HAPPY NEW YEAR! - Alfa Romeo Owners Club


HAPPY NEW YEAR! - Alfa Romeo Owners Club

New Year Meal

Friday 6 January

from 7.30pm

La Torre, Coalville

We are returning to the delightful La

Torre Italian restaurant for our Section’s

New Year Meal following the success of

last year’s there.

Where is it?

48 High St, Coalville, Leics, LE67 3EE.

Can I park?

Easy! La Torre has a large car park at

the rear of the building.

What’s on the menu?

The special menu is on our website. An

excellent choice of fine dishes for a very

fair price of £20.90 for three courses.

The bill is paid by individual so it’s fair

for all.

How do I book?

Please contact John as soon as possible!


See www.latorrecoalville.co.uk

The Italian owners, Bruno and Gregorio,

look forward to welcoming us there

again, arriving at 7.30 for 7.45pm.

(That’s some of the team below.)

As well as good food, wine and great

company, we’re having a charity raffle.

All prize donations will be kindly

received on the night, whether large or


Sadly we’ve still

got a long wait

for the 4C...


Well, if all goes to plan you’ll have this January

edition at the end of December—but we are up

against the UK postal system for the hard copy to

land on your mat of course. Basically I wanted to

get another plug in for the New Year Meal at La

Torre. (See panel on right.) We have 32 names

down already, but still some space for more. It is

always an enjoyable night, and the owners make

us very welcome - for example, they DEMAND we

bring Alfa flags to put on the wall (I forgot last year).

As mentioned last time, Dave Atkins has got some

of the famous Tuscan Grappa ‘Firewater’ again

too, and don’t forget the ‘Grande Raffle’, that

always adds to the entertainment.

We were hoping to get Peter Cambridge along for

either the January or February meeting at the

George and Dragon for another informal chat about

the world of car dynamics (hope you’ve read his

excellent article in the club’s December Magazine).

Sadly however he is setting up the Bilstein stand at

the Autosport show on our January club night, and

has a commitment with the Porsche Club on the

February one - so we are a tad thwarted until March

or April. We will get him though as the last one he

did for us back in Nov 2010 was really well

received. Hopefully he will still have his MAD

development Nissan GTR for us to all ogle at too.

Anyway, aside from that, 2012’s event plan is

taking shape well, and an early draft is inside. Our

big one is MITCAR of course, and just recently

Bryan has finished negotiating with a new venue for

us, Elvaston Castle between Derby and Nottingham.

A really lovely property in fabulous grounds with a

nice big display area for us again. Sadly the interior

of the castle will not be open as it is undergoing

refurbishment, but there is a nice cafeteria (!), and

there will be plenty of outside catering this time at

very good prices. We’re also able to keep the entry

cost down to just £5 per car, so hopefully we’ll get

another 300 or so Italian cars along again.

We’re also delighted to confirm that we are now

officially booked in at the Coventry Transport

Museum on 25 March, thanks to Simon. We’ll have

space for up to 50 Alfas for a special display in the

excellent Millennium Place just outside the venue,

and there is free admission to the indoor exhibition

areas too. (As you’ll note, we are aiming to keep

costs down this year.) That should be a very good

day, and one we wanted to have last year of course,

before the council decided to dig the place up to

put in a giant TV screen!

Writing this just before Christmas, I’d like to say

thanks to everyone for supporting our Section in

2011. The year has been a huge amount of fun

again, and I hope that the review inside brings back

as many happy memories for you as it did for me

when I was going through the hundreds of photos I

took when pulling it together. It’s about more than

just the cars of course...

So, see you at La Torre, and a big

Anno Nuovo Felice!!


Alfisti is the AROC Central & East Midlands

Section newsletter, edited and produced by

John Griffiths

AROC CEMIDS Section Secretary

Tel: 0774 8881317

e-mail: jg.alfa@tiscali.co.uk

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■ Alfisti Issue 139 ■ January 2012

Inside this edition:

2011 Event Review

Four go to Tuscany

GTV Cup on Rolling Road

MiTo photo shoot

December Meeting

Our Alfas… and more.


£0.00 Where Sold

Four go to Tuscany...

At the end of October, Andy Wallington, Dave Atkins, Brian Smith and

Keith Krog

took another trip out to Italy to enjoy the biggest

Autojumble the country has at Padova, staying at Dave’s wonderful

place in Barga, Tuscany en route. Andy takes up the story….

