2010June - Department of Computing - The Hong Kong Polytechnic ...


2010June - Department of Computing - The Hong Kong Polytechnic ...


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2010 June

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Message from the Department Head

Dear All,

Few will dispute the omnipresence of IT in the every-day life of the 21 Century, which is

dubbed the ‘connected generation’. Market research institute IDC predicted that in four

years’ time, the world-wide job market would see an increase of 5.8 million new jobs,

21,000 of which would emerge in the IT field of Hong Kong. It was further pointed out that

job opportunities in IT field of Hong Kong witnessed a year-on-year growth of 3 per cent,

16 times of the average growth rate of the overall local job market.

It is the mission of COMP to equip students the necessary IT knowledge and skills to

prepare their career development, as well as promoting IT to school students, and bridging

the digital divide in the community through the community programmes initiated by the

department. We believe that technology is not a privilege to the ‘have’ people in the

society, but rather a force that should be employed to open more opportunities for all.

Enjoy reading this issue of e-News!

Prof. David Zhang

Head of the Department of Computing

Special Features 02

Students met with Prof. Alison Richard,

the Vice-Chancellor of University of


Students(from left): Wong Cho Tak, Lam

Pak Chuen Burton, Choi Hin Kwong,

Cheung Tsz Hung, Chu Hau Shing and

Yang Fan (back row)

Liu Yudi and Zhao Chu (front row).

1 2 3


4 5

1 Formal Hall Dinner with Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Prof. Ian White) at Jesus College.

2 Formal Hall Dinner with Prof. Susan Smith -Head Mistress at Girton College.

3 Students met with Prof. Jon Crowcroft at Cambridge.

4 Students visited Institute for Manufacturing at Cambridge.

5 Students met with Hong Kong students studying at Cambridge.

6 Punting at the River Cam.

Cambridge and UCL Visits:

A Valuable Learning Experience

Led by Dr Henry Chan and Dr Vincent Ng, eight COMP students visited the University of Cambridge

and University College London (UCL) as they participated in The Intelligent Airport (TINA) Project

Exchange Programme in 16-20 February*. Led by the University of Cambridge, TINA is a large applied

research project with strong industrial support.

The five-day visit included meetings, presentations, and other exchange activities. Our students were

most honoured to meet with the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Alison Richard, at her office. They were also

honoured to have dinner with the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Institutional Affairs), Prof. Ian White, at Jesus

College and with the Headmistress, Prof. Susan Smith, at Girton College. Jesus College and Girton

College are two of the most beautiful colleges at Cambridge University.

Our students also met with Prof. Jon Crowcroft, the Marconi Professor of Communications Systems in

the Computer Laboratory of Cambridge, and learned from this world-renowned professor about his

innovative research work. They also gave presentations about their work to Cambridge

students/researchers and collaborated with the TINA project team to integrate some applications with

the TINA system.

To get a glimpse of cutting-edge technology and advanced facilities, visits were made to departments

and labs, such as Cambridge University’s Institute for Manufacturing, as well as a research lab at the

Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering of UCL, where researchers explained technical

know-how to eager COMP students.

* In part sponsored by The Sponsorship Scheme for I.T. Exchange Programmes In 2008/09 Academic Year by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer

(OGCIO) and the Department of Computing, PolyU.


Special Features




10 10 11

7 Students visited British Museum in London.

9 Students shared their experience with other students.

9 10 Students shared their Cambridge exchange

experiences with Prof. Timothy Tong.

11 Students visited University College London.

Cambridge and UCL Visits:

A Valuable Learning Experience (con’t)

The tour was wrapped up with other social and cultural activities, including dinner with Hong Kong

undergraduates at Cambridge, as well as visits to some of the historical sites of Cambridge and the City

of London, such as the River Cam, Trinity College, the British Museum, the Big Ben, and others.

