Working with others / Various companies in the vicinity of SNC’s Moerdijk

and Pernis sites purchase products from SNC and process them further. This

has economic advantages, and more importantly involves fewer risks for people

and the environment due to the short distances the hazardous materials are

transported through pipelines.

And there is, of course, close partnership with Shell Nederland Raffinaderij in

Pernis, which not only provides most of SNC’s feedstocks but also renders

various services, in particular for the Pernis site.

Working with others

Impermeable paving limits

the consequences of any


Information about nuisance

Despite all the precautionary measures, incidents may

occasionally occur. This might cause a nuisance to people

both on and off-site, and beyond the perimeter fence

people may be inconvenienced by noxious odours, noise

and flaring. In addition to these incidents, maintenance

and other work may also constitute a nuisance. If it is

obvious that particular activities will cause a nuisance,

Shell informs the neighbourhood in advance. Information

is also provided as rapidly as possible when incidents do

occur. That is not always easy as it usually takes some

time before the causes have been traced and appropriate

measures taken.

The second styrene and propylene oxide

plant at Moerdijk.

Shell does all it can to alleviate people’s concerns by

providing as much information as it can as soon as it can.

Obviously, we still consider any incident to be one too

many and therefore give the highest priority to prevention.

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