Diary entry, Thursday

Collected by Brian Smith at 1am for a 3am rendezvous with Dave at Keith and

Germaine's place for a 06:30 flight. From Luton....we all find ourselves in Pisa

by 08:30. Very convivial. Picking up a few essentials in the LeClerc

supermarket we set up camp at Dave’s 'Villa Di Aventura' then head off to the

monastery for lunch. For those not yet acquainted with the monastery, it is

more correctly a restaurant next to a monastery, but, nestled in the Barga

mountains (see left), visiting is a truly breath-taking experience. The menu is

simple but unsurpassed, and in this case, roast beef. Spent the afternoon

strolling round the old town of Barga, before pizza for tea where Keith had

become a regular during his summer visit. Washed down with much Prosecco,

we concluded Keith was a fine judge of eateries.

Friday. We loitered with intent around Barga; coffee, Lunaticci Fiat/Lancia -

the local car emporium; ‘Paulo Gas’s bar. After a spot of lunch, (or was it a

quick siesta?) we headed back to the bar for a light afternoon snack laid on for the locals. We arrive a little late but were ushered in, more food is brought out, and the wine

begins to flow! English and Italian blurs and then, several toasts later, out comes the Grappa! One of those delightful encounters with the locals, where language is no

barrier. Thank you Paolo!! Just time then to ready ourselves for our table at Riccardo's, our favourite Barga restaurant. At a table spread with more great food and fine

wine, conversation flows easily between the delights we have already encountered and of the show tomorrow.

(Hot seafood salad, sea bass, lamb chops, deep fried calamari, Panacotta – heaven.)

Saturday - 8am set off for ‘Auto d'epoca Padova.’ Checked in to hotel around 11, then wandered over to the show. I wander

through the parts halls (plural) gazing on multitudinous things, many shiny, many not. A Lancia transaxle complete with inboard

drum brakes, 246 Dino engine, clocks and instruments to keep a hopeful specials builder like me fizzing with glee..... Finally I

spy some 1950's headlamp shells for just E50. When we regroup for lunch, we've all behaved, except Brian who's acquired a

piece of ‘unobtanium’ dash trim for his Spider. Keith arranges food via the ticketing system, and Dave and I go off to queue.

After some confusion, we return with hot pasties and kebab... four of EACH! Well done Keith. We also managed some beer as

we swapped stories of what we had seen before we set off with renewed vigour round the sixteen halls.

Later that day I'm thrilled to see the offering from the Museo

Storica (never having made it to Arese). Given plenty of room

and open access, I stare at the Stradale Tipo 33, a 1938 8C

2900B 'Speciale' by Touring (right), what turns out to be the 33

Coupe by Pininfarina , and the 158 Alfetta. I can confirm that

this last, with no handbrake, has less inertia than an empty

shopping trolley. Wonderful.

Equally wonderful was a small stand displaying office furniture

made from aircraft parts. Envisage a work desk constructed

from a tail plane, or a reception desk from the engine cowl of a

737. A coat stand from a floor mounted prop, or a coffee table

from a radial crank and pistons. I always thought re-use beat recycling!

Of course there were hundreds, thousands of cars, from barn

finds to Concours, and when we regrouped at the end of the day,

we began to realize that none of us had seen everything. Good

job we had a weekend ticket!

On the way out we bumped into Dave’s friend Nicola from the

Turbodelta register, and agree to dine together at 8. Nicola and his two pals are from the Carabinieri, one a

helicopter pilot! The LONGEST 20km drive, in and out of Padova city limits, became a bit of a joke, but we

finally arrived at the 'fish restaurant'. Polenta, bigotti as pasta (Brian has a huge plate of mussels, Paulo gets

3 ravioli!), then plate du mere. The rest of the evening is a bit of a blur, just to say that the food was

wonderful, Nicola and friends excellent hosts, and maybe, just maybe, we talked them in to coming over next

year for Goodwood! Then we left, at about 1am!

Sunday; 9am breakfast, 10am to the show

Lots more to see; Spider Speciale, SS, SZ. No need for lunch, we rendezvous at 3pm, by which time the

headlamps, nicknamed 'the Boobies' are mine for E30. Dave has some eyebrows for the camper, but Keith

hasn't bought the 1/12 CMC shark nose, a snip at E2100!

3:30pm return. Constant arguments with SatNav blonde, but we finally make it to Barga pizzeria - Tre calzone and Brian's salami special, quaffed with Cinzano dry

Spumante. Perfecto.

Aircraft furniture...