This exchange programme, the aim of which was to enhance the students’ IT knowledge, presentation

skills, and English language skills through meetings, project collaborations; and exchange activities,

was in part sponsored by the 2008/09 Sponsorship Scheme for I.T. Exchange Programmes under the

auspices of the Hong Kong government and the COMP department.

Upon returning from England, participating students shared their rich learning experiences from this

exchange programme with PolyU’s President, Prof. Timothy Tong, as well as with other students.

Towards a Better,

Beautiful World

For fans of digital image gadgets, the Digital Video Signals Optimization

System of Dr Zhang Lei and his research team could be the answer to

their dreams.

This superior system can improve video images and static digital

images shot with or appearing on common home gadgets like digital

cameras, HDTVs, video cameras, mobile phones, and even traditional film movies.

It also has proven advantages over similar technologies that are currently available, both

in terms of the subjective aspect of visual sense and the objective measure of PSNR

(Peak Signal to Noise Ratio). Compared with the commonly used CCD systems in digital

gadgets, Dr Zhang said the system performed significantly better at removing noises

from full-color videos, as well as noises from raw colour filter array (CFA) videos shot

with single CCD cameras, restoring full colour videos from raw CFA videos, and offering

super resolution.

This innovative technology will reduce noises and blurs, reconstruct blurred images,

sharpen their fineness, and improve overall video quality. The system’s super resolution

technology can optimize video resolution from a standard level to a high level of quality.

The reconstructed videos will not suffer from the blurs and lattice effect, while the outline

of edges will remain sharp and fine.

Left: the enlarged image by existing commercial software;

Right: the enlarged image by the developed system.

Besides video applications, this optimization system can also be applied to the repair of static digital images. Its super

resolution technology is capable of reconstructing blurred videos, sharpening the fineness of image profiles, and improving the

overall quality of static images to the point of meeting the standard fineness requirement for an enlarged poster print-out.

In light of the potential of the new system for enhancing the quality of digital image products, several manufacturers have

already expressed interest in developing the system into electronic chips to further boost the quality of digital cameras and

video cameras, according to Dr Zhang. Once a deal is confirmed, the proposed electronic chips will be produced in three to

five years.

The project was kicked off in 2009 with a $1 million grant from the Hong Kong government's Innovation and Technology Fund.

An application for a patent had been submitted. A research paper on the system was published in the Video Technology

periodical of the IEEE Circuit and Systems Society, which also hosted an international seminar that showcased the system.

Special Features 04


We Give Back and Shine

“Everybody can be great because anybody can serve”

By Martin Luther King, Jr.

Every single contribution to the community adds up to an

extraordinary effort, which is capable of making a real impact

on lives. By participating as part of the whole community to

give back, we have had a rewarding experience, which could

be a source of inspiration for others.

Under the guidance of our computing teachers and students,

more than 200 primary and secondary school students and

their teachers participated in 11 community service and

entrepreneurial projects in the “Pilot Community Programme”

in the past few months. Sponsored by the Quality Education

Fund, the programme is part of the "Innovation Odyssey -

Entrepreneurial Challenge" project in collaboration with nine

non-governmental organizations.

On 27 March, the Pilot Community Programme Award

Ceremony was held in honour of those exemplary community

service projects, in recognition of the secondary school

students’ passion, contributions, and outstanding services.

The day fired up the motivation of all involved to keep up the

good work, by sending the empowering message that they

can make a difference.

Our journey did not end there. We went further to advance

technology education for the students in need. At the Hong

Chi Pinehill School, our students and teachers volunteered in

providing IT training and extracurricular activities for special

needs children. Moreover, our students worked with Christian

Action to provide care and support for refugee children

stranded in Hong Kong from South Africa and India. These

two undertakings won us the Merit and Bronze Awards in the

Community Service Learning Programme Competition

(CSLP), held by the Student Affairs Office at PolyU.

