Peckham Newsletter April 2013

Peckham Newsletter April 2013

MKA Peckham Newsletter

Issue 5 April 2013

“We, who are members of the Ahmadiyya

Muslim Community, try our utmost

to save the world and humanity from

destruction. This is because in this era,

we have accepted the Imam of the Age,

who was sent by Allah as the Promised

Messiah, and came as a servant to the Holy

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him),

who himself was sent as a Mercy for all of


Huzur’s (aba) Keynote Address at the 9th

Annual Peace Symposium, 2012

(The Review of Religions, May 2012)

Upcoming Events

Khuddams Voice -

19 th May at Baitus Subhan

Prayer times at Tahir Mosque

Fajr 04:30

Maghrib 20:30

Ishaa 21:30

Contacts and Feedback

Regional Nazim Ishaat:

Farhan Rashid Qazi

Qaid Majlis:

Imran Addo

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The Holy Qur’an

And We have sent thee not but as a mercy for all peoples.

(Ch. 21:V.108)


Abu Saeed Khudri (ra) narrates:

“The Holy Prophet (saw) used to feed camels himself: He would perform

household chores: mend shoes, darn clothes, milk goats, and eat in the

company of servants. If a servant became tired while grinding flour, he

would help him at this. He would not feel belittled carrying household

goods from the market to the house. He would shake hands with the

rich and the poor alike. He would always be the first to extend greetings.

He would not disdain accepting an invitation - not even so small an

invitation as to join in eating dates. He would relieve those who toiled.

He was mild-tempered and kind-hearted. His conduct was excellent and

he was always cheerful. He would smile but would not laugh loudly;

generous, but not extravagant. He was tender-hearted and merciful to all

Muslims alike. He would never eat his fill to the point where one is likely

to start yawning. He would never extend his hand motivated by greed.”


Writings of The Promised Messiah (as)

A strange phenomenal event took place in the deserts of Arabia,

when hundreds of thousands of dead became alive within a few

days, and those who had been corrupted through generations

took on Divine colour. The blind began to see and the tongues of

the dumb began to flow with Divine wisdom. Such a revolution

took place in the world as no eye had seen or no ear had heard

of before. Do you realise what this was? All this was brought

about by prayers during the darkness of night of one who had

been wholly lost in God. This created an uproar in the world and

manifested such wonders as seemed impossible at the hands of

that unlettered helpless person. O Allah! Send down blessings and

peace on him and on his followers in proportion to his concern

and suffering for the Muslim Ummah (the people of Islam), and

shower upon him the light of Thy mercy for ever.

(Barakatud Dua: Roohani Khaza’in, Vol.6, pp.10-11)


Summary of Friday Sermon

19 th April 2013

True Attributes of Muslims and their Responsibilities

A true believer should also have fear of God and be on the lookout for what

would make him obedient to God. For this even if a true believer has to incur

worldly loss, he should not care. Parents, friends, family, religious scholars or

other leaders, none should distant one from following God’s commandments.

Each one of us will be accountable before God on our own. No family or friends,

real or so-called spiritual leaders can take on the burden of another.

The organisations formed in the name of Islam which carry out Jihadi activities

do nothing but bring Islam in disrepute. God states that he grants triumph

to those who carry out Jihad in His cause. However, what success have these

extremists achieved? Muslims are killing Muslims. For this purpose they are acquiring arms from others. In Syria

different factions are fighting each other and demands are made to the Western world to provide them with arms in

order to overthrow the government. The rulers today only have their own interest in mind and only care for their

own seat of power. The religious leaders are also embroiled in power struggles and some are either running terrorist

organisations or are helping them. Children are given militant training in religious seminaries (Madrassa) and all this

is employed against Muslims. Muslim is baying for Muslim’s blood.

Islam is a religion of love and peace, the very meaning of which signifies peace and security and removal of pain.