Andy’s, er, Boobies.

Fantastic 158 Alfetta.

Monday, and after some official form filling in, David becomes

'Residente' of Barga. This soon becomes (with official El

Presidente George's permission) 'Residente Presidente', which

does sound rather grand. By the afternoon however, we've

lowered the title to 'Incontenente Residente Presidente'. Of

course, were he to open a cafe, it would be 'Ristorante

Incontinante....!' Anyway, for lunch we head for the Terrazzo.

20 minutes later, lost on a mountain side, Dave is forced to

execute a 9 point turn. Visions of having to revise the

acceleration figures of our hired Peugeot as it plunges over a

ravine prove premature, but when we finally arrive, the

Terrazzo is closed. Deciding on Il Chocco as substitute, (the

hotel complex that towers over Barga from the hill side) we are

bemused to find this too closed for refurb......or is it! Very long

detour later, and.....drinks and Panini are served on the terrace. BBQ is the order of the evening, so

Argentine langoustine collected from LeClerc, prepped by Keith, soaked in beer (langoustine, not Keith).

Plenty of beer to finish up, followed by homemade strudel and ice cream (not). What a feast.

Somewhat reluctantly we head back into Barga, 'tis only 8 o'clock after all. (The spirit is willing, but the

flesh is weak OR, as the Russian Google translator said, the Vodka is strong, but the meat is tender).

Paulo Gas’s bar suddenly seems a bit young for us old fogies, so we wander in to the town square. We are

not quite ready for what awaits!

Everyone is dressed in black, coffin on the ground, tombstones against the ancient walls, blazing

brazziers, lynched Ghouls. We order a bottle of Red, and take a seat round the fire. The locals have

gone to great lengths to dress for the occasion, with capes, wigs, pointy hats and even a red sparkly cat

suit the order of the day. We're not uncomfortable in our casual dress, because we're on our second

bottle of Red, and Dave is driving.


Four go to Tuscany… cont’d

The music begins courtesy of the Brothers Grim on the disco, and slowly the

square fills to a throng. We're not the least embarrassed to have the only seats

there 'cause we're on our third bottle of Red, and Dave is driving. Candles were given out, a procession filed in behind the coffin, but it

didn't really interrupt the dancing. Not sure who started that, me or Brian, but we weren't feeling the least bit self-conscious, because we

we'd had our fourth bottle of Red. Then Dave drove us home.

Tuesday; after a tidy up and saying farewell to Leonardo and the little Giuliano,

we set off for the coast, Viareggio to be precise. Thought it would be nice to see

the sea. And it was nice, and completely deserted. Well, the beach was, if we'd

had our cossies we'd have been in in a twinkling. It was a bank holiday, but the

Italians had no mind for anything but dining, or strolling the promenade. All very

pleasant, even the Carabinieri showed up in a couple of 159s. Very resplendent

they looked in full uniform, with shades, and after Keith had checked the wheel

and tyre combo (17's) we asked if we could take a photo of us with the friendly

public servants. They politely declined the request, but allowed photos of the cars,

as long as we didn't include the number plates; perhaps they were incognito...

A steady drive back to Pisa for the return flight, and after returning the hired

Peugeot (which impressed with its ride, handling, and frugality) we checked in.

Dave had offered to help me with the Boobies, so I had one, he had the other. While I was delayed arranging my luggage into Ryanair

spec, the others had gone through customs. When I caught up, there was poor Dave, with four officials examining his booby! I suppose it

might look a little like an artillery shell tip on the X-ray mind you! Anyway, he'd remembered it was actually from a 1948 Fiat, and the

head honcho seemed happy with that, so I was saved any further embarrassment. Cheers Dave!

Brian got in the spirit...

Back in the UK (Luton) there were no such interventions - I think Simon Addison (Border Welcome Agency) had had a word with his boss, so we went off to collect Keith's

valet parked 159. Despite having been sat outside for the duration everything seemed in order, so off we went. Saying farewell at Keith’s, Brian did the honours in his

stunning Brera and I arrived home, chauffeur driven all the way, at about midnight. Needless to say we had had a cracking trip.....if Ryanair permitted, I think Dave would

have booked the 2012 trip by now. Cheers Dave - and Keith, and Brian! Andy

GTV Cup gets Rolling Road

treatment by Alan Daly

On Saturday 19 November I had a rolling road test done on my GTV Cup.