Extending our commitment beyond Hong Kong, we went a

long way to an impoverished village in Gansu Province,

bringing much-needed technology resources to orphans at

the Jubilee Cares Primary School, as part of our Community

Outreach Merit Programme. We taught computer skills, built

computer labs, upgraded network infrastructures, set up a

computer system to automate the school library, and even

gave remote e-classes from Hong Kong. This project also

won a Gold Award in the CSLP Competition. This summer,

we are going on a similar expedition as far as Cambodia, to

help with IT education in local schools.

These rewarding hands-on activities network our students

with real people, getting them to understand about the real

world”, to appreciate teamwork, and to improve their people

skills outside of a classroom full of hard-core technologists. In

addition, by spending the days working for a good cause, we

make each day count.

The Pilot Community Programme Award Ceremony at PolyU.

Secondary school students present their hard work to

the public.

Our teaching staff and students receiving

awards in the Community Service Learning

Programme Competition.


Event Spotlights

Faculty staff, students and IT professionals

gathering at the annual dinner of the Society of

Computing Studies at the Royal Pacific Hotel.

Society of Computing Studies –

Annual Dinner 2010

The annual dinner of the Society of Computing Studies was held at the Royal Pacific

Hotel on 25 February. More than 140 students, professors, departmental staff, and

alumni attended. A fabulous meal was served, and the evening was filled with stories,

shared experiences, and chitchat. “Silicon,” a live band, formed by five computing

students with an enthusiasm for music performed three songs, Robbie Williams’s

“Better Man”, Michael Learns to Rock’s” That’s Why you go Away,” and Greenday’s

“21 Guns.” The occasion was an excellent opportunity for students to gather together

and do some networking.

Our computing students sit down with Prof. Tong

for a lively conversation.

A Day with Our President

in the Department

PolyU President Prof. Timothy Tong, together with Deputy President

and Provost Prof. Philip Chan and Vice President Prof. Walter Yuen,

visited the Department on 7 May, where they caught up with

members of the department on the newest developments in

teaching programmes and research. Giving us a boost, Prof Tong

praised the academic staff for their outstanding performances, as

he was delighted with our accomplishments during the past year.

In that sunny afternoon, a handful of our students had a chance to

sit down with him for a lively conversation on matters of interest to

both, their studies, and life on campus, allowing Prof. Tong to feel

the energy of the place and the dynamics in work and study.

Prof. Tong visits different

research and teaching

laboratories to catch up on the

latest developments with us.

Event Spotlights 06

Prof. Cao delivers a talk on the powerful functions of HAWK and iSensNet.

Unveiling New Network

Technology at the

International ICT Expo

Heterogeneous Advanced Wireless Networks (HAWK) and Intelligent

Wireless Sensor Networks for Engineering Applications (iSensNet), two

important research achievements by the Department that will enhance

internet connection and mobility as well as sensor networks, hit the

International ICT Expo, a highlight of the Electronics Fair, organized by

the Hong Kong Trade Development Council in April.

The award-winning project HAWK is a high-tech platform that makes for

a superb mobile web experience, as it is faster, smoother, and has a

bigger bandwidth than current platforms. iSensNet is a futuristic

surveillance technology, offering wireless, real-time, and highly

synchronized monitoring in public spaces. Attracting enormous interest

from professionals and visitors around the world, the exhibition

concluded on a high note with a talk by Prof. Jiannong Cao, a

mastermind of research on both subjects, highlighting their unique

features and powerful functions.

The exhibition is filled with professionals and visitors

attracted by our advanced network technologies.


Event Spotlights

The first day of the Conference started

with the opening lectures given by

Mr Roderick Woo, Privacy Commissioner

for Personal Data, Hong Kong, on the

“Challenges posed by Biometric

Technology on Data Privacy Protection

in Hong Kong and the Way Forward”;

and Dr Nalini Ratha, IBM Watson

Research Centre, New York, US, on

“Privacy Protection in High Security

Biometrics Applications”.

