The Beacon March 2013 - Beacon Parish of Ditchling, Streat ...

The Beacon March 2013 - Beacon Parish of Ditchling, Streat ...



The Revd David Wallis

The Vicarage, 2 Charlton Gardens,

Lewes Road, Ditchling, BN6 8WA

(01273) 843165

Churchwardens: Andrew Martin St Margaret’s (01273) 846123


Mike Sewell Streat Church (01273) 890366

Mark Moody-Stuart

Doreen Kallman

Richard Allen

Colyeen Blanchard

St Martin’s

(01273) 846525

(01273) 844743

(01273) 842919

01444 246186

Hon Treasurer: Mark Moody-Stuart (01273) 846525

Bookkeeper: Sue Sewell (01273) 890366

Hon Secretary: Margaret Bovill (01273) 845319

Stewardship Officer: Rodney Dodds 01444 250753

Organist: John Sandford St Margaret’s 07855 957644

Hon Organists:

Lynette Walker

Lynn Bond

Streat Church

St Martin’s

(01273) 891005

(01273) 842387

Parish office Email: Phone: 01273 843165

The Beacon

Editor: Graham Sharpless (01273) 845368



Sue & George Hancock (01273) 890298



Jenny Bell

Margaret Moore


(01273) 843194

(01273) 843805

Paul Charman Streat & Westmeston (01273) 844743

Full membership of the PCC can be found on the website:

The Revd David Wallis’s day off is Friday

The Beacon Parish is a registered charity,

number 1132488

Front cover: Old pump in St Margaret’s Churchyard

The Beacon March 2013

The Magazine for the Parish of Ditchling, Streat & Westmeston


The Beacon Churches Calendar March 2013 ............................................................ 2

Fr David writes ............................................................................................................. 3

Bible Notes ............................................................................................................... 6

Beacon Parish News .................................................................................................... 6

Beacon Parish Church Duties March 2013 ............................................................10

Prayer Diary – March 2013 ....................................................................................... 12

Book Reviews .........................................................................................................14

News from Chichester Diocese ................................................................................. 15

What’s On in March 2013 ......................................................................................... 18

What’s On in April 2013 ............................................................................................ 19

Ditchling Women’s Groups ....................................................................................... 20

Children and Young People ....................................................................................... 22

Village News ............................................................................................................... 25

Nature Corner ............................................................................................................ 33

The Beacon in the Past ..........................................................................................35

The Beacon Parish Office

Open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings

9.30 am to 12 noon (the place to direct any enquiries)

01273 843165 email:

Everyone is very welcome to attend any of the church services listed on the next

page. You will be sure of a warm welcome. Coffee, tea and delicious homemade

cakes and/or biscuits are normally available after the Sunday 9.45 am services in

St Margaret’s, Ditchling. We look forward to seeing you there or at any of the

other services in the Beacon Parish.


The Beacon Churches Calendar March 2013

Morning Prayer at Ditchling: Monday to Friday at 9.00 am


Eucharist (BCP) Ditchling 8.00am

All Age Eucharist Ditchling 9.45am

Morning Prayer Westmeston 9.45am

6 Wed Eucharist Ditchling 9.30am


Beacon Eucharist Ditchling 9.45am

13 Wed Eucharist Ditchling 9.30am


Eucharist (BCP) Ditchling 8.00am

Morning Prayer Ditchling 9.45am

Eucharist Streat 9.45am

Eucharist Westmeston 4.00pm

20 Wed Eucharist Ditchling 9.30am



Ditchling 9.45am

procession leaving from the Vicarage

25 Mon Monday of Holy Week

Stations of the Cross Ditchling 7.00pm

26 Tues Tuesday of Holy Week

Stations of the Cross Ditchling 7.00pm

27 Wed Wednesday of Holy Week

Eucharist Ditchling 9.30am

Stations of the Cross Ditchling 7.00pm


Passover Celebration Ditchling 7.00pm


Meditation of the Cross Ditchling 12.00pm


Easter Vigil Ditchling 7.00pm


Holy Communion BCP Ditchling 8.00am


Easter Eucharist Streat 9.45am

Easter Evensong Westmeston 6.00pm


Fr David writes

Beacon Parish Structure of Services Questionnaire

Your views are needed!

Dear Friends

The PCC and I have been taking a fresh look at our structure of services in the

parish to see if we can make any improvements. It would greatly help us to know

what you think and so your input and thoughts are needed! It is no easy task to

juggle the variety of requirements across the parish but by filling in the short

questionnaire below, it will help us to form a picture of what people want. We

would like to know not only your personal preferences but also what you think

will help the church to grow and flourish. Thank you for taking the time to help

us with this important review.

Fr David

Please tick the applicable answer(s) – feel free to choose more than one


You can either fill in this form and cut it out from the magazine or alternatively pick

up a questionnaire from any of the churches. Please return your form to one of the

collection boxes in church or to the Parish Office by Palm Sunday (24 th March).

Do you feel an attachment to a particular church?

It makes no difference Ditchling Streat Westmeston

Do you normally go to a particular church?

Yes if there is a service there

If I like the kind of service

Do you attend more than one church in the parish?

Yes if there is a service On special occasions Only one church

What sort of services do you prefer?

A Eucharist every Sunday

A mixture of Eucharist and other services


Should there be at least one Eucharist in each church every month?


It does not matter greatly

If you are happy to attend an evening service, do you prefer

Eucharist Evensong I do not like evening services


(please give more


What are your views on services for the young/family services

More family services

We have enough

More family services, but without young children

Young children elsewhere for part of the service

Do you think that there should be some BCP services?

Communion in Ditchling only

BCP Matins or Evensong

Communion in Streat/Westmeston as well

I am happy with no regular BCP services

Is regularity of the service pattern important to you?

The same service on the same

Sunday in the same church

The same time and pattern, but

not necessarily always Eucharist

Please use the space below to express any additional views:

Your name (optional):


Bible Notes

The Bible is such an amazing book; it never changes, is never added to, nor taken

away from, but is ever and incredibly up to date. Luke 16:17, “It is easier for

heaven and earth to disappear than for the least stroke of a pen to drop out of

the Law".