As I was offered a great deal it was an opportunity not to be missed. The

venue was Shark Performance Limited in Mansfield (see


My Cup had not had any remapping done to it so it’s "out of the box" so to

speak, although I had added a Q2 Limited Slip Differential onto the car this


When the Alfa GTV 3.0 V6 24 V engine car first came out it was set under

the Euro 2 rules (European Emission standards) and had a setting of

220bhp, but under the Euro 3 rules introduced officially in 2000 the same

engine had a revised setting of 218bhp.

On the Rolling Road test my Cup achieved 216.5 bhp @ 6,204rpm. Now,

as the car has just celebrated its 9th Birthday a loss of only one and half

horses in nine years is a pretty fine result!

In the Torque area, there are two measurement readings, either given in

Nm (Newton Metres) or the imperial measurement reading of lbs/ft. Looking at an article in "Wheels"

magazine in their August 1999 edition it offers the figure of 270Nm @ 5000 rpm (Euro 2) and the "Top

Gear" Magazine article of April 2001 offered the Euro 3 Torque figure of 196 lbs/ft @ 5000 rpm.

My Cup today on the rolling road achieved a reading of 267 Nm @ 4850rpm actually achieving a higher

than the ‘off the production line’ setting so excellent news.

The Euro 2 settings for the 3.0 V6 24V -(1997-1998) is listed as 270 Nm (200 lbs/ft)

The Euro 3 settings for the 3.0 V6 24V -(1998-2003) is listed as 265 Nm (195 lbs/ft)

Just a further update on the Cup,

So, though pretty happy with that, at the end of November I decided to have the my Cup remapped.

I had made contact initially back in April with Gus at Alfatune over in St Helens who told me what he could

do telling me whenever I was ready he would work his magic. Eight months later and it was time !

I was very happy with the drive of the car and thought having 218bhp or so it might not suffer so much

from the "problem areas" sometimes mentioned on various forums such as hesitation, no torque very low

down in the rev range etc. etc., but now I can see the Cup like most GTVs did and Gus has removed those

issues. After Gus has worked his magic I now have far better pick up accelerating through the gears,

revving much more freely - indeed it almost seems effortless and offers greater flexibility.

The power is awesome and there is loads of torque from the very bottom of the rev range, so I can drive

through the gears so much better. It certainly does not feel restrained any more. Now the car has 235bhp

@ 6032 rpm, an increase of 19bhp and torque has increased to 284 Nm (210lbs/ft).

Leaving aside the facts and figures , as they are not always everything, it is how well it drives

and boy does it drive great! Great job Gus. Well done that man!

Now to make it even stronger it needs to have GTV cat-less manifolds fitted and equal length downpipes

as well. Where is Santa when you need him?! One trivial but crazy point – it achieved 235bhp and the

car registration is 235 NVT … spooky! Alan

Detailing Corner

Sponges, Mis and Noodles...

One of the best ps you can give anyone who wants to look aer the condion of their paintwork is to chuck

away their sponge! Even aer praccing ‘Safe Washing’ with the two bucket method (one for the suds, one to

rinse the sponge frequently) you can sll easily create fine swirls and scratches using one. With a sponge you

are dragging any minute parcles le on the bodywork across the nice smooth paintwork causing fine swirls

which look roen in bright sunlight and especially bad under street or garage lights.

So, what’s the soluon? Well, first on the list are wash mis - the pure wool versions being about £12 or so.

First one I bought was a Meguiar’s ‘arficial’ mi (about £10 at a show). Worked a treat, but with just one it got

grubby quite quickly… then a few years back I discovered the Noodle Wash Mi - basically a sponge-filled

mien with inch-long microfibre, err, noodles hanging off it. Even beer, two for a fiver at Asda! Aer looking

around on various detailing websites I saw that these were actually well favoured by the pros. Reason? Well, its

their ability to pick up the parcles of dust and dirt within their long fibres, drawing and keeping them away

from the surface of the paintwork and basically prevenng them from causing the swirls you see on so many

other cars. It’s a bit of a (sad) hobby of mine looking at the many black Audis and BMWs around Leicester that,

though just say a year or so old and very shiny, look like someone’s been at them with a Brillo pad!!

These ‘Kent’ ones have another nice feature too; on the reverse side is some neng that is great at shiing

bugs off glass. Next me - best ways of geng rid of swirl marks and scratches! John

2011 Event Review

2011 turned out to be another cracking year for the Section with a heap of activities as

you’ll see on the next couple of pages. Plans are already underway for even more in 2012.