The Third International

Conference on the Ethics

and Policy of Biometrics and

International Data Sharing

The International Conference on the Ethics and Policy of

Biometrics and International Data Sharing took place from 4-5

January 2010, at PolyU. Organised by the Department in

cooperation with the RISE consortium (Rising pan-European

and International Awareness of Biometrics and Security

Ethics), the conference was a huge success, attracting more

than 100 participants from over 10 countries, including

industry players, policy makers, and experts in privacy

protection and biometrics security. The aim of the conference

was to bring attention to the challenges posed by biometric

technology on data privacy in Asia and by future technological

advancements on privacy protection.

From left to right: Dr Nalini Ratha, Prof. Alex Wai, Mr Roderick Woo,

Prof. David Zhang, Ir Dr Hon Samson Tam Wai Ho, JP, Prof. Emilio Mordini.

The two-day Conference was kicked off by Ir Dr Hon Samson Tam Wai Ho, JP,

Legislative Councillor (Information Technology); Prof. Alex Wai, PolyU

Associate Vice President and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering; Prof. David

Zhang, Head of the Department of Computing and Director of the Biometrics

Research Centre of PolyU; and Prof. Emilio Mordini, RISE Project Coordinator,

Centre for Science, Society, and Citizenship, Rome, Italy, at an opening

held on 4 January.

Recognition - Staff 08

ACM CHI (Computer Human

Interaction 2010 Conference)

presented an Honorable Mention

Award to the research paper and

toolkit i*CATch compiled by COMP

staff and students.

Honorable Mention Award

to Computing Team at

Flagship Conference

Dr Grace Ngai, Dr Stephen Chan, Dr Vincent Ng, Ms Joey Cheung,

Mr Sam Choy, Ms Winnie Lau and Mr Jason Tse from the Department

won an Honorable Mention Award at the ACM CHI (Computer Human

Interaction) 2010 Conference for their research paper “i*CATch: A

Scalable, Plug-n-Play Wearable Computing Framework for Novices

and Children.” CHI, as the flagship conference for ACM SIGCHI

(Special Interest Group on Computer–Human Interaction) is the

premier international conference for the field of human-computer

interaction and the Honorable Mention Award is dedicated to the top

5% of submitted papers. This paper is also the first paper from Hong

Kong to be honored with this award.

The paper presents the i*CATch toolkit, which was developed wholly

in-house at the eToy Lab in the Department of Computing, The i*CATch

toolkit was designed to be modular, a construction platform and a

hybrid text / graphical integrated development environment. It has been

used to teach programming to our own undergraduates as well as in

Summer Camp and other outreach activities to primary and secondary


Prof. Jiannong Cao and his team won

government grants for their wireless

sensor network project.

A Sound Foundation

"A Versatile Wireless Sensor Network Platform

for Structural Health Monitoring", a project by

Prof. Jiannong Cao and his team to enhance

the structural safety of engineering structures,

has received a grant of HK$991,300 from

the Innovation and Technology Support

Programme (ITSP). With more than 20 years

of teaching experience in the Asia-Pacific

region, Prof. Cao is the Associate Head of

COMP and the Director of its Internet and

Mobile Computing Lab.


Recognition - Staff

Perfect Connections

Dr Rocky Chang and his working team have succeeded in obtaining

grants on two projects to promote network measurement and its

applications: HK$967,150 from the Innovation and Technology

Support Programme (ITSP) to the project "Reliable and Accurate

Bandwidth Measurement of Asymmetric Network Paths", and

HK$200,000 from the Joint Universities Computer Centre (JUCC) to

the project "Performance Monitoring and Measurement of HARNET".

Dr Rocky Chang

Silver Medal for

an RFID Project

Dr Henry Chan and his research & development team recently won a silver medal in the 38th International Exhibition of

Inventions in Geneva with a software tool called Flexible RFID Encoder and Decoder (FRED). FRED was developed in relation

to the project entitled "Enhancing the Competitiveness of the Hong Kong Air Freight Forwarding Industry Using RFID and

Software Agent Technologies" funded by the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF)

(over $4 million). The major developer of FRED is Chiu Chi Hang, last year's graduate

of COMP.

