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McGowan’s Musings:

At this moment of writing I’m not even sure

that this Newsletter will ever get read by any

of you as I cannot send or receive emails, two

bloody machines, and as we say not a dickey

bird out of either of them in terms of communication

with the outside world! So hopefully

my friend Jon, he who ‘knows about these

things’ will get me back on line. Of course if

you’re reading this he has, if you’re not it’s all

academic and I may as well continue talking

to myself!

I have recently been dwelling on things to do

with the access and the new worlds offered,

and in my case often denied, by computers, as

I seem to be hearing a lot about Second Life.

This as most of you will know is a computer

world where new identities and lifestyles can

be indulged in; it is all taken very seriously by

individuals and corporations alike. Concerts

are to be staged in Second Life, and much as

we have all been comforted by the maxim

‘You can’t recreate the live experience’ it

seems that the ‘avatars’ that will attend these

shows will although on their own in the real

world, enjoy one aspect of the live concert,

and that is the company of other members

of an audience in the computer generated

concert venue. Is this just the beginning, and

is technology about to try us as it has the recording

industry? Just a thought.

Allan McGowan

On the theme of the radical changes brought

about by the new technologies and media, I

attended the Beyond the Soundbytes Conference,

developed to facilitate debate in

response to Peter Jenner’s recent report of

the same name, and arranged by the excellent

Music Tank organisation in London last

week. This day long conference brought

together professionals from all aspects of

the business, ranging from Billy Bragg representing

the artists, to managers, record

companies, rights organisations, multimedia

companies etc to confront the present

growing crisis and to seek possible solutions

and viable business models for the future

I would encourage anybody interested in

this, bearing in mind that there may well

be knock on effects for the live business to

check: for a report

on the conference and to order a copy of the


So – if you’re still with me.... Here is the


Music & Media

Allan McGowan

Heeding the warning from Ville

Kilpeläinen of Musexpo to bring a

warm coat I traveled to Tampere -

‘the Manchester of Finland’ for Music

& Media on the last weekend of

October. I’m glad I took the advice,

it snowed – a bit – and hit minus 5

– one morning, otherwise the welcome

was warm, the vodka cold,

and, in the main, the showcasing

talent - hot!

The Conference is definitely developing

year on year and this 17th edition

attracted the largest gathering

of international music executives

so far with professionals from 12

different countries in attendance.

The growth of Music & Media appears

to directly parallel the development

of Finnish music in export

terms. At one time not so very long

ago this event was attended only

by the Finnish business, now the

international involvement reflects

the success of Finnish acts in other

territories, Germany and Scandinavia

are the main markets, but there

is significant breakthrough now in

the US. As is now traditional the

Friday morning of the Conference

The VIP-Booking European Live Entertainment Book

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VIP- News - N o v e m b e r 2 0 0 6

began with Paulina Ahokas, Director of the

Finnish Music Export Office delivering the

export facts and figures for the year 2005:

These put the put the total value of Finnish

music exports at €28.89m, an increase

of 33% over the previous year. Overall

since 1999 the industry has experienced

an annual growth rate of 40%. Also more

international acts are now playing Finland

on the way to concert dates in Russia and

Eastern Europe.



VIP-News is published by:


26 York Street

London W1U 6pZ

Managing Director:

Ronni Didriksen

General Manager:

Peter Briggs

Sales Agent:

John Ainsworth

Writer and editorial:

Allan McGowan

Panels were delivered in either Finnish or

English, my Finnish being a little rusty I

opted for the ones I understood. These

included a presentation by music ‘futurist’

Gerd Leonhard, on how to prepare for

the new music business. A very interesting

interview with David Fricke, the editor of

Rolling Stone, recalling 5 hour interviews

with Keith Richard, and a more recent

evening with Patti Smith at the last night

of CBGB’s. A panel of extremely influential

US radio and record professionals plus

the UK’s Laurence Bell of Domino Records

(Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys) chaired

by Sat Bisla of A&R Worldwide which discussed

breaking into the Us, and an interview

with David Dorrell, manager of The

Pet Shop Boys, conducted by my old friend

Tapio Korjus.

So the daytime schedules were well taken

care of, and as usual Finnish hospitality was

generous, we internationals were wined

and dined at a reception and the Finnish

Music Awards Dinner on Friday. Then came

the showcases, mainly, thankfully in view

of the weather, at venues within walking

distance of each other. I was impressed by

several of the acts, Firstly Rubik, who will

also appear at Eurosonic in Groningen, and

will I’m sure pick up Festival dates this year

as a result, the optimistically named Eternal

Erection (should be on Stiff Records!),

basically a very good funk band,. I’m not

normally a Doom Metal fan, but there was

something about Swallow The Sun, who I

Poets of the Fall

watched with David Fricke, who was highly

impressed by all the Finnish acts that he

saw , (He also impressed me by telling me

that his next assignment was picking Robert

Plant up in Memphis to travel down

to Clarksdale, Mississippi, to investigate

Plant’s blues roots). I also really enjoyed 22-

Pistepirkko (apparently this means 22 spot

ladybird..?), the band have been around for

25 years and play a very interesting mix of

everything. Von Hertzen Brothers could

definitely do a stadium tour with U2, and

maybe give them a run for their money,

and Poets of The Fall have gone platinum

in Finland, and could do elsewhere.