You can see a lot more on photos on our local website of course - www.aroc-uk.com/cemids

NEW YEAR MEAL was really good fun at La Torre and

we return on 6 January 2012 of course! Owners Bruno

and Gregorio, pictured here, look forward to welcoming

us again.

SKITTLES CONTEST at the end of February saw a

fantastic win for team Alfisti - all pictured here. We

beat the massed ranks of the Tifosi to win the fabled

Broken Piston trophy to make it 7 to 6 in the annual

contest. That was at the Griffin Inn in Swithland, but

we are moving to a new venue for 2012. More in the

next edition.

RACE RETRO at Stoneleigh Park in February had a

single car display from AROC promoting the Mallory

Park racing event courtesy of the Classic touring car

Racing Club. The ‘Sud was great, but the action was

outside on the rally stage - see the superb 131 here.

CLASSIC CAR NIGHT at Beedles Lake Golf Centre was

fun again back in April, our members’ invited along by

our friends at the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club. Lots of

very interesting machinery to see again there with

some cars along from the Grantham Classic Car Club

too. Our Alfas looked resplendent as ever of course!

We look forward to joining the throng again this April.

SPRING ALFA DAY on Sunday 17 April at the Imperial

War Museum, Duxford, turned out to be a superb event

with a superb gathering of over 600 Alfas present. Our

Section convoy run met up at the McDonalds services

on the A14 bright and early, and after negotiating

various speed cameras (some more successfully than

others!) we parked up and enjoyed a great day looking

at the massed ranks of Alfas and the fantastic aircraft

displays in the exhibition hangars. Hard to believe it

was a full six years since the club had last had an

event there. Alfasuds were a special feature with over

20 lined up. And it stayed dry for us too!

SPRING ITALIAN CAR DAY on 30 April saw a group of us

stalwarts taking the club van down to the event at

Brooklands, enjoying the day in general and signing up

members, and boy there were a lot there - the Alfa

parking area was full by 9.15! It is a fascinating venue,

steeped in history of course with its incredible banking,

original garage sheds and airfield buildings. Every

scrap of space was taken up by Italian machinery, and

the test hill (a steep 1:4 slope) was centre of attention

in the afternoon, with everything from Lamborghinis to

FIAT Multiplas making assaults on it. Loudest cheers

went to the original 500s however!


near Lutterworth on 5 June was delightful day out in

the countryside. The weather stayed fine so we could

enjoy another of Mandy & Clare’s delightful Italian

picnics in the Section Shelter with our Alfas smartly

lined up alongside. The Alfa parking worked much

better this year back either side of the main driveway in

and meant our task of parking them together a lot

easier. Maybe 800 there cars in total, with fantastic

displays from Maserati and Ferrari in particular and

several of our members’ cars in the Concours display

itself looking terrific.

FUN CONCOURS NIGHT at The George & Dragon in

Thringstone escaped the rain for a change, and we had

a great turnout again with 30 cars along, including

people from as far as the West Mids and even the AEON.

Competition was fierce, with several past winners in

attendance, including Peter Farley’s Giulietta Spider and

Keith Krog’s stunning SZ. As per the fun element we

had a host of categories from cleanest wheels to dirtiest

paintwork and everyone got to vote. Thanks again to our

generous sponsors including AutoGlym; overall winner

was Viv Stephen’s immaculate GTV Cup (pictured.)

Sadly we don’t have space for pictures from everything we did in 2011. We certainly enjoyed all of our meetings at The George & Dragon in

Thringstone , including ‘Spider Night’ and the impromptu ‘Blag-a-Rides’ where we have spins in each other’s Alfas, and very much appreciate getting

the chance to drive the latest Alfas courtesy of Paul Jones and the gang from Chris Variava who often bring demonstrators along,

and likewise Alan

Lathwell from Motorvogue.

AROC ON TRACK at Mallory Park in June saw our club

back in racing action for the first time officially in ten

years. Our Section organised all the parking and

marshalling and featured most prominently in the

lunchtime track parade too, that was over all too

quickly! The racing was excellent, with two races for

‘classics’ and two for the fire-breathing monsters

including the winning 3.7 supercharged GTV of Roger

Evans. Big thanks to event sponsors too, Chris

Variava, and to Paul Jones there in particular for

bringing along the stunning 8C Competizione.