Working in collaboration with the industry, the aforementioned ITF project aims to

investigate the use of RFID and software agents to enhance the competitiveness of

the Hong Kong air freight forwarding industry. In January 2010, the project team

organized an industrial seminar for the air freight forwarding industry (see the photo).

The opening speeches were given by distinguished speakers, including:

• Ir Dr Hon Samson TAM Wai Ho, JP, Legislative Councilor (Information Technology

Functional Constituency)

• Dr Frank TONG, Director, Hong Kong R&D Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain

Management Enabling Technologies

• Mr Peter WONG, Chairman, Hong Kong Association of Freight Forwarding And


• Mr Kelvin LEUNG, CEO, North Asia Pacific, DHL Global Forwarding

• Mr Philip LEE, CEO, Sun Hing Group of Companies

A Long Engagement

Devotion, hard work, and the persistent pursuit of excellence have marked the history of

COMP. The following staff members of the department have been honoured with the 2009

Long Service Award by PolyU: Prof. Keith Chan; Dr Korris Chung, Dr Hong Va Leong,

Dr Hareton Leung, Dr James Liu, and Dr Vincent Ng.

Prof. Keith Chan Dr Korris Chung Dr Hong Va Leong

Dr Hareton Leung Dr James Liu Dr Vincent Ng

Recognition - Student 10

Mr Lozen Liu (right) and other awardees.

Computing Student Receives

Outstanding Student Awards 2009

Mr Lozen Liu Zhi Yue, a final year student of BSc (Hons) in Computing, was awarded the

Outstanding Student Award 2009. Receiving the distinguished award from the President,

Prof. Timothy Tong, along with five other awardees, he was recognized as a "preferred graduate"

for his exceptional academic performance and his commitment to internship training. Mr Liu was

also the winner of four scholarships from 2006 to 2010.

Prof. Tong presents the Outstanding Student Award to Mr Lozen Liu.

Success Takes Flight

COMP graduate Lau Hiu Fung has captured the Gold Award in the Hong Kong ICT

Awards 2009, for the category of “Best Innovation & Research [College &

Undergraduates]”, with his RFID/SMS-based Flight Information and Advertisements

System project. The proposed system, which also features an intelligent computing

algorithm, allows flight passengers to see customized flight information as well as

advertisements that they might be interested in, based on information from their RFID

tags. The system could also be applied in shopping malls, hospitals, railway stations,

and other places.

Hong Kong ICT Awards 2009: Hiu Fung

with Mrs. Rita Lau, JP, Secretary for

Commerce and Economic Development,

HKSAR Government, Mr Duncan

Pescod, JP, Permanent Secretary for

Commerce and Economic Development,

HKSAR Government, Mr Jeremy

Godfrey, Government Chief Information

Officer, HKSAR Government, Dr Winnie

Tang, JP, President, Internet Professional

Association, and Prof. Timothy Tong,

President of PolyU.


Recognition - Student

PolyU computing alumnus Mr Lau Hiu Fung, who works on a wheelchair and strikes the computer keyboard with a pair of chopsticks,

has developed a package of SMS-based services against all odds. These services could enable travellers to have convenient access

to information on updated flight status as well as shopping outlets or restaurants around Hong Kong.

Brilliance of the Mind:

SMS-based services developed by Lau Hiu Fung

COMP graduate Lau Hiu Fung once again surprised the

computing science community with his latest work – a

package of SMS-based services for airport users and


These services could enable airport travellers and tourists to

obtain convenient access to information on updated flight

schedules as well as on restaurants or shopping outlets

around Hong Kong.

It was presented by Lau as a special gift to his mother, who

has helped him commute to campus because he is in a

wheel-chair, on the eve of Mother's Day at a seminar jointly

organized by PolyU and the Internet Professional Association


This young computing talent, who suffers from Duchenne

Muscular Dystrophy, works by striking the computer

keyboard with a pair of chopsticks, while seated in a

wheelchair. He works under the supervision of Associate

Professor Dr Henry Chan of COMP.