We all know the story of Samuel as a boy in the Temple listening to God’s voice,

but sometimes miss what a wise old man he grew into, still listening to God and

proclaiming his word. 1 Samuel 12 is fascinating as Samuel gives his farewell

speech to the Israelites who wanted to have a King rule over them rather than

God, as they wanted to be like the other nations around them. It is worth

reading, especially verses 19-25 as it explains what the situation would be like.

“But be sure to fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart”. Why

serve God? His service is perfect freedom (Galatians 5:1 and James 1:25).

Throughout the Bible we are presented with the God given example of how

relationships should be: Genesis 2:24, Malachi 2:14-16, Matthew 19:5-6, Romans

1:18-32, 1 Corinthians 6: 16-20 and 7: 3-5, and Ephesians 5:22-33. These verses

give helpful clarity in the context of the present day debate on marriage.

The verse of the month is from 1 Samuel 15:22 “But Samuel replied: ‘Does the

Lord delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the voice of

the Lord? To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of


Jill Veness

Beacon Parish News

Electoral Roll

The Electoral Roll for the Parish has to be re-created every six years, with the

existing Roll cancelled. The Diocese has informed us that a new Electoral Roll is

to be created this year and should be ready for the Annual Parochial Church

Meeting, on Sunday 21 st April.

Everybody on the current Roll will be advised of the need to complete an

Application for Enrolment on the Church Electoral Roll form if they wish to be

included on the new Roll. Anybody not on the current Roll but who would like to

be included now, should likewise complete a form.

Forms will be made available to everyone, and can also be found at the back of

the three Churches. Completed forms should be handed in at the earliest

opportunity, ideally by the end of March, to the Church Office, Church Wardens


or Sidesmen. If anybody does not meet the above date, please still complete a

form and hand in as names can continue to be added after the APCM.

Application forms can also be downloaded from the Beacon Parish website at

Contacts: Tony Blanchard (St Margaret’s), Paul Charman (Streat and

Westmeston) or a Church Warden.

Tony Blanchard

PCC Briefings

The PCC met on Thursday 24 th January, 2013, in St Margaret’s Vestry. Some of

the items discussed were:

The Lent Course ‘Glimpses of God – Hope for Today’s World’ starting on 13 th

February at 7pm and each Wednesday during Lent.

The advertisement for the Youth Worker is currently ‘live’ and interviewing

will take place on 23 rd February.

The Standing Committee will look again at the structure of Services.

The PCC approved the Parish Contribution for 2013 which will be increased

by 5% from £66,400 to £69,720.

• Heated Cables are required for the guttering of both Streat and Westmeston

Churches which will prevent a build up of ice during the winter weather.

The PCC was also asked to approve the fitting of a hearing loop and sound

system for Streat Church.

Margaret Bovill, PCC Secretary

St Margaret's Church Flower Guild - Easter Flowers

We will be doing the flowers for Easter on Saturday 30 th March from 9 - 11 am.

There will be a bowl at the back of the church for the three Sundays prior to

Easter for contributions towards the purchase of flowers, and any donations will

be most gratefully received.

Jenny Bell

Streat Barn Garden

The first session to maintain Streat Barn Garden will be on Saturday 6 April at

9.30am. Any help would be most welcome; coffee and biscuits will be served.

Thereafter we will meet on the 2 nd Saturday of the month ie 11 May, 8 June, 13

July, 10 August and 14 September.

Fiona Smith




For all your building requirements

OVER 25 YEARS Experience

• extensions

• loft conversions

• kitchen & bathroom specialist



Visit our website


For free advice and estimate

Call now 07961123054

01273 891572


The Beacon Churches “100 Club”

The winners of the January draw were Gill Philips and Jane Roberts who both

received prizes of £20.

The shares for the new 2013 “100 Club” have now been collected. Thank you for

your support.

Pam Gaskin 01273 843182

Deanery Choral Evensong

Eight parishioners from Ditchling attended the Hurst Deanery Choral Evensong at

St Peters Church, Henfield on Sunday 17 th February along with many others from

other Deanery parishes. Eight St Margaret’s choir members joined 34 other

choristers from other parishes in the Deanery including Burgess Hill (St Andrew

and St John), Cowfold, Henfield, Hurstpierpoint and Woodmancote to lead the


St Peters Church, founded in 770,

lies at the highest point of the

ancient parish of Henfield and is

part of the united benefice of

Henfield, Shermanbury and

Woodmancote. The vicar, the Rev

Alistair Cutting, led the service

with the assistant Rural Dean, the

Rev Dr Caroline Currer who gave a

thought-provoking Sermon.

The Psalm, Nunc Dimittis and

Magnificat were sung beautifully

by the choir. The anthem, King of

Glory, King of Peace (JS Bach) sent

our spirits soaring to the roof

along with the choir’s voices.

The final anthem, the Vesper Anthem, God be with you till we meet again

(Anthony Abbott) was a fitting farewell to the Rev Cutting who leaves Henfield

and the Deanery for the Diocese of Southwark where he will be Archdeacon of

Lewisham and Greenwich.

Choir members and parishioners from Ditchling were made to feel most

welcome. A sumptuous spread of homemade quiche, sandwiches, sausage rolls,

coffee and tea was enjoyed as we mingled and chatted with clergy and those

from other parishes which rounded off an evening of fine hymns, anthems and

traditional evensong liturgy. Both body and soul were nourished.