KARTING NIGHT in June saw four AROC teams take on

the might of Sturgess Alfa Romeo, Sturgess Jaguar and

the Jaguar Enthusiast’s Club in a 90 minute endurance

race at the challenging outdoor Sutton Circuit near

Broughton Astley. The overall win went to Team 1

(John & Dave G with Joe Sharpe), and fastest lap award

to Alfa again, with a stunning 39.863 going to Team 4’s

Aiden Flanagan; the important bit though, the AROC

teams came in 1-2-3-4! Great to see company

Chairman Chris Sturgess there with brother Barney and

Nichola Moore the marketing manageress all along to

give moral support. And have a good laugh too!

MITCAR was another great success, this year in its

11th edition and at a new venue as per tradition:

Stoneleigh Abbey. We had around 270 cars in attendance

this year, and they included some tremendous

cars - lots of Concours standard machines, notably

Peter Wood’s immaculate Bertone and the amazing

Arna belonging to Dave Hood and Richard Rees.

Among the exotics, a stunning white Ferrari 458 Italia,

a brand new Maserati Gran Turismo, and the stunning

Ferrari 599 GTO. Great representation from FIAT clubs

too, and we mustn’t forget our Section picnic again!


WW2 War Birds that were just terrific. The day was

very gloomy early on but it didn’t deter a good turn out

of Alfas for display, and Dave Atkins’ VW Camper was

the perfect ‘field kitchen’, with free bacon butties on

tap! That lifted the mood for sure. By late morning the

Hurricane, Spitfire and Mustang all took off, and

people were also then able to enjoy free pleasure fights

in the flying club’s planes. The club’s bar was quite

well used too! Thanks go again to Dave for organising

our attendance and we are already looking forward to

the day in 2012.

TWILIGHT DRIVE in September setting off from the

George & Dragon was enjoyable for the participants

again, thanks to Brian Smith’s route design and

enthusiastic driving at the head of the line! That was

just one of many enjoyable ‘regular meeting nights’

held in the summer months.

SECTION AGM & ALFA QUIZ in October gave us a

chance to review the year’s events and start making

plans for 2012, and the committee was re-elected too.

As last year’s winner it was Brian Smith’s turn to set

the quiz, and boy was it a toughy! Thank goodness for

multiple choice answers! It was fun though.

AROC TRACK DAY on 5 November saw a number of our

members cars take part at the challenging

Rockingham Raceway near Corby. Around 30 Alfas

took part on a very overcast day, but very enjoyable

nonetheless, for participants and spectators alike.

CLASSIC MOTOR SHOW at the NEC in November saw

much smaller stand than in 2010, but the 6 boxerengined

cars plus MiTo QV still drew lots of attention

and admiration. El Presidenté was delighted to display

his Alfasud Super again, 10 years since he had last

done so there. Thanks to all of our members who

manned the club stand and set it all up too.

Alfa MiTo Photo Shoot

Back to Bruntingthorpe.

Regular readers of

Auto Italia magazine will recognise many club

members’ Alfas appearing from issue to issue.

We’ve had 159s, 147s, 156s, more 159s,

Breras, GTVs, Spiders, you name it - well coming

very soon it will be MiTos., after I had another

request to track some suitable smart Alfas

down. 16 December saw Leigh Nethercot with

wife Mandy’s, Mark Sangster in Fiona’s and me

with Maria’s yellow peril.

Simon brought his

Brera over (we snuck him in) and there was a lot

of fun had blasting around the circuit and ‘V-

Maxing’ on the two mile runway. Great fun as

ever, if just a tad freezing…. Photos will appear

in the magazine sometime early in 2012 John

Above: Leigh splashes through the puddles Above: Derelict Jets abound Above: Getting close to photographer Mike Ward


6 Jan ‘12

from 7.30pm

11 Jan ‘12

from 7.30pm

8 Feb ‘12

from 7.30pm

24 Feb ‘12

from 7.30pm

14 March ‘12

from 7.30pm

25 March ‘12

11 April ‘12

from 7pm

24 April ‘12

from 7pm

29 April ‘12

9 May ‘12

from 7pm

20 May ‘12

3 June ‘12

13 June ‘12

from 7pm

TBC June ‘12

from 6.30pm

11 July ‘12

From 7pm

29 July ‘12

8 Aug ‘12

from 7pm

AROC Central & East Midlands Section Events 2012

New Year Meal at La Torre, 48 High Street, Coalville,

Leicestershire, LE67 3EE. . .See cover.

Monthly Meeting at The George & Dragon in Thringstone.