Addressing the seminar, Dr Winnie Tang, President of iProA,

praised Lau for his efforts on this project. She also noted that

SMS should be one of the most commonly used

telecommunications services.

The seminar was also supported by the Communications

Association of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Computer Society,

the Lions Club of Hong Kong (Pacific), and The Hong Kong

Association for Computer Education.

The package of three SMS-based services developed by Lau

and other project team members consists of different

dimensions. The first tier of service provides arrival/departure

and transit flight information for airport users. The second tier

of service recommends shops/restaurants through SMS

using intelligent computing techniques. Finally, the third tier of

service provides value-added services through interaction

with external devices.

This SMS project is funded by a $400,000 grant from the

Office of the Telecommunications Authority (OFTA). It is

supported by the Airport Authority of Hong Kong, Decisive

Consulting, DHL Global Forwarding, Hong Kong Cyberport,

Hong Kong RFID, Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong

Kong), iProA, Macroview Telecom, Xgate, and 2DiC.

Lau, a former student of the John F. Kennedy Centre of the

Hong Kong Red Cross, graduated from COMP with first-class

honours in 2009. A high-flying student, he already had

various awards under his belt, including the Gold Award in the

2009 Amway Pan-Pearl River Delta Region Universities IT

Project Competition, and the Gold Award in the Hong Kong

ICT Awards 2009 in the Best Innovation and Research

(College & Undergraduates) Category.

A Moment for Reward

Six graduating COMP students were selected as the champions of the Charles

Babbage Final Year Project Awards 2009-10. Held on 22 May, the event allowed

winning students to present their projects to a panel consisting of faculty teaching

staff, and industry professionals. The Outstanding Final Year Project Award was

snatched by student Wang Xin Chao, who theorized a unifying subspace selection

framework for classification.

The Technological Achievement Award went to Lo Wai Kwan’s Framework for

Multi-modal Human Computer Interaction project, and Li Ho Leung’s D-miner:

Discovering Potential Young Drug Abusers project. Feng Xue Chen, on the other

hand, won the Innovation Award with his Dual Wiimote Three-Dimensional Point

Tracking System with Applications. Student Lam Lap Kei and Ho Sai Hei won the

Merit Award for their respective projects. Throughout Enhanced Cooperative

Transmission Design and Implementation in Ad-hoc Wireless Network, and

Location Based Blogging.

The top four winning projects were selected to represent the COMP in the iProA


Research Highlights 12

4 winners (from left to right) Mr Junchao Ma, Mr Zhang Lin, Mr Ming Hay Luk, Mr Wei Feng

with all the participants and judges.

Rising Stars

A Human Touch

to Technology

Innovation and sensitivity to day-to-day

technology needs earned PolyU students the top

prize in the 2010 Amway Pan-PRD University IT

Project Competition.

Kenneth Lo Wai Kwan and Will Tang Wai Wa

outperformed their counterparts from other

universities in Hong Kong to win the top award

with their final year project, i*Chameleon: A

Unified Interaction Framework for Integrating and

Combining Heterogeneous Input Devices. The

project, together with 10 other selected projects,

will represent Hong Kong in the 2010 Amway

Pan-Pearl River Delta Region Universities IT

Project Competition to be held in Chengdu

Province. The project was one of four selected by

COMP to represent the department.

To encourage aspiring scientists in their pursuit of knowledge

and innovation, COMP invited research students to submit their

research papers to the “Most Promising Researcher”

Competition 2010, held on 8 April. Four winners were selected

amongst the participants, who were invited to deliver a

presentation on their research projects to the panel of judges.

