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ZCG Scalar Company Profile

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Air Traffic

Proudly designed and manufactured in

Australia for more than 40 years


FM Radio


7 Hall Street,

Lindenow, VIC 3865

P 03 5157 1203

F 03 5157 1641

E sales@zcg.com.au


P 07 3245 7322

F 07 3245 7343

E qldsales@zcg.com.au


P 07 3245 7322

F 07 3245 7343

E wasales@zcg.com.au






Antennas made for all Australian conditions


Antennas made for all Australian conditions


About ZCG Scalar

ZCG Scalar is a world class radio frequency antenna design, manufacture, installation and

consulting company that provide an innovative approach to finding RF solutions for our


Established in 1970, we identified a need in the amateur radio fraternity for high quality,

reliable antenna systems that were specifically designed to deliver long-term, trouble-free

service in the world’s harshest environments.

The current directors, Garry and Sally-Ann Kelly, took ownership in 2004; with more than 30

years’ experience in the RF field they continue to provide clients with the high degree of

competence and extensive technical knowledge in antenna design, installation and

optimisation that our customers have come to expect.

ZCG Scalar’s primary production facility is located in Lindenow, Victoria; a rural environment

that offers an ideal position for the manufacturing of antennas and related RF systems due to

the lack of both radio frequency and electrical interference in the area.

If you have an RF system in mind, ZCG Scalar have the experience and expertise to find a

solution. Contact us today on 03 5157 1203 or go to www.zcg.com.au to find out more.


At the cutting edge of antenna design and manufacturing, ZCG Scalar specialise in delivering

RF solutions to customers with specific technical requirements or problematic installations.

With a broad range of technical options available to our clients, the process of planning,

designing, building and implementing RF systems is streamlined to deliver projects on time

and on budget.

From the highest quality CB radio systems for 4WD enthusiasts to planning and modelling for

major broadcasters, ZCG Scalar can assist you with all of your RF requirements including:

Base station

Radio and TV broadcast


Air traffic control

Emergency services


Cellular phone



Data link

ZCG Scalar utilise precision technology at every phase of the production process including

Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computerised Numerical Control (CNC) systems. Design and

test facilities incorporate Network Analysers at each point in the production and performance

testing stages; allowing ZCG Scalar to manufacture and optimise antennas to the highest

technical standards.

Every antenna that leaves our factory is

individually tuned before being delivered

to the customer.

Custom RF solutions

Offering an integrated approach to RF solutions, ZCG Scalar offer our clients the very best in

high quality, reliable antenna systems that deliver long-term, trouble-free service.

Not only manufacturing, ZCG Scalar also provide a wide range of services including:

Project management - from planning to installation

Coverage planning and modelling

Broadcast field strength measurement

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) field surveys

EMR protection

Government ARPANSA EMR standards

Government ACMA requirements

Mechanical mount design and installation

Machining of components

RF Safety and Risk Management

Catering to all Australian RF conditions, ZCG Scalar have developed collaborative relationships

with manufacturing partners overseas to deliver an extensive range of products and services to

our clients. Whatever your RF requirements, ZCG Scalar has the specialist expertise to deliver a

flexible and economically viable solution.

Antennas made for all Australian conditions


Antennas made for all Australian conditions


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