Carl Belfield


Beacon Parish Church Duties March 2013

Time Church Service Lessons Readers Sidesmen

10 Mothering Sunday No flowers in Lent


Penelope Di Martin

9.45am Ditchling


Luke 2: 33 - 35

Bennett Judy Essex

17 5 th Sunday of Lent No flowers in Lent

8am Ditchling

Eucharist Isaiah 43: 16 - 21 Margaret Margaret

BCP John 12: 1 - 8 Houston Houston

9.45am Ditchling

Morning Isaiah 43: 16 - 21


Nan Crofton

Joan Styles Jane

John 12: 1 - 8


Isaiah 43: 16 - 21

9.45am Streat Eucharist

tba Sue Sewell

John 12: 1 - 8


3 3 rd Sunday of Lent No flowers in Lent

8am Ditchling

Eucharist Isaiah 55: 1- 9


Colin French Colin French

Luke 13: 1 - 9

9.45am Ditchling

All-Age Isaiah 55: 1- 9



Carl Belfield

Luke 13: 1 - 9

Emma French




Morning Isaiah 55: 1- 9 George Hancock

Paul Charman

Luke 13: 1 - 9 Pam Allen



Isaiah 43: 16 - 21

John 12: 1 - 8


Judy Moody-


Doreen Kallman

Paul Charman

24 Palm Sunday No flowers in Lent

9.45am Ditchling

All Age


Narrated Gospel tba

Ian Berrill

Sue Sewell

29 Good Friday

12 noon Ditchling Meditation of the Cross

30 Easter Eve

7pm Ditchling Easter Vigil

31 Easter Day Streat & Westmeston: All flower ladies





Acts 10: 34 - 43

Matthew 28: 1 - 10

Jasper &

9.45am Ditchling Eucharist John 20: 1 - 18 Margaret Moore

Jenny Bell

9.45am Streat Eucharist John 20: 1 - 18 tba Mike Sewell




Colossians 3: 1 - 7

Luke 24: 13 - 35


Mark Moody- Stuart

Doreen Kallman


Brenda Hall

Specialists in Landscape Planning

Garden Construction Waterscape Landscape

& Waterscape Maintenance Service




TEL: (01273) 843283, FAX: 842335

Directors: A L Standen & S M May

Company Reg. No. 814630 Registered at

Ashdown Cottage, Underhill Lane,

Ditchling, Sussex, BN6 8XE


Feast Days

Prayer Diary – March 2013

Prayer for the world church

& Prayer for this diocese

1 David, Bp of Menevia, Masvingo (Central Africa)

Patron of Wales, c601 Balcombe, St Mary

2 Chad, Bp of Lichfield, Matabeleland (Central

Missionary, 672 Africa)

Bolney, St Mary Magdalene

3 Lent 3 Matlosane (Southern Africa)

The Diocesan Board of


4 Mbaise (Nigeria)

Cuckfield, Holy Trinity

5 Mbale (Uganda)

Haywards Heath, St Wilfrid

6 Mbamili (Niger, Nigeria)

Haywards Heath, St Richard

7 Perpetua, Felicity, and

their Companions, Martyrs

at Carthage, 203

8 Edward King, Bp of Lincoln,


Mbeere (Kenya)

Highbrook & West Hoathly

Mbhashe (Southern Africa)

Horsted Keynes, St Giles

9 Meath & Kildare

Lindfield, All Saints

10 Mothering Sunday Medak (South India)

Spiritual Directors in the


11 Melbourne

Scaynes Hill, St Augustine

12 Meru (Kenya)

Slaugham & Staplefield


13 Michigan

Wivelsfield, St Peter & St

John the Baptist

Prayer for places in

the Beacon Parish

(This month: Streat)

St Helena Farm and


Huntswood House

Kidds Farm and

Gallops Farm

Captains House and


Glebe Farm

Deans Farm and


Rumpus Cottage

Blair Court

Shangri-la and

Shergolds Farm

Malthouse Farm and


Stoneheald Farm

Roxborough Farm and

Griggs Farmhouse

Whitethorn and The



Feast Days

Prayer for the world church

& Prayer for this diocese

14 Minna (Nigeria)

Haywards Heath, Ascension

15 Seffrid II 1204 Minnesota

Rural Deanery of East


16 Edward Storey 1503 Oeste-Brasil (Brazil)

Copthorne, St John the



Prayer for places in

the Beacon Parish

(This month: Streat)

Elm Grove Farm

Marchants Farm and


Cheaslfield Cottage

17 Lent 5 Mississippi Streat Barn Cottage

18 Missouri

Rectory Cottage


19 Joseph of Nazareth Mityana (Uganda)

Crawley Down, All Saints

Skynners and The

Coach House

20 Cuthbert, Bp of Mombasa

North Acres

Lindisfarne, 687 Southgate, St Mary

21 Thomas Cranmer, Abp of



East Grinstead, St Swithun

Streat Place, Cottage

and Barn

22 John Kempe 1454 Montana

The Ridge

East Grinstead, St Mary the


23 Montreal


Forest Row. Holy Trinity

24 PALM SUNDAY Jerusalem Sandpit Cottages

25 Monday in Holy Week Spinneys, Oakwood


26 Tuesday of Holy Week Blabers Mead

27 Wednesday of Holy Week Oakwood Cottages

28 Maundy Thursday The Gote and Gote


29 Good Friday Victoria Cottage and

Jubilee Cottage

30 Holy Saturday Streat Hill Farm House

and Bungalow


Book Reviews

The Narnia Code – Michael Ward.

I first came across the writings of Clive Staples

Lewis, when as a student it was recommended that

I should read, ‘The Screwtape Letters’. Sadly I was

unable to get on, neither with the master demon

Screwtape or his nephew Wormwood, and so CS

Lewis was put to one side.

It was not until my two children Freya and Hilary

were growing up that I came across the Chronicles

of Narnia and realised what a tremendous impact

these tales had on them. They were both in their

turn, gripped by the adventures, but I wondered

how they responded to the underlying Christian

theme which, I was told, was represented in the

stories. To me this did not appear to be very clear;

nor could I reconcile in my mind Father Christmas’

appearance. What was I missing?

More recently these questions came up again as the Grandchildren fell in love

with Narnia and I was taken by Ben to see the film of, ‘The Lion, the Witch and

the Wardrobe’. There were no answers to my questions, but it was a wonderful


The help I required came from an unexpected source – an afternoon tea party in

Lindfield, where I met the father of a young man who happened to be a fellow

base in a choir in which I sang. I enquired after the son and was told that he had

recently published a book called, ‘The Narnia Code’ and I was kindly given a


The son, Dr the Rev Michael Ward, who is chaplain of St Peter’s College, Oxford,

has established himself as the foremost living Lewis scholar and has written

numerous articles. In the Narnia Code the reader is shown how each story

embodies and displays the characteristics of one of the seven planets – Jupiter,

Mars, Sol, Luna, Mercury Venus and Saturn. These planets, so important in

medieval times, were of great interest to Lewis, who described them as ‘spiritual

symbols of permanent value’. In the book, as Michael Ward puts forward his

theories, the reader is treated to an insight into the personal discoveries that the

author has made as his thoughts and ideas have formulated. I was particularly

moved by the account given in chapter 12 of a meeting he had with The Right

Reverend Simon Barrington – Ward, the former Bishop of Coventry. Bishop

Simon knew C.S. Lewis well in the 1950s. In their meeting Michael seeks the

Bishop’s help in understanding what Lewis meant by, ‘wordless prayer’. I found


the Bishop’s response both helpful and spiritually moving, and I felt the book

almost worth reading for that passage alone.