Obviously I didn’t get to see everything,

but it seems that the Finnish export business

will continue to grow, firstly because

it has to, as the home market is too small

to produce the necessary returns, secondly

because this realization is backed up by a

continual and hard working export drive –

evident at every major international trade

show, and thirdly and most importantly

because they have the talent to back it up.


Manfred Tari

For advertising enquiries pls. contact

Peter Briggs

or +44 870 755 0092


Pekaye Graphics, Phuket – Thailand

David Fricke

Von Hertzen Brothers



VIP- News - N o v e m b e r 2 0 0 6

T in The Park Wins Best Festival at

UK Festival Awards 2006

Allan McGowan

Scotland’s T in the Park Festival won

the ‘Best Major Festival’ award for the

second consecutive year at the first live

UK Festival Awards, which took place

in London’s Islington. The Awards were

based purely on votes from the public

who were asked to register their votes

over a three week period at:

Festival organisers Big Day Out and

founding partners Tennent’s Lager stated

that they were thrilled by the overwhelming

support shown by the Festival’s

dedicated fans and felt that their

votes underlined T in the Park’s status as

a key event in not only the UK, but also

the global music calendar.

T in the Park 2006 sold out in under an

hour in February making the festival the

UK’s fastest selling. This year’s 75,000

strong crowd watched 170 artists including

Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes, Pharrell,

Editors, Sigur Ros, Paul Weller, Richard

Ashcroft, Arctic Monkeys and Editors

perform on 11 stages, from the Main

Stage to the new 8,000 capacity Pet

Sound Arena and the first stage in Europe

to be dedicated to homegrown

talent – the T Break Stage. Red Hot Chili

Peppers and The Who headlined Saturday

8th and Sunday 9th respectively.

Two days after the fireworks finale of

the 2006 edition a third of the tickets for

next year’s event, on Saturday 7th and

Sunday 8th July sold in under 70 minutes.

Geoff Ellis, CEO of Big Day Out Ltd commented:

“We are so proud to have won

the Best Festival Award for the second

time running and particularly in a year

when the event went Carbon Neutral. We

always work hard to ensure that as T in

the Park grows year on year we don’t rest

on our previous achievements or take our

loyal fans for granted and it is extremely

gratifying to see that the fans appreciate

this and have voted T number one! We are

already planning T in the Park 2007 and

we will strive to make sure that we remain

worthy of this title for another year!”

More Information at:

Geoff Ellis



VIP- News - N o v e m b e r 2 0 0 6

Annual Noorderslagweekend

Confirms First Acts for 2007

Allan McGowan

The Noorderslag Weekend, consisting of

the EuroSonic and Noorderslag festivals

and the Noorderslag Seminar business

conference will again take place in Groningen,

The Netherlands from 11 - 13 January

2007. The first of over 240 bands and acts

scheduled to perform at the Showcases

have been confirmed. 2000 music industry

professionals are expected to attend the

event, which is dedicated to new bands

and new music from Europe. Italy will be

the featured country for this edition and

will present a significant number of showcases.

Over fifteen EBU radio stations throughout

Europe will broadcast the Noorderslag

Weekend live, so far confirmed are 3fm

(nl), Studio Brussels (b), Eins Live (g), Rai

Due (i) and DR (dk). Also a number of the

stations will produce special shows at the

festival. The German magazines Intro and

Visions will take over venues at EuroSonic,

and Spain’s Mondo Sonoro and

(UK) will present showcases at the festival.

‘We are focussing on more and more

networking facilities for the industry at

the Seminar’, says creative director Peter

Smidt: ‘More and more companies are using

the festival to bring new talent to the

attention of festivals, media and other

business peers.’


EuroSonic takes place on 11 and 12 January

in 30 venues in Groningen city centre.

So far confirmed are: Salem al Fakir (S), Islaja

(FIN), Julie Feeney (IRL), Rubik (FIN), Lo-

Fi-Fnk (S), Alternosfera (MOL), Lapko (FIN),

D2 (BG), Air Traffic (UK), Metro (L), Oh No

Ono (DK), Voltaire (PL), Johnossi (S), Lunik

(CH), James Yorkston (UK), Textures (NL),

La Caution (F), Mumm-ra (UK), The Je Ne

Sais Quoi (S), Disco Drive (I), Tying Tiffany

(I), Linea 77 (I), Tunng (UK), El Perro Del Mar

(S), Datarock (N), Goose (B), William White

(CH), Dead Combo (P), Neo (H), Montevideo

(B), Standard (E), Hot Club de Paris

(UK), Velojet (A), Dúné (DK), Ivo Bič (SLO),

Poni Hoax (F), House of Games (EST), Duke

Special (IRL), Tomte (D) and Sunshine Underground



Noorderslag takes place on 13 January on

seven stages in De Oosterpoort venue in

Groningen, with an all-Dutch program.

Confirmed now are El Pino and the Volunteers,

Dennis, DiceCream, Delain and

Room Eleven.