An enthusiastic exchange and discussion of views among

supervisors and students added to the excitement of the

competition. The participants were also given the chance to

demonstrate their presentation skills, showcasing their

knowledge and ideas to a delightful audience of students and

teaching staff alike. Cash awards and certificates were

presented to the winners at the end of the competition as tokens

of recognition. Representatives of COMP applauded the efforts

of all participants, and expressed the hope that the spirit of

excellence will be handed down to the next generation of young


The Chameleon framework is user-friendly and

versatile. It allows users to customize different

interaction devices, such as motion capture

cameras, speech recognition engines, tangible

devices and others, and adapt them on the

Windows platform.

Using techniques like pattern recognition, image

segmentation, language parsing, middleware, and

object-oriented design, the Chameleon will then

map incoming signals, and convert them into

conventional keyboard-and-mouse commands

that are compatible with Windows applications.

The user-friendly nature of the framework means

that non-technical users, including those with

physical disabilities, can easily use it to customize

their devices. For example, users with physical

disabilities may use the framework to integrate

their own specially-designed input devices into a

standard Windows workstation. Other potential

areas of use include demonstration systems and

home entertainment systems.


Student Corner

Officiating guests celebrated the debut launch of the Hong Kong First

LEGO League Robotics Tournament (from left) Professor Suleyman

Demokan(Vice President of PolyU); Dr Rosanna Wong Yick-ming

(Executive Director of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups);

Ms Janet W C Wong(Commissioner for Innovation and Technology of

the Innovation and Technology Commission); The Hon Marjorie Yang

Mun-tak, JP (Non-Official Member of Executive Council); Dr K K Chan

(Deputy Secretary, Education Bureau, HKSARG); Mr E Anthony

Tan(Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Science and Technology

Parks Corporation) and Mr Eugene Zhang(Executive Director of

Semia Limited).

Hong Kong FLL (FIRST LEGO League)

Robotics Tournament

The Hong Kong FLL (FIRST LEGO League) Robotics Tournament was held on 27 February at the

Hong Kong Science Park. It was jointly organized by the Department of Computing of the Hong

Kong Polytechnic University, the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, and Semia, to encourage

young people to become more interested in science and technology.

Sixty-one teams from 48 primary and secondary schools participated in the tournament, and over

700 students, teachers, and other visitors were present. Guided by coaches, the participants

learned to deal with various challenges by building fully autonomous robots. In the process, they

developed creative and critical thinking skills outside of the classroom. In addition, by solving

problems with their teammates they were able to learn something about both robotics engineering

and team spirit.

We were honored to have the following people as officiating guests in the tournament: The Hon.

Marjorie Yang, JP, Chairman of the PolyU Council and Non-Official Member of the Executive

Council; Prof. Suleyman Demokan, Vice President of PolyU; Prof. Walter Yuen, Vice President of

PolyU; Ms Janet Wong, Commissioner for Innovation and Technology of the Innovation and

Technology Commission; Mr Nicholas Brooke, BBS, JP, FRICS, FHKIS, RPS, Chairman of the

Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation; Mr Eugene Zhang, Executive Director of

Semia Limited; and Dr Rosanna Wong Yick-ming, Executive Director of The Hong Kong Federation

of Youth Groups.

Student Corner 14

A full house of Form 7 students paid close attention in the A-level seminar.

Our professors and students deliver helpful advice on how best to prepare for the A-level exam.

Seminar for Form 7 Students

before the A-level Examination

Student Affairs Office’s Counsellor,

Ms Maggie Choy, delivers a sharing

session on “Handling Exams with


To help Form 7 students to perform their best at the A-level examination, a seminar

was hosted in March by experts and professors, offering advice on exam preparation

and time management, and providing information on university admission. The

enlightening seminar was followed by guided laboratory tours, and the chance to hear

about university life from computing students, giving the prospective university

students an opportunity to explore computing courses in depth.

Summer Camps to

Inspire Young Talents in IT

This year, the much-anticipated IT summer camps for primary and

secondary students are now accepting applications.