Whether one is a Narnia fan or not, this is a book well worth reading for it

reveals, not only CS Lewis’ scholarship and skill as an author, but also his deep

commitment to the Christian Faith. Michael Ward skilfully portrays to his readers

the character of CS Lewis, using this portrayal to support and explain his thesis,

whilst at the same time writing in such a way as to make the subject readily

accessible to the ordinary reader.

I found the ‘Narnia Code’ difficult to put down and it is my intention to borrow

the chronicles from my grandchildren and revisit that enchanting land. Perhaps

entering through the wardrobe in the company of Lucy and as we pass through,

catching just a touch of the lingering fragrance of perfume on the clothes

hanging there!

Ian Berrill

The Narnia Code’ – Michael Ward (Paternoster Press)

In Memoriam

In March we remember:

2 nd Arthur Mott 7 th Marybud Chignell

10 th Euan Keat 11 th Michael Hoare

11 th Valerie Hoare 11 th Dorothy Hunter

13 th Florence Lillie Taylor 16 th Neil Robinson

17 th Margaret Lynch 22 nd Tony Best

23 rd Harry James Booth 26 th Marjorie Lee

28 th Jill Holmes 29 th James Ager

29 th Albert Morrow

News from Chichester Diocese

For more information on these news items see the Diocesan website at

Bishop Martin responds to Pope’s resignation

It is with profound respect and regret that I heard the news of Pope Benedict’s

decision to hand over the burden of the Papal Office. Throughout his life, he has


placed at the service of the Church the gifts of considerable intellect, courage

and fortitude that God gave him.

In recent years, as Pope, Benedict has held aloft the bright light of Christian truth

on the world stage and we in this land benefitted from that costly ministry when

he visited us in 2010.

With great hope and love we pray for our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters,

and for those who will be responsible for the election of a successor in the line of

witnesses that traces its origins back to Peter the Apostle.

Come, Holy Spirit.

+Martin Cicestr:

New Archbishop of Canterbury to visit diocese

The Most Revd Justin Welby, the new Archbishop of Canterbury, is to spend the

day in Chichester diocese on March 19 th 2013 as part of his Journey in Prayer

Pilgrimage. Further details will be confirmed on the Diocesan and Cathedral

websites in due course.


For practical services

from friendly people

Wills & Estates

Property Sales & Purchases

Personal injury

Inheritance tax planning

Family matters

Services for businesses

32-34 Keymer Road, Hassocks

01273 843405

Authorised and Regulated by the

Solicitors Regulation Authority


2 Sat

5 Tue

6 Wed

7 Thu

9 Sat

12 Tue

13 Wed

19 Tue

21 Thu

22 Fri

What’s On in March 2013

Come and Sing Haydn's Nelson Mass, St Andrew's

Church, Burgess Hill

Brighton Festival Chorus Concert The Glory Of

Venice, St Bartholomew's Church, Brighton

Ditchling Downs WI meeting and talk Coffee Shops to

Hurricanes, the Friends Meeting House, East Gardens,


Deadline for entries for the Ditchling Horticultural

Society Spring Bulb Show, Ditchling Post Office

Lent Course, St Margaret’s Church

Ditchling WI meeting and talk Brighton Station,

Ditchling Village Hall

Ditchling Film Society film In a Better World,

Ditchling Village Hall

Ditchling Horticultural Society annual Spring Bulb

Show, Ditchling Village Hall

Chichester Choir Festival, Chichester Cathedral


p 31

p 31

p 20

p 29

p 20

p 25

p 29

Newick & District Decorative and Fine Art Society

lecture Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, Plumpton Village Hall p 30

7.30 pm

7.30 pm


5 pm

7 pm

2.30 pm

8 pm

5.30 pm

2.15 pm

Frugal Lunch, St Margaret’s, Ditchling 12.30 pm

Lent Course, St Margaret’s Church

Archbishop of Canterbury to spend the day in

Chichester diocese

Ditchling Village Association Coffee Morning,

Ditchling Village Hall

Women’s Fellowship annual Corporate

Communion, the Friend’s Meeting House, Ditchling

Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft Special Film

Screening, Ditchling Village Hall

p 16

p 25

p 21

p 27

7 pm

10 am


8 pm

DVA Newcomers’ Party, Ditchling Village Hall p 25 8 pm

Deadline for contributions for the April Beacon

24 Sun Deadline for handing in the Services Questionnaire p 3

What’s On in March 2013 (contd)

26 Tue Whist Drive, Westmeston Parish Hall p 23 7.15pm

30 Sat

St Margaret's Church Flower Guild Easter Flowers,

St Margaret’s Church, Ditchling

What’s On in April 2013

p 7

9 am

4 Thu

6 Sat

10 Wed

19 Tue

Ditchling Film Society film Incendies, Ditchling

Village Hall

p 25

8 pm

Streat Barn Garden maintenance p 7 9.30am

Sussex Chorus Benjamin Britten Centenary

Concert, Lancing College Chapel

Frugal Lunch, The Old Meeting House, Ditchling

Ditchling Village Hall Annual General Meeting,

Ditchling Village Hall

Ditchling Village Association Coffee Morning,

Ditchling Village Hall

p 31

p 26

p 25

7:30 pm

12.30 pm

7.30 pm

10 am

21 Sun Annual Parochial Church Meeting, Streat Church 11 am

30 Tue

Deadline for the Turner-Dumbrell Foundation

applications for grants

p 27

Whist Drive, Westmeston Parish Hall p 23 7.15 pm


Ditchling Women’s Groups

Ditchling Downs WI

For our February meeting we welcomed speaker Jackie Marsh-Hobbs who has

been a guide at the Brighton Pavilion for 14 years. George IV first came to

Brighton in 1783, as a young prince aged 21, thus beginning an enduring

romance with the seaside retreat and it became the setting for one of the most

unusual royal homes in the UK. George wanted to escape London and it was at

this time he bought a small farmhouse, two rooms up and two rooms down, at

the modern day site of the Pavilion. In 1787, the original building became a wing

of a larger property when George had a rotunda added with another wing built

on the other side. This was known as the Marine Pavilion.