Noorderslag Seminar

The Noorderslag Seminar takes place

from 11 - 13 January in De Oosterpoort:

The business conference will feature panels

on conducting business in Italy and a

presentation of the Italian music industry,

the seminar also has around 30 Dutch language

panels and meetings. Themes covered

in the seminar’s international meetings

are health & safety at festivals, touring

in Europe, new marketing possibilities and

the role of new media. A special meeting

will be set up for festival marketing and

print press marketing professionals. Also,

the IMMF (International Music Managers

Forum) will have it’s annual meeting at

Noorderslag Seminar, while Yourope (the

European festival platform) and Network

Europe (the European conglomerate of

independent live music bookers, promoters

and agents) will again convene at

Noorderslag Seminar.

ETEP: European Talent Exchange Program

Aimed at stimulating the careers of European

artists, the European Talent Exchange

Program (ETEP) is a unique cooperation

between 51 festivals, 24 EBU

national radio stations, the European

Music Office (EMO) and the international

festival organisation Yourope.

Between 2003 and 2006, ETEP has been

instrumental in staging close to 400 festival

shows by 110 artists from 15 countries.

The ETEP festivals booking teams make

their selections for ETEP from the artists

performing during the Noorderslag


Acts booked at EuroSonic that appeared

at the ETEP festivals in 2006 include Disco

Ensemble (fin), Editors (uk), Infadels (uk),

GEM (nl), Jose Gonzales (s), Rhesus (f), The

Kooks (uk), Wir Sind Helden (g), Within

Temptation (nl).



VIP- News - N o v e m b e r 2 0 0 6

Nokia New Years Eve 2007

– A Global Multi Mega Event

Manfred Tari

With what can only be described as a logistical

and marketing extravaganza, Nokia

plans to take its concert activities to another

level. On New Years Eve 2007, at the

Ocean Terminal in Hong Kong, the mobile

phone manufacturers kick off a concert

and event series that will celebrate the

coming year..

Besides Hong Kong further events are

scheduled in chronological sequence

with world time at the Andheri Stadium

in Mumbai, followed by the Brandenburg

Gate in Berlin, the Ipanema Beach in Rio

de Janeiro and a final happening in New


The Black Eyed Peas and the Scissor Sisters

are the first acts announced for New York.

For live music industry veteran Harvey

Goldsmith, the Nokia New Year’s Eve may

retain a touch of Christmas. Goldsmith has

been hired by Nokia to oversee the event

and is quoted in a press release as saying:

“This is an exciting and ambitious project

and the first time that New Year’s Eve will

be celebrated as a global music event.

Nokia New Year’s Eve will feature international

and local artists with live broadcasts

on New Year’s Eve as well as a New Year’s

Day TV special to be aired globally. I am

delighted to be on board.”

This comment reveals a little of the dimensions

of this undertaking, but as Jo Harlow,

Senior Vice President of Marketing at Nokia

further describes the event the picture

becomes even clearer: “Living up to our

promise of ‘Connecting People’, Nokia

New Year’s Eve aims to connect millions

of people from around the world through

music and mobility. Nokia New Year’s Eve

leverages the power of television, the internet,

live events and the world’s most exciting

music artists to get people talking,

sharing and celebrating on one incredible


“Connecting People” is one of the key

slogans of the company and over the last

decade Nokia is one of the very big brands

that has continuously integrated live music

activities as a substantial part of its

marketing measures.

Currently the company is negotiating with

various TV stations in key territories to

broadcast live and is booking headliners

to enrich the global line up for the shows.

Nokia expects 1.3 million visitors world

wide to attend the free events, with 150

million expected to watch via TV and Internet


It goes without saying that all involved in

this event will have an extraordinarily busy

rest of 2006!

About the book

The VIP Book 2007 is to be released in January 2007. The VIP Book is the ONLY European

book directed 100% towards professionals within the industry.

The VIP Book is the most essential tool for anyone working professionally within the

Live Entertainment Industry

Advertising in the VIP Book will make you visible to 10.000 business professionals

all over Europe. You will find no better place to expose your company to the whole

European Live Entertainment Industry

Read More »

Reserve your ad now and save 10% - LAST CALL 1 ST DECEMBER



VIP- News - N o v e m b e r 2 0 0 6

VIP-News Talks with Kristina Bohlmann

of Nokia

Manfred Tari

VIP-News: Nokia is one of the very few

global brands that regularly use live music

for their marketing activities. Please

tell us what makes events and concerts

so interesting for Nokia?

Kristina Bohlmann: Nokia has a long

tradition in sponsoring music events and

concerts. We connect people to music, to

their favourite artists through events and

venues around the world, such as Nokia

Trends, Live8 and now through Nokia New

Year’s Eve. For a decade now we have also

sponsoried the famous Nokia Night of the

Proms in Germany. As the world’s largest

manufacturer of digital music players, in

fact, we expect to sell 80 million musicenabled

devices this year, the connection

between the Nokia brand, our range of

music products and outstanding music

events is a natural fit. Especially at live

music events people are able to “feel the

music”. This experience is a very emotional

one. But you have to make sure to

choose the appropriate events. For us it

is essential to focus always on the proper

target groups and the most important

thing is to be credible. Nokia Trends for example,

which is all about music in unique

places, is addressed to a young people

listening to Hip-Hop and electronic music.