The 4th Virtual Reality Summer Camp

Students will engage in computer animation and game production, and

create their own computer game in this five-day camp.

Target : F5 to F7 students

Website : http://vrcamp.comp.polyu.edu.hk

i3 Learn Group Summer Camp

With the theme “Creativity‧Art‧Technology”, this five-day camp focuses

on fostering creativity and art appreciation through the application of the

latest technology.

Target : P4 to F3 students

Website : http://summercamp.comp.polyu.edu.hk

Innovation Odyssey – Entrepreneurial Challenge 2010

Summer Term Training Course

This training course translates creativity into practical, commercial

solutions in the form of computer animations and games, to spark a

sense of entrepreneurship in teenagers.

Target : P4 to F3 students

Website : http://ioec.comp.polyu.edu.hk



1 2 Summer camp participants taking pride in their creations.

3 4 Students concentrating hard on their projects and putting

their innovative minds to work.

3 4


Student Corner

Student helpers pose for a group picture to mark the end of a fruitful Consultation Day.

Computing students and academic staff are eager to handle enquiries about our undergraduate and

double-degree programmes.

Consultation Day to help students

decide about the future

After taking their A-level examinations, Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS)

applicants who remained undecided about their future studies were offered a chance to gain

first-hand information on undergraduate studies, admission requirements, and career prospects in

computing. During Consultation Day, which closed on 22 May, informative exhibitions, seminars,

and guided tours were held, covering topics such as courses and programmes, internship

opportunities, and future career and placement opportunities. Our professors and students were

eager to answer questions, helping prospective students to think things through before submitting

a final application to JUPAS.

Mr Ming Li, a Project Manager from the ICT Career Centre, gives a talk on opportunities in an IT career.

Student Corner 16

Good Tidings

More than 130 graduating students, alumni, teaching staff, as well as industrial

professionals gathered together for the special occasion of Graduation Dinner

2010, which was held on 20 May at the Staff Restaurant. Food, photos,

laughter, and amicable conversations marked the evening, which was a perfect

way to bring campus life to a close and seal the friendships formed there.




1 4


Good Fun

Creativity and entrepreneurship are the powerful

generators of social value. COMP students collaborated

with over 150 school participants NGOs to run a stall called

the “2010 Lunar New Year Fun Fair” at the Chinese New

Year Fair in Victoria Park, selling creative products to raise

funds for local charities. The Fair was part of "The

Innovation Odyssey – Entrepreneurial Challenge" project

supported by the Quality Education Fund.

1 Guest visited our stall to show their support

and give encouragement to the participating


2 Students sold creative products at the Chinese

New Year Floral Market in Victoria Park.

3 Product making by computing students.

4 Computing student introduced our product to

President Prof. Timothy W. Tong.


Alumni Arena



COMP warmly greeted its graduates, their friends,

and families at the Alumni Homecoming Carnival

on a Sunday afternoon in mid-March.

The day was a time for old and new: a “Wall of

Memories” showcased memorable photos

contributed by alumni, who were also invited to

explore the latest campus structures and facilities

through adventurous activities. Their children, on

the other hand, were delighted with a playground

filled with game booths, shows, and magic


Happy homecoming for COMP alumni with their friends and families at

the PolyU.

The "FHKPUAA Cup Soccer Tournament" and

"PolyU Alumni 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament"

were held, and campus sports facilities were

opened for free, to give alumni a chance to flex

their muscles, and renew ties with their college

sports buddies!

To add an intellectual twist to the evening, COMP

also organized an exhibition on PolyU's space

research milestone, and a seminar on health and

body. Other entertaining programmes included a

lucky draw, horse-riding, stage performances, and

other activities. Want another alumni homecoming

carnival? Why not?

Upcoming Event 18

If you are interested to know more about the Department of Computing (COMP), please feel free to contact us.

Tel: 2766 7300 Email: enquiry@comp.polyu.edu.hk Website: http://www.comp.polyu.edu.hk/

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