In 1815, the Prince Regent continued with his grand palace plan and

commissioned architect John Nash to realise his dream. The prince was

fascinated with the beautiful imagery being carried back from the East by

travelling artists. He sought to recreate the look in Brighton. For the exterior,

Indian-style minarets and intricate carvings were created and George requested

a rich Chinese-inspired interior design, with colourful dragons and sea creatures

weaving through wallpaper, golden ornament, ceiling decoration and furniture.

After George 1V's death in 1830 the Pavilion passed to William IV. He used it as a

winter palace. Then the crown passed to George IV's niece Victoria in 1837. After

visiting the Pavilion just 5 times she decided that Brighton wasn't suitable for her

family and she removed many of the features including wallpaper, carvings and

fireplaces as well as the furniture, leaving little more than a shell. Brighton

Commissioners purchased the Pavilion for the town for £53,000 in 1850 and the

building has had many lives since then. During the First World War the Pavilion

was opened up as a temporary hospital for 4,000 injured Indian troops between

1914 and 1916, they recuperated under chandeliers in the music room. A lot of

the members had been to the Pavilion before but after hearing Jackie's

enthusiastic talk, many, I am sure, will want to revisit this iconic Royal Palace

once again.

Our speaker for the meeting on 5 th March, 7pm for 7.30pm, in The Friends

Meeting House, East Gardens will be Peter Cave who will speak on 'Coffee Shops

to Hurricanes'. Enquiries Barbara Dollings Tel 01273 843892

Barbara Dollings 01273 843892

Ditchling WI

At our February meeting, our speaker was Mr Tony Harris, in costume as Henry

VIII. He told the story of Henry’s lifelong journey to produce an heir to the


throne, and hence his need for six wives. Tony had spent three months at Henry

school and three years at Hampton Court Palace, in costume, to entertain

visitors, so his knowledge of the historic King was fantastic and we all thoroughly

enjoyed this entertainment.

This was followed by tea and biscuits and the raffle. The Flower of the month

was won by Mrs Shirley Cox.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 7 th March at 2.30pm in Ditchling Village Hall.

Our speaker will be Jackie Marsh-Hobbs on Brighton Station. Visitors welcome.

Briony Coomber 01273 845069

Women’s Fellowship

Our February meeting was held after the Beacon deadline so we will report on it

next month.

On Tuesday March 19 th we will be meeting at the Friend’s Meeting House at

7.30pm for our annual Corporate Communion. We are very pleased Father

David is able to officiate.

Pam Burr


Children and Young People

Ditchling (St Margaret’s) CE Primary School

Children at Ditchling (St Margaret’s) CE Primary School have been enjoying a

plethora of exciting activities as part of their Science Week. Children in Year 3 learnt

how to make paper and chose to present how they did this in different ways:

In song, to the tune of The Wheels on the Bus

The pulp in the water goes splish splash splosh

Splish splash splosh

Splish splash splosh

The pulp in the water goes splish splash splosh

In the tray

The hands in the water go shiver shiver shiver

Shiver shiver shiver

Shiver shiver shiver

The hands in the water go shiver shiver shiver

The water’s very cold

The mould and the deckle go swish swosh swosh

Swish swosh swosh

Swish swosh swosh

The mould and the deckle go swish swosh swosh

To get the pulp

By Lauren Bull

In an instruction text

Equipment: 1 frame, 1 mould, Paper, Bucket, 2 cloths, 1 tray

1. Rip up some paper.

2. Next grab some water and put the paper in the bucket.

3. Stir the pulp and pour it.

4. Get a frame and a mould and put it in the water.

5. Take it out and take the frame and put it on a cloth.

6. Next get another cloth and get the water off.

7. Stick the wet paper on the window.

By Casey Wheeler

1 st Ditchling Scout Group

Beavers – The last month’s programme has included learning about birds and

making bird feeders, doing experiments into gravity and making clay models of


hedgehogs. One meeting was on the subject of Lent which included the making

of pancakes.

Cubs – The Cubs held a Pack Forum to gather new ideas of things they would like

to do in their future activities. During the month they visited Haywards Heath

Mosque as part of a Challenge Badge. Another evening was spent learning about

the Chinese New Year and making snakes. We congratulate our Cub team which

came third in the Annual District Swimming Gala.

To complete another Challenge Badge the Cubs had the opportunity of seeing

how a computer works including dismantling some “dead” laptops. This was

arranged by Richard Shoubridge and David Salem and was said to be a highlight

of the half-term.

Scouts – CONGRATULATIONS! In the Annual District Swimming Gala our Scouts

won the trophy, coming first for the second year running. Out of the seven races

in the final, our Scouts came first in six of them and second in the one remaining.

You can’t be much more emphatic than that. The team was: Wilf Spencer, Angus

Brown, Evan Diamond, Sam Chard, Ollie Mayhew and Owen Jones.

In our annual Scouts’ Cooking Competition Pam and I had the pleasure once

again of being the guests judges giving us the opportunity of enjoying some

really, really tasty food presented as four-course meals with all the trimmings

and table decorations including candles etc., served by immaculately dressed

waiters. The dishes were prepared and cooked in the H.Q. prior to serving. We

cannot speak highly enough of the extremely high standard which was reached

and has become a hallmark of this event. Congratulations to the Falcon Patrol

who won the trophy by just one point on the night.

One evening was devoted to activities towards gaining the Entertainment Badge.

These activities included Macbeth in Six Minutes, Cinderella in Four Minutes,

Faulty Towers, Singing and Solo Guitar Playing all produced by the Scouts

themselves and performed in front of the Troop.

Alec Gaskin, Group Chairman


Tuesday 26 th March, Westmeston Parish Hall,

starting at 7.15pm

The next Whist Drive will be held on Tuesday 30 th April at 7.15pm

Everyone is welcome to join the friendly team of players.