Monthly Meeting at The George & Dragon in Thringstone

Skittles & Supper at The Red Admiral, Broughton Astley, Leics, LE9 6PU. Traditional Long

Alley Skittles Night at the pub owned by local member Richard Doyle.

Monthly Meeting at The George & Dragon in Thringstone

Coventry Transport Museum visit, including special display of our Section members’ Alfa

Romeos in the impressive Millennium Place. Free admission.

Monthly Meeting at The George & Dragon in Thringstone

Classic Car Meeting at Beedles Lake Golf Centre, Nr Leicester. Meeting up with the

Leicester Region of the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club, and more. (170 Broome Lane East

Goscote, Leicester LE7 3WQ ) All Alfas welcome, plus all 'interesting others'!

Spring Alfa Day at the Cotswold Wildlife Park, Burford. Will feature a special Section

parking area and display.

Monthly Meeting at The George & Dragon in Thringstone - starting at 7pm.

FOX RUN – Scenic drive across Northamptonshire, including pub lunch. Will include a

navigational element for those who enjoy that, plus a traditional ‘convoy’ option.

Auto Italia Italian Car Concours - Stanford Hall near Lutterworth. Includes special Section

parking area and picnic.

Fun Concours Night at The George & Dragon in Thringstone

KARTING NIGHT at Sutton Circuit, Broughton Astley. Fantastic outdoor track, £40 a head

- endurance style event.

Monthly Meeting at The George & Dragon in Thringstone

MITCAR 2011 - Midlands Italian Car Day. Elvaston Castle between Nottingham and

Derby. The 12 th edition of our Section's flagship event and will be one not to miss.

Monthly Meeting at The George & Dragon in Thringstone - starting at 7pm.

12 Aug ‘12 National Alfa Day – Newby Hall, near Ripon, Yorkshire.

2 Sep ‘12

from 10.30am

12 Sep ‘12

from 7pm

10 Oct ‘12

From 7.30pm

TBA Nov ‘12


Leicester Aeroclub Open Day - at Leicester Airport (aka Stoughton Aerodrome), including

air displays, special AROC display, model aircraft flying displays and potential free pleasure

flights too! Starts at 10.30am. The WW2 'War Birds' are expected again.

Monthly Meeting at The George & Dragon in Thringstone - starting at 7pm.

Section AGM & Alfa Quiz at The George & Dragon in Thringstone

Classic Motor Show, NEC Birmingham, AROC stand featuring historic Alfa Romeos and

possibly something new.


News Snippets


being kindly produced again courtesy of

section member Chris Cheal. It features

a lots of photos of our ‘regulars’ cars

and we hope will be available for the

New Year Meal, Copies of this strictly

limited edition will cost £5 (£7 if

posted) and all proceeds to charity of

course. Some orders are already in and

it’s a strictly limited edition, so if you

want one please email John NOW!

MITCAR 2012 is now booked! Bryan has

pulled off another great negotiation

with another excellent venue in the East



Castle close

to the A52


Derby and


We’re able to

hold the

admission cost down to just £5 per car

again too! It has lovely grounds ,

gardens lake and parklands and our

parking area is huge! Lots more in the

next edition.


and our Alfa Display just outside is now

confirmed as

booked for

25 March,

thanks to

Simon. We

will have

space for as

many as 50

Alfas in the

impressive Millennium place and

admission to the excellent car exhibits

is free too! Again, more details in the

next edition.


to this month’s contributors. If you

have any happy memories of 2011’s

Section events, or perhaps a holiday

where your Alfa played a part, do get in

touch with John so we can do a



RENAULT WIND. Avoiding the obvious gag

about passing gas, this ugly little bug does

look rather like a partially-sucked toffee.

Guess it does look better with the roof down

- mainly because there is then less of the car

to look at... (Thinks - will there be a Nissan

Juke cabrio? )

14 Nov ‘12

from 7.30pm

12 Dec ‘12

from 7.30pm

Monthly Meeting at The George & Dragon in Thringstone

Monthly Meeting at The George & Dragon in Thringstone


The Small Print: ‘Alfisti’ is published primarily for the enjoyment of members of the Alfa Romeo OwnersClub Central & East Midlands Section with its cost effectively included as part of their annual

subscription paid to the AROC. The club is very pleased that local dealer Chris Variava Alfa Romeo Nottingham also support the cost of Alfisti’s printed production.

Please note that the Alfa Romeo OwnersClub UK ltd cannot endorse or recommend services or products advertised in its publications. In particular, any opinions published in ‘Alfisti’ are personal ones.