However the Nokia Night of the Proms

does have a completely different focus, a

focus on classical music. Nokia New Year’s

Eve is the next step. With this event we approach

people all over the world simultaneously.

People are celebrating on four

different continents, across five different

time zones.

VIP-News: Big brands uses research

quite intensively to find out how their

Marketing measures are accepted by

customers and individual target groups.

How meaningful are research results

that lead to the decision of promoting

an event such as “Nokianewyearseve”?

Or is it the case that there is a common

consensus among responsible decision

takers at Nokia that believe in an idea

like this?

Bohlmann: The idea of Nokia New year’s

Eve wasn’t the decision of a single person

at Nokia. Of course also at Nokia market

research is playing a major role - not only

when it comes to Music or sponsoring. The

results definitely slip into the decisions as

to which approach Nokia takes when it

comes to sponsoring. But it needs more

then only believing in research results. At

Nokia there are dedicated people dealing

with these kinds of topics. At the end the

decision to promote an event like Nokia

New Year’s Eve is a combination of many

parameters. However, the most important

thing is to be credible - what ever we do

have to fit to the brand. Even if you might

have a great, unique idea - if it does not

fit to the brand, people out side will not

believe you.

VIP-News: Please tell us how “nokianewyearseve”

has been developed internally

and was the idea for this event invented

within Nokia itself or was raised externally?

Bohlmann: Both. The idea to promote the

Nokia New Year’s Eve event was invented

by internal as well as by external experts.

VIP-News: How many departments and

people of Nokia are involved in such a

mega event?

Bohlmann: By nature such an event across

four continents and five different countries

requires a lot of manpower. For a project

like Nokia New Year’s Eve many departments

on a global and local level are

working cross-functionally together. And

of cause we are also working with external

partners to guarantee that we have the

right expertise in place.

VIP-News: T-Mobile just announced

downloads of concerts via their various

platforms. Can we expect similar services

from Nokia?

Bohlmann: Nowadays mobility gets more

and more important. Convergence is the

keyword. With the Nokia N series, we already

account for this. With the Nokia N

series consumers can already use a single

device to do everything from snapping

print-quality images, reading e-mail, listening

to music browsing the Web, watching

TV on the move and much more. To

offer a comprehensive mobile music experience

to consumers Nokia has acquired

Loudeye Corp. With this acquisition Nokia

aims to be a global leader in mobile music

- offering people ease-of-use and the best

possible music experience. We can achieve

this by offering an integrated solution for

people to listen, discover and purchase

music, anywhere, anytime. Our vision is

for people to be able to access all the music

they want, anywhere, anytime and at a

reasonable cost.

VIP-News: How did the collaboration

with Harvey Goldsmith come about?

Bohlmann: In 2005 we already worked

together very successfuly with Harvey

Goldsmith in regard to the Live8 concerts.

The very positive experiences we made together

led to the close collaboration again

for Nokias New Year’s Eve party.



VIP- News - N o v e m b e r 2 0 0 6

T-Online – Concerts As Downloads

Manfred Tari

For the first time T-Online, a subsidiary

of the German telco Telekom will include

concert recordings as part of its product

range for its Video On Demand library.

As an initial appetiser the company is offering

a free download of the concert video

“Live at Slaine Castle 2000” with Bryan


The 56 minute recording is available in

High Definition resolution for PCs and

mobile devices. The play out is accessed

via the Windows Media Player (WMA) only

and, as is typical with many Microsoft

products, protected by several data safety

features that are great for Microsoft but

not necessarily for users.

A data management application restricts

the viewable time to 24 hours, within

which it can be watched as often as possible.

At present 21 different recordings

are available.

Consumers can choose between live recordings

of The Hives - Tussles in Brussles,

length 49 min., Franz Ferdinand - Live

from Edinburgh 2005 (71 min.), Hard Fi

- Live at the Astoria 2005 (56 min.), Cher

- Living Proof Tour 2002 (60 min.), Avril

Lavigne - Live from Buffalo 2003 ( 77 min)

and, from the series London Live - Volume

1, Sugarbabes, The Rifles, Delays, Editors,

through to Volume 10 with Boy Kill Boy

The Pipettes, Graham Coxon and Dirty

Pretty Things (28 min.). Each video download

is charged at 1.99 Euro per day.

In a higher price category videos are available

for 2.99 Euro per day. In this section

are INXS - Live from Wembley 1991 (92

min) and Gorillaz - Live from the Apollo

2006 (69 min). Classical music also costs

2.99 Euro per download, even though

there is a limited choice of only two recordings,

BBC Glyndebourne 2002 Carmen

(172 min) and BBC Proms 2004: Anna

Netrebko with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra

(101 min).

This video on demand library has been

online for three years now and currently

offers 1300 videos, the majority of this

content being a variety of Hollywood

movies, cartoons, documentaries and TV


Bryan Adams - Live at Slaine Castle 2000

T-Online and MTV – Research For Talents

Manfred Tari

Online competition offers newcomer acts

a slot at the Hurricane festival 2007

The MTV Web Award is sponsored by T-

Online. The award is divided into seven

categories, including best song, best artist

web site, best community web site,

best fan site or best newcomer web site.