For more details contact Doreen Kallman (01273 844743)


Village News

Ditchling Village Association Coffee Mornings

The next Ditchling Village Association Coffee Morning will be on Tuesday March

19 th in the Ditchling Village Hall between 10 am and 11.30 am as we have to

ensure that we vacate the village hall by 12noon. It is sponsored by the PTA.

Dates and sponsors of coffee mornings for the remainder of 2013 are listed



April 16 th

May 21 st

June 18 th

July 16 th

August 20 th

Sept 17 th

October 15 th

November 19 th

December 17 th


Ditchling Players

Horticultural Society

Ditchling Morris Dancers

Ditchling Society

Ditchling WI

Friends of Village Green

Ditchling Film Society

Friends of St Margaret’s


Ditchling Village Association Newcomers’ Party

TO ALL NEWCOMERS to Ditchling since March last year – we look forward to

meeting you at our annual Newcomers’ Party on Friday 22 nd March at 8 pm in

the Village Hall. You will soon be receiving an invitation from your Good

Neighbour but if you don’t, please get in touch with us so that we can send you

one. This is a lovely evening and a great way to meet other newcomers to the

village and representatives of the many clubs and societies that exist here

making Ditchling the village it is. Please contact Pam Gaskin on 01273 843182 e-

mail address:

Pam Gaskin

Ditchling Film Society

On Thursday, 7 March 2013 our film will be In a Better World which is a gripping

Danish film about revenge and the power of forgiveness structured around the

parallel existence of two men. Anton, who is a doctor at an African refugee

camp, is away from home a lot with the result that his marriage is in crisis. The

other man, Claus, is a businessman whose wife has just died of cancer, a

catastrophic event which has burdened his teenage son, Christian, with anger

and unresolved grief. At school, Christian befriends Anton’s son, Elias, a victim


of bullies. With almost psychopathic insistence, Christian persuades Elias that

the only true course of action is revenge. From the confines of a refugee camp

in Africa, to the deceptively idyllic suburban life of two families in Denmark, the

director expertly paints a portrait of two fragile worlds inextricably linked by

conflict and violence. 2011 Oscar and Golden Globe winner for Best Foreign

Language Film.

Director: Susanne Bier. Denmark 2010 119 mins 15 cert.

On Thursday, 4 April 2013 we shall be showing Incendies. After the death of a

Canadian Lebanese woman, her grown up twin children discover from the will

that they have a brother about whom they knew nothing and a father, who is

still alive. The children must now go to the Lebanon to find them which proves

to be a journey into the dark and mysterious past of their deceased mother. This

intriguing and emotional film touches on myth and memory as well as North

American politics of identity and grievance. However, its contrived and even

bizarre final revelation depends on coincidences of almost Hardyesque


Director: Denis Villeneuve. Canada/France 2010. 139 mins. PG cert.

The films will be shown in Ditchling Village Hall. Films start at 8.00pm. Doors

open at 7.30 pm. Free coffee and biscuits beforehand and ample free parking

behind the hall. Guests and temporary members are welcome for a small charge

payable at the door.

Rowena Cager and Melanie Samuel

Ditchling Village Hall

Our Annual General Meeting this year will be on Wednesday April 10 th 2013 in

the upper hall. Whether a Ditchling resident or not, or a current user of Ditchling

Village Hall or not, you are invited to attend. We have had an unusual year with

some big expenditure on maintenance and upgrading projects and some changes

of personnel. We look forward to telling you all about them.

We will start this year's AGM at 7.30pm with a short seminar on health, safety

and security. This is as close to a three-line whip for regular hirers to attend as

we can make it! Providing a safe, healthy and secure environment for those

attending functions is the primary responsibility of the hall trustees and hirers. It

is as well occasionally to remind ourselves of what is needed to ensure that we

exercise that responsibility with due care. We will tell you what you must be

doing to ensure the welfare of those attending your functions and you can tell us

if you think there are any shortcomings in the facility we provide.


We have maintained the high level of utilisation with a majority being by village

organisations or residents. Most of the 'outside' organisations using it involve

village residents. The hall is at the centre of the community. It is used for an

incredibly diverse range of activities, including weddings, wakes, plays, dances,

arts and crafts exhibitions, martial arts, yoga, talks, films, concerts and quizzes.

So please come along. We will also offer you a free glass of wine or soft drink.

There are no tickets – just come!

Tom Dufty, Chairman of the Hall Trustees

Your Village Needs You!

Once upon a time Ditchling won the Best Kept Village award but, sadly, she is

now in need of a lot of TLC and we need your help to bring it back up to the

standard that justified that description.

Initially, we would welcome responses from those in the village who may have

suggestions as to what needs to be done, where and how we could tackle this,

and also those who would be prepared, once we have collated and analysed the

responses, to be part of an Action Team to put the agreed suggestions into


Please contact: Sandi Munier tel: 01273 841494; email: and leave your name, contact number or email

address, along with your ideas. All suggestions will be very welcome.

Sandi Munier, The Ditchling Society

Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft Special Film Screening

In association with Ditchling Film Society presents a screening of David Jones

Between the Wars: The Years of Achievement plus an introductory talk and Q&A

by one of the films directors Derek Shiel on the 21 st March, 8pm (doors open at

7.30pm) at Ditchling Village Hall. Tickets are £10 with a glass of wine and can be

purchased at Ditching Post Office.

The film documents the life and work of Anglo-Welsh artist-poet David Jones

(1895 – 1974) beginning with his time as a member of the Guild of St Joseph and

St Dominic on Ditchling Common in the early 20s. It explores Jones’

development as a painter, engraver and poet, including the success of his epic

war poem ‘In Parenthesis’. Contributors include The Rt Rev Rowan Williams, art

historians Paul Hills and Frances Spalding and calligrapher Ewan Clayton. The

film is 78 minutes long.

Lucy Jenner 01273 844744


Applications for Grants are invited from

the Turner-Dumbrell Foundation

The income which enables the Foundation to make grants comes from the

letting of the agricultural land at Lodge Hill and Bowries Fields, together with

rents from the Turner-Dumbrell Workshops and the generous endowment from

the Settler Dr Richard Turner. In 2011-12 The Foundation made grants totalling

approximately £24,000.

