference in my business.

When we went Region in October 2004, we were a small team, but one

with heart. That is what it takes in this business, is a heart to help people, and

a heart that is so full it keeps pushing when the chips are down. After getting

to Region, I was able to quit my job and I began realizing very quickly that

God had so much more planned for me. I needed to keep working and keep

helping people.

Carrie, husband, Scott and children, Katelin and Ian.

Katelin, Scott and Ian enjoying the family’s favorite pastime,



The thing I want you to know is that people will come and go in this business,

but our job is to have a chance to positively infl uence their lives no matter what

they decide to do with this. Having a servant’s heart is so key; never thinking

about what we can get out of this, but how much can we give to others.

ENVP Deanna Herrin and Carrie in New York City.

The VP team at the RVP retreat in Texas: ERVP Keysha Curtis, Carrie, ERVP Sara

Langum, Carrie’s sponsor, ERVP Cristi Cole, ENVP Connie Kaaiohelo, RVP RVP

Sara Wilson, ERVP Pat MacDonald and ERVP Dawn Haskell.

After lots of growing personally and promoting two amazing RVPs, we

began qualifi cation for Nation on December 1 st 2006. In that very next

month, my personal business changed a lot. Almost all of the business

builders in my central region decided to put their business aside. I decided

to focus entirely on whom I could help, and on fi nding as many people

as I could that wanted and needed this business. I realized that any time

you make a commitment to something, it will be tested. I worked twice

as hard, and treated myself like a brand new Consultant again. I got on

fi re for activity, and did everything I could. During this time, I realized

God was trying to teach me something. The road to Nation is really

about continuing on to the summit, not stopping when it is comfortable

or heading back when it seems tough. Diffi cult times in our business and

in our life are there to teach us to become a better person and a better

leader. Also, so we can help our team when they go through it. My

focus has always been that this is a journey, and if we keep working

and believing and having faith, we will be rewarded. That is what makes

champions – someone who is willing to keep fi ghting for every inch, no

matter what the odds are for fi nishing or for winning. I had decided to

run this race with endurance and, above all, to fi nish. I thought my team

deserved that and my family deserved that, as did all of those people

waiting and watching to see if it could actually be done. If I you keep

stretching yourself, and are always seeing the abundance and the good

in every situation, you will be able look around and see an amazing

team. You will be able to help make their dreams happen too.

I had a lot of help and guidance from my upline while going Nation.

Deanna, you really taught me patience, when it was hard to be patient.

Because I worked and waited, October became our month to fi nish

Nation qualifi cation. The way I see it, this is just the beginning of my

business; I want to work harder and do more now than I ever have. Our

Nation is the most incredible group of servant leaders; they did so much,

and they never gave up. They kept fi ghting even when there was really

nothing else to gain for them. The most amazing thing about this is that

they did this for 11 months! I believe now they are beginning to see what

I have always seen, which is their greatness. Stretching yourself to succeed

is scary; it is a leap of faith. But you can really never help anyone

else in this business unless you are willing to put yourself out there, no

matter what the outcome. The whole point is to bring other people with

you to the top, and so you have to be willing to fi rst go there yourself.

Never doubt that your day is coming, regardless of how your business

looks now. No matter what happens in your business, be the person

who says “I am going to build it anyway!”

First I want to thank God for all of the amazing blessings I have received

through this company; my faith in Him continually restores me. To my

amazing upline, ENVP Neta Irwin and ENVP Cecilia Stoll, thank you

for doing this business when it was diffi cult, so our lives could be better.

ENVP Deanna Herrin, there are no words to express my gratitude for

you, you have held me up, you have helped me laugh, you have made

me a better human being just by being you. ENVP Connie Kaaiohelo,

you stuck with me through it all and you always encouraged me. ERVP

Cristi Cole, I could have not asked for a better sponsor or friend, you

have encouraged me to get to the top no matter what; your sweet spirit

is so calming.

My team: You all make me want to be a better person; you have all fi lled

my heart with such joy and are like family to me. I love you all. ERVP Pat

MacDonald, it has been so amazing to have my mother in law on this

journey with me, you have been with me since the beginning, and all

that we have shared is so precious. You have everything it takes, and I

am so blessed by you. ERVP Sara Langum, you have gone above and

beyond to help your team and me. I am so blessed to have you as a

friend, and as a leader. Your energy and your heart for this keep me

going. Thank you for your amazing attitude.

continued ...

success strategy:

Just know to never quit, never give up, never

stop believing and to decide to run your race

until you reach the fi nish line.

Carrie and some of the New Hampshire team.

DM Linda Squires, EAM Sandy Langum, AM Carrie Langum,

ERVP Sara Langum and Carrie at NTC 2007 Las Vegas.

To my downline VPs: I am amazed how God has brought you into my

life. ERVP Dawn Haskell, you have dealt with a lot, and yet you have

never once complained or stopped working full force. ERVP Keysha Curtis,

you started this to serve others, and that is what makes you amazing.

RVP Sarah Wilson, you have an unbelievable passion for this, and your

spirit drives your team. RVP Danielle Pearson, you have inspired me. You

have an incredible heart and an unfl inching belief.

To all of the Area Managers in our Nation, Brandi Thomas, Cara Drew,

Carrie Langum, Cheryl Morgan, Gena Fryer , Heather Gannon, Lisa

Sayers, Robin Price , Sandy Langum, Sharon Decker and Twink Derosier.

Focus, work hard and believe. I have no doubt whatsoever that you will

all be RVPs. To all of our District Managers and Consultants: Keep persevering,

knowing that it is not always easy, but if you work consistently

and live in abundance, you too will get there!

To my family and my in laws, thank you all for believing in me even

when it did not look possible! My mom, who left us three days after my

20 th birthday, lived a hard life, with a lot of illnesses and trials. I know

she knows that my heart is in this to help women just like her; someone

who wanted so much but could not see a way out. Thank you, mama,

for believing in your kids and for having big dreams for us, even when

you did not have them for you. I know you are with me.

To my incredible husband, Scott, there is nothing like having my best

friend with me all of the time. You saw the big picture from the beginning,

you believed in me, you supported me and you encouraged me

to do more. Even when doing more meant you had to sacrifi ce, you

never once complained. I love you so much. Thank you for letting me

live out my dreams. To my daughter, Katelin, you are so amazing; you

are such a confi dent and talented young lady with such a sweet heart.

To my son, Ian, you are such a sweet kid, with a great sense of humor,

EAM Cheryl Morgan, Carrie and DM Kim Funderburk at NTC 2007 Las Vegas.

ERVP Cristi Cole, ENVP Connie Kaaiohelo

and Carrie at NTC 2006 St. Louis.

Carrie and some of the New Hampshire team at RVP Danielle

Pearson’s Mercedes-Benz car presentation.

and you are going to be amazing at whatever you decide to do. Thank

you both for letting mommy be gone a little while, so I can be there for

you forever. I love you both so much!

Thank you to Founder Petter Mørck, President Rita Davenport, Chairman

& CEO Bob Henry, VP Support, the corporate offi ce and everyone

who makes Arbonne possible. This is such an incredible gift you have

given us.

Are you reading this and wondering, “How can I?” Just know to never

quit, never give up, never stop believing and to decide to run your race

until you reach the fi nish line.

Some of the Arkansas team, visiting for a summer training event.

The Grand Awards Dinner at NTC 2006 St. Louis.


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