Alfa Romeo OwnersClub Ltd registered Number 01106134. Please contact John Griffiths if you have any queries about the club or our active local area Section (see cover for contact details) .

Gary, from Braybrooke

near Market Harborough,

has recently enjoyed a

holiday in Italy in his Spider

taking in some terrific

driving roads. His Series 3

Cloverleaf has the very

much ‘of the me’ mid-80’s

body kit of course, now

officially with classic status.

Our Alfas

All the latest on our local

members’ cars...

Spider Series 3 Cloverleaf - Gary Fellowes

Our next meeting at The George & Dragon

in Thringstone is on Wednesday 11

January from 7.30pm.

See you there!


GTV 2.0 TS - Rebecca Lee

From an email to John:

Great to get my copy of Alfis last week and very

excing n to hear that you are able to do another

calendar! Unfortunately my GTV has been off the

road since September and is now taxless, MOTless

and waing for me to have a windfall - which has been half met. A colleague

and her boyfriend had a GTV that they said if we could move, we could have!!!

Absolutely blown away by their generosity ! I've aached a picture of Keith's

GTV preparing to

tow the new

donor GTV. I'm not

sure they are the

best calendar

shots but I thought

a GTV towing a

GTV might raise a

smile?! Rebecca

Spider 1750 Veloce - Paul Cooper

Paul’s Series 1 Spider is an absolute beauty - its handling having been feled this

summer at IntaServices with new bushes all-round too.

Now tucked away for

the winter of course,

it’s another superb

Classic Alfa that we

look forward to

seeing at events in

2012. (THINKS—

another member’s

Alfa In green of

course, so our ideas

for a ‘Tricolore’ flag

display at Spring Alfa

Day may sll come to


Giulietta 2.0 JTDm2 170 Veloce - John Griffiths

10,000 miles reached, the ‘G’ has been behaving great. 40 - 48 MPG is

excellent given the car’s performance. Just two very minor niggles in that

me - broken gear leaver knob top (common ailment quickly fixed), and a

passenger door rale, ably fixed at Chris Variava. Front tyre wear has just

risen its head though with the inside front edges down to 2mm, though the

rest at 5mm. A

trip to Protyre

with Peter

Cambridge to get

some new


sengs is now

planned for the

new year. Other

than that, it’s

been terrific.

Brera 2.4 JTD SV FOR SALE (Darrel Rhodes)

New family arrival forces sale! 24,000 miles, Blue & Me Bluetooth

hands-free media system, 18" alloys, metallic Carbonio

Black. Interior faceli model, improved suspension and

210BHP/400lb torque. Pollo Frau full black leather, aluminium

sports pedals and footrest, parking sensors, Q2-E differenal, 6

speed manual, 2.4 5 cylinder 20-valve diesel engine. Just had

1st service, detailed inside and out, 14months warranty remaining,

£17,495. Call Darrel on 07041 323071 . Be quick!!

Land Rover Discovery - Peter & Eileen Crichton (and Rabia the Discovery)

We return to Buenos Aires on 4 January to connue with our current expedion in South America, so

unfortunately we wont be around unl April. Please convey our best wishes to everyone for a happy new

year. We hope to reach the most southerly accessible point on the planet by the end of January. (55

degrees south, near Cape Horn). Having come from 72 degrees north, it makes a good objecve !!

'Rabia' is currently having a rest in BA, having conveyed me safely from Colombia through the Amazon

Basin and Bolivia since August. It's been a fantasc journey through some wild and amazing places. I ran

over an alligator though, in southern Venezuela – came at me out of the bushes without any warning.

Road kill has never been a strong point with me, but it tasted OK. Our north-south story is being covered

in a series of 6 feature arcles in Land Rover Owner starng in the Feb. See you in April!! Peter

- SCOOP! -

Unusual news from the world of motoring

FIAT trial electric power

Not wanting to be left behind in

the race to provide full electric

power in their vehicles, Fiat

Power Trains have commenced

trials on an advanced battery

system starting with a new

commercial vehicle version.

“We’ve had considerable success

with Ferrari’s F1 KERS systems,

and now it’s time to bring it into

road going vehicles”, said

spokesman Gianni Golditoppo.

“Initial trials are looking good,

but we are having issues with the

size of the recharger units.”


■ Alfisti’s production is kindly sponsored by Chris Variava Alfa Romeo Nottingham

■ Alfisti no.140 will be out in February

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