The Trustees are looking to fund applications for interesting and innovative

projects that benefit the community while closely reflecting the Foundation’s

grant making objectives.

These are to support charitable institutions or charitable purposes in Ditchling or

in the immediate locality, with particular reference to St Margaret’s Church,

education and the practice of preventive cardiology (by the encouragement of

healthy lifestyle and exercise).

If you received a grant this year and are applying again, the Trustees will require

an update on how your project is proceeding.

Application forms are available on our website at

or can be requested in writing from the Secretary:

Mrs Roma Leon, 22 Beacon Road, Ditchling, Hassocks, BN6 8UL; Email:

Completed applications should be sent to the Secretary, preferably by email, no

later than 30 th April 2013.

The Sussex Guild Contemporary Craft Show

6 th & 7 th April 2013, 10 am – 5pm, Admission £2, children free

The Sussex Guild is proud to follow Ditchling's artistic tradition with our annual

Contemporary Craft Show in the village on the 6 th and 7 th April. In a friendly,

relaxed atmosphere visitors can meet the makers, selected for their high

standards of design, innovation and craftsmanship. Members live and work in

Sussex or the adjoining counties.

At the show in Ditchling Village Hall and St Margaret's Church, there will be an

exciting array of furniture, ceramics, jewellery, metalwork, textiles, wood and

printmaking. Located between the two venues is the jewellery shop of Sussex

Guild members, Pruden and Smith.

The Guild’s aim is to inspire and encourage public appreciation of fine craftwork,

both traditional and contemporary. Do come to meet the Sussex Guild members

and enjoy this very special show, perhaps buying or commissioning your own

individual work of art.


To find out more visit the Sussex Guild Shop & Gallery, Southover Grange,

Southover Rd, Lewes BN7 1TP Tel: 01273 479565

Helen Warren, the Sussex Guild Publicity Officer

Ditchling Horticultural Society (founded 1822)

Celebrating 191 years in existence Ditchling Horticultural Society would like to

welcome you to its annual Spring Bulb Show on the 9 th March 2013 in Ditchling

Village Hall.

For those of you who are planning to enter, exhibits must be placed by 9:30 am

on the morning of the 9 th March as judging begins at 10:00 am. Presentation of

Cups and a raffle draw will be at 4 pm on the same afternoon.

As always, entries for the show must reach Ditchling Post Office no later than

5pm on the Wednesday preceding the show (which this year is 6th March). For

all garden enthusiasts the newly innovated and successful ‘Seed Exchange’ will

once again be available so that seed contributors can browse and help

themselves. Please do mark seed envelopes clearly.

With plenty of free parking at Ditchling Village Hall we look forward to seeing

you there, whether as an exhibitor or a visitor - Public entrance is 50p, children

are free also are members of the society.

Mercedes Madden,, 01273 845236

Newick & District Decorative and Fine Art Society

Plumpton Village Hall Tuesday March 12 th 2013 at 2.15

'Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens.' Those of you who have read ‘Vanity Fair’ will

remember poor Becky Sharp’s visit to these gardens and her unfortunate

encounter with a very hot chilli which finished any romantic dalliance between

her and her best friend’s Amelia’s brother Jos! Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens on

the South Bank of the Thames entertained Londoners for over two hundred

years. Enormous crowds could be accommodated and in 1749 a rehearsal of

Handel's Music for the Royal Fireworks attracted an audience of 12,000, in 1786

a fancy dress jubilee was thronged with 61,000 revellers and in 1827 the Battle

of Waterloo was re-enacted with 1,000 soldiers taking part. It was a

tremendous centre of entertainment, even the Prince of Wales was a frequent


Our lecturer Andrew Davies read law at Oxford but quickly discovered that he

only ever wanted to talk about history. He is a very lively and most entertaining

speaker and lectures extensively for NADFAS, the National Trust, London and

Essex University Extra-Mural Departments, the Open University and the British

Museum. Come and find out all about a now, really forgotten and fascinating


part, of London's past.


The lecture will as usual be illustrated by a digital

If you are not a member of our society then the cost is £5 on the door with tea

and biscuits afterwards and a chance to talk to the speaker. We look forward to

welcoming you. If you require any further information please ring Marjorie

Blunden on 01825 723250

Annette Shelford

Come and Sing Haydn's Nelson Mass

Burgess Hill Fairtrade Festival Opening Concert

Saturday 2 March 2013, 7:30 pm, St Andrew's Church, Burgess Hill

Singers' workshop: 4 - 6 pm Public concert: 7.30 pm.

Artists will be Rachel Shouksmith – soprano; Hilary Andrews - mezzo-soprano;

Luke Churchill – tenor; Ed Hawkins – bass; Michael Maine – organ; Neil Jenkins –

conductor. Tickets: £10 for singers and audience, available from ticket manager

01444 412579.

Brighton Festival Chorus Concert

The Glory Of Venice

Saturday 2 nd March 2013, 7.30pm

St Bartholomew's Church, Ann Street, Brighton

Featuring BFC with Onyx Brass. Tickets £12, £18 ( unreserved seating) Brighton

Dome Box Office 01273 709709. For more information please visit

Benjamin Britten Centenary Concert

Saturday 6 th April 2013, 7:30 pm, Lancing College Chapel

A concert to celebrate Benjamin Britten's Centenary comprising Britten’s Rejoice

in the Lamb, Ceremony of Carols, Te Deum; Jubilate and the cantata Abraham

and Isaac. Sussex chorus will be joined by Kat Carson – soprano; Alexandra

Rogers - mezzo-soprano; Neil Jenkins – tenor; Stephen Doerr – baritone; John

Walker – organ and Terence Allbright – piano. The concert will be conducted by

Alan Vincent,

Tickets are priced at £15 with £12 concessions and children free from Sussex

Chorus Ticket Manager 01444 412579 and the Dome Box Office 01273 709709.

For more information see


Nature Corner

Nature Notes

It always seems that as soon as I make a comment about the weather, it

changes. Having written about the emerging Bluebells last month we had the

very cold and snowy spell. Fortunately it lasted less than a week and the plants

have made progress. Indeed, during the rare sunny times I twice had the

extraordinary sighting of a Red Admiral butterfly on the blossoms of a Mahonia

in front of my window. This species has only in recent years to be found

hibernating in this country, previously it was recognised as a migrant.