T-Online offers all artists that apply to

take part in this competition and do not

yet have a web site, a basic online set

to create their own for one year, free of

charge. The normal price for the service is

9.95 Euro per month and includes 500 MB

web space, 100 email address and three


The winner of the category “Best Song”

receives the opportunity to play at the

Hurricane-Festival 2007. To take part in

this category acts have to post an MP3 file

on their web site and submit their details


Visitors to the web award site then vote

online for their favourite song. As the

main prize the winning artists receive the

opportunity to play at the upcoming Hurricane

Festival 2007 to be held in Scheessel

on June 22 to 24.

MTV Web Awards














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VIP- News - N o v e m b e r 2 0 0 6

CTS Eventim - A Surprising Turnaround

Manfred Tari

Slightly unexpectedly the share of CTS

Eventim dropped by about nine percent

on the day before CTS Eventim reported

the results for the third quarter.

While on first view the results appear to

be in line with previous business reports

where CTS Eventim, almost as the norm,

declared improved results, on closer inspection

something appears to be different.

CTS Eventim is and remains to be the

most successful German concert company

by far. The undisputed market leader

in the business segments Live Entertainment

and Ticketing once again is on its

way to archive another record breaking

business year.

by the World Cup 2006 which also led to a

higher acceptance of buying tickets online

among consumers in general.

The Company mention in their business

report that from July 1 until September 30

thatticket sales via the internet rose significantly.

Until September 30, excluding

World Cup Tickets, 3.1 million tickets were

sold online. This is an increase of about

52.5 % compared to last years figures.

a growth of 64.2% compared to the 10,3

million Euros in the previous year.

The Live Entertainment division did extremely

well, even with the competition

from the world cup, reporting a turnover

of 187.1 m. Euro. In the entire business

year 2005 this department gained revenue

of 194.7 m. Euro. That means that

chances are good that CTS Eventim will

again upgrade its results in their core


The EBIT for this division is declared with

13.5 m Euro rising from 10.4 m. the EBIT-

DA increased from 10.7 m Euro in Q3-2005

to 13.9 m which is a plus of 29.7 %.

At the end Q3- 2006 the company turnover

rose by 41% to 258 million Euro. In the same

period in 2005 the turnover was 183 million

Euro. The Earnings Before Taxes and Interest

(EBIT) jumped about 51% up to 34 million

Euro (Q3-2005 22.4 Million. Euro). The

overall results were positively stimulated

For the EBITDA (Earnings before Interests,

Taxes, Depreciation and Amortisation)

CTS Eventim declared 38.6 Million Euros

an increase of about 50% compared to

last year’s result of 25.8 million. Euros.

Group earnings were 16.9 million Euro,

The ultimate profit gainer for CTS Eventim

remains it’s ticketing division. With a turnover

of 73.3 million Euro (Q3-2005/43,6

million Euro) CTS gained an EBIT result

of 20.4 million Euro compared with 12 m

the year before. The EBITDA climbed from

15.1 million up to 24.8 million euro.

Having the right tools for the job is often the key to success. Through our ongoing communication with key Live

Entertainment Industry Professionals, we have developed a range of services to meet the demands of agents, promoters,

talent buyers, venue bookers etc. It’s no coincidence that we are now considered to be the No. 1 information

provider for this thriving industry.










Launched nearly 5 years ago, is now the most

widely used online information service for the European Live

Entertainment Industry with subscribers in over 25 countries.

Using the latest technology and state of the art tools, the service

provides in-depth information streamlining the day-to-day operations

of industry professionals, saving both time and money.

The VIP-Book

The ultimate print directory for the European

Entertainment Industry, packed

with contacts and easy to use. An essential

reference book for every office

providing basic contact information

and a solid overview.


Written by our highly merited journalists, Allan

McGowan and Manfred Tari, with over 50

years of experience between them in the Entertainment

Industry, VIP-News brings the latest

news and views directly to your computer

keeping you up to date at all times.




VIP- News - N o v e m b e r 2 0 0 6

The business report was released on November

15, but the CTS share dropped

on November 14. The reason was mainly

because two analyst reports that came

to the conclusion that the profit results in

the third quarter are not as good as expected.

The writer of the overall positive portrait

about the success story of the entrepreneur

meant with his headline everything

else than “to return”. However, the share

price dropped but nevertheless CTS

Eventim seems to already be again on its

way to another record breaking year. The

complete business report for the first nine

months will be published on the web site

of the company on November 21.

DZ Bank recommended a short term sell

of the share, while Cheuvreux recommended

to underweight the share. On

November 14 the share went down from

28.49 to 26,50, on November 15 from

26.50 to 26.00 and until the Friday, November

17 down to 25.

50 Euro.

Without any doubt this is certainly something

Klaus Peter Schulenberg, CEO of

CTS Eventim neither expected nor aimed

for as the financial market immediately.

reacted to these reports. On November 15

the German financial paper Handelsblatt

carried a feature story with the headline

“Rhythm and Return” about Schulenberg.