There is similar restlessness in other Muslim countries with governments not providing social justice and committing

cruelty and the public too does not pay its responsibilities and when given a chance is also cruel. All this is detachment

from Taqwa. It is said that the teaching of Islam is complete, which it is, but they wrongfully say that no reformer or

Messiah or Prophet is now needed.

It was indeed prophesised by God and His Prophet(saw) that the advent of such a person will take place for the

reformation of the world. Promised Messiah(as) said I say most truthfully that according to the prophecy of the Holy

Qur’an I am that Dhul-Qarnain who experienced the century of every nation. And people burning in the heat are

those Muslims who have not accepted me. Christians are [like] those who sit in mud and darkness who do not even

look up to see the sun. And those for whom the wall was built is my community. I say truthfully that they alone are

the ones whose faith will be saved from the aggression of the enemies. Death of Chuadhry Mahfooz ur Rahman sahib

and Qaisera Begum sahiba daughter-in-law of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II(ra).


Importance of Jumu’ah

Huzur (aba) said that invocation

of Durud is closely linked to

acceptance of prayers. With its

blessings prayers made during

other times will gain acceptance

Friday Sermon 18 th September 2009


Allah and His angels said

blessings on the Prophet. O ye

who believe! you also should

invoke blessings on him and

salute him with the salutation of


(Ch. 33:V.57)

The Holy Prophet (saw) said:

“Profusely invoke Darud on me

on this day for this is the day

your invocation of Darud will be

presented to me”.

Friday Sermon 18 th September 2009



South Region Friendship Cup 2013

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South Region at Mercy 4 Mankind Charity Challenge

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Healthy Activities

With the MKA charity challenge taking place last week, I would like to highlight the benefits of taking part in a

marathon, even a half marathon, for your health:

1. You’ll stay motivated to run.

While some runners can race a short distance like a 5K with little or no training, most would have a tough time

trying to get through a half marathon with no preparation. So having a half marathon on your calendar will keep

you motivated to stick to your training schedule. On days when your motivation is suffering, you’ll think about how

you’ll feel if you have to back out of the race or if you try to run it completely undertrained.

2. You’ll burn a lot of calories.

Training for a half marathon requires logging a lot of miles, which will turn you into a calorie-burning machine. Of

course, you need to make sure that you’re not overcompensating for those lost calories by going overboard at

post-run meals, especially if you’re hoping to lose weight by running.

3. You’ll experience lots of health benefits.

Beyond helping you to lose or maintain weight, there are lots of other health benefits of half marathon training.

Running will strengthen your heart and ensure the efficient flow of blood and oxygen throughout your body, which

helps decrease your risk of a heart attack. Exercise is one of the best ways to naturally reduce your blood pressure

if it’s above normal and it can help keep high cholesterol in check. Running also improves your immune system, so

your body functions are more effective and efficient at fighting off germs.

4. You’ll have a lifetime of bragging rights.

While the half marathon distance is growing in popularity, the number of people who’ve completed a half marathon

is still very small. Once you cross that half marathon finish line, you’ll be joining an elite group of runners who can

call themselves a half marathoner.

5. You’ll discover new running routes.

If you typically stick to shorter distances for running and racing, training for a half marathon will force you to find

new places to run, since you’ll be doing a long run every week.

6. Your training will have more structure.

If you’re the type of person who likes to follow a schedule, you’ll love training for a half marathon. Every day

you’ll look at your training schedule to see what you need to do, whether it’s running, cross-training, or taking

a complete rest day. Each week, you’ll add a little more distance, so you’ll really feel like you’re making progress

toward your half marathon goal.

7. You’re less likely to get injured than if you trained for a full marathon.

Runners training for a marathon log a lot of miles, putting them at greater risk for overtraining-related and overuse

injuries than those training for a half marathon. Because the mileage demands are not as high as they are with full

marathon training, you’re more likely to give yourself a rest day when you’re starting to feel a little pain, which can

often prevent a full-blown running injury.

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