During the recent snow it was interesting to see how the wildlife coped. The

sheep I could see from my bedroom window spent much of their time scratching

the snow away to expose the grass below. This in turn attracted flocks of Rooks

and Jackdaws and as the snow began to thaw, huge numbers of Starlings all

trying to find worms and insect food thus exposed. For the first time this winter

Lapwings flew over and amongst them a single Golden Plover but they moved

swiftly towards the south-west. Amongst the sheep I watched a Hare also taking

advantage of the exposed grass.

After the thaw I took a walk along the stream at Wales Farm hoping to find a

Snipe or Jack Snipe to add to my year list. Both had been seen recently but I did

not find them. In a shallow muddy place along the watercourse that had been

made into an obstacle for horses in the cross country course, much to my

surprise I turned up a Green Sandpiper. This is the same species that was

featured on Countryfile last month, spending the winter in the Midlands in a

reserve where the watercress had been managed to hold invertebrates for their


We visited Dungeness for one day early in February to see how many species of

bird we could identify. This I must stress is not “Twitching”. Twitching is

travelling a distance to see a rare bird that has already been found by someone

else and though it can be exciting but has little scientific value. Some quite

eminent birders literally shudder at the thought of visiting Dungeness as there is

nothing for miles to stop the wind. Acres of flat pebbles and a few Gorse bushes

make it among the coldest places in Britain so it is for those who are brave or

foolish! This large area of shingle has over the years been used for the extraction

of gravel leaving large deep lakes that attract much wildfowl.

We identified ten species of duck and four of geese. The star of the day was a

Bittern that flew in front of the car across the road from one lake to another

alighting near a patch of reeds beside another before they both slipped into the

vegetation becoming quite invisible. In three places we found Great White Egret

and Little Egret and Kingfisher in two others. A wonderful bird that one can be

guaranteed to find is the Marsh Harrier. These large birds of prey seemed to be


in the air wherever we looked. Perhaps six or eight individuals were present a

fine adult male seen not far from the hide we were in was memorable.

It is with great humility I announce that I won the sweepstake for the number of

species we each predicted before we left. We recorded a total of seventy-two

different birds, one fewer than I predicted.

Reg Lanaway

Spring Cleaning

You know the feeling - you just can’t stand it any longer. Well the time has come

in my garden. Plants that weren’t pulling their weight were read their last rites

12 months ago and now the culling has begun. As we must now factor in at least

one major snowfall each winter, there is no room in the garden for plants that

cannot cope or are not doing enough for the rest of the year to warrant their

lebensraum. So out they all go.

Of course in the shake of a lamb’s tail, their spots will be taken by the fresh

hopefuls being trialled, but it is always interesting to work out why a plant has

failed to make the cut. I must confess to having very high expectations … it is not

enough to simply have one season of interest (except for my beloved bulbs!).

For a plant to earn its place, it must be all singing and dancing. Although foliage

is high on the list of priorities, there are plants like agapanthus that have very

ordinary leaves but I would never consider ripping out. Scent of course is divine,

but all the lavenders have gone

because, what is the point on

clay? Form – a plant’s habit, is

very important. However, out

went the brown Carex grass

with the fabulous Rod Stewart

haircut because its colour

makes it look dead all year

round. Even though the

sedums drive me mad because

of their flop, they remain

because they are vital in the autumn. Don’t tell my mother, but I have pulled out

all the Shasta daisies. She gave them to me, probably because they were taking

over her garden too! But I would not dream of getting rid of Phlomis russelliana

which could colonise Mars – it is just too useful and looked truly breath taking in

the snow. One family of plants that will never be on the cull list are euphorbias.

To see them is to love them.

So now all is prepared for the brand new hopefuls. Nothing better than knowing

the garden is ready to take on the world, or at least the March winds!

Haut Talk by Karoline Baird 07742 731967


The Beacon in the Past

Below are excerpts from previous issues of the Ditchling Beacon.

40 years ago

From the Vicar (Tony Way):

“Well, perhaps I could make that my Lenten penance.” I wonder how often I

hear something like that said, usually about doing an unpleasant and unpopular

chore. So many of us tend to see Lent in this way; negatively rather than

positively. This is to think of penance and fasting as ends in themselves rather

than as means to an end.

Penance is, or should be, a sign of sorrow for our failures in the past. At one time

the Church used to mark this with the special Ash Wednesday ceremonial of

making a black cross on the foreheads of worshippers at the mass for that day.

Ash made from burning the previous year’s palm crosses was mixed with oil for

the purpose. I used to think it was strange that they could read the Gospel for

Ash Wednesday with Our Lord’s warning about fasting in secret and then walk

out into the world with black crosses on their faces! ….. At a time when all were

at least supposed to be church members this was not the sign of individual

penance, but the collective penance of the christian community. We no longer

live in such conditions and so I am sure that it is important that any of us who

adopt a lenten discipline …. should do it “in secret” i.e. without, as far as possible

letting anyone except God know about it. This can be quite a discipline itself!

20 years ago

From the Vicar (Kenneth Jeffery):

Lent is a very suitable season for thinking about spiritual searching. …. We are

reminded that there is a great deal of sin in the world, and that our own lives are

not free of sin. Why then if God knows of our sin is this spiritual search

necessary? It is especially necessary for us who make up the ordinary

congregation of the Church, otherwise it can be all too easy for us to think that

because we are not burglars, nor murderers, not adulterers, there is not much

wrong with our lives. It is only if we search our lives that we discover that we

have faults …. These are not things greatly noticed by our neighbours …. but

they are nonetheless wrong in God’s sight.

We must search for these things and seek the help of the Holy Spirit to rid our

lives of them…. From our own self-examination our thoughts move on to a far

more rigorous search … God knows our character and our ways …. more fully

even than we ourselves. We can be hypocrites to ourselves, and shut our eyes

to many of our failings; we cannot be hypocrites to God. We must acknowledge

what we are, and seek forgiveness, thankful that a way to search for it has been

opened up for us by our Saviour’s death on the Cross.




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