Klaus Peter Schulenberg

DEAG – Outlook For Prosperity

Manfred Tari

The current published nine-month business

report didn’t lead to any positive impulses

for the DEAG share price. In fact the

opposite was the case.

From November 8 to November 17 the

share went down from 1.78 euro to 1.63.

Nothing spectacular but also a sign that

investors demand better results than

DEAG just reported. Nevertheless according

to the company DEAG “has managed

to continue the positive trend of the past


The reported figures are significantly

smaller than the ones of CTS Eventim.

As the turnover for the past nine-month

DEAG declared 60.4 million Euro. The EBIT

went from minus 0.1 million Euro in the

same period in 2005 up to 4 million Euro

this year.

DEAG still suffers from the burden of

high costs of capital which are indicated

with 1.5 million Euro for this period. For

the next year DEAG expects that these

expenses will be significantly lower due

to the expiring of the DEAG convertible

bonds of about 4.5 million Euro on November

29, the discontinuation of a repurchase

agreement and furthermore the

scheduled redemptions of other loans.

Even if the numbers are smaller the results

of DEAG also reveal an upward movement

in its two core businesses. In the past nine

months until September 30 The Live Touring

division gained a turnover of about

23.7 million Euro and EBIT of 1.6 million

Euro. In the same period in 2005 the turnover

in this segment was 14.3 million Euro

while the EBIT was 0.5 million Euro.

Within the division Entertainment Services

the turnover is indicated with 37.2 million

Euro compare to 30.3 million Euro the

year before. As EBIT results DEAG reported

for this part of the company 4.9 million

Euro instead of 3.3 million Euro in 2005.

The group earnings currently at 53.000

Euro may explain why the share the “positive

trend” the company declares itself

isn’t mirrored in a better price of the


In an additional press release the Company

announced that new business fields

are expected to grow above average. As

potential growth gainers the company

sees concerts with classical music, comedy

and DEAG Music. For DEAG Classics

the company forecast in 2007 a turnover

of about 12 million Euro alone. DEAG Classics

is filed under the Live Touring Division

while DEAG Music belongs to the Entertainment




VIP- News - N o v e m b e r 2 0 0 6

King Tut’s:

Award Winning Venue with Record Label

Allan McGowan

Owned and managed by Scotland’s leading

music promoters DF Concerts, Glasgow’s

wonderfully named King Tut’s Wah

Wah Hut has become a legendary live

music venue, not just in the City, but also

throughout Scotland, in England and beyond.

In 1990 DF Concerts’ former boss Stuart

Clumpas saw the need to promote bands

at club level and to present them seven

days a week in Glasgow, unable to find

suitable venues in the city centre he decided

to start one himself. Borrowing the

name from a venue in New York, Clumpas

opened King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, in February

of that year in basement premises

in Glasgow’s St Vincent Street. The initial

aim was to offer Scotland’s best line up of

new and established bands, and to provide

a relaxing place to enjoy good food

and drink. Audience and bands appreciated

the club’s approach, and very quickly

the venue came to the notice of agents

and managers beyond the city and the

Scottish borders.

The list of bands that played King Tut’s

on their way to stardom is to say the least

impressive, it includes: Radiohead, Manic

Street Preachers, Coldplay, The Strokes,

The Killers, The Darkness and more recently

Razorlight, Magic Numbers, Kasabian,

Arctic Monkeys and Maximo Park.

The venue is perhaps best known for

being the place where Oasis were discovered

by Alan McGee in 1993. Further

recognition of the fact that playing at

King Tuts Bar

the club was an important step in the

careers of an ever increasing number of

bands came earlier this year when King

Tut’s beat off stiff competition including

London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire and

The Royal Albert Hall to be named Best

UK Venue at The Music Week Awards in

March 2006. Quite an achievement for

a 300 capacity venue, although they do

present some 330 gigs a year!

BBC Radio One have also nominated King

Tut’s as the ‘Best Launch Pad Venue’ and

the ‘UK’s Best Live Venue’. More recently,

the venue also picked up the ‘Best Venue’

title at the Radio Clyde awards as well as

being named by New York magazine as

number seven on their list of the top fifty

places to visit in the world.

King Tuts Bar

King Tuts Bar



VIP- News - N o v e m b e r 2 0 0 6

Commitment to New Talent:

Dave McGeachin has worked as a promoter

for DF Concerts and alongside

Ross Morrison, booked the artists for King

Tut’s for the past 8 years. Previous to this

he promoted local shows from ’89 to ’94,

working with acts like the Manic Street

Preachers and Suede, before going into

tour managing. Dave told us about new

initiatives that were introduced into their

operation as part of its commitment to

unsigned bands, “ Tut’s has always been

a launch platform for live acts and we had

incredibly talented unsigned acts coming

through the doors on a daily basis. Over

the years Geoff Ellis and myself and the

others in the office had discussed ways of

extending that aspect, a label seemed an

obvious idea.”

In November ’05 Tut’s introduced ‘Your

Sound’, a networking project to give local

bands a place where they could network

with each other, get free advice on how

to succeed in the industry as well as get

their demo played to an audience of music

lovers and industry professionals.

The launch of the label was announced

on June 8, King Tut’s Recordings mission

statement is to take the ‘Your Sound’ concept

a stage further in order to discover

and sign new bands at the venue - much

like when the then little known Oasis

were signed by Alan McGee at King Tut’s

in 1993. Dave McGeachin says, “ The label

will operate in a similar way to the venue

itself, as a launch pad for exciting new

acts, to attract attention from labels interested

in long term involvements with the

bands. The Dykeenies double a-side single

was released in July, it sold very well,

and as a result the band are now signed

to major label Lavolta. They won’t release

another single on King Tut’s Recordings

but KTR will be releasing singles by other

bands in the very near future.”

Other acts that have come to the fore as a

result of the ‘Your Sound’ events include

The Physics and The Yellow Bentines who

will appear on the Tennents sponsored

VERSAcoustic tour, which will take place

across six Scottish towns and cities in early

2007. Next January Tut’s will present a

showcase of all the bands that have benefitted

from ‘Your Sound’.

Day to day business continues at King Tut’s,

Dave McGeachin concludes, “We’ve been

updating and installing new pieces of production,

we’ve had some great shows over

past few months with the likes of Mumm-Ra,

Enter Shikari, Little Man Tate, Sparklehorse

and Howling Bells, and I for one am very

much looking forward to unearthing some

more of the fantastic new talent out there!”

At the very first of these events Dave was

given a 6-track demo by a band that had

only been together for three months, and

had never played a gig, called The Dykeenies.

He continues, “ I thought it was

amazing and I called them up. They were

extremely self motivated and had great

talent. They played the club in January

and through their use of the My Space

thing they sold out. Since then they have

played numerous gigs, including a spot

on the Tea Break stage at T-in the-Park,

and of course they were the first signing

to King Tut’s Recordings.”

Dave McGeachin

vip_booking_250x70 9/11/06 11:16 Page 1

Sign up before 19 December 2006

and save €330

20 - 21 January 2007



+44 (0)20 7528 0086



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Ronni Didriksen

Things that make you smile

Impressions from Amsterdams Dance Event 2006


Daft Punk

Territory: World

Period: December

Agency: Primary Talent International

Agent: Peter Elliot

Phone: +44 20 7833 8998


Earphones were the hottest fashion at ADE


Territory: Europe

Period: Summer 2007

Agency: IBD

Agent: Sabine Waltz

Phone: +49 898 342 410



They had some fantastic

couches at ADE

you might not see it at first, but

she carries her own earphones!

okay I’m giving you the fine for not wearing the

earphones properly, your name again pls.

The Beautiful South

Territory: Europe

Period: December

Agency: X-ray Touring Ltd

Agent: Ian Huffam

Phone: +44 845 1307 166



Grandmaster Flash

Territory: Europe

Period: December

Agency: Primary Talent International

Agent: Serena Parsons

Phone: +44 207 400 4500




Territory: Europe

Period: January

Agency: IBD

Agent: Andrea

Phone: +49 898 342 410



Everybody seemed so happy at ADE, perhaps due

to the coffee

Canned Heat

Territory: Europe

Period: March 2007, Summer Festivals 2007

Agency: Kultopolis GmbH

Agent: Roland Nilles

Phone: +49 (0) 686 193 9980




This is the first ever digital takeover talkshow,

even the panel has dissapeared

We have done it again

- give it up for Kim de Jong






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Speak out - participate in the debate. The VIP-News Reader’s-page is open for letters and contributions from readers.

Consider the VIP-News Reader’s-page, as your “speaker’s corner” towards professionals in the entertainment industry all

over Europe. The purpose of the Reader’s-page is to encourage more interaction and to allow our readers to voice their

opinions about the many aspects of our industry. Contributions should be emailed to

Dear Reader,

Below a very recent request (first in English,

then in Dutch) from family and friends of

Louis Sévèke, who was murdered nearly a

year ago in my hometown Nijmegen, The

Netherlands. I personally knew Louis and

valued him as a very active, knowledgeable

and socially motivated person. So far, one

year on, no suspect has been arrested and

the police investigation continues (albeit

with a smaller team).

Please read the text below, please have

a look at the police sketch in the attachment

(a possible suspect seen by several

witnesses immediately after the shooting),

and please do not hesitate to forward this

e-mail to all addresses in your files! The

killer could very well be from outside of

Holland or could very well currently reside

outside of Holland.

For information leading to the arrest or

identification of the perpetrator(s), the

Dutch District Attorney has made a reward

available of 25.000 EUR.

Thank you so much for your help!

Rob Berends

Police sketch suspect murder LS

Who killed Louis Sévèke?

Do you know more?

Last year, on November 15, 9:05 pm, Dutch

political activist Louis Sévèke was murdered

in the city center of Nijmegen, The

Netherlands. This murder has still not been

solved. We are convinced that there are

people around who can offer more information.

Louis’ family and friends ask these

people to come forward.

will contact the people who made the information

redesigned available VIP-News to discuss is the follow-up Notice-board, We extend which our is available gratitude to for all all those readers. who

further enquiries.

The Another loss of new Louis service and the in question the improved why he and

was Reader’s murdered messages continue will to be keep posted us occupieing

and on a selling daily basis. notices, We were inquiries forced to or say alike. der, Announcements so relevant information should must be emailed at some to

on the procedure. Notice-board Our priority as a free is solving service, the passing mur-

on have announcements, helped so far. job postings, buy-

farewell with Louis, but cannot close this point be made available to the police. We do Family and friends of Louis Sévèke

chapter because we still do not know why

he had to die.

This is why we once again address the people

who have information about the murder

on Louis. We address not only those who

were a direct witness to the murder, but all

who have any information. Specifically we

address those who know the perpetrator.

We cannot imagine that no one in the perpetrator’s

circles has noticed anything.

In the future we will continue to address

these people’s responsibility in helping

solving the murder. We cannot imagine

that they can have peace of mind, having

this kind of information. Just like Louis did

in his work: we will be relentless in our attempts

to find out the truth. People with

information can contact the Dutch police,

but can also contact us. Both the police and

ourselves can be contacted anonymously.

All information made available to us will be

judged and double-checked. If possible, we

prefer to make mutual arrangements about

this with the people supplying information.

If you want to be totally anonymous, please

check our website (it’s in Dutch) on guidelines

how to achieve this.If you were in the

neighborhood during the murder, but think

you have not noticed anything relevant,

please do come forward nevertheless. First

reason is that often it shows, in a conversation,

that people know or remember more

than they themselves thought they knew.

Second reason is to possibly establish that

people indeed cannot contribute relevant

information, and can be excluded from any

E-mail address for information and tips:

More information:

Informatie en tips mail je naar:

Letters to VIP-News, with the writer’s name and email address together

with a photo (if available), should be emailed to

Anonymous letters will only be published if the sender is

known to VIP-Booking.

VIP-Booking ApS reserves the right to a) edit contributions for reasons

of space or clarity b) deny publication c) add comments where appropriate.

Please aim to limit your letters to 250 words.



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Speak Another out new - participate service in in the the improved debate. and The redesigned VIP-News Reader’s-page VIP-News is the is open Notice-board, for letters which and contributions is available for from all readers.

Consider Reader’s messages the VIP-News will Reader’s-page, be posted on the as your Notice-board “speaker’s as corner” a free service, towards passing professionals on announcements, in the entertainment job postings, industry buying

and Europe. selling The notices, purpose inquiries of the Reader’s-page or alike. Announcements is to encourage should more be interaction emailed to

and to allow our readers to voice their



opinions about the many aspects of our industry. Contributions should be emailed to

Gates of Metal Joins With Metalbåten

Gates of Metal and Metalbåten will create a new cruise with will

be called Gates of Metalbåten (The Gates of Metal Boat). The

cruise is between Sweden and Finland at the Silja Festival ferry

on the 26-27 of April next year.

Seven bands will perform at the ferry and so far Evergrey, Dark

Funeral, Nocturnal Rites, Sonic Syndicate and Manticora are confirmed.

The Gates of Metal Boat will be a kick-off for the Gates of

Metal festival which will be held for the fifth time in Hultsfred on

the 3-4 of August.

For more information and press pictures, please contact Tobbe

Eriksson at Gates of Metal

Tel: +46-(0)495-696 87

Mobil: +46-(0)70-683 76 02


VIP-Booking ApS cannot be held responsible for loss or damages

incurred as a result of transactions with individuals or companies

through the notice board. We recommend all to make the necessary

enquiries before entering into any agreements.

VIP-Booking ApS may not, for reason of space, be able to post all

announcements received. Announcements should be emailed to, including name and email address.

Please shorten your message to the extent possible, to make room for

as many notices as possible.



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In this section we offer members of some space to present their company to VIP-News readers.

If you would also like to present your company please contact Peter Briggs at

XII Festival Internacional de Benicàssim

19 th , 20 th , 21 st and 22 nd July 2007

The FIB Heineken – Benicàssim International Festival was born

of the Maraworld team’s passion for music twelve years ago, and

since then it has been bringing together the best of indie pop

and electronic music. Year after year, its cutting-edge line-up,

featuring some of the world’s most influential musicians, always

proves thrilling.

This Spanish festival, one of the most important of Europe, welcomes

more than 100 artists each year to its different stages. The

number of people coming from beyond our borders to this small

beach town on the Costa de Azahar, located between Valencia

and Barcelona, grows year after year.

In an exceptional setting, nestled between the beach and the

hills, the four days of concerts (as well as the beach party on the

fifth night) scheduled “à la Española” (from 16:00 in the afternoon

till dawn), the nine days of camping included in the fourday

pass and three-day pass, and the weeks of cultural activities

make for a one-of-a-kind experience on the shores of the Mediterranean.

To check out the complete line-up go to

About Our Company

VIP-Booking’s core product is the Internet’s oldest and largest database

for the European Live Entertainment Industry

developed as a tool for industry professionals. Since it’s

launch in the year 2000, we have consistently offered our subscribers

the very best in database services and now boast subscribers in

over 30 countries.

Today VIP-Booking offers a range of tools for the industry – including

VIP-News, VIP-Booking, VIP-Book and VIP-Contract.

Please visit for further information.

How To Contact Us

Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated.




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